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73 Unique Japanese Girl Names Meaning Dark

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When it comes to girls' names for a baby girl, Japanese names for girls have assumed great popularity across the world.

Japanese baby names for girls have truly interesting meanings which parents find quite interesting. When it comes to identifying a Japanese name meaning dark, the list could turn out to be quite interesting.

As such it is possible for parents to feel confused when it comes to selecting the best Japanese names for girls. You need not worry about looking for Japanese names for your baby girl, as here are some of the interesting female names and meanings from Japan that you can select for your baby girl.

Read on for some of the most interesting Japanese names for girls. Afterward, also check Japanese girl names meaning death and Japanese girl names meaning moon.

Cute Japanese Girl Names Meaning Dark

There are some cool names in Japanese meaning dark. Here is a list of cute and pleasant Japanese girl names. Be it names related to fire or simply dark beauty names, this could be the ultimate list you have been searching for to stand out from the rest of the names!

Ahma (Japanese origin) meaning ‘black rain’ is a rare name if you are in search of a Japanese baby name.

Ahmya (Japanese origin) meaning ‘black rain’ is a distinct name for your cute little one. Indeed, one of the most fascinating names for a Japanese baby.

Akahana (Japanese origin) meaning ‘a red bright flower’ is a beautiful feminine name.

Akari (Japanese origin) meaning ‘brightness’ is a lovely name that refers to light.

Akumu (Japanese origin) is a feminine name meaning ‘nightmare’. This is a cute name that stands out.

Amaya (Japanese origin) means ‘night rain’, which is a unique choice for a girl child.

Aoi (Japanese origin) meaning ‘blue’ is a very popular name in Japan. An absolutely amazing name for a Japanese baby.

Kaida (Japanese origin) meaning ‘little dragon’ could be your favorite pick if you have a thing for darker names.

Koko (Japanese origin) meaning ‘night’ or ‘black foot’ is a cool name for your lovely little bud.

Kuroi (Japanese origin) meaning ‘black’ is a simple name that embraces the royalty and elegance of black.

Kuroishi (Japanese origin) meaning ‘black’ is another form of the name ‘Kuroi’ and stands for enlightenment and charisma.

Mei (Japanese origin) meaning ‘dark’ also associated with Chinese, can be a good pet name.

Ryoko (Japanese origin) meaning ‘a woman who is like a dragon’ is yet another name with a darker façade. One of the rarer Japanese name meanings for a girl child.

Sunako (Japanese origin) meaning ‘dark side’ is a petty name common among Christians, Buddhists, and Chinese.

Yami (Japanese origin) meaning ‘dark’ is yet another cute name that bestows the beauty of darkness.

Yasha (Japanese origin) meaning ‘night devil’ can be a cute pet name for your tiny fairy! One of the incredible Japanese name meanings.

Yoru (Japanese origin) meaning ‘dark’ is a short but lovely name that also means ‘night’. One of the most prominent Japanese names.

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Dark Fire

If you are fond of Japanese names that are always distinct from the English and Greek origin names, we have lovely handpicks for you to choose from! Be careful before making a choice for your child as Japanese names can be pronounced in several different ways.

Akari (Japanese origin) meaning ‘lights’ or ‘brightness’ is a rare name associated with illumination and weightlessness.

Akiho (Japanese origin) meaning ‘fire and autumn’ is an appealing unicorn name.

Akira (Japanese origin) meaning ‘bright’ also stands for intelligence and precision. One of the truly fascinating Japanese names.

Chiaki (Japanese origin) meaning ‘sparkling light’ can also refer to autumn.

Haya (Japanese origin) meaning ‘quick’ or ‘light’ is a pretty pleasing name!

Hikari (Japanese origin) meaning ‘light’ is a name of radiance and shining brilliance.

Homura (Japanese origin) meaning ‘blaze’ or ‘flame’ is a name equivalent to ‘beauty’ and ‘tranquility’.

Homura (Japanese origin) meaning ‘fire’ is a strong and forceful name!

Hoshiko (Japanese origin) meaning ‘starchild’ where ‘Hoshi’ means ‘star’ and ‘ko’ means ‘child’.

Hotaru (Japanese origin) meaning ‘lightning bug’ or ‘firefly’ is a unique name.

Japanese has innumerable names meaning fire, light, and flame! Have a glance at our handpicked ones!

Kaen (Japanese origin) meaning ‘blaze’ is a feminine name that can also be translated to ‘flower garden’ and ‘princess’.

Kaguya (Japanese origin) meaning ‘radiant night’ originated from a Japanese tale titled ‘Tale Of The Bamboo Cutter’.

Kazuya (Japanese origin) meaning ‘fire’ is a feminine name that also carries the meaning ‘peace’ or ‘harmony’.

Mieko (Japanese origin) meaning ‘brightness of light’ is a pleasing name for your little bundle of joy that also means ‘prosperous’!

Mitsu (Japanese origin) meaning ‘light’ or ‘honey’ is a gender-neutral name and can also make a good pet name!

Okimi (Japanese origin) meaning a ‘bright shining light’ is an illuminating name for your fairy!

Asian child drinking milk

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Dark Beauty

Are you searching for cool and unique Japanese names for your newborn fairies? There are many names denoting the dark beauty for newborn girls, and here are a few good picks! 

Aki (Japanese origin) meaning ‘sparkle’ is a short but cute name for your angel!

Iwa (Japanese origin) meaning ‘yew’ or ‘eve’ is a short yet pretty name.

Katsuki (Japanese origin) meaning ‘moon’ can imply victory, season, and fragrance.

Kiku (Japanese origin) meaning ‘chrysanthemum’ is a cool name for your little flower.

Kiomi (Japanese origin) meaning ‘pure beauty’ is an aesthetic name to choose from.

Kirika (Japanese origin) meaning ‘natural beauty’ is a name that embraces the beauty of nature.

Kohaku (Japanese origin) meaning ‘amber’ is a pretty name to cherish a dark beauty.

Kozue (Japanese origin) refers to the Chinese black pine and is a pretty name for your sweetheart!

Mika (Japanese origin) meaning ‘the new moon’ is a cute little name for your young one.

Mio (Japanese origin) meaning ‘a beautiful cherry blossom’ can be your favorite name! It can also be the name for boys meaning ‘gracious’.

Misaki (Japanese origin) meaning ‘a newly grown flower’ is an appealing name to choose for your kid.

Mizuki (Japanese origin) meaning ‘a pleasant moon’ implies an auspicious hope.

Nara (Japanese origin) meaning ‘extraordinary blossom from paradise’ can imply flowers from the dreamland!

Rumi (Japanese origin) meaning ‘beauty of the Lapis Lazuli’ is an attractive name.

Ruqa (Japanese origin) meaning ‘a bright blue flower’ is a serene name.

Sayoko (Japanese origin) meaning ‘evening child’ truly embraces the beauty and delight of dusk.

Sora (Japanese origin) meaning ‘sky’ is a pretty name for your kid.

Sumire (Japanese origin) meaning ‘a lovely violet’ is a popular name in the Shinto religion.

Tamiko (Japanese origin) meaning ‘beauty’ is a cute name for a newborn.

Tatsuo (Japanese origin) meaning ‘female dragon’ could be a strange yet pretty name for your night beauty!

Tsukiko (Japanese origin) meaning ‘moon child’ is an alluring name.

Usagi (Japanese origin) meaning ‘moon’ and ‘princess’ is undoubtedly a charming name!

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Dark Angel

When it comes to Japanese girl names meaning dark angel, there are plenty of choices available for you. Here are some girl names; of which some are related to angels, and others sound angelic!

Aya (Japanese origin) meaning ‘an angel who knows magic’ is a short but beautiful name for your angel.

Ai (Japanese origin) meaning ‘love’ is probably the shortest Japanese name you will find for your cute kid.

Aiko (Japanese origin) meaning ‘beloved one’ is another angelic name for your loved one.

Akako (Japanese origin) means ‘red’, the color of valiance and love.

Akina (Japanese origin) meaning 'spring flower’ is a cute feminine name for your little girl.

Emiko (Japanese origin) meaning ‘blessed and beautiful child’ is a pretty name to choose.

Etsu (Japanese origin) meaning ‘delight’ is a short but lovely name for your tiny fairy.

Hana (Japanese origin) meaning ‘flower’ has several other meanings like ‘graceful’ and ‘merciful’, making it a lovely name for a little girl.

Hiroko (Japanese origin) is another angelic name meaning ‘magnanimous’.

Hisa (Japanese origin) meaning ‘long-lasting’ is an adorable name for your young one.

Kameko (Japanese origin) meaning ‘tortoise-child’ symbolizes long-life and a sweet name to choose.

Kana (Japanese origin) meaning ‘powerful’ is a radiant name for your baby.

Kaori (Japanese origin) meaning ‘fragrant beautiful girl’ is an elegant name for your girl child.

Kei (Japanese origin) meaning ‘rapture’ or ‘reverence’ is another sweet name that can make a good pet name.

Keiko (Japanese origin) meaning ‘adored one’ is a pleasant name that has an angelic touch to it.

Kichi (Japanese origin) meaning ‘fortunate’ is a delightful name with a delightful meaning.

Kimi (Japanese origin) meaning ‘she who is without equal’ is a great name for your little love, who is the best thing in your life.

Kura (Japanese origin) meaning ‘treasure house’ is a pretty cool name for your baby.

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