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Best Baby Boy Names Starting With Jha

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One of the most popular beginning letters for baby boy names is the letter J.

Choosing a baby name isn’t an easy task and it is a huge responsibility on the parents. The name is an identification of a person, so of course parents spend so much time and take the effort to choose the perfect name for their child.

While there are plenty of options for boy names starting with “J”, baby names starting with “jha” are not very common. These names may be unusual and unheard of, but they have beautiful meanings. Some of the names that start with “jha” are names of Hindu Gods, so they have a divine meaning and association. So why not choose a name which is unique with a strong and powerful meaning. Names which are uncommon will help your baby to stand out from the rest. Unique names are sure to be remembered by everyone.

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Some of the names might sound old fashioned and traditional, but we think they they have an old world charm to them. We have compiled this list of baby names starting with “jha” so that you can choose a unique name for your beloved charming angel. Many of these are Hindu baby names, Muslim names, or Indian baby names starting with jha, and they're all beautiful.

Short Names Starting With Jha

If you are searching for short baby names starting with “jha”, then you can select from one of the below names. We have a collection of J boy names as well as Hindu boys names starting with J.

1. Jha (Indian origin), one of the baby names that refers to a “teacher”.

2. Jhallu (Sikh origin), means “defender”.

3. Jhamal (Muslim origin), this Muslim baby boy name meaning “intelligent and passionate”. A quality that you would want your little one to possess.

4. Jhamu (Indian origin), this Hindu baby boy name is another name for Hindu Lord Jagannath. If you are a believer of Lord Jagannath then this is a perfect name for your baby boy.

Long Names Starting With Jha

If you prefer long names then you can choose from one of the names below.

5. Jhashakeatan (Indian origin), among the baby names that refers to someone who is “charming”. Add to the personality of your young one by choosing a name which is as charming as him.

6. Jhareshwar (Indian origin), this Hindu baby baby boy name refers to “another name for Lord Shiva”. This is a divine and a beautiful name. Choose this baby boy name if you are devotee of Lord Shiva.

7. Jhangimal (Indian origin), among the baby names meaning “son of a prawn”. One of the long baby names starting with “jha”.

Little boy in France tricot watching soccer game during championship.

Popular Names That Start With Jha

These name starting with “jha” are quite popular and well known. Choose one of the stellar names starting with “jha” form the below list.

8. Jhabar (Indian origin), one of the Indian baby boy names starting with “jha” meaning “clever or smart”. You surely would want your baby boy to grow into a smart and clever young man.

9. Jhagar (Sikh origin), this is a Sikh name for a baby boy. It refers to someone who “passes through worldly cares”.

10. Jhalandar (Indian origin), a baby name meaning “water bearer”.

11. Jhalmal (Indian origin), the meaning of this baby boy name is “charming or shining”. A stellar name for little boy.

12. Jhawar (Indian origin), the meaning of this baby boy name is “someone who is brilliant”. One of the popular names starting with “jha”.

13. Jhaswin (Indian origin), this beautiful baby boy name means “beauty of life”. This is an attractive name with an equally attractive meaning.

Curious baby boy poking his finger in his birthday cake.

Unusual Names That Start With Jha

Interested in something different for your little child? The below list of Jha names are unique and uncommon. Choose from the below list of names if you want your baby boy to stand out from the crowd.

14. Jhagan (Sikh origin), one of the Sikh names for a baby boy. The meaning of this name is “cross over water”.

15. Jhanagan (Indian origin), one of the unique Indian baby names meaning “hardworking and trustworthy”.

16. Jhanda (Indian origin), one of the boy names starting with “jha” and it means “flag”.

17. Jhandamal (Indian origin), a Hindu baby boy name meaning “name”. It is a male name given to Tamil boys.

18. Jhanish (Indian origin), an uncommon but a beautiful baby boy name meaning “God is gracious”.

We hope this list of boy names starting with jha made your search a little easier, Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for baby boy names starting with jha then why not take a look at the following articles for some more inspiration Indian boy names, or for something different take a look at Hindu boys names.

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