80+ Ancient Assyrian Names And Last Names With Meanings

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For quite a long time, you may have been asking yourself: What does my given name or last name mean?

You may have asked your grandparents and they might have replied "We don't know" or something like "It's just a name." Well, if your name is from Assyrian culture then we might have some answers for you.

Below, we have listed some Assyrian family names and first names just for you. Each name on the list speaks of Assyria and its culture. Most Assyrian first and last names are derived from Akkadian; Sumerian; and Aramaic words.

So, names ending with - bar or - bet signifies "child of/after" and "place of," separately. Most current Assyrian last names were the given names of the grandparent who signed their names in the authoritative archives under the family name laws in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria. These names were very common in the 1920s and 1930s when these states were developing into eponymous countries.

So, in case you are looking for cool first and last names for your baby, character, or even online game avatar, then check out the list of Assyrian first and last names. You can also Babylonian names & Mesopotamian names articles.

Assyrian Girl Names

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Assyria was once a part of Mesopotamia or as known as modern-day Iraq. Assyrian female names should be strong and have a meaning which resonates with the strong aura and character of the girls of the country. It is believed that the Queens of Assyria were the ones who truly reigned the country. So, why not select a name for your girl, which is fit for a queen.

1. Adorina (Assyrian origin) means "one who helps".              

2. Ashurina (Assyrian origin) means "God of war". A female version of a very popular Assyrian name Ashur.              

3. Athra (Assyrian origin) means "country".

4. Bagiyeh (Assyrian origin) means "name of a famous Assyrian".              

5. Baileet (Assyrian origin) means "one of the Assyrian goddesses".              

6. Brula (Assyrian origin) means "pearl".              

7. Damrina (Assyrian origin) means "amazing".                  

8. Doreena (Assyrian origin) means "name of an Assyrian village in Iraq".                

9. Dwura (Assyrian origin) means "bee".                  

10. Emmita (Assyrian origin) means "sweet mother".              

11. Euphrates (Assyrian origin) means "the great river'.              

12. Ghezalle (Assyrian origin) means "Gazelle".              

13. Hanuno (Assyrian origin) means "a lovely woman".                  

14. Hazail (Assyrian origin) means "seen by God".              

15. Ishtar (Assyrian origin) means "name of an Assyrian Goddess".              

16. Istir (Assyrian origin) means "bright star".              

17. Izla (Assyrian origin) means "name of a river".                  

18. Khannah (Assyrian origin) means "a merciful woman".                

19. Khawa (Assyrian origin) means "life".                

20. Lawita (Assyrian origin) means "protect by keeping a close watch".                  

21. Layah (Assyrian origin) means "cow".              

22. Lilis (Assyrian origin) means "of the night".                

23. Marnita (Assyrian origin) means "to put in front of one's eyes".              

24. Milta (Assyrian origin) means "talk or conversation".              

25. Nahrin (Assyrian origin) means "river".              

26. Ninson (Assyrian origin) means "name of Gilgamesh's mother".              

27. Ninwa (Assyrian origin) means "capital of Assyria".                  

28. Oshana (Assyrian origin) means "palm tree".                  

29. Rdita (Assyrian origin) means "she who is beautiful by her deeds".

30. Semiramis (Assyrian origin) means "Queen of Babylon". Such strong names are derived from Assyrian Queen names.

30. Shafira (Assyrian origin) means "a nice and well-behaved woman".                  

32. Shamiram (Assyrian origin) means "name of the first Assyrian queen".                  

33. Shefrin (Assyrian origin) means "a well-behaved woman".                  

34. Shirat (Assyrian origin) means "song".              

35. Simta (Assyrian origin) means "a box to save money".

36. Walita (Assyrian origin) means "duty".

37. Wardiya (Assyrian origin) means "flower girl".          

38. Yaeeta (Assyrian origin) means "she who is beautiful".        

39. Yayota (Assyrian origin) means "a beautiful woman".          

40. Yonita (Assyrian origin) means "dove".

Assyrian Boy Names

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Are you looking for perfect Assyrian baby names? Then we have just what you are looking for. We have compiled a list of unique, rare, and meaningful popular Assyrian baby names that are frequently used in the Northern Iraq region.

41. Aho (Assyrian origin) means "brother".

42. Albazi (Assyrian origin) means "falcon". Famous last name bearer: Swedish mixed martial artist Amir Albazi.

43. Ashur (Assyrian origin) means "a brother". Such popular Assyrian names can also be used as last names. The name is derived from the name of the Assyrian king Ashur-bani-apli.

44. Asmaro (Assyrian origin) means "brown".

45. Asu (Assyrian origin) means "the East".

46. Asur (Assyrian origin) means "Assyrians". Another variation of the name Ashur.

47. Baaz (Assyrian origin) means "falcon".

48. Barsawme (Assyrian origin) means "son of Sawme". Also the name of an ancient Assyrian god.

49. Batnaya (Assyrian origin) means "house of mud".

50. Caifas (Assyrian origin) means "a man of little energy".

51. Daniyel (Assyrian origin) means "God is my judge".

52. Eesho (Assyrian origin) means "son of God".

53. Eliyah (Assyrian origin) means "my God is Yahweh".

54. Elqosh (Assyrian origin) means "God's power or God's arrow".

55. Eshai (Assyrian origin) means "God exists".

56. Gabbara (Assyrian origin) means "great".

57. Garsa (Assyrian origin) means "barber".

58. Gewargis (Assyrian origin) means "farmer". Famous name bearer: Catholicos-Patriarch Mar Gewargis III.

59. Goriel (Assyrian origin) means "God is my strength".

60. Hormuzd (Assyrian origin) means "name of a Persian king". Famous name bearer: Iraqi assyriologist Hormuzd Rassam.

61. Ishaia (Assyrian origin) means "God is salvation".

62. Iskhaq (Assyrian origin) means "he who laughs".

63. Issavi (Assyrian origin) means "Christians".

64. Khoshaba (Assyrian origin) means "Sunday".

65. Kushi (Assyrian origin) means "a Kushite".

66. Luqa (Assyrian origin) means "light".

67. Malko (Assyrian origin) means "king".

68. Malkuno (Assyrian origin) means "little prince".

69. Muska (Assyrian origin) means "possessor or one who runs about".

70. Nabonidus (Assyrian origin) means "Nabu is praised". It is also the name of the Assyrian born King of Babylon.

71. Nineveh (Assyrian origin) means "house of fish". It is also an ancient city in Assyria.

72. Palakh (Assyrian origin) means "a worker".

73. Palkha (Assyrian origin) means "soldier".

74. Pirayou (Assyrian origin) means "lamb".

75. Qanaya (Assyrian origin) means "a blacksmith".

76. Rabbu (Assyrian origin) means "the almighty".

77. Rume (Assyrian origin) means "high".

78. Shabeh (Assyrian origin) means "a week".

79. Shalimoon (Assyrian origin) means "peace".

80. Shamash (Assyrian origin) means "the sun". According to Babylonian folklore, he was also known as the son of Sin.

81. Takhana (Assyrian origin) means "a miller".

82. Ukubu (Assyrian origin) means "reward".

83. Uras (Assyrian origin) means "the God of light".

84. Younan (Assyrian origin) means "dove".

85. Zaia (Assyrian origin) means "light".

Assyrian Last Names

The Assyrian surnames mentioned here pair so well with our collection of Assyrian baby names. And apart from that these names also will make the best companion to the Assyrians names for your character. So, check out some unique last names from Assyria.

86. Alakko is a popular Assyrian surname which was a very common ancestral name used in the Assyrian elders.

87. Asmoru (Assyrian origin) means "brown". It is also a variation of the name Asmar.

88. Bako (Assyrian origin) means "the firstborn." It is also the name of the saint who was martyred alongside Sargis in 303 C.E., Bacchus.

89. Elia (Assyrian origin) means "Yahweh is my Lord".

90. Makko (Assyrian origin) means "king". This name can also be used as a first name. Famous name bearer: musician Makko.

91. Nona (Assyrian origin) means "dove".

92. Oraha is a popular Assyrian last name, which is equally known and frequently used by people in the United States.

93. Shabo is apopular Assyrian last name derived from the native language of southwestern Ethiopia.

94. Tyareh is a popular Assyrian last name derived from the name of an Assyrian tribe.  

95. Yaldiko (Assyrian origin) means "birth". It is one of the most popular Assyrian last name.

96. Yaqub (Assyrian and Arabic origin) means "supplanter".

Kidadl has lots of great baby name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for ancient Assyrian names then why not take a look at something different like latin girl names or Aramaic names.

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