Top 104 Ukrainian Boy Names For Your Baby

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Originally Published on Nov 05, 2020
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Ukrainians have some of the most glorious names in the world.

Every parent wants a unique and beautiful name for their baby.

Naming your child can be a wonderful experience ensuring it has a proper meaning related to your baby. As in many cultures, a person has a given name by their parents or any of the family members.

Ukraine is one of the biggest nations in Europe. People in Ukraine generally take naming ceremonies very seriously since they believe that their child's destiny may depend on the name given by them.

Ukraine names, thus, have deep and beautiful meanings which makes them a popular choice. The names are chosen for their children according to the family situation. The first name arises from the two basic sources which are Orthodox church tradition, which is of Greek origin, and Catholic church tradition which is of Latin origin.

Read on for some boys' names from Ukraine. And for more boys' names inspiration, take a look at Russian Boys Names and Portuguese Boys Names.

Popular Ukrainian Boys Names

If you are searching for popular and beautiful names for your babies, here we have enlisted some popular Ukrainian names for your baby which are given below:

1. Andriy (Greek origin) meaning "courageous". This name is related to a former Ukrainian football professional player Andriy Mykolayovysh Shevchenko.

2.  Arkady (Russian origin) meaning "from arcadia".  The name is associated with Arkady Filippenko, a Soviet-Ukrainian composer.

3. Artem (Greek origin) meaning "unhurt". This name is related to popular Ukrainian football player Artem Bobukh.

4. Bohdan (Slavic origin) meaning "given by God". Bohdan Khmelnytsky was a Hetman of Ukraine.

5. Bohuslav (Slavic origin) meaning "glorifying by god".

6. Borys (Bulgarian origin) meaning "successor". Borys Tarasyuk is a Ukrainian politician and a great name for a boy.

7. Boryslav (Slavic origin) meaning "fighting for fame".

8. Danylo (Hebrew origin) meaning " God is my judge". Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University is a famous university in Ukraine.

9. Davyd (Hebrew origin) meaning "favorite".

10. Dmitry (Greek origin) meaning "devoted to Demeter".  Dmitry Bortniansky was a popular Russian-Ukrainian composer.

11. Estas  (American origin) meaning "star". Estas Tonne is a popular Ukrainian born guitarist.

12. Fedir (Greek origin) meaning "gift from above".

13. Georgiy (Greek origin) meaning " farmer". Georgiy Gongadze was a Ukrainian journalist.

14. Grygoriy (Polish origin) meaning "watchful". This name is associated with a shepherd who constantly guides his flocks.

15. Ihor (Ukrainian origin) meaning "God is gracious". It is a Ukrainian form of Igor.

16. Kostyantyn (Latin origin) meaning "constant".

17. Kuzma (Russian origin) meaning "universe". This name is associated with popular Ukrainian singer, Kuzma Skryabin.

18. Kirill (Greek origin) meaning "lord, master".  The name is linked with Marshal of Soviet army and World War 2 veteran Kirill Semyonovich Moskalenko.

19. Mykyta (Greek origin) meaning "winner". This name is associated with Ukrainian football player defender, Mykyta Burda.

20. Nazar (Hebrew origin) meaning "from Nazareth".

Unique Ukrainian Boys Names

Ukrainian names are known for their one of a kind nature.

Most of the time parents want some unique and different names for their baby boys. Here are some lists of some unique elegant Ukrainian boys names for your baby:

21. Anatoly meaning "sunrise". Anatoly Babko was a popular Ukrainian chemist.

23. Evgeny (Russian origin) meaning  "noble aristocrat". It is associated with popular Ukrainian composer Evgeny Khmara.

24. Evhen meaning "well-born". Evhen Tsybulenko is a Ukrainian born popular legal scholar, currently residing in Estonia.

25.Fadey (Christian origin) meaning "bold and brave".

26.Fadeyka (Christian origin) meaning "brave".

27.Fadeyushka (Christian origin) meaning" brave".

28.Hadeon (Greek origin) meaning "destroyer". This name is associated with the Hadeon studio album by Pestilence.

29.Lyaksandro (Christian origin) meaning "defender of man".

30.Matviyko (Christian origin) meaning "God's gift".

31.Nastasiya (Christian origin) meaning "rebirth".

32. Nikolai (Slavic origin) meaning "people's victory". Nikolai Gogol was a famous Russian author of Ukrainian origin. He is a major Russian novelist.

33. Orest (Greek origin) meaning "one who stands on the mountain".

34.Orynko (Christian origin) meaning "peace".

35.Ostap (Greek origin) meaning "steady". Ostap Semerak is a Ukrainian politician.

36.Pavlo (Ukrainian origin) meaning "small". It is known to be the Ukrainian form of Paul.

37.Vanko (Greek origin) meaning "God's gift".

38.Vasyklo (Greek origin) meaning "noble".

39.Yeva (Hebrew origin) meaning "life".

Traditional Ukrainian Boys Names

There are still many parents who prefer to give traditional names for their baby. Here we have enlisted some traditional strong Ukrainian boy names:

40. Antin (Roman origin) meaning "praise". Ukrainian cleric Antin Angelovych has this name.

41. Boyko (Greek origin) meaning "inhabitant".

42. Dmytro (Greek origin) meaning "in love with earth". This name is made popular by Ukrainian football player Dmytro Babenko.

43. Dymtrus (Christian origin) meaning "supplanted".

44. Faddei (Christian origin) meaning "brave".

45. Heorhiy (Greek origin) meaning "farmer". This name is associated with Heorhiy Narbut who was the most popular Ukrainian graphic designer of the 20th century.

46. Krystiyan (Christian origin) meaning "follower of Christ".

47.Maksym (Ukrainian origin) meaning "one who is great".

48.Marko (Green origin) meaning "warlike". Ukrainian military commander Marko Bezruchko is known by this name.

49.Maryska (Hebrew origin) meaning "bitter".

50.Matviy (Green origin) meaning "gift of God".

51.Mychajlo (Christian origin) meaning "God-like".

52.Mykhaltso (Christian origin) meaning "God-like".

53.Mykola (Greek origin) meaning "victory". This name is associated with Mykola Ivanovich Mikhnovsky who was a Ukrainian political leader.

54.Olek (Polish origin) meaning "defender". Oleksandr Valentynovych Turchynov is a Ukrainian politician. A famous Polish name and even can be used as a first name.

55.Olena (Ukrainian origin) meaning "divided second". This name is linked with famous Ukrainian opera singer Olena Muravyova.

56.Osip (Greek origin) meaning "God shall add".

57.Panas (Greek origin) meaning "immortal". Ukrainian writer Panas Myrny carries this name.

58. Petro (Greek origin) meaning "stone". A popular boy name.

59.Pylyp (Latin origin) meaning "horse love". Pylyp Orlyk was a Ukrainian hetman.

60.Seman (Greek origin) meaning "who listens to God".

61.Sergiy (Roman origin) meaning "protector". This name is related to Ukrainian professional tennis player Sergiy Eduardovych Stakhovsky.

62.Symon (Polish origin) meaning "who hears".

63.Taras (Greek origin) meaning "Tarentum". This name is made popular by Ukrainian football player Taras Chopik.

64.Vasyl (English origin) meaning "king".

65.Volodymye (Greek origin) meaning "famous ruler".

66.Yevhen (Ukrainian origin) meaning "well born". This name is associated with a popular professional football player in Ukraine Yevhen Bokhashvili.

67.Yevheniy (Christian origin) meaning "noble". This name is associated with Yevheniy Murayev who is a media owner in Ukraine.

68.Yure (Greek origin) meaning "farmer".

69.Yuri (Russian origin) meaning " farmer". It is a Ukrainian form of George. Yuri Kondratyuk is a famous Ukrainian mathematician and engineer.

Modern Ukrainian Boys Names

Revolutionary changes are seen in the world and in the names too by giving a modern touch.

Most parents want to give modern names for their baby which have proper meaning and which suit their baby. Here we have enlisted some modern Ukrainian names for your baby:

70.Basilla (Greek origin) meaning "royal".

71.Denys (Ukrainian origin) meaning "followers". This name is associated with Ukrainian football player Denys Aleksandrov.

72.Galyna (Greek origin) meaning "calmness".

73.Grigor (Latin origin) meaning "vigilant".

74.Illya (Hebrew origin) meaning "he is my god". Illya Marchenko is a great Ukrainian player and could be one of the great boy first names of a Ukraine boy.

75.Ivan (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift from God". Ivan Franko was a Ukrainian poet.

76.Kyrylo (Ukrainian origin) meaning "The Lord; God".

77.Leonid (Greek origin) meaning "lion-like". This name is made popular by Ukrain born Olympic medal winner soccer player, Leonid Buryak.

78.Leontiy (Greek origin) meaning "like lion".

79. Lev (Greek origin) meaning "lion; heart".

80.Lyubomyr (Slavic origin) meaning "love; peace". Ukrainian professional cyclist Lyubomyr Polatayko is known by this name.

81.Lyubov (Slavic origin) meaning "love".

82.Mykhailo (Ukrainian origin) meaning "like God". Ukrainian politician Mykhailo Hrushevsky has this name.

83.Oleksiy (Ukrainian origin) meaning  "defender". This name is related to Ukrainian politician Oleksiy Valeriyovych.

84.Oleksander (Ukrainian origin) meaning "defender". This name is associated with the famous professional football player of Ukraine Oleksandr Usykh.

85.Omelyan (Latin origin) meaning "from Aemilianus".

86.Petruso (Ukrainian origin) meaning "stone".

87.Roman (Russian origin) meaning "Rome". Ukrainian football player Roman Smishko made this name popular.

88.Rostyslav (Greek origin) meaning "to increase glory".

89.Ruslan (Russian origin) meaning "lion". This name is best associated by popular Ukrainian hockey player Ruslan Fedotenko.

90. Sydir (Ukrainian origin) meaning "gift of Isis". Sydir Artemovych Kovpak was a Soviet Ukrainian World War 1 and 2 veterans.

91.Serhiy (Latin origin) meaning "attendant; shepherd".

92. Svyatoslav (Russian origin) meaning "worshipping the light". Popular Ukrainian singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is known by this name.

93.Tomko (Ukrainian origin) meaning "son".

94.Tymofiy (Greek origin) meaning "son of Tymish".

95.Tymur (Mongol origin) meaning "iron". This name is linked with Ukrainian weightlifter Tymur Taymazov.

96.Trokhym (Ukrainian origin) meaning "citadel".

97.Vasylyna (Greek origin) meaning "queen".

98.Vladslav (Slavic origin) meaning "holding glory".

99.Volodymyr (Slavic origin) meaning "great power". Ukrainian football striker Volodymyr Barilko has this name.

100.Yakov (Ukrainian origin) meaning 'Seizing by the heel". Yakov Smirnoff is a Ukrainian-American comedian.

101.Yakiv (Ukrainian origin) meaning "supplanter".

102.Yevgheniy (Ukrainian origin) meaning "well-born". Yevgheniy Yenin is a Ukrainian diplomat.

103.Yosyo (Greek origin) meaning "shall add".

104.Yosyp (Ukrainian origin) meaning "God will add another son".

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