40+ Pet Puns For Your Furry Friends

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If we ever had to think of a world without our furry friends, it would be a pawful place.

Pets are at the center of everything good, happy, and funny. A pet joke or pun is one of the best ways to light up your furry happy life if you're a pet owner who can relate to it.

There is a variety of pets you can choose from, but a majority of the population prefers dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, or fish.

Some even tend to keep sweet and tiny pets like rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs, while some like even more exotic reptilian ones like boas, pythons, geckos, and even small alligators (where it's legal to keep them!)

Turtles, frogs, and fish also happen to be commonly kept pets.

Be it a dog, cat, rat, rabbit, or anything else, once a pet is introduced in one's life, they become like family.

Pets are also said to increase happy hormones that help take off that stress from work when you get back home. Having a pet also helps the owner grow a sense of responsibility because they need to be taken care of and loved.

A pet brings nothing but undying love and joy into one's life. Some pet owners even declare themselves as pet parents.

The bond one grows with a pet is eternal, and the purest and highest form of attention one can get. It doesn't matter if you are a dog person or a cat person.

Having a pet in your life makes it worth your while. You can never get too bored when you have another living, breathing soul in your house running around doing silly things for your attention and hence are the best pain killers and mood uplifters.

Pet puns will make you purr with happiness because they will remind you of your pet, and that is bound to bring a smile to your face no matter how stern your exterior may seem to be.

If you are hunting for some great pet puns, this list of funny animal puns will have you roaring with laughter. It consists of animal jokes, including kitty puns, funny dog puns, and puppy puns, including pug puns.

It also has clever dog names, punny cat names, puns about guinea pigs, and the like.

If you like more puns, you can look into our other articles: animal puns and dog jokes.

Punny Pet Names

Here is a list of the furriest and purriest, punny dog names, cat names, guinea pig names, rabbit names, and others you might like if you are looking to name your punny little pet.

1. Indiana Bones: A great name for puppies belonging to fans of this character.

2. Cat Damon: One thing common between Matt Damon and cats is that everyone loves them. So why not name your pet after him?

3. Jon Bone Jovi: An iconic name for an iconic pet.

4. Meowly Cyrus: If your pet came into your life like a wrecking ball and broke down all your tough walls, this name is perfect.

5. Winnie the Pooch: A cute cartoon name for a cute pooch.

6. Bilbo Waggins: A superbly punny name for fans of Tolkien.

7. Beowoof: A strong yet punny name for literature lovers.

8. Droolieus Caesar: A funny and punny name for a dog. If you have another dog, you could name him Brutus. They would make a perfect pair.

9. The Great Catsby: A 'great' name for a great pet, especially for fans of Fitzgerald.

10. Santa Paws: A sweet and punny name if your pet was a Christmas gift that brought you unadulterated joy.

11. Paw McCartney: A famous name with a punny twist; great for fans of 'The Beatles.'

12. Mr. Meowgi: If you are a fan of 'The Karate Kid,' this name will suit your pet the best.

13. Bunnicula: Bunnies are nibblers with strong teeth. We also know someone for their very famous denture, i.e., Dracula.

14. Prince Harey: A punny name for fans of the royal prince.

15. Hamlet: A great name for guinea pigs and hamsters - and of course, Shakespeare fans.

16. Guinness: Name your female guinea pig pet with this name to sound famous.

17. Pork Chop: One of the funniest names to give to a guinea pig.

Clever Puns For A Dog Lover

If you're hunting for some of the most clever dog puns? This list will bring you some funny dog puns that will really make you smile. These funny dog puns are for all ages.

18. My Dalmatian hides from people. He hates being spotted.

19. When a dog's tail falls off, they usually visit the re-tail store.

20. Pitbulls aren't monster dogs. They are just a bit ruff around the edges.

21. Celebrity dogs usually have the pup-arazzi following them.

22. Jokes about dogs are usually dog-gone funny.

23. That poodle was sassy but fur-ocious!

24. On sunny days, my Dachshund likes sitting in the shade because they become a hot dog.

25. Puppies love to have woofles for breakfast.

26. My dog has no backbone and never stands up for herself. He only rolls over.

27. If you ever see a mama dog trying to boast about her child's achievements, you should call a dog like this Dog-Ma.

28. A dog's favorite holiday is Howl-o-ween.

29. A dog's favorite thing to eat at the movies is pup corn.

30. A dog's favorite 'Pink Floyd' album is 'Bark Side of the Moon.'

31. My dog and I love watching our favorite movie, 'Jurassic Bark.'

32. When you meet a badass pug, you will know everything about the pug life.

33. Dogs usually park their cars in a barking lot.

The Purriest Cat Puns Ever

Looking for the sassiest and classiest cat puns? Look no further because this list has many funny puns and cute puns about cats for you:

34. When a cat proposes, they usually say: "Let's get meow-rried."

35. My cat hates my cat jokes because they are claw-ful.

36.When cats get ready for a cat fight, they usually choose a fur-midable opponent.

37. I am very fur-tunate to have my pet cat.

38. Mama cats usually tell their grandkids a fairy tail before bed.

39. My cat hates other cats hence adopting another one is impaw-sible.

40. My best fur-end is my cat.

41. My cat went hiss-terical after I cracked the cat joke.

42. I took my cat to the vet because she was feline sick.

Rabbit Puns To Make You Skip With Laughter

Young man cleaning cat litter tray at home.

Here's a list of the best bunny puns that are extremely bunny.

43. A rabbit housekeeper is called a dust bunny.

44. After bunnies get married, they usually go on a bunnymoon.

45. A bunny raised in a hotel is called an inn-grown hare.

46. When the members from a line of rabbits dwindle, you get a receding hare line.

47. My bunny ate my wedding ring because she thought it was 18 carrots.

Hamster Puns That Are Hilarious

Here's a list of the best hamster puns you would want to roll with.

48. My hamster stores food in his cheeks and calls it hide-and-cheek.

49. A hamster who loses a limb in an accident is a hamputee.

50. My gerbil weirdly smells like bacon. Maybe it is a ham-ster.

51. My hamster almost died yesterday. He had fallen asleep at the wheel.

52. The hamster had a lot of coffee before going driving. He didn't want to fall asleep at the wheel.

53. I tried learning the hamster language, but I failed because my translations got gerbilled.

54. Hamsters hate sailing on boats when they need to travel. They are afraid of pi-rats.

55. A hamster's favorite holiday spot to visit is Hamsterdam.

56. A hamster who fails to run on its wheel is such a hamateur.

57. Mother hamsters dread it when their kids ask for bedtime stories. They have no tales.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for pet puns, then why not take a look at jungle puns, or for something different take a look at unicorn puns or funny animal quotes

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