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One of the most popular mythical creatures known to exist that have raided our hearts and pop culture as well are unicorns.

Being amongst the most loved imaginary creatures, Unicorns have conquered the hearts of all and sundry with their magical charm. The only things we ever associate with a unicorn are flowers, rainbows, magic, and sparkles and hence unicorn puns are equally magical.

People are obsessed with unicorns and all things unicorn related; it even happens to be the only mythological animal given the title of being the national animal of Scotland. However, it wasn't given so because of its sparkly and glittering disposition that the people of the 21st-century associates with it.

It was awarded that title because of its valor and bravery.

Hence, it can be proudly stated by unicorn lovers and the fans and followers of the seemingly colorful unicorn culture that it is not just a beast associated with purity, but also courage and strength.

Hence, to call a person a unicorn lovingly is to associate all of the positive characteristics traits of a unicorn with him or her. Unicorns are widely used in pop culture like movies, video games, and even TV series and cartoons.

How can we ever forget how purely unicorns were described by J.K. Rowling in her first 'Harry Potter' book? Unicorns have also been extensively featured in many cartoons for kids such a 'My Little Pony', 'Mia and Me', and even in science fiction.

They are food for great entertainment and interest when it comes to the fantasy genre.

There is no need to think that unicorn puns will be corny despite the fact that the very name "unicorn" has the word "corn" in it.

Even though we tend to hate all things cheesy and corny, we still like to gorge on them.

Puns, like food, are nutritious for the brain and the heart because they know how to work their magic by inciting laughter or joy. There are very few people who are buzzkills and cannot take a joke, but there are many who will say 'yay' instead of 'neigh' when you crack a unicorn related pun.

Laughter charges the air with magic and creates a positive and pure aura, and is one of the positive feelings that can come close to how one would have felt if unicorns would have been real and in their presence.

Puns are a funny way to add magic and sparkles to your life and we all know we associate these two things with a beautiful imaginary being called unicorn.

Combining these two together are simply dreams that have come true. Since unicorns are greatly popular amongst a younger audience, they probably know more about unicorns than you do.

Since puns are a great way to boost your child's intelligence, cracking a cute and punny unicorn joke that they will most definitely understand will have them sparkling with joy and at the same time increasing their intelligence level and IQ at a younger age.

Unicorn puns and punny quotes also make great captions and writings for a unicorn freak. Instagram is a great place for unicorn captions because it is a popular hashtag with millions of posts under it.

There are thousands of accounts that are dedicating to posting artwork and pictures related to these glittering beings.

Quirky, punny, and enchanting captions under the posts can boost Instagram likes as well and hence this is where unicorn puns with a clever and magical twist come into the picture.

If you know someone who wears all things unicorn, uses all things unicorns, and loves unicorns, give them a birthday card with unicorn birthday puns and nothing will make them happier. If you are out on a unicorn hunt for a funny unicorn pun, this list has all the magic puns you will ever need.

If you like more puns, you can look into our other articles: 'Happy Birthday' puns and unicorn jokes.

Magical Unicorn Puns For A Unicorn Lover

White toy unicorn on wooden floor of kids room

Looking for some punny magic or a unicorn pun to make a unicorn lover sparkle with happiness? Here's a list of uni-corny puns you will love.

1. A unicorn who has a negative attitude always says, "Neigh."

2. Unicorns usually live on Mane Street.

3. All unicorns are just horses with a point of view.

4. The unicorn wanted to join the police band, so that he wanted to have the right uni-form.

5. A unicorn's favorite thing to eat for breakfast is Lucky charms.

6. When mythical creatures have a barbecue at their house, they most definitely serve uni-corn on the cob.

7. Most unicorns usually call their dads Pop corn.

8. The fairy princess preferred to ride her unicorn more than her pony because it horsed around way too much.

9. A unicorn's favorite sports activity is running in mare-athons.

10. When a unicorn gets a flu shot, it becomes an immunicorn.

11. Most unicorns inhabit the state of Maine.

12. The unicorn crossed the road because it wanted to meet its neighbors.

13. A unicorn's favorite class in school is the horse-story class.

14. Most unicorns are magically good guitar players because they know all the uni-chords.

15. All unicorns don't find puns about them funny because some of them can be all uni-corny.

Clever Unicorn Puns For Fun

Want to have some puns with all things glittery and uni-corny? Here's a list of magical unicorn puns that will charm its way into your heart.

16. When unicorns are convicted, they are usually taken to the Uni-court for justice.

17. Unicorns are known never to horse around because they always get to the point.

18. Most unicorns ride to the park on unicycles.

19. A fancy, fashionable, and iconic unicorn should be called a fashionicorn.

20. On Sundays, unicorn mothers usually love to bake UniCorn muffins

21. A unicorn's favorite song that they listen to on a loop is 'Somewhere over the rainbow.'

22. When unicorns wake up to eat a midnight snack, they go star grazing.

23. Most unicorns display their Fall harvest spoils with a unicornicopia.

24. Unicorns love listening to polkas because they are fond of the unicordians.

25. When the baby unicorn fell, it cried out, "I've fallen, and I can't giddyup."

26. When you cross a cob of corn with a unicycle, you will end up making a unicorn.

27. All baby unicorns love listening to their favorite fairy tail before going to bed.

28. A unicorn with large eyelashes is called a U-ni-brow.

29. If you ever cross a cow with a unicorn, it will horned beef

30. A scary unicorn that wakes kids up in the night with fear should be called a night-mare.

Cute Unicorn One Liners And Puns

Are you a unicorn groupie looking for some cute unicorn puns? This list is simply adorable.

31. All unicorns love playing their favorite card game called 'Uno.'

32. When baby unicorns want to ride the merry go round they visit the unicorn-ival.

33. If you want to tell a story to a runaway unicorn, you should tell it a tale of whoa!

34. A smart unicorn who always gets straight As in school should be called an A-corn.

35. When the unicorn met with a schoolmate after years, he told him, "I am terribly sorry, but I seem to have forgotten your mane."

36. The type of currency that is used to buy things in the unicorn world is Uni-corn bread.

37. If an adult unicorn is called a unicorn, a little unicorn should be called a puny-corn.

38. A Mexican unicorn should be called a Junicorn.

39. A small scoop of unicorn ice cream is called a uni-cone.

40. If grains and maize grew magically, they would be called uni-corns.

41. Unicorns love going to schools because they love wearing their uni-forms.

42. When a unicorn finds a bag of beans instead of corn, it says, "U-no-corn."

43. If dogs are a man's best friend, a unicorn best friend should be a corn dog.

44. If unicorns got dandruff in their manes, it would be called corn flakes.

45. When the unicorn lost its job, it became a canned corn.

Magically Punny Unicorn Humor

Here's a list of some funny unicorn puns that will bring some magic into your life.

46. You can never tame a stallion unicorn. It is horn to be wild.

47. Most unicorn beauty parlors are open to all genders because they are uni-sex.

48. Unicorns are so unique, they should actually be called unique-corns.

49. An unfaithful unicorn who commits fraudulent activities should be called a Uni-con.

50. Unicorns should be banned from Facebook. The poke everyone all day.

51. Unicorns usually start as bad magicians because they are unable to horn their skills.

52. A unicorn living in New York should be called a uNYcorn instead.

53. I thought I saw a mythical horse with a horn in the forest, but when I went back in search of it, it was uni-gone.

54. Everyone called the smelly unicorn Eww-nicorn.

55. When the unicorn chef forgot the key ingredient in his signature cereal dish, his sous chef reminded him, "U-need-corn."

56. A prevalent hairstyle that most unicorns love to get are cornrows.

57. If you want to boost up the confidence of a nervous unicorn, just tell him, "Uni-can do it!"

58. If you want to catch unicorns, the best way to do it is by herding them in one corner.

59. Unicorns love to eat horn flakes for breakfast with milk.

60. Unicorns who love playing the brass instruments should be called unique horns.

61. A smelly unicorn is called a poo-nicorn.

62. The unicorn was taken to testify in the uni-court because she was the mane suspect.

63. You can get unicorn coffee at Uni-cafes. They taste like magic.

64. Most unicorn college students study and graduate from Uni Corn.

65. When a unicorn is being increasingly impatient with you, just tell them "Hold your horses!"

66. Most unicorns love their unicorn coffee with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles on it.

67. A lone corn in a cornfield is actually a unicorn in real life.

68. Christmas is a unicorn's most loved holiday of the year because they get to decorate the tree with Horn-aments.

69. When a unicorn needs to go out and buy groceries they usually visit the fai-retail store to get their things.

70. A unicorn's favorite thing to wear at a Princess party is a Rain-boa.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for unicorn puns, then why not take a look at heart puns, or for something different, take a look at music jokes.

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