100+ Beautiful Names That Mean Dark

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The first thing to do when a new member is about to arrive in your family is to start looking for baby names.

While choosing names, many wonder about the sound or the meaning of the name. But what about beautiful-sounding names with dark meanings?

Names meaning darkness or dark magic, are a few good ideas that people in current age and time are curious about using. Dark names like Donahue, Samael, Achlys sound mystic and are used quite rarely for baby names. Another set of baby names that mean fire or names meaning night, the dark one, shadow have a depth in them. Adrienne, Adham, Erebus, Melanie are a few girl and boy names meaning dark, darkness, and shadow. But what about a few gothic names or evil names? Here's a list of few names for boys and girls with dark meanings to capture a strong spirit in the newborn.

If you are interested in more names, take a look at these articles Names Meaning Night and Gothic Girl Names.


Best Girl Names That Mean Dark

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Baby name meaning dark or names with dark meaning might make your little princess have a strong approach to life. Here are a few darkness names that would prove to be a startling element for your child.

1. Achlys (Greek origin) meaning "darkness"; is of the few rare names that mean darkness.

2. Adrienne (Italian origin) meaning "dark"; is one of the girl names meaning dark. This name is taken by many public figures like; Adrienne Rich, a poet, Adrienne Bailon, a singer, Adrienne Maloof, an American businesswoman, Adrienne Vittatti, a fashion designer, and many more.

3. Blake (Old English origin) meaning "black"; is a unisex name.

4. Brangwen (Welsh origin) meaning "dark and pure"; it is one of the names that mean light and dark.

5. Brunhilde (German origin) meaning "dark or noble"; a name associated with Brunhilde Pomsel, a secretary related to the World War 2.

6. Charna (Yiddish origin) meaning "dark"; it is also a place name and island in Pakistan.

7. Ciarda (Gaelic, origin) meaning "dark".

8. Corvina (American origin) meaning "dark-haired, raven"; it is a fish name as well as a name of a grape variety.

9. Darcel (French origin) meaning "dark one".

10. Darcie (Irish origin) meaning "dark-haired"; is a unisex name. The variation of this name Darcy has been used in the Emma Austen novel 'Pride and Prejudice' and makes for a handsome male fictional character.

11. Delaney (Irish origin) meaning "dark challenger"; is a unisex name associated with Thomas Delaney, a Danish footballer, and Delaney Jane, a Music artist.

12. Duna (Irish origin) meaning "dark, swarthy"; is short for Dunabey river in Europe.

13. Ebony (English origin) meaning "dark wooded tree".

14. Gethwine (Welsh origin) meaning "dusky one".

15. Hunapo (Maori origin) meaning "hidden darkness"; is a gender-neutral name.

16. Jemisha (Sanskirt origin) meaning "queen of darkness".

17. Kakarauri (Maori origin) meaning "garment of darkness"; associated with a Kakarauri TV show inspired by the book with the same name.

18. Kali (Indian origin) meaning "Goddess of destruction"; a feminine word that often gives goosebumps.

19. Keket (Egyptian origin) meaning "Goddess of darkness".

20. Keyara (Celtic origin) meaning "the little dark one".

21. Kiera (Irish origin) meaning "dark-haired"; is a popular name in showbiz, with actresses like Kiera Cass, Kiera Chaplin taking the name.

22. Kimimila (Native American origin) meaning "dark-skinned".

23. Kiora (Celtic origin) meaning "little dark loved one".

24. Kshipa (Indian origin) meaning "darkness of the night".

25. Leighla (Arabic origin) meaning "dark-haired".

26. Mariutza (Romanian origin) meaning "dark-skinned woman".

27. Medea (Greek origin) means "cunning"; associated with the sorcerer in Euripides' play.

28. Mei (Japanese, Chinese origin) meaning "dark"; one of the popular Japanese names that mean dark. This name is associated with the famous Japanese chef named Mei Lin.

29. Morrisa (American origin) meaning "dark-skinned"; is one of the popular dark female names associated with Morrisa Jenkins, Malcolm Jenkin's wife.

30. Strega (Italian origin) meaning "witch"; it is one of the names that mean dark magic or is associated with the same. This name is also associated with a Liqueur name.

31. Tamala (African origin) meaning "dark tree"; name taken by the actresses Tamala Jones and Tamala Shelton.

32. Tynan (Irish origin) meaning "dark"; is a unisex name and is a popular name in the current age taken by video game developer and blogger, music artist, and more.

33. Umbra (Latin origin) meaning "shadow".

34. Zelda (Old German origin) meaning "dark battle"; associated with the actress name Zelda Williams.

Best Boys Names Meaning Dark

A dark warrior and fighter are a few of the famous name meanings that attract the crowd. Here's a list of names that mean dark and more perfect for a boy's baby name.

35. Abnus (Arabic origin) name meaning "ebony, dark wood tree".

36. Adham (Arabic origin) meaning "dark-complexioned"; is a name associated with Adham Khan, the general of the Indian emperor Akbar.

37. Akmad (Arabic origin) meaning "dark, praised one".

38. Bruns (English origin) meaning "one with dark skin".

39. Cary (Gaelic origin) meaning "dark one, pure"; is a unisex Gaelic name as well as a place.

40. Chernobog (Slavic origin) meaning "God of darkness, black God"; is one of the rare baby name meaning darkness.

41. Cronan (Irish origin) meaning "dark one".

42. Dade (Latin, English origin) meaning "dark one, exploited"; is also a place name in Miami.

43. Daghishat (Arabic origin) meaning "full of darkness".

44. Daray (American origin) meaning "dark"; is a unisex name.

45. Dargan (Irish origin) meaning "dark-haired".

46. Dawayne (Irish origin) meaning "dark"; associated with American guitarist name Dawayne Bailey.

47. Devlin (Irish origin) meaning "the unlucky/dark one"; associated with Devlin Hodges, an American football quarterback.

48. Donahue (Gaelic origin) meaning "dark fighter"; known by the famous 'The Phil Donahue Show'. This chat show that ran for almost three decades from 1967 to 1996.

49. Donovan (Irish origin) meaning "dark warrior"; another popular name taken by many public figures like Donovan Woods, Donovan Mitchell, Donovan Leitch, and many more singers, actors, sportspersons.

50. Doug (Scottish, Gaelic origin) meaning "dark, black"; is short of Douglas. It is a name associated with Doug Jones, the United States Senator.

51. Dougal (Scottish origin) meaning "dark stranger"; associated with Dougal Wilson, a director.

52. Dubhghlas (Gaelic, Scottish origin) meaning "black, dark river"; this Gaelic name is also spelled as Dudhglas.

53. Duncan (Gaelic origin) meaning "dark warrior". This is quite a popular name used by English and American public figures: Duncan Jones, Duncan James, Duncan Trussell, Duncan Fletcher, and many more.

54. Dwade (American, English origin) meaning "dark traveler".

55. Erebus (Greek origin) means "darkness"; also considered the primordial God of darkness.

56. Gethin (Welsh origin) meaning "dark-skinned"; name associated with Gethin Norman, the computer scientist.

57. Helmer (German origin) meaning "warrior's wrath"; is a strong name with a dark symbol.

58. Heolstor (English origin) meaning "darkness".

59. Kek (Egyptian origin) meaning "God of darkness".

60. Kuragari (Japanese origin) meaning "darkness".

61. Maury (Latin origin) meaning "dark-skinned".

62. Meurig (English, Welsh origin) meaning "dark-skinned". This is a popular name associated with Meurig Williams, a priest, John Meurig Thomas, a British scientist, and more.

63. Morrey (English origin) meaning "dark-colored".

64. Orpheus (Greek origin) meaning "darkness of the night".

65. Perran (Cornish origin) meaning "little dark one"; associated with the researcher Perran A Ross.

66. Tamesis (English origin) meaning "one who is dark"; it is a gender-neutral name. It is another name for the Thames river in England.

Names With Dark And Deep Meanings

A baby name with deep meanings or a name meaning dark always seems to get a large response everywhere. Check this list for some great names for your newborn related to dark a baby name.

67. Ahriman (M) (Indian origin) meaning "evil spirit".

68. Ahura (M) (Persian origin) meaning "Lord of wisdom".

69. Azazel (M) (Latin origin) meaning "fallen angel, demon"; also referred to as the angel of death.

70. Bellona (F) (Latin origin) meaning "Goddess of war".

71. Birsha (M/F) (Biblical origin) meaning "evil".

72. Bora (M/F) (Turkish origin) meaning "storm"; also an island in French Polynesia named Bora Bora.

73. Corentin (M) (French origin) meaning "tempest, hurricane"; associated with the names of a French footballer, Corentin Tolisso, and French Tennis player Corentin Moutet.

74. Deianira (F) (Greek origin) meaning "destroyer of her husband, man destroyer".

75. Deyanira (F) (Spanish, Greek origin) meaning "capable of destruction"; associated with actress names like Deyanira Rubi and Deyanira Torres.

76. Hadeon (M) (Ukrainian origin) meaning "destroyer".

77. Ianira (F) (Greek origin) meaning "enchantress".

78. Leviathan (M) (Hebrew, Biblical origin) meaning "sea monster".

79. Mabuz (M) (Arthurian origin) meaning "ruler of death".

80. Maleficient (F) (Latin origin) meaning "wicked"; associated with the negative character, who was quite a dark one in the Disney film focusing around 'The Sleeping Beauty'.

81. Mara (M/F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "bitter, strength"; associated with the actress name, Mara Williams.

82. Morana (F) (Slavic origin) meaning 'death, plague".

83. Nekane (F) (Basque origin) meaning "sorrows".

84. Nimue (F) (Welsh origin) meaning "lady of the lake"; is associated with a sorcerer's name. It is the name of the protagonist in a Netflix series 'Cursed'.

85. Pinchas (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "serpent"; is a name associated with an Israeli violinist Pinchas Zukerman.

86. Runihura (M) (Egyptian origin) meaning "destroyer".

87. Samael (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "Venom of God".

88. Saskia (F) (German, Dutch, Slavic origin) meaning "protector of mankind"; it is a name that represents a knife too.

89. Takibi (F) (Japanese origin) meaning "fire".

90. Tempest (M/F) (English origin) meaning "stormy"; baby names primarily used for a female. It is remembered by the famous play written by William Shakespeare, 'The Tempest'.

91. Thana (F) (Arabic origin) meaning "praise".

92. Thora (F) (Norse origin) meaning "thunder Goddess".

Names That Mean Dark Beauty

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A baby name that means dark beauty will, without any doubt, always top the list of dark baby names. Here are a few beautiful names for your male and female names' selection.

93. Bellinor (M) (French origin) meaning "beautiful and dark person".

94. Dubheasa (F) (Irish origin) meaning "dark beauty".

95. Duvessa (F) (Irish origin) meaning "dark beauty"; is a variation of Dubheasa.

96. Ebda (F) (English origin) meaning "dark beauty".

97. Fascienne (F) (Latin origin) meaning "woman of dark beauty".

98. Layla/Leila (F) (Arabic origin) meaning "dark beauty"; this is one of the names that mean night too. Leila is a name associated with an Indian Netflix series as well as an American Australian actress names Leila George.

99. Maurelle (F) (French origin) meaning "dark elfin, beauty"; is also an island name in Canada, British Columbia.

100. Melantha (F) (Greek origin) meaning "dark flower".

101. Sauda (F) (African origin) meaning "dark beauty".

102. Shamayla (F) (Indian origin) meaning "dark beauty".

103. Wamuiru (F) (African origin) meaning "dark-skinned beauty".

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Names that mean Dark then why not take a look at something different like Names meaning Midnight or Gothic Boy Names.

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