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81 Amaze-Wing Falcon Names For Your Smart Bird Of Prey

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Hawks and falcons are powerful birds of prey who feed on a large range of small and medium-sized.

They are extremely strong birds whose large size is similar to that of eagles. African raptors look larger and more powerful when they flex their wings.

They are members of the group Accipitridae with a black malar region. The average clutch size features a group of two-four mottled eggs which are laid only once a year in the nest. The maximum age for these birds can extend up to 20 years, though the average age is much shorter.

On social media platforms across the world, stories featuring an image of a hawk, or related birds, are an example of viral content. These birds are an example of power, many Native American names are related to these birds.

If you are also inspired by a free hawk in the sky, then check these falcon names.

Names Meaning Falcon

Here is a collection of different names, from various languages and origins, that share a similar representation of a falcon.

Baaz (Urdu origin) meaning 'falcon', is a name often given to boys.

Falco (German origin) is a nickname for someone who resembles a hawk and is also the name of the genus falcon birds belongs to.

Falk (Northern European origin) meaning 'falcon', is a famous German and Scandinavian name.

Garud (Hindi origin) means 'king of birds' and is often used to refer to Lord Vishnu's vehicle (Vahan).

Gavin (Hebrew origin) meaning 'white hawk' is used for boys as a variation for Gawain.

Gawain (Welsh origin) meaning 'May hawk', is a masculine name.

Haitham (Arabic and Hebrew origin) meaning 'young eagle' or 'young hawk' is a great name.

Hawkins (Australian origin) is a name that means 'little hawk'.

Hayabusa (Japanese origin) is the Japanese word for a peregrine falcon and also a name for your pet falcon.

Kestrel (English origin) means 'small colorful falcon'.

Kohi (Sanskrit origin) is a name for boys. It reflects the desire and urges to seek the truth.

Mamani (Tongan, Polynesian origin) means 'the earth'. It is a boy's name commonly used by Christians.

Marlon (American origin) meaning 'little warlike one,' is primarily used for boys. In Latin, it means 'Little Hawk'.

Marquarius (English origin) meaning 'genius, a good judge', is a frequently used name for boys.

Marquasha (Unknown origin) is quite an uncommon name but is believed to be defined as 'small falcon', or 'little hawk' is a unique feminine name.

Monica (American origin) means 'touched by an angel, guarded', is commonly used for baby girls

Prachika (Sanskrit origin) is a name for baby girls, believed to evoke eagerness, proactivity, and gratitude.

Sahin (Hindu origin) means 'falcon', which is a masculine name.

Saqer (Arabic origin) meaning 'falcon', is another suitable name for Muslim boys or men.

Shaheen (Persian origin) means 'royal white falcon', which is a name famous in Iran and India.

Shaheena (Arabic origin) means 'falcon' and is frequently used for Muslim baby girls.

Female Falcon Names

A fun fact about female falcons is that they are typically about one-third larger than male falcons. If you are looking for some meaningful cool names for your female pet falcon, this section is meant for you! 

Amber (Persian and Urdu origin) is used for baby girls. In Arabic, it means a jewel.

Ava (Latin origin) meaning 'life' or 'birdlike', is an appropriate name to give your pet raptor.

Becky (English origin) means 'to tie firmly' or 'moderator'. It is commonly used for girls and is the short form for Rebecca.

Beyonce (English origin) meaning 'beyond others' and 'one who surpasses others', is a Christian name for girls.

Cindy (Greek and English origin) meaning 'from canthus or light', was originally a pet form of Cynthia.

Dora (Greek origin) means 'gift', which is a name that can be used as a nickname for Dorothy.

Emilia (Latin origin) meaning 'rival', is derived from the Latin word annulus.

Frieda (German origin) means 'peace or protection'. It is a common name for girls in central and eastern Europe.

Helene (Greek origin) meaning 'light', is primarily a female name. It was the name of Constantine the Great.

Juliet (English origin) means 'downy-haired' and 'youthful', is the feminine version of Julius

Lilly (Latin origin) meaning 'purity, innocence', is believed to be derived from the Latin word for lily flower, Lilium.

Lorde (Ancient Anglo-Saxons origin) meaning 'noble title', is also a great name choice for the fans of the singer Lorde.

Natasha (Russian origin) meaning 'born on Christmas day', is a famous name for girls.

Olympia (Greek origin) means 'from Mount Olympus'. It is a saint's name with its origin in mythology.

Paula (Latin origin) means 'humble, small'.

Sasha (English origin) meaning 'defender of mankind' is commonly used for English babies. It is also a famous Russian name for girls.

Sheba (Hebrew origin) means 'daughter of an oath' or 'promise'. It was the name of a kingdom in Southern Arabia.

Valery (French origin) means 'fierce', 'strong and brave'.

Zoe (Greek origin) means 'life'. It originated when Alexandrian Jews translated the name Eve in the third century.

Peregrine Falcon on branch.

Male Falcon Names

It is believed that one out of three falcon bird's eggs hatch a male chick. Below is a collection of some good male falcon names for your pet.

Baxter (Anglo-Saxon and Scottish origin) meaning 'baker', was originally an English occupational surname.

Blackie (Danish origin) means 'guitar'. It is also a form of black.

Buck (English origin) means 'deer' or 'cowboy'. It was originally a descriptive or occupational surname for someone who resembled a male deer.

Charlie (English origin) means 'free man'.

Christopher (Greek origin) meaning 'bearer of christ', is an English name.

David (Hebrew origin) means 'beloved'. It has a lot of biblical importance as it is a name in the 'Old Testament'.

Dusty (English origin) means 'Thor's stone or light dirt', which is a gender-neutral name diminutive form of Dustin.

Frank (American English origin) means to be 'honest', 'sincere, and 'straightforward'. It is used as an adjective.

Freddie (American origin) meaning 'peace ruler', is primarily a gender-neutral name. It is the diminutive form of Fred or Frederica.

Griffin (American English origin) is a mythical animal with the body, tail, and hind legs of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle, also spelled as Griffon or Gryphon.

Henry (French origin) meaning 'house ruler', is believed to be derived from the French name Henri.

Hudson (English origin) means 'Hugh's son' or 'son of Hud'. It was originally a surname before becoming a popular choice for the first name.

James (Hebrew origin) means 'supplanter'. It is the biblical name traditionally used for boys.

Mason (originated from the Old French word Masson) meaning 'tradesman', is an English word or artisan who works in stone.

Matteo (Hebrew origin) means 'gift of God', which is the Italian form of Mathew.

Max (Latin origin) meaning 'greatest' is short for Maximilian and the short for Maxwell. It is often used for boys.

McQueen (Scottish origin) means 'pleasant'.

Orson (Latin origin) means 'bear cub'. It is primarily used for boys.

Ralf (Old High German Radulf or Radolf) means 'counsel' and 'wolf'.

Tobias (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Yah is good', is the transliteration of the Hebrew biblical name 'Toviyah'.

Victor (French and Latin origin) means 'a person who has overcome or defeated an adversary'.

Cool Falcon Names

Though it is another name used interchangeably for hawks, falcons are comparatively smaller than hawks. Here are some cool male and female falcon names for your bird of prey.

Ace (Latin origin) means 'one' or 'expert', which is a cool name. This is an appropriate name for someone with any sort of expertise.

Astarte (Latin origin) is the name of the falcon in the animated movie 'The Missing Lynx'.

Avenger (Old French origin) meaning 'to take revenge'.

Bolt (Old English origin) meaning 'an arrow'.

Champ (Middle English origin) means 'warrior' and is a cool name to give to your pet falcon.

Farsight (American origin) is a self-explanatory name inspired by the character played by an eagle in the book 'The Last Battle'.

Feathers (American origin) is a simple and fun name you can give to your pet hawk with big feathers.

Freedom (American origin) meaning 'out of captivity', is a great name for all birds, inspired by the bald eagle.

Hedwig (German origin), means 'battle, war', inspired by the renowned series 'Harry Potter'.

Jackpot (American origin) meaning 'the top prize in a game.'

Jet (English origin) means 'home ruler'. It can be used as a reference to fighter jets.

Kai has numerous origins and meanings. It is also the name of the peregrine falcon shown in the animated film 'Zambezia'.

Kes (American origin) is a name inspired by the British movie 'Kes'.

Kojiro (Japanese origin) does not have a specific meaning but has been used as a famous name for many fictional Japanese characters.

Loki (Scandinavian origin) is a great name choice for the fans of this Marvel character.

Mr. Beak (American origin) is a fun name to give to your falcon, especially since these birds are known to use their beaks to kill their prey.

Mr. Claws (American origin) is another fun name to give to your pet bird with sharp claws.

Sam (Hebrew origin) means 'told by God', is another name inspired by the series 'The Muppet Show'.

Silver (English origin) meaning 'a metal element', is a gender-neutral name.

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