Top 100 Beautiful Ukrainian Girl Names

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Picking a name for your baby can be extremely exciting, but also incredibly daunting - especially if you're trying to keep your heritage involved.

There are just so many different names out there to choose from - but if it's a Ukrainian girl name that you're after, we may just be able to help you find the inspiration you need.

Choosing a name that originates from you or your partner's country can be very meaningful, a name that can remind you of home every time you say it.

Traditionally, Ukrainian names were derived from the names of saints, or characters from the bible with Greek, Latin, and Jewish origins - though many are also popular across all Slavic countries. Common Ukrainian names also often end in 'a' (the 'uh' sound), which is great if you have a particular liking for that.

Whether you've already got a list of names started, or you're just beginning to look - we've rounded up our favourite Ukrainian baby girl names, all of which are gorgeous and unique in their own way.

Traditional Ukrainian Names For Girls

If it's traditional Ukrainian girl names that you're after, we've got you covered. Each of the names on the list below both originated in Ukraine and surrounding Slavic areas, and have a lovely meaning.

1. Alla: A Ukrainian and Russian given name, this one means 'handywoman'.

2. Bohuslava: Well known in both Ukraine and the Czech Republic, this lovely name has the meaning 'glorifying God' - and is pronounced 'bo-hoo-SLAH-vah'.

3. Bozhena: Traditionally given to children born at Christmas, this Slavic name means 'Godly, or divine'. It is pronounced 'bo-zenna'.

4. Daryna: In Ukraine, the name Daryna means 'God’s gift'.

5. Ganna: Used both in Ukraine and in Arabic countries, it is the Ukrainian form of the name Hanna. It means 'favour, or full of grace'.

6. Inna: Originally the name of a Ukrainian saint, Inna means 'fast-flowing stream'.

7. Iryna: The Ukrainian form of Irina, this lovely name means 'peace'.

8. Kateryna: This name is the Ukrainian form of Katherine, and means 'pure'.

9. Khrystyna: The Ukrainian name is derived from the name Christina and is pronounced as such. It means 'follower of Christ'.

10. Kseniya: Commonly used in Ukrainian, Russian, and Greek families, this name means 'hospitality' and is pronounced 'Xenia'.

11. Liliya: This beautiful name is used often in Ukrainian and Russian culture, and means 'lily'.

12. Lidiya: Meaning 'beautiful', or 'a woman from Lydia'.

13. Lyubov: This traditional Slavic name comes from the word l'ub, which means 'love'. Pronounced 'lyew-bov'.

14. Lyudmyla: This name means 'nice to people', or 'loved by people'. Pronounced 'lud-mila'.

15. Mariya: Perfect for little girls, Mariya means 'beloved', 'star of the sea', or 'loved'. It is the Ukrainian form of Maria.

16. Maryna: A variant of Marina, this girl's name means 'of the sea'.

17. Myroslava: A traditional Slavic name meaning 'glorious'. It is pronounced 'mir-oh-slava'.

18. Nadiya: A lovely name for girls that means 'hope'.

19. Nataliya: Another name traditionally given to those born at Christmas, this one means 'blessed'.

20. Nina: This lovely traditional name means 'dream' or 'dreamer' in Ukraine.

21. Oksana: The Ukrainian meaning of the name is 'praise to be God'.

22. Oleksandra: The Ukrainian form of Alexandra, this name means 'protector of man'.

23. Olena: A traditional and popular name that means 'ray of sun' or 'shining light'.

24. Roksolana: A beautiful Ukrainian name from the Middle Ages, it means 'a woman from the Roksolan tribe'.

25. Sofiya: In Ukraine, the meaning of the name Sofiya is 'wisdom'.

26. Solomiya: This name (originally derived from Hebrew) means 'peace'.

27. Svitlana: A common Slavic girl name, this one means 'pure' or 'light'.

28. Tamara: A popular name for centuries, it was derived from the bible and means 'palm tree'.

29. Tetyana: This name came from the Roman clan 'Tatius',  and means 'fairy princess'.

30. Vasylyna: In Latin, this traditional name means 'queenly'.

31. Victoriya: The Ukrainian form of the name Victoria, it means 'victory'.

32. Vira: This lovely name means 'faith' in Ukrainian and Russian culture.

33. Vitaliya: A strong name meaning 'vital, or alive'. Pronounced 'vee-tah-liyah'.

34. Vladyslava: With strong Slavic roots, this name means 'glory'.

35. Yaroslava: A traditional name meaning 'fervent worship of God'.

36. Yelyzaveta: The Ukrainian form of Elisabeth, this lovely name means 'my God is abundance', and is pronounced 'ye-liza-viet-uh'.

37. Zlata: One of our favourite Ukraine girl names, Zlata has the meaning 'gold, or golden'.

Popular Or Common Girl Names In Ukraine

Looking for popular Ukrainian girl names? We've got plenty to pick from. Take a look at the list below of each name, where it was originally derived, and its meaning - and see if you can find the perfect one!

38. Anastasiya: Of Greek origins, and the Ukrainian form of Anastasia. This popular name means 'resurrection'.

39. Angelina: Derived originally from Greek, and means 'messenger'

40. Alona: This name means 'strong as an Oak tree'.

41. Anna: Of Latin and Greek origins, this name has the meaning of 'grace, or favour'.

42. Antonina: A Ukrainian given name meaning 'priceless'.

43. Bohdana: Derived from Slavic originals, this lovely name means 'God's gift' and is pronounced 'boh-da-na'.

44. Danica: The Ukrainian form of Daniella, this name means 'morning star'.

45. Darina: This Slavic name means 'gift'.

46. Diana: With Roman origins, this name has the meaning 'heavenly'.

47. Draga: Popular in Ukrainian, Romanian, and other Slavic countries - the name means 'dragon'.

48. Galyna: Derived from Russian, Galyna means 'calm' and is pronounced 'ga-lihn-uh'.

49. Larysa: Of Greek origins, this name means 'citadel' and is pronounced 'luh-ri-suh'. It is the Ukrainian form of Larissa.  

50. Maria: This name of Latin origin is very popular in Ukraine, and means 'of the sea, or bitter'.

51. Marta: With Roman and Hebrew origins, this lovely name means 'the lady'.

52. Milena: Of Slavic origins, meaning 'gracious' or 'dear'.

53. Natalka: The Ukrainian form of Natalie, and with Latin origins - this name means 'the birth day of the Lord'.

54. Nikolina: This name means 'victorious people'.

55. Nyura: A Ukrainian name meaning graceful, also used largely in Russian culture. Pronounced 'ny-ura'.

56. Olga: A popular name in Ukraine derived from Scandinavia, meaning 'blessed'.

57. Polina: Commonly used in Ukrainian, Russian, Greek, and Polish culture, this name means 'humble' or 'little stone'.

58. Ruslana: This Slavic female given name means 'lion'.

59. Sofia: Based on the Greek name Sophia, this name means 'wisdom'.

60. Solomia: Originally derived from Greek, the Ukrainian name means 'peace'.

61. Veronika: The Ukrainian form of Veronica, it means 'to bring victory'.

62. Vesna: Derived from the name of an ancient Slavic goddess, it means 'Spring'.

63. Viktoria: This popular name means 'victory'.

64. Yana: With Ukrainian and Russian origins, this name means 'gift of God'.

65. Yaryna: A charming Ukrainian feminine name meaning 'peaceful'. Pronounced 'yah-rih-nah'.

66. Yeva: The Ukrainian form of the name Eve, it means 'to breathe'. It is pronounced 'yeh-vah'.

67. Yulia:  A form of the name Julia, it means 'youthful'.

68. Xristina:  With original Greek roots, this name means 'a follower of Christ'.

69. Zoryana: A charming and unique name meaning 'break of dawn' or 'star'.

70. Zhadana: A lovely name that means 'desirable'.

Ukrainian Girl Names That Are Popular Abroad

There are plenty of female Ukrainian names that are popular both there, and across the rest of the world. So, whether you're from Ukraine or just love their names - this is the list for you. Check out some of these lovely Ukrainian girls names!

71. Aleksandra: A Ukrainian form of the name Alexandra, it means 'defender of man'.

72. Alina: Of Slavic origins, the name Alina means 'bright', or 'beautiful'.

73. Dasha: This name is also commonly used as a Russian nickname, it means 'gift of God'.

74. Elena: A gorgeous feminine name meaning 'bright' or 'shining light'.

75. Ekaterina: Originally of Russian descent, this popular name means 'pure'.

76. Ionna: In Ukrainian culture, this name means 'God's gift'.

77. Irina: A beautiful name derived from Greek, it means 'peace'.

78. Ivanna: A name popular amongst Ukrainian and Russian families, it means 'God is gracious'.

79. Katya: Commonly used in Slavic countries, this name means 'pure'.

80. Lera: A form of the name Valeria, this one means 'strength' or 'health'.

81. Lilya: A gorgeous name meaning the flower 'lily' - and the Ukrainian form of the name Lily.

82. Mila: This popular Slavic name means 'dear', or 'gracious'.

83. Nastya: A variation of the name Anastasia, this name has Greek origins and means 'resurrection. Pronounced 'na-styuh'.

84. Natali: Traditionally given to those born on Christmas day, it also means 'Christmas'.

85. Sasha: A strong name that means 'defender of man'.

86. Stefania: Common amongst Slavic countries, this name is derived from Greek and means 'crowned'.

87. Taisiya:  A Ukrainian and Russian form of the name of Saint Thais. Pronounced 'tuh-ee-sih-yuh'.

88. Ulyana: Popular amongst most Slavic countries, this name means 'youthful'.

89. Valentyna: A form of the name Valentina, it means 'strong'.

90. Valeriya: A lovely name meaning 'to be healthy', or 'to be strong'.

91. Zoya: A feminine Ukrainian and Russian name meaning 'life'.

Names Of Famous Women In Ukraine

Many parents choose to base their children's names after celebrities that they look up to, and thankfully these cute Ukrainian girl names all fit that list!

92. Alyona: Parents may choose to name their little girl after the Ukrainian tennis player Alyona Bondarenko - the name meaning 'light'. It is pronounced 'uhl-yoo-nuh'.

93. Galina: Popular Ukrainian figure skater Galina Efremenko may give you some name inspiration. The name means 'calm'.

94. Golda: Golda Meir was born in Ukraine and went on to become prime minister in Israel - a strong feminine figure. Her name means 'gold'.

95. Inessa: Inessa Kravets is a Ukrainian Olympic athlete, her name means 'chaste'.

96. Karina: A Ukrainian born dancer, Karina Smirnoff's name means 'dear'  or 'beloved'.

97. Ludmila: Ludmila Gurchenko was a popular actress. Her name means 'loved by the people'. It is pronounced 'lood-mi-luh'.

98. Mila: You may be surprised to find out that famous 'American' actress Mila Kunis is actually from Ukraine. Her name means 'dear'.

99. Milla: Model, singer, actress, and fashion designer - the Ukrainian-born Milla Jovovich's name means 'gracious'.

100. Ulyana: Famous ballerina Ulyana Lopatkina has a beautiful name, meaning 'youthful'. It is pronounced 'oo-lee-a-nuh'.

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