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20 Aristocats Names For Your Very Fancy Cat

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If you are going to bring a new cat to your home you should think of a sweet name. Here is a list of Aristocats names from the hit film.

If you have brought home a new pet kitten, you need to choose a cute name.

When you are naming your pet, you may want to take inspiration from popular culture. Our list of 20 Aristocats names could be the answer you need as we have listed 20 names from the hit film 'The Aristocats' to inspire you.

For more pet name inspiration, take a look at these unisex cat names and these anime cat names.

'The Aristocats' Cat Names

Find the best Aristocat names here. Did you know that the character Berlioz is named after a famous French composer called Hector Berlioz? Toulouse is another character with a famous namesake: French painter and illustrator Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

1. Berlioz It is the name of the black cat in 'The Aristocats'.

2. Billy Boss He is a Russian cat who plays cello in Scat Cat’s band.

3. Duchess This is Madame Adelaide’s cat and she is the mother of three kittens.

4. Frou Frou He is Roquefort's horse companion.

5. Hit Cat This cat is a member of Scat Cat’s gang.

6. Lafayette This character plays a basset hound dog in 'The Aristocats'.

7. Marie The female kitten of Duchess is Aristocat Marie. She thought herself as the prettiest and very attractive one.

8. Napoleon He is a bloodhound dog who saves the life of Duchess and her kittens.

9. Peppo This Italian cat plays the accordion in Scat Cat’s band.

10. Shun Gon He is a member of the Scat Cat's gang who plays the drums and piano.

A grey fluffy cat sitting

Other Names From 'The Aristocats'

Here are some more Disney cat names from the Disney movie 'The Aristocats'.

11. Alley Cats These play the minor character in the 1970 Disney animated movie. Scat Cat is a friend of this cat group. These cats may be a bit silly and goofy, but they are also melodic and kind.

12. Amelia and Abigail Gabble Amelia and Abigail Gabble are British twin sister geese in the film.

13. Butler Edgar The lovable butler in 'The Aristocats'.

14. Roquefort He is a friend of Duchess and her kittens in the animated movie.

15. Scat Cat He was the best friend of Thomas O’Malley. he was also the leader of a group of music-loving alley cats. Scat cat loved to play the trumpet.

16. Si A Siamese cat in the animated feature film.

17. Am The second Siamese cat in the animated feature film.

18. Thomas O'Malley He was the cat who found Duchess hidden in the woods with the three kittens in the film.

19. Toulouse It is the name of the oldest kitten in the film. He assumed Thomas was his father.

20. Uncle Waldo Bill Thompson gave his voice to this character.

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