60+ Hilarious Jungle Puns That Are Roar-Some

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Originally Published on Dec 01, 2020
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Puns about jungle animals can make anybody laugh like a hyena!

If you’re looking to impress your friends with some hilarious jungle puns and jokes, you’ve come to the right place. Jungle puns and jokes are not only hilarious but also versatile.

There are many animals and plants in the jungle, so you can find a number of tree puns, tropical puns, tiger puns and jungle one-liners on this list! Jungle puns bring out the best of animal play on words, making these funny animal puns quite smart as well!

If you’re keen to know more about the best jungle jokes and puns out there, our list would surely help you out.

For more animal puns, you can also have a play with alpaca puns and get all the best hamster puns in our articles.

The Best Jungle Puns

Here are some fun jungle puns to keep you entertained and get you laughing.

1. I tried copying my best friend’s test concerning jungle cats and he called me a cheetah!

2. The jungle was filled with diverse but selfish animals. It was a vibrant egosystem.

3. The King of the Jungle once told me he was a tiger. He was lion!

4. The koala was upset that he didn't get the job. He thought he had all the koala-fications!

5. The flowers needed a place to recharge after a long day so they went to the power plant.

6. The frog got really worried when his car broke down. He had to get it toad.

7. A duck approaches a makeup store and sees a lipstick she likes. She says: ‘put it on my bill’.

8. The big tree felt confident about his new business. All the plants were rooting for him!

9. All the herbs gathered together for the birthday celebrations. It was party thyme!

10. The jungle seemed so silent. Of course, it might be because the sheep went on vacation to the baaaahamas.

11. The serpents had finalized their deal. They decided to snake on it.

12. I know who stole from me! It must have been that crook-o-dile.

13. The police called in all the suspicious jungle cats to the station. They had to find the purr-petrator!

14. The tall tree was really nervous about his job interview. He was such a sweaty palm!

15. As the tourists approached the elephants, the travel guide said: “you can take pictures now, they all have their trunks on!”.

16. The lion got tired of being called the King of the Jungle. He just wanted to be known as an Emperoar!

17. As soon as the skunk walked into the courtroom, the judge yelled, ‘Odor in the court!’.

18. It's so easy for trees to get online, they just log in!

19. The crow is always bragging about his fortunes. He makes sure to let everybody know the caw-st of being so successful.

20. The mice have a new parking spot for their boats: the hickory dickory dock.

Bird Puns

Birds are a really important part of the jungle, but doesn't mean they can't emu-se you! Have a look at these funny puns on birds and share a play-on-words with friends and family for a giggle.

21. The crow was too busy to sit and talk. He said, "Caw me on my cellphone!".

22. All the birds were worried because one of their friends was sat owl by himself.

23. During the annual meeting, some birds pointed out that if anyone needed more money, they just had to invest in the stork market.

24. The big bird looked at his nephew and said, "you're a chirp off the old block!".

25. All the birds got really excited for the Christmas newsletter. It was time for the Season's Tweetings!

26. The owls are so supportive, they're always hooting for you!

Jungle Cat Puns

The jungle has a wide variety of cats, and that just makes it easier to find all the best cat puns! These will leave you laughing hissterically!

27. The lion woke up with a big smile on his face. It was his favorite day of the week, Chewsday!

28. The leopard got caught by the police after the robbery. He was so easy to spot!

29. Right before a big meal, the family of tigers sit together and join hands. They like to prey for their food.

30. I’ve heard that cats are quite flashy with their vehicle of choice. One of them just pulled up in his Fur-arri!

31. This cat I know gets everything she wants. She’s so purrsuasive.

32. The lion doesn't like going out for dinner with the other animals anymore. He always has to pay the lion's share!

33. All the animals were mad at the cats for their contribution to the group project. The cats only did the bare mewnimum.

Plant Puns

This list is not just about animals, the innocent plants in the jungle also make for great puns!

34. Everyone needs a supportive herb in their life. Someone to go to for some encourage-mint.

35. The trees were all mad at the new troop of monkeys. Their behavior was simply unbe-leaf-able!

36. The plants decide to make some new friends at the party. They went ahead and in-tree-duced themselves!

37. Oh, I know the perfect place to buy a book on rainforest puns: Amazon!

38. The saplings were really excited for the summer to end. It would soon be time for Elemen-tree school!

39. The flowers stayed fresh for so long without water. They really rose to the occasion!

Elephant Puns

Forest with lush greenery

Larger than life creatures, we can't get enough of elephants here at Kidadl. Here are some amazing elephant puns that can guarantee a giant laugh!

40. Elephants are not the best at debates. They always make irr-elephant points!

41. The talkative animals like visiting the elephant. His ears are always wide open for them.

42. The group of elephants decided to head to the mall. They were in need of new trunks.

43. Elephants are always on time. It's probably because they're so great at multi-tusking!

44. The elephant finally thought of a name for his new airline venture. He decided to call it 'The Dumbo Jet'!

Giraffe Puns

Giraffes are tall and elegant animals, making them many people's favorite animals, and they make for great jungle puns too. Here are some hilarious giraffe puns for you to chew on!

45. Giraffes are not exactly everyone's favorite pet. They're just too high maintenance.

46. Everyone in the jungle was anxious to know who won the giraffe and ostrich race. It was totally neck and neck.

47. It’s hilarious how some giraffes claim they’re 18 feet, I only see four!

48. Giraffes are the worst managers. They really can’t see eye-to-eye with their employees.

49. The teenage giraffe was called into the principal’s office for his bad grades. They said his head was always in the clouds.

50. When someone offered to tell me a giraffe joke, I said no. It sure was going to be a long one.

51. The giraffe was sad that his friends never laughed at his jokes. It was likely that it all went over their heads!

52. All the animals thought the giraffe was arrogant. He took too long to swallow his pride.

53. The giraffe was sad that the buffet didn’t have his favorite fruit, necktarines!

54. The giraffe was hiding from the cops. He was afraid they found his street giraffiti.

55. The animals panicked when the giraffe swallowed a toy jet. He was such a plane-in-the-neck!

56. The giraffe is always late for jungle meetings. He claims there’s always a giraffic jam!

Monkey Puns


Monkeys are not just our closest animal relative, but they’re also downright hilarious! Check out these ape-solutely silly puns on monkeys. You can also read some rain puns and parrot puns to have your family laughing at all the jungle animals together!

57. Everyone was always jealous of the monkey winning all the games. What could he do? He was the chimpion of all time!

58. Two monkeys wanted to catch up over a drink. They decide to head over to the monkey bars down the street.

59. There was a jungle party happening in the night. The monkeys agreed to bring the chimp and dip.

60. The monkey started crying when someone cut its tail off. He said ‘I won’t be-long now’.

61. A bunch of monkeys decided it’s best if they shared their Amazon account. It made sense, they were Prime-mates after all!

62. All monkeys have a favorite month of the year. It’s Ape-ril.

63. The monkeys had the perfect name for their gossip magazine: 'The Ape Vine'.

64. At the annual jungle party, the winner of the dance-off was the monkey. He did the macaque-rena!

65. The office of monkeys doesn't fire anyone. They just transfer them to a different branch.

66. The big ape really likes his seafood. We all call him shrimpanzee.

67. The baker monkey panicked when she was about to make her cake. She couldn’t find her ape-ron!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns, jokes and riddles for everyone to enjoy! If our suggestions for jungle puns got you and your family laughing, then why not take a look at these hilarious lion puns or these funny elephant puns for more laughs?

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