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The Game of Thrones series has inspired many parents to name their child after their favorite Valyrian characters.

Valyrian is a fictional language that saw its first glimpse in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. For the television series, David J.Peterson had created the high Valyrian language and its derivative Meereenese Valyrian and Astapoori.

Based on the A Song of Ice and Fire, an Amerian fantasy series, Game of Thrones gained immense popularity with its massive star cast set in the fictional continent Essos and the seven kingdoms of Westeros.

The series follows the dynastic conflict for the succession on the Iron Throne with a marvellous amalgamation of magic, dragons, and legendary creatures. Even any layman can start to learn the Valyrian language with a thorough understanding of grammar and conjugation of words.

Check out our lists of Game of Thrones Valyrian names if you are on the lookout for unique names or are just a fan of the series.

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Valyrian Names For Girls

Valyrian is an interesting language that is based on real language, though it was not present before the books evolved. It can easily be learnt using an app named Duolingo which is free. Few words of Valyrnian include Rytsas meaning hello.

Daenerys calls dragons as Dracarys. In Valyria, most names ending with an 'a' refer to female names. Here is a list of a few popular Valyrian girl names based on fictional characters.

1. Aelinor:  (Italian origin) meaning "Eleven/Elvish Shinning Light".

2. Alysanne: (German origin) meaning "noble or exalted". It is the form of the English name Allison.

3. Alyssa: (Western countries origin) meaning "the noble kind".

4. Baela: (Hungarian origin) meaning "Lady Baela, daughter of Prince Daemon and Lady Laena Velaryon". It is one of the rare Valyrian girl names.

5. Catelyn: (Irish variant of Catheline) meaning "pure".

6. Daella: (Latin origin) and is "combination of Latin words Dea (Goddess) and Lux (Light)".

7. Elaena: (Russian origin) meaning "the Shining Light". This high Valyrian also means beautiful, Goddess, or Queen.

8. Helaena: (Greek origin) "a famous Aalyrian character Queen Helaena Targaryen, the sister-wife to Aegon II".

9. Jaehaera: (High Valyrian name) meaning "like Goddess".

10. Khaleesi: (Valyrian names) meaning "Queen".

11. Laena: (English origin) meaning "very important or butterfly".

12. Melisandre: (Old French origin) is "a combination of Melissa "Honeybee" and Sandra "Defender of Mankind"".

13. Rhae: (Greek origin) meaning "flowing". It is a variant of the name Rhea.

14. Rhaena: (Fictional high Valyrian character) derived from A Song of Ice and Fire.

15. Rhaella: Has gained popularity after the fictional GOT character, Queen Rhaella Targaryen.

16. Saera: (Spanish origin) and a high Valyrian name, meaning "Princess".

17. Sansa: (Sanskrit origin) meaning "praise or charm".

18. Valaena: (Fictional origin) derived from the name for Velaryon, "mother of Aegon".

19. Visenya: (Derived from the high Valyrian name) meaning "Solar or the Sun".

Valyrian Names For Boys

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For Valyrians, names ending with 'on', 'ar' and 'or' indicate that they are male names. Here is the list:

20. Aegon: (derived from the high Valyrian word Aegion) meaning "iron". It is a famous fictional character in A Song of Ice and Fire.

21. Aelyx: (Fictional origin) A name derived from one of the notable fictional characters Aelyx Celtigar from the House of Celtigar in Game of Thrones series.

22. Aerion: (English origin) common name meaning "the mountain of strength".

23. Baelor: (derived from baes) meaning "summit". It is a highly acclaimed fictional character Baelor I Targaryen, the ninth King of the Targaryen dynasty.

24. Brandon: (Ancient Welsh origin) meaning "raven".

25. Daeron: (Irish origin) meaning "the great little one".

26. Gaemon: (Derived from a high Valyrian word gaoman) meaning "deed".

27. Jaime: (Spanish variant of James) meaning "twin".

28. Maegor: (One of the high Valyrian names) derived from mele, meaning "red".

29. Maekar: (Fictional origin) Is amongst popular Valyrian names named after the fictional character Maekar Targaryen, the Prince of Summerhall.

30. Robb: (Scottish origin) is a diminutive of Robert meaning "bright fame".

31. Rhaegar: Pronounced as RAY-gar, meaning "the Gift of God".

32. Valarr: (Derived from the high Valyrian word vala) meaning "man".

Gender Neutral Valyrian Names

The names ending with 'ys' are presumed to be gender-neutral in Valyrian culture. Some of the unisex names are as follows:

33. Arya/Aria: (Sanskrit origin) meaning "noble or brave girl".

34. Daenerys: (Fictional origin) meaning "Lady of Hope or Lady of Light".

35. Naerys: (Fictional character from GOT, where Queen Naerys is the sister-wife to King Aegon IV) Pronounced as NER-iss, means lady.

36. Rhaenys: (Fictional origin) meaning "the one who Reigns over clouds". The fictional character Queen Rhaenys gained much popularity,

37. Jacaerys: (Fictional origin) from character Prince Jacaerys Velaryon son of Rhaenyra Targaryen and Laenor Velaryon.

38. Jaehaerys: (Originates from the high Valyrian word jaes) meaning "Like God". In a Song of Ice and Fire, Jaehaerys II Targaryen was the 16th King to sit on the Iron Throne.

39. Maelys: (Breton origin) meaning "a prince or chief".

40. Viserys: (Vezenka origin) meaning "the Sun".

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