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Deciding a multicultural and meaningful name for your cute little angel can be time-consuming.

If you want a classic European name for your daughter, you can look at Hungary. Giving your baby girl a Hungarian name can show her strong personality while keeping her grounded in a very cultural space.

The right Hungarian name for your newborn should reflect the kind of girl she is. A few of the common names we came across every day are of Hungarian origin like Alexa, Barbara, Sara, and Erika. These are really popular names all across the world. Here, we bring you a few uncommon names and beautiful baby girl names which stand out from other names. These Hungarian baby names are surely going to make your girl stand out from the crowd.

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Common Hungarian Girl Names

Many Hungarian first names are quite common all over the world. A popular Hungarian name is perfect for your baby girl as it keeps it interesting and yet classic. This list presents a lot of great Hungarian baby names for baby girls which sound feminine and unique too:

1.Agnes - meaning "Chaste".

2.Alexandra - meaning "defender of mankind". The full name of Queen of England, Elizabeth II, was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.  Alexandra Daddario, a famous actress, also carries this name.

3.Anna - meaning "grace". This is a famous girl name associated with Anna Katherine Popplewell, who is an English actress and famous for her role in The Chronicles of Narnia film series.

4.Barbara - meaning "stranger" or "foreigner". A famous Hungarian model, Barbara Palvin, and Nobel Prize Winner for medicine, Barbara McClintock, share this name.

5.Beatrix - meaning "Voyager" or "Traveller".

6.Caitlin - meaning "chaste", "pure". This name is associated with Caitlin Jean Stasey, who is an Australian actress, known for her role as Rachel Kinski in Neighbours.

7.Candace - meaning "pure".

8.Caroline - meaning "free woman". This name is linked with Caroline Munro, who is an English actress and model.

9.Cecilia - meaning "blind to one's beauty".

10.Daniela - meaning "God is my judge". This name is linked with Daniela Bianchi, who is an Italian actress, best known for her role as a Bond girl, Tatiana Romanova.

11.Diana - meaning "heavenly or divine." Former Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, carried this name.

12.Dora - meaning "gift". This name is associated with Dora the Explorer, a favorite kids' TV series.

13.Edlyn - meaning "graceful and noble".

14.Elena - meaning "light", "bright, sunlight". The female protagonist of the TV show, Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert, has the same name.

15. Eleanor - meaning "sympathy and compassion".

16.Elisabeth - meaning "Promise of God", "feminine". Also, the female protagonist in Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet.

17.Emilia - meaning "rival". Used in many movies and books like The Princess Diaries and The Star Trek, this name is also found in Shakespeare's Othello.

18.Erika - meaning "eternal ruler" or "ever-powerful". This name is associated with Erika Kar, who is a Polish actress.

19.Eufrozina- meaning "mirth or merriment".

20.Gisella - meaning "pledge". This name is linked with Gisella Marengo, who is an Italian actress and producer

21.Iren - themeaning "woman of peace".

22.Jolan- meaning "good girl and violet blossom".

23.Karole - meaning "joy". Karole Rocher is a French actress who is best known for her role as Roxane Delgado in the French TV series, Braquo.

24.Kinga -meaning "clan a family". This name is linked with Kinga Philipps, who is a Polish American actress and award-winning journalist.

25.Katalin- meaning "pure". Katalin Zamiar is an American martial artist, sportswriter, fitness instructor, gym owner and martial arts actress.

26.Katarina - meaning "purity, feminine". Katarina Mary Johnson-Thompson is a British heptathlete.

27.Kati- meaning "Clean, Pure, Unsullied".

28.Laura - derived from the bay laurel tree, name of the first former U.S. First Lady, Laura Bush.

29.Margaret - meaning "Pearl". This name is linked with Margaret Kerry, who is an American actress and radio host.

30.Rozalia - meaning "roses", "feminine".

31.Sara - meaning "princess" or "lady". This name is associated with Sara Ali Khan, an Indian Actress.

Unique Hungarian Girl Names

girls hungarian names that are awesome

A unique Hungarian name has its flair of importance and uniqueness. Here are few Hungarian names which are perfect for your baby girl for her uniqueness.

32.Alida - meaning "graceful and noble". Alida Bolten, a famous swimmer has this name.

33.Aliz - meaning "graceful and noble", "sweet".

34.Anelia- meaning "Angel".

35.Angyalka - meaning "God's Messenger".

36.Aniko - meaning "gracious and favored", Aniko Gog and Aniko Kapros, both excelling in sports, share the same name.

37.Boglarka - meaning "buttercup flower". This name is linked with Boglárka Kapás, who is a Hungarian competitive swimmer.

38.Cili- meaning "the one who doesn't have the ability to see".

39.Csenge - meaning "to ring".

40.Csilla- meaning "a shining star".

41.Dorottya - meaning "God's gift". Dorottya name of the famous book by Mihaly Csokonai.

42.Eniko- meaning "a young female deer'.

43.Eszter - meaning "star-like". This name can be linked to Eszter Balint, a famous Hungarian singer and violinist.

44.Eszti -meaning "star".

45.Erszebet - meaning "Promise of God".

46.Felicitas - meaning "good luck". Felicitas Mendez is the name of the famous activist involved in the American civil rights movement.

47.Gizi- meaning "pledge".

48.Gyorgyike - meaning "farming woman".

49.Ildiko - meaning "fighting a war".

50.Ilka- themeaning "torch of light". This name is linked with Ilka Chase, who was an American actress, radio host, and novelist.

51.Jozefa - meaning "god raises".

52. Katalinka - meaning "chaste, pure".

53.Katoka- meaning "pure".

54.Kitarni- meaning "enduring".

55.Lujza - derived from a well-known fighter. This name is associated with Lujza Richtee, an actress, known for Phantom Thread, released in 2017.

56. Martuska - means "Lady of the house".

57.Nancsi - meaning "graceful". This name is close to a common name, Nancy, associated with the famous novel series, Nancy Drew.

58. Nikolette - meaning "People's triumph". Nikolette Noel and Nicolette Robinson are the names of the famous actresses who share this name.

59.Orsolya - meaning "strong as a little bear".

60.Olga - meaning "blessed, holy". Olga Kurylenko and Olga Fonda are the names of famous actresses who share the name.

61.Romana- meaning "Roman woman".

62. Szandra -meaning "protector of humanity". This name is associated with Szandra Szöllősi-Zácsik, a Slovak-born Hungarian handballer.

63.Szilvia - meaning "from the woods".

64.Terezia - meaning "summer harvest". Terézia Mora is a Hungarian writer, screenwriter and translator.

65.Zsuzsanna - named after a lily flower. Zsuzsanna Jakabos is the name of a Hungarian swimmer.

66.Zsofika - means "woman of wisdom".

67.Zsoka - meaning "Promise of God".

Popular Hungarian Names

These are Hungarian girl names which are popular and are often found on the trending lists. These popular names may not be very unique but the meaning of the name goes to a deeper level.

68.Adel - meaning "graceful, noble". This name is related to Adele, the famous British singer.

69.Adrienn - derived from a woman of Adria. Adrienn Toth, and Adrien Hegedus, is a famous sportsperson, both sharing the same name.

70.Agota - meaning "good-hearted".

71.Alberta - feminine form of Albert, meaning "bright, noble". This name is associated with Faith Susan Alberta Watson, better known as Alberta Watson, who was a Canadian film and television actress.

72.Benca - the female form of Bence, meaning "she will conquer".

73.Cintia- meaning "the goddess of moon". This name is related to Cynthia, the epithet of Greek Goddess, Artemis.

74.Dorika - meaning "God's gift".

75.Duci - meaning a woman from Magdala, "a wealthy gift".

76.Edit - means "fighting to be rich".

77.Ema- meaning " serious or grandmother or nurse or Wife of Jarl". The name is similar to Emma Stone, the famous American actor who played  Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spiderman movie series.

78.Enim- meaning "a word relating to deer".

79.Evike - means "living and breathing".

80.Finion- meaning "Fair or white (haired)".

81.Franci - means a woman from France.

82.Gabi - meaning "God is my strength".

83.Gizella - meaning "oath". This name is similar to Gizelle Bryant, an American TV personality.

84.Hanna - meaning "Grace". This name is associated with Hannah Baker, a fictional character from young adult fiction mystery novel Thirteen Reasons Why.

85.Izidora - meaning "the gift of the goddess Isis".

86.Ilona - meaning "unknown".

87.Jazmin - meaning jasmine flower. The female protagonist ofAladdin is Jasmine.

88.Jence- meaning "a high born noble".

89.Juliska - meaning "soft-haired".

90.Karola- meaning "strong". Karola Zala was a famous Hungarian actress.

91.Katelya- meaning "clear or clear".

92.Klara - meaning "bright and famous". Klara Stepanivna Luchko was a famous Russian and Ukrainian actress.

93.Lilla - meaning to "envy". This name is associated with Lilla Crawford, an American actress.

94.Luca - meaning "light". Luca Pellegrini is an Italian professional footballer.

95.Mariska- meaning "A sea of heartbreak and bitterness". This name is linked with Mariska Magdolna Hargitay, an American actress.

96.Nora - meaning "honor". This name is linked with Nora Roberts, who is an American author.

97.Rahel - meaning "sheep's friend".

98.Reka - meaning "river".

99.Rita - meaning "pearl". This name is associated with Rita Moreno, who is a Puerto Rican actress, dancer, and singer.

100.Sass- meaning "explorer", "eagle".

101.Sena - meaning "singer moon".

102.Sarika - meaning "princess or lady-like", "feminine".

103.Zoe - meaning "life". This name is linked with Zoë Yadira Saldaña Nazario, who is an American actress and famous for her role in movies Avatar and Guardians of Galaxy, Avengers etc.

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