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With thousands upon thousands of beautiful names from all around the world to choose from, whittling the baby name list down to the perfect one can feel like a mammoth task.  

Whether or not there is any Romanian heritage in your family, a Romanian name could be the perfect name for your new baby. We have listed some of the most popular baby girl names from Romania that might inspire you to give your baby a beautiful Romanian name.

The most popular name in Romania is Maria, and the name Ioana, the Romanian form of Joan, is the second most popular Romanian name for girls. Traditionally babies in Romania were named after saints from the Orthodox church, and most of these names have familiar counterparts in English.

Nature-inspired names are also common in Romania, with baby girls often being named after flowers, animals, the sky and ocean.

Both Roman and Slavic-influenced names are common in Romania, as are Spanish names, partly due to the popularity of Latin American telenovelas in Romania from the '90s onward.

Romanian names are now growing in popularity in the UK and many Romanian given names are popular throughout the world, perhaps in part due to having Latin or Greek roots, or ties to religion. There are so many lovely names from Romania ranging from unique to recognisable.

Another bonus is that most Romanian given names are pronounced the way they are spelled, so there shouldn't be too much of a problem with people mispronouncing your child's name.

There are so many beautiful, feminine baby names to choose from. We hope this list will bring you one step closer to choosing the right name for your baby daughter.

Traditional Romanian Names

Traditional Romanian names are some of the most beautiful names in the world. Choose a traditional Romanian given name if you are keen on the idea of having a beautiful name that will have your daughter standing out from the crowd. Traditional girl names from Romania are very feminine and poetic, with a fairy-tale like quality to them.

1. Crenguța - this name means 'little branch'.

2. Doina - a doina is a traditional style of Romanian music.

3. Lăcrămioara - meaning  both 'lily of the valley' and 'little teardrop'.

4. Luminita - This sweet name means 'little light'.

Most Popular Girl Names In Romania

The most common given name for Romanian girls is Maria and there are many variants of this name. Due to Romania being a highly religious country, names derived from Christianity and the Bible are very popular, and have been for centuries.

Iona, Elena, Andreea and Sofia are among the most popular Romanian girl baby names of the last few years.

Many of the most popular Romanian names for girls are versatile and will be familiar to people all around the world, having Latin roots. Choosing one of the names from the list below will result in your daughter having a name that will be almost universally recognised and appreciated.

5. Alexandra - This timeless name means 'protector'.

6. Alina - meaning 'to soothe'.

7. Ana / Anca / Ancuta- These names are all variations of 'gracious'.

8. Anamaria - This name means 'favoured grace' and has two potential nicknames of 'Ana' and 'Maria'.

9. Andreea - meaning 'defender of man'.

10. Antonia - meaning 'beautiful and praiseworthy'.

11. Cristina - This recognisable name means 'anointed' or 'Christian'.

12. Daniela - meaning 'God is my judge'.

13. Elena - This name means 'bright' or 'shining'.

14. Gabriela - meaning 'God is my strength', another popular nineties name due a comeback!

15. Ioana - meaning 'God is gracious'. This is the Romanian form of Jane.

16. Maria - meaning 'wished for child'.

17. Mihaela - meaning 'one who is like God'. This is the Romanian form of Michelle.

18. Sofia - meaning 'a wise woman', can also be spelled 'Sophia'.

Saint Names And Religious Names

Although Romania is a secular country with no official religion, it is in fact one of the most religious countries in Europe and the majority of Romanians are Christian. Over 80 per cent of the population follow the Eastern Orthodox Church.

In Romania, people used to be named after saints from the Romanian Orthodox calendar. Romanian names taken from the Bible have very similar counterparts in English, so you may well recognise a few of the following.

19. Angelika - This name means 'like an angel'.

20. Antanasia - meaning 'immortal'. This is the Romanian form of Anastasia.

21. Betina - meaning 'dedicated to God.'

22. Daniela - a popular name meaning 'God is my judge'.

23. Dol / Dorotthea  - meaning 'gift from God'.

24. Dorina - meaning 'gift of Yahweh'.

25. Dumitra - the Romanian version of Demeter, the Roman goddess of the harvest.

26. Elisabeta - meaning 'God is my oath'.

27. Gabriela - meaning 'God is my strength'.

28. Ianna - a Romanian name meaning 'God is gracious'.

29. Ilinca - meaning 'the Lord is my God'. This is the feminine form of the Romanian boys' name Ilie.

30. Imanuela - meaning 'God is with us'.

31. Ivana - This name means 'gift of Yahweh'.

32. Ivona - 'meaning 'gift from God'.

33. Izabela - meaning 'devoted to God'.

34. Reveca - which means 'to join' and is the Romanian form of Rebecca.

35. Talyssa - this name means 'consecrated to God'.

36. Tassa - meaning 'born at Christmas'. This is the Romanian form of Natasha.

37. Zelma - meaning 'protected by God'.

Nature Names

Romania has some incredibly poetic and feminine nature-inspired girl names. One of these names is sure to inspire any nature lovers out there.

From flowers and wild animals to the ocean and cosmos, there is something for every nature fan on this list. Choose a Romanian name from this list and give your daughter the gift of a beautifully feminine and romantic name with a lovely meaning behind it.

38. Aurelia - meaning 'golden' or gilded'. This is the feminine form of Aurelius.

39. Camelia - this is a lovely name meaning 'camellia', after the flower.

40. Cici - A super cute name. meaning 'one born at daybreak'.

41. Cosmina - this pretty name means 'order' or 'beautiful' in Romanian, referring to the order and beauty of the universe.

42. Crina - this lovely name means 'lily flower'.

43. Brândusa - A bold sounding name, meaning 'crocus'.

44. Daciana - meaning 'wolf', a powerful name.

45. Georgeta / Georgiana - meaning 'farmer' or 'she who works the land'.

46. Iolanda - This name means 'violet'.

47. Lipa - This name means 'lover of horses' or 'a friend of horses'.

48. Narcisa - a mythical and feminine sounding name, this means 'narcissus flower'.

49. Oana - This sweet namemeans 'charming light'.

50. Odeta - A feminine sounding name that means 'blue sea'.

51. Petronella - This name means 'rock'.

52. Relia - meaning 'gold'.

53. Silviana / Silviea - meaning 'girl of the forest'.

54. Sorina - meaning 'like the sun'.

55. Starlene - this beautiful name means 'a star'.

56. Terika - meaning 'to harvest'. This is the Romanian form of Theresa.

57. Trandafira - meaning 'rose' or 'rosebush'.

58. Tyne / Tyna - meaning 'river'.

59. Ursule - meaning 'little bear cub', cute!

60. Yessenia - this poetic name means 'jasmine flower'.

61. Ylenia - meaning 'light'.

62. Zaharia - meaning 'moon', a great alternative to 'Zara'.

Positive Attributes

You can't go wrong with one of these popular Romanian names inspired by the most desirable personality traits. Giving a baby a name with an empowering meaning behind it can inspire and encourage them throughout their life.

A name with a powerful meaning can be just like a lucky charm, attracting or accentuating the quality it's associated with in its bearer.

Some of these names will sound familiar while others may be new to you. This list includes names that will sound totally unique to those unfamiliar with the huge range of beautiful girl names in Romania.

Some names, like Tait, Lerae and Zina might sound thoroughly modern to you, but they are in fact very traditional feminine names and have been around for a long time.

63. Adela / Adelina - meaning 'noble', a unique take on 'Adele'.

64. Alexandreina - This bold name means 'man's defender'.

65. Catina - This name means 'innocent'.

66. Constanta - meaning 'steadfast'.

67. Daciana - meaning 'full of strength', or 'from Dacia'. Dacia is old Roman for the region which is now divided into Romania and Moldova.

68. Daria - this name means 'trustworthy'.

69. Dragana - a Slavic name meaning 'precious', very ' Game of Thrones' esque,

70. Ecaterina - meaning 'pure.'

71. Elena / Elenuta - These similar names both mean 'bright one'.

72. Fisseha - This name means 'full of joy and mirth'.

73. Ihrin/Irini - A sweet and simple name, meaning 'peace'.

74. Juliani - meaning 'noble and kind'.

75. Lenuta - this name means 'mild-natured'.

76. Lerae - which means 'strong and brave', and could be nicknamed to 'Rae'.

77. Marioara - this name means 'a wished for child', a very sweet meaning.

78. Milena - this is aSlavic name and it means 'gracious' or 'pleasant'.

79. Mirela - This name means 'to admire'.

80. Miriana - meaning 'wonderful', a pretty, feminine name.

81. Rodica - This strong sounding name means 'fertile woman'.

82. Roxana / Ruxandra - meaning 'bright' or 'dawn'. This name has Persian roots and could be shortened to Roxy.

83. Shimeca - meaning 'beautiful princess'.

84. Simona - This name means 'good listener'.

85. Tait - meaning 'one who brings joy', a wonderfully positive attribute.

86. Taydem - meaning 'lighthearted' or 'cheerful'.

87. Teagan - meaning 'attractive'.

88. Uldwyna - meaning 'special friend'.

89. Vanda - meaning 'warrior'.

90. Velouette - This name means 'soft spoken'.

91. Viorica - This peaceful name means 'tranquil leader'.

92. Viviana - meaning 'one who is full of life', feminine and vibrant.

93. Voctorita - meaning 'victory'. This is the Romanian form of Victoria.

94. Willa - meaning 'firm and resolute'.

95. Yedda - meaning 'woman with a lovely voice'.

96. Yetta - This name means 'generous'.

97. Zabrina - meaning 'princess'. This is the Romanian version of Sabrina.

98. Zelma - meaning 'protected by God'. This is a variation of the name Anselma.

99. Zerenity - this is the Romanian form of Serenity.

100. Zina - meaning 'welcoming and hospitable'.

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