127 Of The Best Punny Dog Names that are Hilariously Cute

Georgia Stone
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Originally Published on Nov 09, 2020
cutest names for funny dogs

The most adorable members of the family are the little heart touching puppies.

Their cuteness is defined not only by their presence but also by their name. With our many punny dog names, every dog can have the unique dog name based on dog puns that they deserve.

When choosing funny dog names for a funny dog or punny dog names to describe your dog, you must ensure the dog name reflects your dog's personality. Whether it is Mr. Snarls Barkley or Jessica Barker inspired by famous actress Jessica Parker tweaked as Sarah Jessica Barker, every dog is the dearest to their owner.

While your male dog, Mr. Snarls Barkley, might be growling all around the house with his strong alerting roar and Ms. Barker might be gracefully modeling around the house.

Each dog has its own style and avatar.

Every dog resembles or reminds us of someone/something, and therefore puns are the go-to names for dogs. Funny, cute, and appropriate, always pick a punny name for your dog to define your dog's personality!

For more doggy names, take a look at Cartoon Dog Names and Corgi Names.

Funny Dog Name For Girl Dogs

A lot of times, our dog's traitsremind us of our favorite show/movie character. Here are names based on such characters:

1.Betty, the friendly, problem-solver female comic character from Archie's comics.

2.Blair, the supreme boss lady and fashionista from the American series 'Gossip Girl.'

3.Buttercup, the angry and sharp 'Powerpuff Girls' character.

4.Bubbles, the bubbly and loving 'Powerpuff Girls'character.

5.Blossom, the leader and problem-solver 'PowerpuffGirls' character.

6.Belle, was inspired by the Disney princess character. The name also means 'beautiful.'

7.Cinderella, a royal name inspired by a fairy talecharacter highlighting your dog's princess style beauty.

8.Daisy, a 1970s famous doll designed by Mary Quant, for your doll-like dog.

9.Edna, inspired by the witty and eccentric character in the animated movie The Incredibles.

10.Jasmine, inspired by the pretty and elegant Disney princess.

11.Matilda, inspired by the character of an innocent magical girl.

12.Minnie, inspired by the cuteness of Disney character Minne Mouse.

13.Sarah Jessica Barker, one of the hilarious pun names for dogs, isinspired by the familiar actress name Sarah Jessica Parker.

14.Velma, the nerdy and observant character from Scooby-Doo.

15.Vera Fang, inspired by the most successful American designer Vera Wang's quirky name, changed to Vera Fang.

16.Wanda, inspired by the female superhero 'Scarlet Witch' from Marvel.

Funny Dog Names For A Boy Dog

Many pet owners love to keep punnydog names based on movie/show character names. Some of the funny dog names outof the lot are listed below:

17.Archie, the lead character and smart kid of Archie comic novels.

18.Bark Twain, American actor Mark Twain's name tweaked as Bark Twain.

19.Bark Obama, this punny name derived from the supreme president, Barak Obama's name, tweaked as Bark Obama.

20.Bark Wahlberg, inspired by American actor's name Mark Wahlberg which is tweaked into 'Bark Wahlberg'.

21.Barney, a name inspired by the cartoon 'Barney & Friends.'

22.Bat Man, derived from the superhero character of DC Comics.

23.Bob, a name inspired by the cartoon 'Bob, the Builder.'

24.Captain America,  a superpower name for the ultimate superheroof Marvel.

25.Doggerman,  inspired by the character name 'Spiderman'.

26.Garry, a pet name inspired from the Sponge Bob snail character.

27.Harry Paw-ter, inspired by the character name Harry Potter.

28.Minion, the cute and quirky animated character from the movie Despicable Me.

29.Noddy, derived from the lead character of the cartoon 'Noddy.'

30.Scooby-Doo is the most popular animated dog character of a detective show.

31.Simba, inspired by the supreme powers of the character 'Lion King' also called Simba.

32.Superdog is a punny name inspired by the superhero character 'Superman.'

33.Sherlock Bones, inspired by detective 'Sherlock Holmes' tweaked as 'Sherlock Bones.'

34.Winne the Poodle, inspired by the cartoon character 'Winne the Pooh.

Punny Dog Names Inspired By Food For A Girl

Adorable brown puppy poodle sitting on a yellow blanket in a park

We all know those puppy dog eyes thatappear whenever we sit down at the table to eat. Why not embrace your pup'scheekiness and name them after one of your or their favorite foods!

35.Berry, inspiredby the refreshing goodness of 'berries.'

36.Beans, a girly name inspired by baked beans.

37.Bake, a name is resonating with the deliciousness of cakes.

38.Buttery, a dog name inspired by 'butter.'

39.Burrata, a premium cheese variety.

40.Butterscotch, a delicious name inspired by many dessert treats.

41.Brie, a short and unique cheese name.

42.Candy, the most special treat among kids.

43.Cakey, a dessert to celebrate every occasion and good news- cake.

44.Cheesy, inspired by the never-dying love for cheese and denoting a flirty emotion.

45.Cherry, a name derived from the fruit cherry.

46.Cookie, acute girly name inspired by the dessert snack- cookies.

47.Creamy, derived from the ingredient cream.

48.Dairy, an unusual addition to funny dog names for a girl, signifies 'dairymilk' and stands for milk products.

49.Delicious, an emotion is describing the love for food that will be equivalent to pets.

50.Dosa is inspired by a South Indian food specialty.

51.Fig, inspired by a fruit found in Asia.

52.Gouda, a cheese specialty from the Netherlands.

53.Gem, inspired by the bite-sized chocolate 'Gems,' also meaning 'one in a million.'

54.Honey, the source of sweetness. It is also used as a way to express love.

55.Jelly, an easy to remember name recalled by a favourite childhood dessert.

56.Lolly, derived from the candy lollipops.

57.Mulberry, inspiredby the goodness of berry and fruit.

58.Milky, acute name derived from 'milk.'

59.Perky, derivedfrom the favorite childhood chocolate- Perk.

60.Pie, a sweet food item is resonating with girly dessert and baking.

61.Sugary, derived from the ingredient 'sugar,' also denoting the emotion 'sweet.'

62.Sweety, derivedfrom the taste of 'sweet.'

63.Spaghetti, a twisty turvy Italian pasta noodle.

64.Tattery Tot, inspired by the potato appetizer Tater Tots.

Punny Dog Names Inspired By Food For A Boy

While food puns about dogs names can be given to a dog of either gender, we think these might better suit the characteristics of your boy dog.

65.Apple, the essential fruit which keeps the doctor away.

66.Biscuit, inspired by the snack biscuit.

67.Burger is a name inspired by everyone's go-to fast food, suiting all dognames.

68.Beefy, derived from the word 'beef.'

69.Bread, derived from the words bread plus dog.

70.Bournvita, inspired by the chocolate healthy milk drink for kids.

71.Citrus,  derived from the juiciness of fruits.

72.Coco is common among dog names and is inspired by 'chocolate.'

73.Dumpling,  an adorable name derived from the Asian appetizer 'dumpling.'

74.Donut is a name derived from a sweet-snack.

75.Doglicious, one of the funny pun names, is derived from the words dog plusdelicious.

76.Frie, derived from the American fast-food 'fries.'

77.Jacky, derived from the fruit- jackfruit.

78.Melow, inspired by the fruit melon.

79.Nacho, derived from the Mexican dish 'nachos'.

80.Noodle, a funky name derived from the popular dish 'noodles'.

81.Pizza, a yummy Italian dish resonating with every dog's personality.

82.Treaty, a name derived from the food reward- treat.

83.Tangy, a citrus taste flavor makes for dog names goals.

84.Vendy, inspired by the food equipment 'vending machine'.

85.Waffle, derived from the savoury-sweet breakfast treat 'waffles'.

Dog Names That Are Puns

We've put together this list of funny dog names which we think are both amusing and cute. Take a look!

86.Angel, an illuminating Goddess.

87.Barkley, an English name derived from the 'Birch tree.'

88.Barky, derived from the action of 'barking.'

89.Boss Lady, an adjective is describing the bossy nature of a girl.

90.Bossy, derived from the word 'boss.'

91.Cutie, derived from the adjective 'cute.'

92.Doggy, derived from the word 'dog.'

93.Diva, describing your dog as the most beautiful and stylish.

94.Frendi, describing the 'friendly' nature of your dog.

95.Furbulous,  inspired by the word dog's 'fur'. As a funny name, it could signify the furry coat ofyour dog.

96.Scooby-She, inspired by the female version of Scooby-Doo.

97.Taily, derived from the word tail of a dog.

98.Buddy, as your dog is your best friend, and you can quickly call him/her your buddy.

99.Bless, for many, their dog is the biggest blessing.

100.Bliss, denoting the joy and happiness your dog spreads.

101.Comfurty, derived from two words- 'comfort' and 'fur'.

102.Chili Chill, sometimes piping hot as chili and the other times chilled out describing your dog's moods.

103.Dog-ling, a combination of two words- dog plus darling.

104.Happy, the emotion that is always evoked when seeing your dog.

105.Hearty,  everyone's heart reaches out for their dogs,making them hearty companions.

106.Lifey, for many owners their dog is their 'life', the most important part of their being.

107.Poddle, a popular dog bread that is commonly used for describing furry, cute dogs.

108.Ninja, a Japanese word describing a strong warrior and protector.

109.Rockstar, for every dog owner, his dog is the best and is described as a 'rockstar'.

110.Ruby, a common name for dogs derived from the preciousgemstone 'ruby'.

111.Smarty, short and sweet describing your dog as the smart one.

112.Softy, a short and cute name describing one's feelings for their dog.

113.Shorty, a mocking adjective describing the look of a dog.

114.Senti, dogs, are susceptible and evoke various emotions, including their sixth sense. Therefore they can be called senti.

115.Snuffy; sniffing is a common characteristic of dogs. Therefore the name snuffy is apt for any dog.

116.Topsy Turvy, an adjective used to describe a rollercoaster ride, is similar to times spent with a dog.

117.United- it is often said that a dog increases love and unity among family members who evoke the 'united' feeling.

118.Adorbs, derived from the adjective 'adorable'.

119.Doddle, is an art form and among the perfect dog names rhyming to 'poodle'.

120.Dogastic, derived from the words dog plus fantastic.

121.Dasher, inspired by the adjective 'dashing.'

122.Fury, derived from the words furious and fur.

123.Hero, denoting your dog as your savior, your protector, and your 'hero.'

124.Mr. Bark, derived from the act of 'barking' by dogs.

125.Puff-Pup, derived from the words 'puff' and 'puppy.'

126.Wiggly, inspired by the word wiggle, meaning 'moving constantly.'

127.Zero,  a funny and catchy dog name are denoting the number zero.

Kidadl has lots of great namesarticles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Punny Dog Names thenwhy not take a look at Japanese Dog Names, orfor something different take a look at Egyptian Cats Names.

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