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75 Best Baby Girl Names Starting With Sai

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There aren't a lot of baby girl names starting with Sai found around the world.

Some people are very sure and they know in their hearts the kind of name they want to keep for their baby girl. It can be of certain meaning or can be baby girl names that start with certain letters.

Most of the baby girl names starting with Sai are either Arabic or Indian. There's only a handful of baby girl names starting with Sai in other countries, cultures, and languages. Arabic baby girl names have a subtle classy nature in them which makes them beautiful. In Hindu or Indian culture there was a spiritual master, who was and still is worshipped to this day by a lot of people, named 'Sai baba' and many Sai baba devotee Indians keep their child's name relating to him. Whether you're an Indian Sai baba devotee, or in general looking for baby girl names starting with Sai to choose for your little princess, we've got you covered. We've compiled all the beautiful baby girl names starting with Sai.

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Short Baby Girl Names Starting With Sai

Mother holding her yawning newborn baby

Short baby girl names that start with Sai can be found around the world. Irish, Indian and Finnish languages are a few that boast of short and sweet baby names. Here's the list we've made for you of the short and sweet baby girl names starting with Sai for your baby girl, that have some of the most alluring meanings.

1. Sai (Indian origin), meaning "natural, everywhere". Sai Bennett is an English actress, known for her work in 'Strike Back', 'Mr Selfridge' and 'Close to the Enemy'. Sai is a common Indian baby girl name for both genders among Hindu baby names and nicknames.

2. Saiah (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is salvation".

3. Saiba (Arabic origin), meaning "the wind was coming with rain". Saiba Sikka is the name of an actress.

4. Saibh (Irish origin), meaning "sweet and lovely lady". Saibh Skelly is a 16 years old Irish busker, singer and songwriter. Saibh Young is a former Irish cricketer. One of the more common baby names starting with sai.

5. Saibha (Indian origin), meaning "queen, dear".

6. Saidah (African origin), meaning "happy". Saidah Nairobi is an American music artist and was a back-up dancer to big names in Hollywood, like Beyonce, Ciara and Usher. Saidah Jules is an Indian actress, known for her roles in 'Jal', 'Right Yaaa Wrong' and 'Pyaar Impossible!'

7. Saidi (Arabic origin), meaning "fortunate".

8. Saidy (Hebrew origin), meaning "princess". Saidy Janko is a Swedish footballer.

9. Saieua (English origin), meaning "Lord is gracious". Saige Ryan Campbell is an American actress.

10. Saige (English origin) means "herb or prophet". Saige Aurora is a Canadian TV actress, known for her works in 'Dino Dana', 'Hannibal' and 'Mr. Viral'. Saige Donaldson is a renowned American actress.

11. Saihah (Arabic origin), meaning "flow, stream".

12. Saija (Finnish origin), meaning "noblewoman". Saija Hakola-Tikanoja is a Finnish actress, known for 'Ursula', 'Iskelmäprinssi' and 'Ihmeidentekijät'.

13. Saijal (Arabic origin), meaning "lucky and wise".  The name is similar to Sejal Sharma, a late Indian actress.

14. Saiju (Arabic origin), meaning "beauty". Saiju Kurup is an actor and singer. It is one of the less common unisex baby names.

15. Saika (Arabic origin), meaning "thunder or lightning". Saika Ahmed is a Bengali actress, known for her roles in 'Sutopar Thikana' and 'Jonakir Prohore'.

16. Saiko (Japanese origin), meaning "serene child". Saiko Isshiki is a Japanese actress known for her work in 'Bi bappu haisukuru', 'Ikidomari no Banka: Brake out' and 'American Yakuza'.

17. Saila (Indian origin), meaning "morning breeze, spring breeze". Saila Kariat is a film director and producer. Saila is considered one of the sweetest Indian baby names among the Hindu baby names.

18. Saili (Indian origin) means "carved in rock, custom". Saili Rane is the name of an Indian badminton player.

19. Sailor (English origin), meaning "one who sails the boat". Sailor Larocque is a famous actress.

20. Sailu (Indian origin), meaning "soft devotee stone". Sailu isn't only used as an Indian baby name, but also as a nickname among Hindu baby names.

21. Saima (Arabic origin), meaning "fasting woman". Saima Noor is a prominent Pakistani actress, who appears in Pakistani TV dramas and films regularly. This can be a great baby name.

22. Saimi (Finnish origin), meaning "a woman who is fasting". Saimi Vuolle was a renowned Finning actress.

23. Saina (Greek origin), meaning "lady". Saina Nehwal is a famous Indian badminton singles player. Her career-best world ranking has been No. 1 and she has won more than 24 international titles.

24. Sainaj (Indian origin), this baby name meaning in literal words is "who is proud of Sai". Sai or 'Sai baba' was an Indian spiritual master, who is still worshipped by many in India to this day. Hence this Indian baby name is a favorite among Hindu baby names for devotees.

25. Saini (Indian origin), meaning "sign". It's also the name of certain people of a caste in India. Flora Saini is a famous actress in India.

26. Saio (Japanese origin), meaning "born at night". One of the unique and beautiful baby names beginning with sai.

27. Saioa (Basque origin), the meaning of the name came from 'Sayoa mountain' located in Spain. Saioa Hernández is a renowned Spanish operatic soprano and Saioa Lara is a Spanish costume designer who has won many awards and nominations for her incredible works. She is best known for her exceptional work in 'The Giant', 'Flowers', and 'Arriya'.

28. Saioni (Indian origin), meaning "eager, clever". 'Sayonee' is a very popular song by the popular Pakistani Sufi rock band named 'Junoon'.

29. Sairah (Arabic origin), meaning "one who travels". Sairah Erens is an English actress, known for her roles in 'At a Place, in a Time', 'XSTNCE' and 'Terugreis (The Return).

30. Sairi (Arabic origin) means "satisfaction, saturation". Sairi Itō is a renowned Japanese actress.

31. Saisha (Indian origin), meaning "with great desire and wish, the truth of life". Saisha Sehgal is an Indian actress known for 'Udanchhoo' and 'Sunday Night'.

32. Saisri (Indian origin), meaning "happy". Among the sweet-sounding sai baby names.

33. Saista (Indian origin), meaning "cultured, well behaved".

34. Saiti (Indian origin), meaning "friend". This Indian baby name is not much common among Hindu baby names.

35. Saiua (Japanese origin), meaning "a ripe fruit, thankful".

36. Saivi (Arabic origin), meaning "auspicious".

37. Saiya (Indian origin), meaning "one who is like a shadow". One of the sai baby names with a very cool meaning.

Long Baby Girl Names Starting With Sai

Newborn baby wrapped in blue blanket sleeping in a basket

Long baby girl names starting with Sai are all very diverse and unique in their own way, that is to say, before even considering the beautiful meaning they each have. Most of these baby girl names are either Arabic or Indian baby names. So, go have a look at the baby girl names list we've made for your help.

38. Saiananya (Indian origin), meaning "matchless, incomparable". It's one of the not so common names among Hindu girl names.

39. Saifali (Indian origin), meaning "sweet smell". A common baby name for a girl.

40. Saiesha (Indian origin) means "beholder of divine power". Saiesha is also another name for Maa Durga, an Indian deity. One of the lovely sai baby names for a girl.

41. Saifreena (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who smiles". A great name for a girl.

42. Saihajleen (Indian origin), meaning "absorbed in peace".

43. Saijasi (Indian origin), meaning "goddess". A wonderful name for a baby girl.

44. Saijayani (Indian origin), meaning "personification of victory".

45. Saijili (Indian origin), meaning "decorated". A great name for a baby girl.

46. Saijyothi (Indian origin), this baby name meaning in literal words is "light of Lord Sai baba". For a spiritual girl, this name can be great.

47. Saikara (Indian origin), meaning "cherry blossoms of the world". It can be a cute name for a baby girl.

48. Saikrupa (Indian origin), meaning "queen of stars, blessings of the Almighty".

49. Saikumari (Indian origin), this Indian baby name meaning in literal words is "young devotee of Sai baba".

50. Sailaja (Indian origin) Sailaja is another name of Lord Parvati, an Indian deity. Sailaja Manacha is a renowned author and leadership coach. Sailaja is also a popular name among Hindu girl names.

51. Sailakshmi (Indian origin), meaning "good behavior". It's also another name of 'Goddess Lakshmi', an Indian deity.

52. Saileja (Indian origin), meaning "daughter of the mountain".

53. Sailendri (Indian origin), meaning "Lord Parvati". Lord Parvati is an Indian deity.

54. Saileswari (Indian origin), meaning "part of the mountain".

55. Sailatha (Indian origin), meaning "flower". Sailatha is a renowned Indian actress, who mainly works in Tamil industry. Known for her work in 'Kalloori' and 'Thamarai'.

56. Saimara (Hebrew origin), meaning "under God's rule".

57. Saimeera (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is a good friend or companion; brilliant and energetic girl". This can be a great millennial name for your little girl.

58. Saindhavi (Indian origin), meaning "the one who is born on the territory of River Sindhu'. Saindhavi is an Indian singer, who mainly sings in South Indian movies.

59. Saineha (Indian origin), meaning "Lord Sai baba". If you are searching for a spiritual name, then this name can be great for your baby girl.

60. Sainika (Indian origin) means "strong, soldier".

61. Saipallavi (Indian origin), meaning "new leaf, soft". Saipallavi Senthamarai is an Indian actress and dancer, who mainly does films in the South Indian film industry.

62. Saipriya (Indian origin), this Indian baby name meaning in literal words is "beloved of Sai baba". Saipriya Deva is an Indian Tamil film actress.

63. Sairaah (Indian origin), this Indian baby name meaning in literal words is "on the way to Sai baba".

64. Sairandhri (Arabic origin), meaning "an employed attendant in Royal female apartments".

65. Sairika (Indian origin), meaning "celestial, heavenly". A unique name.

66. Sairish (Arabic origin), meaning "a person who is content and satisfied". Sairish Hussain is an English author, who rose to fame at the release of her debut novel, 'The Family Tree'.

67. Saisagun (Indian origin), this Indian baby name meaning in literal words is "blessings of Sai baba".

68. Saishmita (Indian origin), meaning "smiling".

69. Saismriti (Indian origin), meaning "beautiful".

70. Saishta (Indian origin), meaning "more glorious, best of all".

71. Saivarsha (Indian origin), meaning "last limit".

72. Saiyami (Indian origin), meaning "the one with self control". Saiyami Kher is a renowned Indian film actress, who mainly works in Telugu and Hindi films.

73. Saiyana (Arabic origin), meaning "shine, full of fire".

74. Saiyeisha (Indian origin), this name meaning refers to "Lord Sai baba".

75. Saiyogita (Indian origin), meaning "the one who can concentrate". Sanyogita Bhave is an Indian film actress.

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