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40 Targaryen Names For Your Characters

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Have you ever wondered what's the real meaning of Jon Snow's name  - Aegon Targaryen?

Have you been fascinated by Targaryen names and looking for inspirations for characters for your next script? Then read on to learn about this.

The very mention of the term Targaryen takes us back to the land of Fire and Ice and the setting of Game of Thrones, where the Targaryen characters rule the roost and dominated the Iron throne. The world has been mesmerised by Targaryen characters and names, valiant in their demeanor and fearlessly forthcoming in their ambitions.  The show and its content have led to unprecedented interest and demand in Targaryen names taken from the members of the show. The Targaryens led a reign on the iron throne and even challenged King Robert ever since he lost Lyanna Stark. Let's have a look at a few of them.

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Targaryen Names For Girls

Fierce characters of ice and fire like Daenerys Targaryen, the wife of Khal Drogo, who combatted and was at her brutal best with her enemies yet benevolent with the followers and who dared to take on Westeros are strong female characters. The dragon queen, who managed to win the heart of a Dothraki, was no easy woman. She was the sibling of Viserys Targaryen, Rhaegar Targaryen. Here are strong female Targaryen names.

1.Alysanne:  (German Origin) means "someone who is sane".

2.Alyssa: (Greek origin) Alyssa is another variant of the name Alyssane.

3.Baelor: (Romanian origin) This one Targaryen name means one who is "bold".

4.Baela: (Hungarian origin) Baela, a feminine name among the Targaryens means "peace seeker".

5.Daenerys Targaryen: The most exotic Khaleesi of all times and the mother of dragons, the mad queen,  means "heavenly queen".

6.Elaena: (Greek origin) Topping the female names in the Targaryen family chart is the name Elaena which means "beautiful".

7.Rhaella Targaryen: She was the purely "crazy queen" and 'daughter of Aegon V'.

Targaryen Names For Boys

Jon Snow is a popular main character from the show

The TV series based on the novel 'A Song of Ice and Fire' has impressed people worldwide. Apart from the beautiful show, the names have inspiring meanings and have become popular. Here is the list of Targaryen names for boys.

8.Aegon: (Greek origin) Rhaegor named two of his sons Aegon that means "sword-edge". No wonder Jon snow was the master of the craft. Aegon Targaryen was Jon Snow's true name.

9.Aegor: (Australian origin)  was the second "son of Queen Daenerys".

10.Aerys: This very famous Targaryen name is referred to as someone who is the "forever king".

11.Aelyx: (Fictional origin) Aelyx was the "son of Aegar Targaryen".

12.Aemon Targaryen: (Gaelic origin) means "Brother of King Aegon V Targaryen"

13.Aenar Targaryen: (Scandinavian origin) Aenar Targaryen was the father of Daenerys. He was "head of dragonlord of House Targaryen".

14.Aenys Targaryen: (Greek origin) means "Son of king" Aegon, Aenys Targaryen was "Lord of the Seven Kingdoms".

15.Aerion: (Irish origin) Aerion Targaryen was the second son of King "Maeker Targaryen".

16.Aerys: (Latin origin) King Aerys was called the Mad King and "King Scab".

17.Ayrmidon: Ayrmidon was the third living son of "King Viserys".

18.Daeron: (Irish origin) means the Young Dragon and the Boy King, was the "eldest son of King Aegon"

19.Daemon: (Greek origin) Another member of House Targaryen,  he was the "uncle and husband of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen".

20.Gaemon: (Greek origin) Also known as Gaemon the Glorious, he was the second Lord of "Dragonstone of House Targaryen".

21.Haegon: (Norwegian origin) was the son of Daemon Targaryen.

22.Jaehaerys: (Valyrian origin) This very important name from the Targaryens means "King".

23.Jacaerys: He was the firstborn son of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and her first husband, Ser Laenor Velaryon.

24.Jaehaerys: (Valyrian origin) Also famously known as the "Conciliator", he was the fourth Targaryen king.

25.Maegon: (Welsh origin) Maegon was the first son of "Lord Aegon" and Lady Elaena Targaryen of Dragonstone.

26.Maegor: He went by his nickname Cruel. He was the third Targaryen king.

27.Maelor: (Welsh origin) Maelor Targaryen was the second son and" third child of King Aegon"

28.Maekar: (Danish origin) He was the fourteenth Targaryen king to sit the "Iron Throne".

29.Rhaegar: (English origin) He was the most beautiful Targaryen and the means "spear adviser".

30.Viserys: (American origin) Viserys in the Targaryen family tree means "victorious king".  

Gender-Neutral Targaryen Names

There have been names from the show like Targaryen Daenerys and Aerys ii which are gender-neutral. Take a look below.

31.Aemma: (Gaelic origin) means "one who protects the law" and was a Queen Consort of the Targaryen Dynasty.

32.Baelor: (Romanian origin) Also called Blessed and Baelor the Beloved, was the ninth King in the "Targaryen dynasty".

33.Baelon: (Scottish origin) Baleon was the brother of "Baelor Targaryen".

34.Bran: (Welsh origin) he was a popular character in "Game of Thrones".

35.Daella:  (Targaryen origin) means a "follower of God".

36.Daena: (Denmark origin) This name is the Targaryen household means one that is seen and observed.

37.Jaime:(Spanish origin) means “taking place of other”.

38.Jorah: (Hebrew origin) a biblical name that means “early rain”.

39.Maeka: (Japanese origin)  means mad eagle.

40.Tarley: (English origin) is a friendly name for your child that means “loyal”.

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