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31 Bee-Rilliant Bee Names

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Looking for the best bee names that are all the buzz?

We've been as busy as a worker bee flapping our bee wings in the hive gathering all of the best titles fit for a Queen bee. We've included great options for ground bees, bumble bees, and every other type of bee you might come across!

Bees are insects with six legs and two wings. Did you know that, whilst they are famed for their stingers, actually only the Queen bees and worker bees have stingers? Anyway, let's not drone on and on. it's time to bee-gin this list of bee-rilliant choices to name your bees!

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Sweet Names Fitting For A Honey Bee

A honey bee on a white flower

Those looking to give their bees a cute name might love these sweet options.

1. Ambrosia (Greek origin) meaning "immortal" or "heavenly food".

2. BeBe (French, Spanish, Latin origin) meaning "baby" as derived from French and Spanish or "traveler" as derived from Latin.

3. Bee (English origin) meaning “she who brings happiness” and is usually a nickname short for Beatrice.

4. Honey (Original name) meaning "sweet nectar like substance found in a beehive".

5. Queenie (Old English origin) meaning "royal lady" or "ruler".

6. Sugar (American origin) meaning "crystal spice", this is typically used as a term of endearment.

Theatrical Names From Popular Culture

Here are some clever choices for your bee name that sound sophisticated or are taken from our favorite books and films, perfect for your little bee!

7. Barry B Benson (Original name) referring to the star of 'The Bee Movie'.

8. Bee-yonce (Original name) meaning "beyond others", from the name of singer Beyonce.

9. BEEthoven (German origin) referring to the composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

10. Buzz Lightyear (Original name) from the movie 'Toy Story'.

11. Cardi Bee (Spanish origin) a play on the name of the famous rapper Cardi B.

12. McBee (Scottish origin) a variation of McBeth.

13. OBEE-Wan KenoBEE (Original name) best translated to mean "heart of knowledge". From the famous 'Star Wars' character.

Killer Bee Names With An Edgy Feel

Not every bee wants to be called something sweet or noble. Some need a name that is sure to sting!

14. Beelzebub (Hebrew) a God name that literally translates to "Lord of the flies".

15. Buster (American origin) meaning "tough guy".

16. Chase (English origin) meaning "hunted".

17. Sting (English origin) meaning "to pierce with a sharp object" this is also a well known name thanks to singer Sting.

Cute Bee Couple Titles For Families Of Bees 

Two honey bees on a yellow flower

While bees don't mate for life, and it's really all about the Queen, it's still fun to think of some cute name options for a pair of bees.

18. BEEauty and the BEEast (Original names) the name of a loving couple from Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast'.

19. Bogey and BEEcall (Original names) referring to a famous 'Casablanca' movie couple.

20. Polli and Nate (Original names) as in, "to pollinate".

More Fun Name Options For Bumble Bees And Honey Bees

Just for the fun of it, choose from some of these playful name options to buzz about.

21. Abbee (Hebrew) meaning "my father is the source of great joy", short for Abigail

22. Apis (Latin) meaning "bee".

23. Barnabee (Old English) meaning "son of consolation".

24. Beatrix (Latin) meaning "voyager or traveler".

25. Beenie (English) meaning "a small skullcap worn by school aged children".

26. Bianca (French) meaning "white".

27. Bobbie (German) meaning "bright fame".

28. Buzbee (English) meaning "shrub farm".

29. Colbee (Old Norse) meaning "swarthy person's settlement".

30. Dobee (Romper Room) derived from a '50s television show for children referring to the bee who always did the right thing.

31. Herbie (German) meaning "illustrious warrior".

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