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100 Best 4 Letter Boy Names For Your Baby

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A 4 letter boys name is not only short and sweet, but also often easy to pronounce.

Short names with 4 letters for boys are unique and stand out from the crowd. Short four-letter names can be effective, as the pronunciation of these names is punchy and easy to remember - making it a perfect name for your baby boy.

Below is a list of 4 letter boy names that you can consider for your son. Categorized by theme, this boys' names list comprises four letter names that are inspired by famous personalities, popular names, popular culture, as well as some  gender-neutral names that can be used for boys.

For more naming ideas that are short but sweet, take a look at these 4 letter girl names short or these 3 letter girl names.

Four Letter Boy Names Inspired by Famous Personalities

Why not give your son some edge by giving them a short four-letter popular name for a boy, that is memorable.

Portrait of cute little baby lying on bed

1. Adam (Semitic origin) meaning "earth". Adam is believed to be the first human being created by God.  

2. Andy (Scottish origin) meaning "man-like" from Andy Lau, one of Hong Kong's most successful actors.

3. Bill (English origin) meaning "harnessed with a helmet" from Bill Clinton, a well-known American lawyer and the 42nd president of the United States.

4. Brad (English origin) meaning "broad wood" inspired by Brad Pitt, an award-winning American actor and film producer.

5. Duke (Norman origin) meaning "leader" is a title given to some people in England. Today, there are 30 dukes in England.

6. Earl (English origin) meaning "warrior" from Earl Warren, a prominent American politician, and leader from the 20th Century.

7. Elon (Hebrew origin) meaning "oak tree" a rare name inspired by Elon Musk who co-founded the electronic payment firm PayPal and is the CEO of the electric car company, Tesla.

8. Ford (Old English origin) meaning "descendant of Fuarthán" from Tom Ford, a celebrated fashion designer and founder of the brand, Tom Ford. Henry Ford also manufactured the first vehicle.

9. Hank (American origin) meaning "ruler of the home" from Hank Williams, a renowned American musician.

10. Jack (English origin) meaning "God is gracious" from Jack Ma, a Chinese investor, and philanthropist, known for being the chairman of Alibaba Group.

11. Jeff (English origin) meaning "God peace" from Jeff Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon, a multi-dollar e-commerce website.

12. John (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious" from John the Apostle, who was one of Jesus's 12 disciples in the Bible. The author of the first Gospel (considered).

13. Jude (Hebrew origin) meaning "praised" from Saint Jude, an apostle who contributed significantly to the Roman Catholic Church.

14. Kobe (Dutch origin) meaning "supplanter". Inspired by the rare name of Kobe Bryant, an extraordinary basketball player from America.

15. Levi (Hebrew origin) meaning "joined" is one of the first denim jeans companies that revolutionized the industry, by businessman, Levi Strauss.

16. Mark (Latin origin) meaning "consecrated to the god Mars" was another one of Jesus's 12 disciples who is also believed to be the author of the second Gospel.

17. Matt (English origin) meaning "gift of God" from Matt LeBlanc who plays the character of 'Joey Tribbiani' in one of the most popular series of all times, Friends.  

18. Mike (English origin) meaning "God-like" from Mike Tyson, a well-known boxer with intimidating boxing moves.

19. Noah is the hero of the biblical story where Noah was chosen to save one of every species in his ark.

20. Otis (Greek origin) meaning "ear" from Elisha Otis, who is the founder of the world's first elevator company, Otis Elevators.

21. Paul (Italian origin) meaning "small" or "humble" from Saint Paul is considered a significant figure in Christianity.

22. Rick (English origin) meaning "brave ruler" from Rick James who was a popular African-American musician and performed in the late 1970s.

23. Ryan (Irish origin) meaning "illustrious king" from Ryan Gosling, a Canadian actor, and musician who popularly appears in family entertainment programs.

24. Sean (Irish origin) meaning "God is gracious" from Sean Anderson, more popularly known as Big Sean. He is a popular American rapper and singer with many super-hit songs.

25. Will (European origin) meaning "protector" from Will Smith, an American actor who is a major Hollywood star and has won four Grammy awards.

Popular Four Letter Boy Names

Happy baby boy lying down and having a good time at home

Many 4 letter names for boys are abbreviations of longer names. However, these abbreviations can also be considered full names in their own right.

26. Chad (English origin) meaning "protector" or "defender".

27. Curt (Latin origin) meaning "courteous" or "courtly".

28. Dane (Irish origin) meaning "God is my judge".

29. Drew (English origin) meaning "descendant of the druid". Drew is a common four letter baby name for boys.

30. Dyke (Scottish origin) meaning "a resident of Dyke".

31. Edie (English origin) meaning "wealth" or "fortune".

32. Evan (English origin) meaning "a young warrior".

33. Ezra (Hebrew origin) meaning "a helper".

33. Finn (Irish origin) meaning "fair".

34. Gabe (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my strength".

35. Hugo (German origin) meaning "a great mind".

36. Ibis (Latin origin) meaning "a long-legged bird".

37. Jard (Hebrew origin) meaning "he descends".

38. Kiev (Ukranian origin) meaning "a unique blessing".

39. Kyce (English origin) meaning "one of a kind".

40. Lann (Celtic origin) meaning "sword".

41. Leon (Greek origin) meaning "strong as a lion". Leon is a common European baby name for boys.

42. Luke (English origin) meaning "the one born at dawn".

43. Mars (Greek Origin) meaning "God of war".

44. Mica (Hebrew origin) meaning "the one like God".

45. Milo (Swedish origin) meaning "gracious" or "soldier".

46. Neil (Irish origin) meaning "passionate".

47. Omer (Urdu origin) meaning "long live".

48. Park (Chinese origin) meaning "cypress tree". It is also short for Parker, a common name for boys.

49. Rich (English origin) meaning "wealthy or brave ruler". It is also short for Richard.

50. Troy (English origin) meaning "foot soldier".

Gender Neutral Four Letter Names

Often parents like to choose names that are gender-neutral. Below are some of our favorite four-letter baby names for boys and girls.

51. Alex (American origin) meaning "defender of mankind".

52. Andy (English origin) meaning "mankind".

53. Arya (Persian origin) meaning "a faithful friend". Arya is a very common 4 letter baby name.

54. Avon (Welsh origin) meaning "a river".

55. Case (English origin) meaning "a case maker".

56. Dana (Arabic origin) meaning "a perfect sized pearl".

57. Eden (Hebrew origin) meaning "paradise".

58. Erin (American origin) meaning "peace".

59. Gale (English origin) meaning "pleasant" or "merry".

60. Glen (Scottish origin) meaning "valley".

61. Grey (English origin) meaning the color grey. It is also a popular family name.

62. Jade (English origin) is a green gemstone known for its healing properties.

63. Jule (French origin) meaning "youthful" or "downy".

64. Koko (Japanese origin) meaning "a beautiful night". Koko makes for a great 4 letter baby name.

65. Kyle (Welsh origin) meaning "a narrow strait".

66. Noel (French origin) meaning "someone born on Christmas day".

67. Quin (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of Conn".

68. Rile (English origin) meaning "from the rye clearing".

69. Rory (Irish origin) meaning "the red king".

70. Sage (Latin origin) meaning "herb" or "prophet".

71. Shay (Irish origin) meaning "hawk".

72. Skye (Scottish origin) meaning "sheltering".

73. Tate (English origin) meaning "cheerful".

74. Toby (English origin) meaning "God is good".

75. Wren (English origin) meaning "a small bird".

Four Letter Boy Names Inspired By Popular Culture

Whilst considered quite rare, there are in fact, many four-letter boy names that can be found in pop culture - whether this be in popular comics, movies, books, and more.

76. Axel from 'Axel Foley', a detective from the 'Beverly Hills Cop' film series.

77. Bane from 'Batman' series. 'Bane' is an important and highly intelligent character.

78. Bean from 'Mr. Bean', a comedy British sitcom created by Rowan Atkinson.

79. Bran from 'Bran Stark', a young boy character from 'Game Of Thrones', bestowed with supernatural powers.

80. Buzz from 'Buzz Lightyear', a space ranger hero from the 'Toy Story'.

81. Carl inspired by 'Carl Fredrickson', the protagonist of the animated feature film, 'Up'.

82. Drax from 'Drax the destroyer', a powerful character from the 'Marvel Comics' series.

83. Eren from 'Eren Jaeger', the protagonist of 'Attack On Titan'.

84. Fred from 'Fred Weasley', a character from the 'Harry Potter' series.

85. Goku from 'Son Goku', the protagonist of the 'Dragon Ball' series.

86. Hans from Walt Disney's animated movie, 'Frozen'.

87. Hulk from 'The Avengers' series, a popular superhero from the 'Marvel Comics' series.

88. Khal from 'Khal Drogo', a renowned character in the 'Game Of Thrones' series.

89. King from 'Dr. King Schultz', a bounty hunter from 'Django'.

90. Kirk from 'Captain Kirk', a highly celebrated starship captain from 'Star Trek'.

91. Loki from 'Loki', a fictional character from 'Marvel Comics'.

92. Newt from 'Newt Scamander', a popular English wizard mentioned in the 'Harry Potter' series.

93. Nick from 'Nick Fury', a fictional character who appears in American comics that are published by 'Marvel Comics'.

94. Rick from 'Rick Blaine', a classic bartender from the old renowned movie, 'Casablanca'.

95. Ryuk is a fictional character in the anime series 'Death Note'.

96. Tony from 'Tony Stark', more popularly known as Iron Man, from the 'Marvel Comics Iron Man' movie.

97. Thor from 'Thor', an American superhero film based on the 'Marvel Comics'.

98. Vito from 'Vito Corleone', a character from 'The Godfather'.

99. Yoda, a fictional character from 'Star Wars'. He is a small but powerful green-colored Jedi Master.

100. Zack from 'Zack Martin', the protagonist of 'The Suite Life Movie' by Walt Disney.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for 4 letter boy names then why not take a look at our best six letter names or for a name that is slightly longer look at these lovely long names.

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