91 Beautiful Black Fish Names For Your Precious Pet

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If you want a funny fish name, then here are some really interesting name ideas for you to explore.

Fish name ideas like Tuna Turner, Bonnie, Clyde, and Nemo are just some of the top choices you can explore. Whether you have one fish or two fish species in your aquarium, these interesting fish name ideas will help you find the best name.

Read on for some of the best names for your male fish and female fish species.

Black Molly Fish Names

Here are some cute fish names for your black pet fish.

Ariel (Hebrew origin), meaning 'God's lion'. Also, Ariel is a cute name that will suit your female molly perfectly.

Big Joe (Hebrew origin), meaning 'God gives', is the perfect name for those fish who are big in size.

Bonnie (Scottish origin), meaning 'beautiful', is an adorable name for your shiny gorgeous pet fish.

Bruce (Hebrew origin) means 'influential'. The name Bruce is one of the loveliest name ideas for an orange fish.

Bubbles (English origin) means 'happy'. The name Bubbles is a fun fish name for your family pet.

Cleo (Greek origin), meaning 'pride', is a suitable name to describe the molly taking pride in its nice black color with blue fish marks.

Dave (Hebrew origin), meaning 'beloved', is a cute name to shower all the love on your adorable pet fish.

Lake Skywalker (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning 'water body', has to be the perfect name for your fish.

Pirate(Latin origin), meaning 'sea robber', is a cool and awesome name for the one clever fish that really likes to steal all the other fish's food.

Shark (Dutch origin), meaning 'villain', is an ironic name for a black-orange fish.

Slippery (English origin), meaning 'smooth', describes the smooth and slippery scales of your molly perfectly.

Sparky (Latin origin), meaning 'to scatter', is a fun name that you can pick for your new family member.

Spot (American origin), meaning 'small', perfectly denotes the blue fish spots on your black molly.

Stinky (English origin), meaning 'funky', is a rather funny name if your fish hates cleaning and hygiene.

Swim Shady (Persian origin), meaning 'happiness', is the perfect funny name for a black and white fish.

Taco (Mexican origin), meaning 'half', is among the fun name ideas for a male orange fish.

Wave (English origin), meaning 'arched', is a suitable name if your fish prefers swimming at a high speed.

Black Betta Fish Names

The betta fish is mesmerizing to look at and come in a variety of colors, including rainbow, but the black betta fish looks absolutely stunning. If you've got a black betta fish, then here is a list to help you select the most suitable name for it.

Ace  (Latin origin), meaning 'first', is a great name for a competitive betta fish.

Aqua (Latin origin), meaning 'water', perfectly describes the abode of the river-loving betta fishes.

Athena (Greek origin), meaning 'from Athens', is inspired by Greek Mythology and is another cool name for your female pet fish.

Blue (American origin), meaning 'sorrow', is a lovely name to commemorate your attachment with your girl fish.

Bubbly (Indian origin), meaning 'cheerful', is a lovely name for your happy and joyful betta fish.

Clyde (Scottish origin), meaning 'friendly', is an adorable name to call your friendly, loveing and cute little betta fish.

Diva (Latin origin), meaning 'goddess', is a wonderful female fish name that signifies its beauty and heavenly appearance.

Elsa (Hebrew origin), meaning 'God is my oath', is another lovely and adorable name for your female betta fish.

Flash (American origin), meaning 'bright light', is a symbol of hope and aspiration, a lovely name that describes the true appearance of your pet fish.

Flounder (Dutch origin), meaning 'struggler', suits your betta if it's shy and hides behind the grass like a Flounder.

Ivy (Latin origin), meaning 'vine', is another beautiful name for your stunning betta fish.

James (Hebrew origin), meaning 'supplanter', is a great name if your betta is more on the aggressive and mischievous side.

Jona (Hebrew origin), meaning 'dove', is the symbol of purity and divinity describing your black betta with white patches.

Larry (English origin), meaning 'crowned', is the perfect name for mischievous betta fish who is the strongest in the aquarium.

Mr. Limpet (English origin), meaning 'cling', is a lovely name if your fish friend likes to spend time with you around like Mr. Limpet.

Neptune (Latin origin), meaning 'water God', is a cool name for your betta fish that loves to show its elegance while swimming.

Rainbow (German origin), meaning 'bold', is typically a suitable name for a rainbow-colored betta fish.

Ruby (Latin origin), meaning 'red', is a good name for the mesmerizing appearance of black and red colored bettas.

Sky Walker (Norse origin), meaning 'cloud', as a name, typically suits the white-colored, large, and charismatic fins of the betta fish.

Finding Nemo is an extremely cute fish name option.

Black Pet Fish Names

Here are some of the best black pet fish names.

Aurora (Latin origin), meaning 'dawn', is a fnny name for your pet fish if it is an early riser.

Candy (American origin), meaning 'sweet', is a simple name for your adorable and lovely pet fish.

Cosmo (Greek origin), meaning 'beauty', is a beautiful name to depict the out-of-the-world beauty of your baby pet.

Cyndi (Greek origin), meaning 'from Mt. Cynthus', is the symbol of light, a name for the one who illuminates your life.

Darlene (English origin), meaning 'dear one', is another good name for your dearest fish pet.

Dusky (American origin), meaning 'partial darkness', is an awesome name to call your black pet.

Ebony (Greek origin), meaning 'black wood', is another name worthy of your little black aqua pet.

Flipper (English origin), meaning 'broad limb', is a suitable name for your fish. If it has broad fins and tail, then calling her Flipper is quite apt.

Harley Finn (English origin), meaning 'meadow', is a symbol of freshness and health.

Inky (English origin), meaning 'black', is a well-suited name for your pet fish which seems to be of ink shade.

Mrs. Puff (German origin), meaning 'push', is a funny name to describe your cute betta puff fish.

Nebula (Latin origin), meaning 'mist', is another unique name if your fish loves staying in the dark.

Rose (Germanic origin), meaning 'fame', is a female fish name that appropriately shows her beauty.

Silver (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning 'lustrous white', perfectly describes the beaded shiny eyes that glow like a silver pearl. It will suit your shining fish.

Sushi (Japanese origin), meaning 'sour rice', is the perfect name if your fish dislikes showing affection.

Tuna (Latin origin), meaning 'to rush', is a suitable name if your clever fish seems like she is always in a rush.

Yasmine (Arabic origin), meaning 'jasmine', is an adorable name for your innocent, flower-like pet fish.

Zorro (Spanish origin), meaning 'sly', designates the naughty and disobedient nature of your pet fish.

Zulu (American origin), meaning 'heaven', is the perfect name for your little baby fish.

Other Names For Black Cod Fish

Here are some popular name options for your black cod fish:

Amaya (Spanish origin), meaning 'heavenly', is all about portraying the heavenly place your pet fish holds in your heart.

Angel (Greek origin) means 'messenger'. Angel is a holy name to show the joy your pet has brought to you.

Coal (Old English prigin), meaning 'hill', is a great name for a fish.

Dory (Greek origin), meaning 'God's gift', is an awesome name. It shows how valuable your pet fish is to you just like Dory.

Expresso (Italian origin), meaning 'express', is a good name for black fish.

Finn (Irish origin), meaning 'fair', is an adorable name considering how much they love to swim.

James Pond (Hebrew origin), meaning 'supplanter', is a pun name suitable for your sassy black cod.

Luna (Latin origin), meaning 'moon', is the perfect name for your black fish if it likes camouflaging in the dark like Luna.

Mamba (Greek origin), meaning 'tree', defines boldness and is a funny fish name idea.

Nero (Italian origin), meaning 'black', is synonymous with the dark and dusky appearance of your black cod fish.

Panda (Nepalese origin), meaning 'bamboo eater', is an adorable name.

Pitch (Polish origin), meaning 'son of Pies', is an adorable name that your water-loving friends would surely like.

Raven (English origin), meaning 'dark-haired', is a typical black fish name describing the rare beauty.

Shady (Persian origin), meaning 'happiness', is a fancy name that celebrates the happiness of having such a lovely pet fish.

Smokey (English origin), meaning 'fiery soul', is rather a good name for aggressive, ready-to-fight fishes.

Storm (English origin), meaning 'speedy wind', is a perfect name to represent the speed with which your fish swims.

Turner (Middle English origin), meaning 'lather', is a suitable name for fish that loves playing with water and making bubbles.

Velvet (American origin), meaning 'soft', describes the slippery and velvety scales of your black pet fish.

Names For Black Moor Fish

Help yourself with the black moor fish ideas listed below.

Amber (Arabic origin), meaning 'jewel', is a name for your fish friend.

Bandit (American origin), meaning 'thief', is a cool name for fish.

Batman (English origin) is a cool name for your cute fish friends, inspired by 'Batman'.

Blacky (English origin), meaning 'black', is the perfect name.

Blair (Scottish origin), meaning 'meadow', is the symbol of freshness to describe your active and energetic pet fish.

Bob (Germanic origin), meaning 'shining', perfectly depicts the shiny scales of your black moor pet Bob.

Captain Jack (Celtic origin), meaning 'healthy'. Surely, Captain Jack is a pun name to call your baby fish.

Goldie (Scottish origin), meaning 'gold made', is an adorable and perfect name for your black goldfish.

Jet (French origin), meaning 'bitter', is a fantastic name for your speed-loving pet fish.

Joey (Hebrew origin), meaning 'God will give', is a name that purely talks about the blessing of having a black moor fish.

Little Mermaid (Old English origin), meaning 'sea woman'. Considering the cute and small size of your fish, Little Mermaid is an adorable name for it.

Monica (Greek origin), meaning 'solitary', is the perfect name for your fish if it loves being alone.

Nemo (Greek origin), meaning 'nobody', is a name inspired by 'Finding Nemo'. If you are a fan of 'Finding Nemo', then it is one of the best names for your fish.

Onyx (Greek origin), meaning 'fingernail', depicts the determination of your bold fish.

Orca (Latin origin), meaning 'barrel', is an awesome name.

Pepper (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning 'black spice', is a unique name to call your fish.

Sunset (African origin), meaning 'time of fortune', is another lovely name for a yellow fish friend.

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