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63 Beautiful Balinese Names And Meanings

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Balinese people belong to a sect of Hinduism that reveres Lord Shiva and other Hindu gods and resides in the Indonesian archipelago.

Centuries ago, native Hindu priests familiarized these people with Buddhism and Hinduism. The Balinese naming system strictly prioritizes cast or birth rank.

For instance, Anak Agung is a name used for males primarily belonging to the Kshatriya (warrior and kingly in nature) community, while it becomes Anak Agung Istri for a girl. The highest-ranking males are called Ida Bagus, and females are named Ida Ayu. Here, you will find Balinese names for girls, boys, cats, and families, with their origin and meaning. So, you won’t have to hop from one site to another to search for a name and its meaning.

Read on for some personal names used by Balinese people for naming their male or a female child.

Popular Male Balinese Names

Balinese people are a part of Indonesia, an island that seriously undertakes the responsibility of giving a dulcet and meaningful name to their kids. Gifted with a baby boy? Well, find a perfect Balinese name for him with us.

Abyasa (Javanese origin), meaning 'intelligent' or 'clever', is one of the popular Javanese names for boys in Indonesia.

Adika (Indonesian origin), meaning 'first child of the second husband', is a personal name commonly given to boys in the Buddhist community.

Aditya (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'sun' or 'sun god', is also commonly used in India and the Balinese community.

Agun (Indonesian origin), meaning 'great', is used by Indonesian people to name their children.  

Bagaskoro (Indonesian origin), meaning 'sun rays', is a male personal name you can give to your child.

Bakti (Indonesian origin), meaning 'obedient boy', seems light and unique name to grant to your child.

Berkah (Indonesian origin), meaning 'gift of god', is a personal name that can be used to call your newly born child.

Bintang (Indonesian origin), meaning 'star', is a name that can contain the sparkling aura of the baby.

Chahay  (Indonesian origin), meaning 'light', is a common surname used in the communities of Indonesia.

Fadhlan (Indonesian) means 'gift from god', and is a common name given to children in Bali and Indonesian communities.

Joyo (Indonesian origin), meaning 'victorious and triumphant', is one of the most common Balinese children names you can choose for your baby boy.

Pratam (Indonesian origin), meaning 'belonging to the first or highest status', is a common Hindu name used by Indonesian and Balinese communities.

Rimba (Indonesian origin), meaning 'jungle', is a name that can be used for both girls and boys.

Soleh (Indonesian origin), meaning 'religious', is a male name given to Balinese-born children.

Taman (Indonesian origin), meaning 'someone who is like a garden', is another gender-neutral name for your child.

Vikal (Indonesian origin), meaning 'close of the day', 'twilight', or 'evening', is another beautiful name for your child.

Popular Female Balinese Names

The Balinese population ensures to grant a sweet-sounding yet meaningful name to their girls. Here is our list of Balinese girl names. You will indeed find one that gets to your heart. Read on!

Amisha (Indonesian origin), meaning 'pure', 'gold-hearted', or 'truthful', is one of the Balinese Hindu names used for girls in Indonesian land and among the Bali people.

Anind (Indonesian origin), meaning 'dear', is another Balinese name you can choose for your girl child.

Bethari (Indonesian origin), meaning 'goddess', is primarily used to name females in Indonesia and the Balinese clan.

Bulan (Indonesian origin) implies 'month' or 'moon', and is a name you can pick for your sweet little child.

Citra (Indonesian origin), which means 'image' or 'photogenic', is a name that has its roots in the Sanskrit language.

Dewi (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'goddess', is a Hindu name given to girls in India, Indonesia, and other Hindu communities across the globe, including Balinese people.

Elok (Indonesian origin), meaning 'beautiful', would be a perfect name for your blessed baby girl.

Guritno (Indonesian origin), meaning 'poetic', can be a pleasant name for your baby girl.

Inten (Javanese origin), meaning 'diamond', is a name that alludes to preciousness, hence, a great option for your baby girl.

Kemala (Indonesian origin), meaning 'magical stone' or 'beautiful stone', seems a worthwhile name to consider for a girl child.

Kemuning (Indonesian origin) means 'yellow flower', and is a common name in Indonesia. It can be a unique name to associate with your baby.

Lestari (Javanese), meaning 'everlasting' or 'eternal', is one of the typical names used in the Indonesian archipelago and Balinese community for girls.

Ningsih (Indonesian origin), meaning 'with love', is indeed a splendid name to show your love in your baby girl’s name.

Permata (Indonesian origin), meaning 'precious stones or gems', can be a name that your baby girl will feel pride in.

Pushpita (Indonesian origin), meaning 'having qualities of a flower', is a common name used in Indonesia and India.

Sarwendah (Indonesian origin) implies 'intensely beautiful woman', and it is a perfect name to give to your moon-like baby girl. Isn’t it?

Anak Agung and Ida Ayu are popular Balinese names used by traditional families.

Balinese Family Names And Meanings

Balinese naming system uses four common names, Wayan, Made, Nyoman, and Ketut. Hence, making it distinct from other naming practices across the world. The names conferred to Balinese children are in the birth order of all the siblings. The eldest child is named Wayan, Putu, Gede, or if it is a girl, then Ni Luh is used. The second child is named Made, Kadek, or Nengah, where Made means 'middle', and Kadek implies 'little brother or sister'. The third child in the birth order is named Komang or Nyoman, which may be trimmed to 'Man' or 'Mang'. The fourth child is given the name Ketut, meaning 'little banana', frequently shortened to Tut. The fifth child is given the same name as the first child, but with the addition of Balik, making it Wayan Balik. Here, is a list of Balinese family names with their meaning.

Baskoro (Indonesian origin), meaning 'sun', is a common official surname of Balinese and Indonesian families.

Bayu (Indonesian origin), meaning 'wind', is a name that alludes to nature and is used by many families.

Bulan (Indonesian origin), which means 'moon', is a popular family name used in Indonesia and Bali.

Citra (Indonesian origin), meaning 'photogenic' or 'image', is a name used by Indonesian and Balinese families for their last name.

Kurniawan (Indonesian origin), meaning 'god’s gift', is a blessed option to choose for a kid from the list of Balinese names.

Lego (Indonesian origin), meaning 'sweet', is a commonly used family name used in the Indonesian and Balinese communities.

Lestaru (Indonesian origin), meaning 'obedient', is a popular last name used in Bali and the rest of Indonesia.

Marga (Indonesian origin) means 'group' and is largely taken by families of the Batak community of Indonesia.

Mustika (Indonesian origin), meaning 'precious' or 'magical stone', is chosen by Balinese families that pick a name according to their religious beliefs.

Pratama (Indonesian origin), meaning 'first' or 'the earliest', is another popular last name used in Indonesian and Balinese communities.

Rahayu (Javanese origin), which means 'greeting', is one of the most popular Javanese names.

Setiawan (Indonesian origin), meaning 'essence', is another surname you will spot in Balinese and other communities of Indonesia.

Sinaga (Indonesian origin), meaning 'beetle', is a name used by Indonesian families and Balinese families as a surname.

Wijaya (Indonesian origin) implies 'triumph' or 'victory', and is the typical name used by Balinese families as a last name.

Balinese Cat Name Ideas

Balinese community gives their children names based on the birth event, physical attributes, character traits, or objects found by parents at the location.

You can follow the same approach while selecting Balinese names for your feline friends. Here is a list of adorable names to give to your whiskered pal you love. You will find Balinese cat names for both males and females with their beautiful meanings.

Arto (Indonesian origin), meaning 'money', is an affluent name to give to your feline friend.

Ayung (Indonesian origin), meaning 'Ayung river', is a name that makes a reference to the longest river in Bali, an island in Indonesia.

Bagus (Indonesian origin), meaning 'good' or 'handsome', is a nice option for your obedient paw friend.

Bisma (Indonesian origin), meaning 'polite', 'courageous', and 'obedient', can be a good option to name your cat.

Bowo (Indonesian origin), which means 'personality', is another Balinese name for your adorable cat.

Cahya (Indonesian origin), meaning 'light', is a worthy name to choose for your cat who brings joy to your life every day.

Citra (Indonesian origin), meaning 'image' or 'photogenic', is a perfect name for a cat that always appears adorable.

Diah (Indonesian origin), meaning 'youthful female', is a considerably good name in Balinese for your pretty cat.

Elang (Indonesian origin), meaning 'falcon', would be an upstanding choice to name your cat that hops like a falcon, dropping things.

Haru (Indonesian origin) implies 'one who always smells nice', and can be a dandy name you can choose for your cat.

Ismaya (Indonesian origin), meaning 'wise', is a Balinese name for your smart cat.

Joko (Javanese origin), meaning 'young one', is a name used for boys in Balinese and Javanese communities.

Marshanda (Indonesian origin), meaning 'brave and bold woman or girl', is a great name to give to your cat with guts.

Melati (Hebrew origin), meaning 'jasmine flower', is another Balinese name for cats that you can select.

Rahmad (Indonesian origin), meaning 'blessed', is a name you can give to your blessed cat, who keeps you active throughout the day.

Wahyu (Indonesian origin), meaning 'enlightenment' or 'revelation', is a name you can pick for your cat from Balinese treasures of names.

Yuda (Indonesian origin), meaning 'war', is a name also used primarily for males in the Indonesian and Balinese communities. You can choose it for your brave cat.

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