105 Best Gothic Girl Names That Are Beautifully Inspiring

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Originally Published on Sep 14, 2020
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It is not unusual for people to hear the idea of Gothic names and think of something scary.

But, that is just a small part of it. Gothic names often have special meanings beneath the surface - in this list, you will find names associated with goddesses and beauty as well as those with ties with the dark side of life.

A baby carries their name with them forever, hence it is an important decision and parents often like to take their time to choose a unique name that is perfect for their newborn. For parents on the search for the perfect name, Gothic names can be a fantastic option.

They take their root from mythology and eighteenth-century literature, and many have ties with mysterious and magical ideas.

So, if you're still thinking of a unique name to give your baby girl, but you’re tired of the regular option, why not take some inspiration from these Gothic baby girl names?

Goth names always carry weight - both in meaning and in beauty. Take some inspiration from this list of Gothic girl names and the meanings behind them.

Names Inspired By Witches And Dark Magic

These Gothic girl names give expression to your baby's dark and resilient side.

1.Adrienne: Meaning 'a dark lady from the sea'.

2.Agnes: English origin, an ancient witch name that means 'purity'.

3.Calida: Derived from Arcadian mythology, this name means 'spirit' or 'an immortal being'.

4.Desdemona: Greek, female version of Desmond. It means 'misery'.

5.Guinevere:Old French name for the Welsh word 'Gwenhwyfar' meaning 'white ghost'.

6.Lanira: This name means 'a powerful sorceress'.

7.Mallory:An English given name meaning 'cursed one'.

8.Radella:This name with English roots means 'a counsellor to elves'.

Gothic Names Inspired By Nature

Gothic images of nature are endless, from a full moon, to an evening star and the wide-open sea at night, there is something for everyone here. If you’re in love with nature, you’ll love these Gothic baby names.

9.Adara: This is a feminine name denoting ‘fire’. It is of Hebrew origin.

10.Amaris: Derived from Hebrew, this name means 'child of the moon'.

11.Amaya: A simple Goth name meaning 'night rain'.

12.Aria: A unisex Italian name that means 'air'.

13.Ariel: From the popular Shakespeare play, The Tempest. Ariel is a wind spirit.

14.Cordelia:Celtic origin, this name means 'daughter of the sea'.

15.Eira: Welsh name that means 'snow'.

16.Hesperia: This beautiful Gothic name means 'evening star'.

17.Jett: This is a name for a beautiful gemstone.

18.Lisha: Gothic name denoting  'dusk'.

19.Meri: Of Finnish origin, this name means 'sea'.

20.Molly: An English name meaning 'of the river or sea'.

21.Nerezza: This name is of Italian origin, it means 'darkness'.

22.Nisha: From Hindi origin, it means 'night'.

23.Nyx: Derived from Greek, it simply means 'night'.

24.Rainn: English, derived from rain. It means 'rain' or 'reaching purity'.

25.Saya: This is a Japanese name. It means 'sand'.

26.Valley: The low lands are so inspiring you may want to name your baby after them.

Baby Names Inspired By Goddesses

Dare to give your baby a divine name? These names inspired by Gods and Goddesses will distinguish her from her peers.

27.Aphrodite: Derived from Greek mythology, this is the name of the Greek Goddess of love and peace.

28.Aslaug: Of Norwegian origin, this name means 'a woman betrothed to a God'.

29.Astrid: Scandinavian origin; it means 'loved by the Gods'.

30.Athena: Derived from Greek, it means 'Goddess of wisdom and war'.

31.Aurora: This name was given to the Latin Goddess of dawn.

32.Eirisse:This Gothic name is derived from Iris. Eirisse means 'rainbow'.

33.Ella: Popularly used as the short form of other names, this name is the Hebrew word for 'Goddess'.

34.Esther: This name is from Babylonian mythology and it means 'the Goddess of love'.

35.Feronia: Derived from Latin; it means 'Goddess of the forest'.

36.Freya: This name is of Norse origin, it means 'noble lady' or 'Goddess of fertility'.

37.Hebe: A Goddess of youthful prime.

38.Hera: Derived from Greek. Hera is the Goddess of women and her name means 'beauty'.

39.Juno: The name of a Latin Goddess for good marriage and childbirth.

40.Kali: From Hindu mythology, a Goddess of destruction. Nevertheless, she’s a symbol of a virtuous mother figure.

41.Rhea: From Greek mythology, this is the name of the mother of Zeus. It means 'flowing'.

42.Venus: Derived from Roman mythology, this is the name of the Goddess of love and beauty.

Baby Names That Mean Dark

Gothic culture embraces the dark colours of the night, you can embrace these colours too, by choosing one of these beautiful baby girl names.

43.Bruna: An Italian name for a  girl with dark hair.

44.Ebony: Greek origin, this baby name means 'deep black wood'.

45.Kiara: An Irish name meaning 'dark'.

46.Layla: Derived from Hebrew with roots in Arabic. It means 'night beauty'.

47.Lela:Kishwahilli origin; the name means 'black beauty.'

48.Melanie: A Greek name that means 'darkness'.

Heroic Feminine Names

Your daughter can be your heroine. These strong sounding Gothic baby names could be perfect for your little girl

49.Ambrosia:Of Greek origin meaning 'immortal'.

50.Anda: From Spanish origin, this is a name given to a 'brave one'.

51.Avery: An English name which means 'ruler of elves'.

52.Bernia:Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning 'armoured angel'.

53.Emily: English origin; it literally means 'rival'.

54.Martina: Roman origin, meaning 'fighter' or a 'lover of war'.

55.Paige: Of Latin origin, meaning 'young assistant', or 'a Knight'.

56.Payton: English origin and gender-neutral. It means 'fighting man’s estate'.

57.Urva: A Gothic baby name with Islamic roots meaning 'strengthener'.

58.Xena: Greek origin, meaning 'warrior princess'.

Beautiful Fairy Baby Names

Not all Gothic names invoke darkness, these baby names inspired by the beauty of fairies could be perfect for your unique baby girl.

59.Bellamira:Derived from the Latin 'Bella' meaning 'beautiful' and 'Mira' meaning 'wondrous'.

60.Brucie: English origin, used in the Medieval age. It means 'a forest fairy'.

61.Calista:Derived from Greek. It means 'the most beautiful'.

62.Charlotte: This name with French origins refers to a royal infant fairy that protects babies.

63.Edana:Derived from Gaelic, it means the ‘little fiery one.'

64.Fae: Old English and French word for 'fairy'.

65.Morgana: A Welsh fairy name that means 'from the sea'.

66.Parisa: Persian origin, this name means 'fairy-like'.

67.Pixie: This name is connected with Swedish dialect. It simply means 'fairy'.

68.Tiana: Russian origin, it means 'fairy Queen'.

Contemporary Gothic Names

Keep up with the modern world by giving your baby girl one of these contemporary Gothic names.

69.Aelwen: Derived from Welsh, it means 'beautiful brows'.

70.Annabelle: From Latin and French, meaning 'the beauty of grace.'

71.Araysh: This name has Urdu roots, its means 'shadower” or 'lucky number three'.

72.Ashleigh: An old English name which can be traced to meaning 'ash trees'.

73.Aspen: This simple Goth name is also of English roots. It means 'shaking tree'.

74.Autumn: Derived from Latin, it means 'dark brown'.

75.Ava: Derived from Latin, it means 'bird-like'.

76.Blair: English name of Gaelic roots, meaning 'battlefield'.

77.Branwen: from Welsh mythology, this name means 'raven hair'.

78.Carey: This name being 'belonging to the Irish tribe'. It’s a lovely Goth name for a baby girl.

79.Claudia: A Roman girl name that means 'lame'.

80.Clio: From Greek etymology, it means 'proclaimer'.

81.Damienne: Derived from Greek, it means 'prophecy' or 'prognostication'.

82.Doris: Of Greek origin, this name means 'gotten from the ocean', it has recently grown in popularity.

83.Drusilla:Greek origin, meaning 'fruitful'.

84.Edgar: Old English origin, it means 'strong and courageous'.

85.Elvira:Derived from Spanish, it means 'beautiful' or 'truth'.

86.Fionna: Celtic origin, it means 'fair'.

87.Harper: Derived from English and Irish. It simply means 'harp'.

88.Isolabella: This means 'a beautiful lonely one'.

89.Jade: Derived from Spanish, it means 'a precious stone'.

90.Leia: Hebrew origin, meaning 'weary'.

91.Luci: Derived from Latin, meaning 'light.’

92.Lydia: A Greek name for a girl, meaning 'noble one'.

93.Quintella: Latin origin, coined from the masculine form Quintus. It means 'fifth'.

94.Riley: Irish origin, meaning 'brave' or 'tough'.

95.Scarlet: Old English name that means 'red' or 'deep red'.  

96.Zara: This name means 'seed' in Arabic.

97.Zella: This name means 'beautiful', perfect for your baby girl.

98.Zillar: A Hebrew name that means 'shade'.

99.Zoey: Derived from Greek, this name means 'life'.

100.Zuri: Swahili origin, this name simply means 'beautiful'.

Names Tied With Moods

Parents may want to give their baby girl a Gothic name that relates to a particular mood. Why not take a look at these ideas? Don't be put off by some of the negative connotations that these moods have, a dramatic name such as Miso will not control your baby's personality - so don't panic!

101.Mary: Latin origin, this name means 'bitterness' or 'sea of sorrow'.

102.Miriam: It has Hebrew roots and means 'river of bitterness' or 'rebellion'.

103.Miso: Derived from Greek, a rare goth name denoting 'hatred'.

104.Lola: Of Spanish and German origin, it means 'sorrow'.

105.Trista: This name means 'deep sadness'.

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