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100 Best And Funny Food Truck Names

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Food on wheels has its charm and appeal, plus there are lots of benefits.

You can provide your customers with the best quick meals on the go. It is quite easy to establish a food truck business when compared to starting an actual restaurant.

When thinking of name ideas for your food truck business, you should think of what your food truck stands for, and pick a name that is easy to spell and pronounce. Other factors to consider are the logo, truck color, menu, but you know about that. Here's a list of some of the best food truck names for your business.

Popular Food Truck Names

Unique food truck names are easily remembered by customers

Ideally, a food truck should have 5-12 different menu items. You could model your truck's name after some popular food trucks names like Bite My Biscuit in Texas, The Gastro Grill in California, and many others. Let us dive into the list of popular names of food trucks.

1. Aroy-D the Thai Elephant (English origin) located in Hoboken, New Jersey.

2. Authentic Byrek (English origin) located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

3. Basic Kneads (English origin) operates in Denver, Colorado.

4. Bikini Panini (English origin) operates in Richmond, Virginia, among the very popular names.

5. Bite into Maine (English origin) operates in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

6. Bon Me (English origin) operates in Boston, Massachusetts.

7. Cypress Knee Food (English origin) in Little Rock, Arkansas.

8. Dashboard Diner (English origin) found in Indianapolis, Indiana.

9. Devilicious (English origin) found in San Diego, California.

10. Diva Dawg (English origin) found in New Orleans, Louisiana.

11. Dreamcakes (English origin) found in Birmingham, Alabama.

12. Flash Crabcake Company (English origin) found in Bel Air, Maryland.

13. Giovanni's Shrimp Truck (Latin origin) can be found in Honolulu, Hawaii.

14. Happy Lobster Truck (English origin) found in Chicago.

15. Island Vybz Mobile Rasta-rant (English origin) found in Iowa city.

16. Lobstercraft (English origin) located in Fairfield, Connecticut.

17. Ms. Cheezious (English origin) can be found in Miami, Florida.

18. Mustache Pretzels (English origin) located in Phoenix, Arizona.

19. The Blaxican (English origin) can be found in Atlanta, Georgia.

20. The Celtic Pig (English origin) located in Louisville, Kentucky.

21. The Flying Stove (English origin) found in Wichita, Kansas.

22. The Kilted Kod (English origin) found in Boise, Idaho.

23. The Mac Shack (English origin) found in Detroit, Michigan.

24. Uncle John's BBQ (English origin) found in New Castle, Delaware.

25. Yeti Dogs (English origin) located in Anchorage, Alaska.

Funny Food Truck Names

You should keep a food truck name that resonates with the food items you serve

You can consider good puns for your truck business as well. If you will be serving some Mexican food, then you can consider names like Mexican Southern Grill, and Rolling Guacamole which are fun taco truck names for a Mexican food truck. Here are some creative food truck names for you for a food truck business.

26. Bacon Buggy (English origin) a place to enjoy good bacon and buggy down, a great name for a truck business.

27. Burgers, She Said (English origin) gotten from the lyrics of a song, but switched up to fit the idea.

28. Culinerdy Cruzer (English origin) a cool name for a food truck business.

29. Cupcake Carnival (English origin) a place to get the best cupcakes.

30. Custom Pizza Co. (English origin) offers customers custom-made pizzas - just how you like them.

31. Food Bash (English origin) the best food party on the go, another great name for truck business.

32. Food Part (English origin) a truck with lots of meals just like a store with the right spare parts.

33. Fries Empire (English origin) the empire of fries.

34. Grillenium Falcon (English origin) a food truck for the best grills.

35. Hamborghini (English origin) like Lamborghini but for hamburgers instead.

36. Hot Potatoes (English origin) for those hot potatoes and other meals.

37. Korilla BBQ (English origin) coined from a gorilla, a unique food truck name.

38. Let There Be Bacon (English origin) inspired by a Bible verse, a funny food truck name.

39. Meal Rocket (English origin) get energy-boosting meals for the day.

40. Satisfying Wheel (English origin) total food satisfaction on wheels. Among the creative food truck name ideas for a mobile restaurant.

41. Shindigs Catering (English origin) a place for shindigs that also caters to your meal needs.

42. Smile 4 Miles Fast Foods (English origin) guarantees to make customers smile where it goes.

43. The Bun Bus (English origin) a place for buns and everything pastries, known for good food.

44 . The Fish Boat (English origin) not an actual boat, but a truck for all meals fish.

45. The Food Dude (English origin) the guy you can trust for your food.

46. The Mouthful (English origin) getting a meal to fill up your mouth, famous for good food.

47. The Vehicle Food (English origin) a more than obvious name for a food truck.

48. Truck Abundance (English origin) you can get enough food meals from this one truck. Among the good food truck name ideas.

49. Truck Norris (English origin) named after the famous actor, Chuck Norris. A very creative food truck name ideas with good brand recall.

50. Twist on Wheel (English origin) a twist of foods on wheels.

Gourmet Food Truck Names

Fine dining can be served on wheels too. It doesn't always have to be fast food at all times, you can switch it up a bit. Showcase the art of fine dining and perfectly crafted meals that will show your culinary skills, alongside great food presentation skills that will leave everyone's mouths watering.

51. American Fusion (English origin) the best of American meals.

52. Best Ordered (English origin) order the best of meals. One of the many creative food truck name ideas where people takeaway.

53. Beyond Food (English origin) a food truck that is more than food and provides the total experience.

54. Chef on Wheels (English origin) another of the creative food truck name ideas.

55. Cruisin' Cuisine (English origin) a truck name to get the best cuisine on wheels. One of the many creative food truck name ideas.

56. Diner Driver (English origin) get diner meals on wheels, just the ideal food truck name.

57. Drive and Dine (English origin) dine with the best driven restaurant. The food truck name resonates with the mobile business.

58. Homemade and Hot (English origin) a place to get a feel of homemade meals, for a cool food truck business.

59. Juicy Bells Foods (English origin) a place to get all the juicy meals.

60. Kitchen Express (English origin) get freshly prepared meals like in a kitchen, good name for a mobile food truck.

61. La Cocinita (Latin origin) sounds exotic and sophisticated for a food truck.

62. Meals on Wheels (English origin) a place to get properly prepared and presented meals on four wheels.

63. Mobile Menu (English origin) spread the love by allowing access to your movable menus.

64. Moment Attached (English origin) create moments with this food truck.

65. Mr Food Factory (English origin) the food factory of nice meals, offers Mexican food as well.

66. Red Thunder (English origin) sounds deep and enticing.

67. Something Different (English origin) a truck that provides a taste of something new.

68. The Gourmet Machine (English origin) a cool name for a food truck.

69. The Meals Bus (English origin) a place to get all the nice meals available, offers fresh tortilla.

70. The Red Lobster (English origin) a food truck where you get the best meals.

71. The Streatery (English origin) an eatery on the street that is easily accessible.

72. Toasted Tab (English origin) a place to have great meals and a toast.

73. Trucky Twist (English origin) a twist of the ordinary.

74. Urban Father (English origin) get all types of urban meals customers will love.

75. Wheels of Meals (English origin) choose from a wide selection of meals.

Dessert Food Truck Names

At the end of every day, we all deserve a tasty treat. Here are a few catchy names for food trucks that serve  dessert for your tasty finger licking mobile treats.

76. Cup Cake Caravan (English origin) for the best cupcake.

77.  Cheddar Hour (English origin) get the best cheddar here.

78. Coney Island (English origin) for the best ice cream.

79. Doughnut Chef (English origin) it's quite obvious that the food truck sells doughnuts.

80. Doughnut Truck (English origin) another doughnuts truck.

81. Dream Doughnut (English origin) you can get the best doughnut you've dreamed of.

82. Handmade Cake Co (English origin) for cake lovers.

83. Kansas Cookie Co (English origin) you get the sweetest cookies in Kansas.

84. LA Ice Cream Co (English origin) a truck to get the best ice cream in LA.

85. Mango Sweet Treats (English origin) a nice name for a dessert food truck.

86. Mobile Muffin (English origin) get your muffins on the go.

87. New York Crepes (English origin) the best crepes are served in New York.

88. Roadside Cupcakes (English origin) get the best cupcakes around.

89. Sprinkles Food Truck (English origin) a nice touch of stinkles.

90. Sweet Eatery (English origin) a truck to get the sweetest treats.

91. Sweet Treats (English origin) get all your sweet treats here.

92. Taste of NYC (English origin) taste the sweetness of New York city.

93. The Big Scoop (English origin) a truck to get a large scoop of ice cream.

94. The Cookie Cart (English origin) you get all your lovely cookies in one truck.

95. The Ice Cream Bar (English origin) for all your ice cream needs.

96. The Mobile Bakery (English origin) you can get baked goods on the go.

97. The Mobile Sweet Shoppe (English origin) a cool name for a dessert truck.

98. The Waffle Wagon (English origin) for the best waffles.

99. Urban Bakery (English origin) for all baked goods.

100. Whipped (English origin) get all things dessert here.


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