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Millennials define Generation Y or Gen Y.

This current generation is called Gen Z, so as of today, the youth and young adults comprise the millennials. The millennial generation is stated to have started from the early 1980s and have continued to the mid-1990s up to 1996.

Generation Z is started from the early 2000s, i.e., with the new millennium's start. The millennials have seen a significant rise in technology and health-care facilities across the globe.

The advancement in computers, the internet, and social media boom has taken place in the Millennial era. Millennials look up to many significant people and draw inspiration from them, Elon Musk being a prime example. Here we have made a list of the best baby names of the millennials.

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Great Millennial Girl Names

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Enlisted below are the names of girls who are millennials, i.e., babies born after 1980. Check out which baby girl name best appeals to you.

1. Alexis (Greek origin) meaning "helper or a defender". This is one of the most trendy millennial names.

2. Alicia (Spanish origin) meaning " of the noble type". Alicia Keys is a well-known singer.

3. Amanda (Roman origin) meaning "lovable or worthy of love".

4. Amber (Dutch origin) refers to the orangish-yellow colored gemstone. This name became extremely popular after being used in the novel 'Forever Amber' by Kathleen Winsor.

5. Amy (English origin) meaning "beloved". Popular sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory' had a character named Amy.

6. April (English origin) meaning "to open". Trendy millennial baby names of this kind are cool.

7. Ashley (English origin) meaning "ash tree clearing". Ashley is a lovely baby girl name.

8. Brianna (English origin) meaning "hill or high noble".

9. Brooke (English origin) refers to someone who has lived near a brook. Brooke Shields is a famous actress.

10. Caitlin (Irish origin) meaning "each of the two". For the baby names for girls, this is an excellent pick.

11. Chelsea (English origin) meaning "landing place of limestone".

12. Christina (Greek origin) meaning "a Christian". Christina Perri is a famous American singer.

13. Danielle (French origin) meaning "God is my judge".

14. Destiny (English origin) meaning "fate or destiny". This is great as names for girls.

15. Erika (Swedish origin) meaning "mighty ruler". Millennial girls' names like Erika popular baby names.

16. Grace (English origin) meaning "virtue or grace". This is a beautiful baby name.

17. Haley (Modern English origin) meaning "Hay clearing". Baby names like Haley fall in the top 20 millennial names.

18. Heather (English origin) refers to many shrubs that produced pink flowers, especially in rocky areas.

19. Jasmine (English origin) refers to a plant that produces a fragrant flower. This is a beautiful name for a baby girl.

20. Jennifer (English origin) meaning "white phantom". Jennifer Lopez is a world-renowned singer while Jennifer Aniston is a popular actress who played the role of Rachel Green in the popular sitcom "Friends".

21. Jessica (English origin) meaning "to behold". Jessica Alba is a popular American actress. This can be a lovely baby girl name.

22. Julie (French origin) meaning "downy-bearded". This is a perfect millennial baby girl name.

23. Kayla (English origin) meaning "each of the two". Kayla Brady was a popular character in the American serial 'Days of Our Lives'.

24. Kelly (Irish origin) meaning "bright overall". Kelly Clarkson is a famous American singer. Fancy girl names like Kelly are widespread in the millennial generation.

25. Leah (Biblical origin) meaning "weary". Millennial baby names like Leah are elegant.

26. Lindsay (Scottish origin) meaning "Lincoln island". Lindsay Lohan is an American actress.

27. Megan (Welsh origin) meaning "pearl". Megan Fox is a famous American actress. Girls' names like Megan are elegant.

28. Monica (English origin) meaning "advisor". Courtney Cox is an American actress who played the role of Monica in the popular sitcom 'Friends'. Monica is one of the most popular millennial names.

29. Morgan (Arthurian origin) meaning "born of the sea". Baby names like Morgan are common millennial names.

30. Natalie (English origin) meaning "Christmas day". Natalie Portman is a famous American actress with notable works in 'Leon the Professional' and 'Black Swan'.

31. Nicole (French origin) meaning "people's victory". Nicole Kidman is an American actress with notable work in 'Eyes wide shut', 'Moulin Rouge'.

32. Paige (English origin) meaning "servant or a page". Saraya-Jade Bevis is a British professional wrestler who fought with her iconic ring name 'Paige'.

33. Rachel (Biblical origin) meaning "ewe". Rachel Green is a popular character in the sitcom 'Friends', which was brought to stardom by actress Jennifer Aniston.

34. Shannon (English origin) meaning "old or ancient". A baby name like Shannon sounds fresh.

35. Shelby (English origin) meaning "willow farm". Julia Roberts played this character in the movie 'Steel Magnolias'.

36. Sydney (English origin) meaning "wide island". Girls' names like Sydney sound refreshing.

37. Taylor (English origin) meaning "tailor". Taylor Swift is a world-famous American singer who rose to stardom with her iconic songs, 'Love Story' and 'You Belong To Me'.

38. Tiffany (English origin) meaning "God to appear". Tiffany is a beautiful baby name.

39. Vanessa (English origin) meaning "queen of butterflies". Vanessa Hudgens is a trendy actress who shot to fame for her works in 'High School Musical' and 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody'.

40. Victoria (Roman origin) meaning "victory". Victoria Beckham is a singer and fashion designer.

Top Millennial Boy Names

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Were you looking for names of babies born in the 1990s? You are in the right spot. Here some of the best baby names.

41. Aaron (Biblical origin) meaning "high mountain". Aaron Finch is an Australian cricketer. Aaron falls in the list of top 20 best baby names.

42. Alex (English origin) meaning "to defend and help". Alex is one of the more popular names.

43. Anthony (Biblical origin) meaning "priceless one".

44. Bradley (English origin) meaning "broad clearing". Bradley Cooper is a famous American actor.

45. Brandon (English origin) meaning "hill covered with broom".

46. Brian (Irish origin) meaning "hill". Brian May is the iconic lead guitarist of the legendary British band 'Queen'.

47. Caleb (Biblical origin) meaning "dog".

48. Cameron (English origin) meaning "crooked nose".

49. Carlos (Spanish origin) meaning "man". Carlos Tevez is a famous Argentine soccer star.

50. Connor (Irish origin) meaning "hound, dog or a wolf".

51. Corey (Greek origin) meaning "in a cauldron". This is a lovely baby boy name.

52. David (Biblical origin) meaning "beloved or uncle". David Beckham was a famous English soccer star and a style icon.

53. Edward (English origin) meaning "rich Guard". Edward Cullen is one of the main fictional characters of the famous 'Twilight' saga series.

54. Ethan (Biblical origin) meaning "solid, enduring and firm". Ethan Hunt is the protagonist of the 'Mission Impossible' franchise and is portrayed by Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise.

55. George (Romanian origin) meaning "farmer or an earth-worker". Cool, trendy and famous names like George are timeless.

56. Jack (English origin) meaning "Yahweh is gracious". For millennial baby names, Jack is a great choice.

57. James (Biblical origin) meaning "holder of the heel". An elegant name like James is right in the top 20 list.

58. John ( origin) meaning "Yahweh is gracious". John Lennon was a famous British singer of the iconic band 'The Beatles'.

59. Juan (Spanish origin) meaning "Yahweh is gracious". Juan Mata is a soccer player who plays for Manchester United and Spain.

60. Kyle (English origin) meaning "narrows, strait or a channel". Kyle Walker is a soccer player for Manchester City and England.

61. Logan (Scottish origin) meaning "little hollow". Logan was the name of Marvel Superhero Wolverine. Millennial baby boy names such as these are cool.

62. Lucas (Biblical origin) meaning "from Lucania". Lucas Vazquez is a Spanish soccer player who plays at Real Madrid.

63. Michael (Biblical origin) meaning "like a God".

64. Nathan (Biblical origin) meaning "he gave". Nathan Coulter-Nile is an Australian cricketer.

65. Noah (Biblical origin) meaning "rest or repose".

66. Paul (Biblical origin) meaning "humble or small". Paul McCartney is a singer, songwriter, and multi-musician and shot to fame with his iconic band 'The Beatles'.

67. Ryan (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of Rian". Ryan Reynolds is a popular Hollywood actor. His notable works include 'Deadpool', 'The Proposal'.

68. Samuel (Biblical origin) meaning "God has heard". This is an attractive option for baby names for boys.

69. Seth (Biblical origin) meaning "appointed". This elegant baby name is widespread and, as a result, is in the top 20 list.

70. Timothy (Biblical origin) meaning "honoring God".

71. Travis (English origin) refers to someone who has lived near a bridge.

72. Trevor (Welsh origin) meaning "big or large village".

73. Tyler (English origin) meaning "tile".

74. Victor (French origin) meaning "someone who is victorious or a conqueror".

75. Zachary (Biblical origin) meaning "Yahweh remembers". This is a lovely baby name.

Awesome Millennial Unisex Names

Unisex baby names are hugely popular among millennials. Can you find your favorite baby names on this list?

76. Amen (Egyptian origin) meaning "hidden one".

77. Armani (African American origin) meaning "army man". Armani dresses have become extremely popular and are named after its founder Giorgio Armani.

78. Austen (Modern English origin) meaning "venerable or exalted". This can be a lovely baby girl's name.

79. Azariah (Biblical origin) meaning "Yahweh has helped".

80. Brighton (English origin) meaning "fair town". Brighton Sharbino is an American actress.

81. Charlie (English origin) meaning "man". Charlie Chaplin was an iconic British actor.

82. Clarke (English origin) meaning "cleric".

83. Dakotah (English origin) meaning "friends or allies". Dakotah Hudson is a famous baseball player.

84. Denver (English origin) meaning "Dane Ford". John Denver was a renowned American singer and songwriter.

85. Frankie (English origin) refers to the German tribe called 'Franks'.

86. Hollis (English origin) meaning "holly trees". This can be a beautiful baby girl name.

87. Jackie (English origin) meaning "Yahweh is gracious". Jackie Chan is a world-famous martial artist and actor.

88. Jael (Biblical origin) meaning "mountain goat". Baby names like this are notable.

89. Jaidyn (Modern American origin) meaning "He will judge".

90. Jules (English origin) meaning "downy and bearded".

91. Justice (English origin) meaning "officer of justice".

92. Ocean (Old English origin) refers to a large mass of water. Millennial unisex monikers like Ocean are great for baby names.

93. Payson (English origin) meaning "son of peace".

94. Perry (English origin) meaning "pear tree".

95. Robin (Dutch origin) meaning "bright fame". Robin Scherbatsky is a fictional character of the famous sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother's and is played by actress Cobie Smulders.

96. Ryley (Modern English origin) meaning "rye clearing".

97. Sabra (African origin) meaning "patience".

98. Skyler (English origin) meaning "scholar. Skyler Grey is a famous singer.

99. Timber (Modern American origin) refers to a type of wood.

100. Yael (Biblical origin) meaning "mountain goat".

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Millennial names then why not take a look at '90s names or for something different try 1920s names.

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