151 Creative Celtic Girl Names For Your Baby

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151 Creative Celtic Girl Names For Your Baby

Celtic names are very popular among Celts who are an Indo-European ethnolinguistic European group.

Celtic language and heritage are very famous among people living in regions like Europe, Danube, Rhine, and Duoro Rivers. Today, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular Celtic names for your baby girl, each with a distinct and beautiful meaning.

Celts were the European tribe that took over Europe in the Iron Age. They settled in the British Isles in the fourth and the second centuries B.C. Celtic names are unique, both in pronunciation and meaning.

The meaning of every noble name is different and unique from others. Along with their meanings, Celtic names can be difficult to pronounce.

Celtic names are used as unisex names, for both boys and girls. Celtic girl names are not only popular among the Celts but also in other countries. Each name represents the Celtic culture very well.

Most of the Celtic names for babies are a mixture of Irish, Gaelic, Welsh, and Scottish names. With their beautiful mystical vibe, these Celtic names catch people's attention.

The girl names can usually be different for a mother, wife, sister, or daughter. Here we have added some of the best, most popular, beautiful, and meaningful names you can consider for giving to your baby girl.

These Celtic girl names are categorised according to the most popular searches. It will help to find a suitable Celtic name for your newborn girl.

However, before you choose a popular baby name, twice the normal spelling; otherwise, the meaning of the name may be altered. After reading these pretty Celtic girl names and old Celtic girl names, do check our other articles on Celtic dog names and Irish girl names as well.

Ancient Celtic Girl Names

Ancient Celtic girl names are very popular among Celtic parents. There are many girl names taken from ancient times that have very deep and beautiful meanings.

Many parents are fond of Ancient Celtic names to name their to-be daughter. Here is a list of the most popular old Celtic girl names and their meanings that will suit your baby girl the most.

  • Abria (Celtic Irish, Hebrew origin) meaning 'strength or power', is a beautiful Irish name. 
  • Afric (Celtic Irish origin) meaning 'pleasant, agreeable, pleasing, and a woman from Africa'.
  • Aife (Celtic Gaelic origin) meaning 'beauty', also represents a great warrior woman of myth, and it is a variant of the noble name meaning 'Aoife'.
  • Alane (Celtic origin) meaning 'fair, little rock, and peace', is a short form for the English word 'Alana'.
  • Allana (Celtic Gaelic origin) meaning 'little rock, Harmony, and peace', is a Celtic variation for the word 'Alana' which means 'precious serene and depicts a fair maiden or beautiful maiden'.
  • Alley (Celtic origin) meaning 'little rock, harmony, and peace', is a variant form of the word 'Alana' which means ‘precious and serene’.
  • Avalina (Celtic Gaelic origin) meaning 'a beautiful bird who is filled with life and charm'. A Gaelic name version that truly means beauty.
  • Bara (Celtic Gaelic origin) meaning 'spear', is one of the popular girl names.
  • Bellicent (Celtic Gaelic origin) meaning 'bright women', is a variation of the name meaning or word Belenus a Celtic Sun God, and a feminine version of the name or word Brilliant.
  • Birgit (Celtic origin) meaning 'the strong one', is an original Viking name and is a derivative of several words like Birgitta, Birgitte, Brigitta, and others.
  • Briana (Celtic Irish origin) meaning 'a noblewoman who lives in the hills, is an Irish name.
  • Brianna (Celtic Irish origin) meaning 'a strong ascending woman'. An interesting name meaning.
  • Ciara (Celtic origin) meaning ‘dark, not fair, dim, or dusk’.
  • Crad (Celtic origin) meaning 'extremely adorable or loved', is a diminutive of the word 'Caradoc'.
  • Delia (Celtic origin) meaning 'an island where a goddess is born'.
  • Diva (Celtic origin) meaning 'a divine person who is beloved and beautiful'.
  • Eirin (Celtic origin) meaning ‘Irish woman who is dynamic and restless'.
  • Ereni (Celtic origin) meaning 'a peaceful woman', is one of the popular girls names.
  • Eula (Celtic origin) meaning 'good speaking, wealthy, gem of the sea, or sacred red'.
  • Gallia (Celtic origin) meaning 'irritation or wound', is one of the Gaelic girls names.
Celtic names for girls are derived from Old English.

Irish Celtic Girl Names

Irish Celtic baby names for girls are very popular among parents.The fascinating and exquisite meanings of Irish names perfectly express and describe your baby girl. You can name your daughter with amazing Irish Celtic baby names that describe her nature well.

Here is a list of the most popular Irish Celtic girl names with their meanings you will love to consider for your baby girl. Some of the names are of U.S. origin while others are of Irish origin.

  • Ailbhe (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'white or fair'.
  • Aine (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'radiance, splendor, brilliance', represents an Irish legend 'Aine' who was the queen of Muston fairies.
  • Aisling (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'dream or vision', is a Gaelic variation of the name or word 'aislinge'.
  • Aoife (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'beautiful, radiant, or joyful', is a Gaelic variation of the name or word 'aoibh' which means beauty or pleasure.
  • Blathnaid (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'flower or blossom', is an Irish version of the word Fluorescence which is derived from the Latin word Florentia which means 'blooming or blossom’.
  • Bronagh (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'sad or sorrowful', is an old Irish form.
  • Caoimhe (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'gentle, beautiful, and precious', is a Gaelic variation for the word 'Caomh'.
  • Caragh (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'friend or beloved'.
  • Cliodhna (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'Shapely'.
  • Clodagh (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'River Clodagh or Clody River', is a Celtic word form.
  • Dearbhla (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'true desire', 'Dearbh' depicts the truth whereas 'ela' represents loneliness or desire and it is an old Irish form of the name. 
  • Eabha (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'life', is an Irish derivative form of the word 'Eve'. It is a Celtic word form.
  • Etain (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'a beautiful young woman'.
  • Fiona (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'fair, white, beautiful', is a feminine version and spelling derivative of the word 'Fionn'.
  • Grainne (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'grain or corn', is an Irish spelling derivative form of the word 'Gran'.
  • Isuelt (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'mythological Irish warrior princess', is an old Irish form of the name.
  • Liandan (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'a grey lady', is an old Irish form of the name.
  • Mairead (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'pearl', is an Irish derivative form of Margaret.
  • Meabh (Irish Celtic origin) meaning ‘intoxicating', refers to the Irish legend Meabh who was a warrior queen of Connacht.
  • Meala (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'lightning'.
  • Muireann (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'as white and fair as the sea'.
  • Niamh (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'radiance, luster, and brightness', represents the daughter of Mananna, the God of Sea in Irish mythology.
  • Orla (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'golden princess or golden sovereign'. Both the sister and daughter of Brian Boru were named Orla.
  • Riona (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'queenly', is an Irish form for the word 'Rionach'.
  • Roisin (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'little rose', is a Celtic word.
  • Sadhbh (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'sweet, lovely, or wise'.
  • Shannon (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'wise river', comes from the Irish word ‘Sionainn’ and has many spelling variations.
  • Shauna (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'God is gracious'.
  • Sheelin (Irish Celtic origin) meaning 'the lake of the fairies'.

Unique Celtic Girl Names

There are several unique Celtic baby names from the legend you can give to your baby girls. First names and last names with Celtic heritage are most famous among parents. Here is a list of unique Celtic baby names for your baby girl along with some badass names. These Celtic girl names have certain beauty and grace.

  • Alula (Celtic origin) meaning 'embodied with celestial wisdom, dainty like a feather, full of richness'.
  • Arlene (Celtic origin) meaning 'oath, pledge, or the one who is like the oath of God'.
  • Avalina (Celtic origin) meaning 'the one who is full of charm'.
  • Avorlon (Celtic origin) meaning ‘a fruit who is found in paradise'.
  • Bodicca (Celtic origin) meaning 'a woman who is a great victor'.
  • Brea (Celtic origin) meaning 'Virtuous and as strong as the hill'.
  • Briaca (Celtic origin) meaning 'disputed', is a feminine or female form of the word 'Briac'.
  • Bryana (Celtic origin) meaning 'noble, strong, virtuous, hill, and a one who ascends'.
  • Celtic (Celtic origin) meaning 'an exotic musical name'.
  • Conwenna (Celtic origin) meaning 'one who is white, fair, and obsessed'.
  • Cutha (Celtic origin) meaning 'a comical person'.
  • Davan (Celtic origin) meaning 'a fascinating name'.
  • Deirdre (Celtic origin) meaning 'one who has a broken heart'.
  • Eislyn (Celtic origin) meaning 'dream, or a beautiful and pretty rose', is a pretty Celtic baby girl name.
  • Endellion (Celtic origin) meaning 'fire or soul'.
  • Erian (Celtic origin) meaning 'the one from Ireland'.
  • Ethylene (Celtic origin) meaning 'noble', is derived from an archaic old English word.
  • Gilda (German, Gothic, Celtic origin) meaning 'sacrifice, tribute, and who serves to god'.
  • Glema (Celtic origin) meaning 'glen or valley'.
  • Glencora (Celtic origin) meaning 'lady of the valley or heart of the valley'.
  • Glennis (Celtic, Gaelic origin) meaning 'glen or valley'.
  • Glynnes (Celtic origin) meaning 'good', is a feminine word.
  • Gusty (Celtic origin) meaning 'staff of good or person who is part of the group who serves the god'.
  • Gylnn (Celtic origin) meaning 'fair'.
  • Hashna (Celtic origin) meaning 'happiness or savior'.
  • Imogen (Celtic origin) meaning 'Maiden'.
  • Jena (Celtic origin) meaning 'lady of people, tribal woman or little bird', is a variation of the word 'Jina' which means virgin in Latin.
  • Jenavieve (Celtic origin) meaning 'a running competition for women (female)'.
  • Jeneva (Celtic origin) meaning 'a woman who participates in the running competition'.
  • Jenna (Celtic origin) meaning 'lady of people, tribal woman, or little bird', is a form of the word Jina which means elegant and graceful.

Beautiful Celtic Girl Names

There are some of the Celtic girl names for babies that are really pretty to give to your daughters. These Celtic names describe your little princess very well.

Many Celtic parents love to name their baby girls with the most beautiful Celtic names because of the amazing meanings they have. Here is a list of some of the beautiful Celtic girl names which you would love to consider for your daughter:

  • Kaasi (Celtic origin) meaning 'a holy city'.
  • Kaca (Celtic origin) meaning 'descendant of the Vigilant one'.
  • Kaileigh (Celtic origin) meaning 'dance or gathering'.
  • Kaillie (Celtic origin) meaning 'Church or Monastery'.
  • Kandra (Celtic origin) meaning 'Greatest Champion', is taken from a Sanskrit word that means moonshine.
  • Karstyn (Celtic origin) meaning 'mossy place'.
  • Katell (Celtic origin) meaning 'pure'.
  • Keir (Celtic origin) meaning 'a dark-haired or a dark-skinned girl'.
  • Kelci (Celtic origin) meaning 'a ship of victory'.
  • Lanis (Celtic origin) meaning 'little rock and the one who is peaceful'.
  • Mackenna (Celtic origin) meaning 'son of Kenneth, or son of Coinneach'.
  • Maetta (Celtic origin) meaning 'one who is dedicated to god mars'.
  • Mariel (Celtic origin) meaning 'a sea bright person'.
  • Mearna (Celtic origin) meaning 'a woman of tender character'.
  • Merlyn (Celtic origin) meaning 'fortification of the highest place'.
  • Morgance (Celtic origin) meaning 'sea, edge, circle, completion, bright, water sea dweller, great and bright'.
  • Nareena (Celtic origin) meaning 'Refraining from acting', is a female Celtic word.
  • Neely (Celtic origin) meaning 'the great champion of the nation'.
  • Nevina (Celtic origin) meaning 'the one who praises the saint', refers to the praises for saints.
  • Nia (Celtic origin) meaning 'illumination, prettiness, and dedication'.
  • Pirjo (Celtic origin) meaning 'escalated one, strong and protective', is an Old Norse form of the word 'Birgit' which means to help.
  • Pirkko (Celtic origin) meaning 'exalted one, strongest and protective'.
  • Ragan (Celtic origin) meaning 'little ruler, kingly’, is a variant of the word 'Regan'.
  • Rhianna (Celtic origin) meaning 'great queen', is a descendant variant of the word 'Rian'.
  • Riannon (Celtic origin) meaning 'a skillful and great queen'.
  • Riona (Celtic origin) meaning 'queen', is a variant of the word 'Riena'.
  • Ronat (Celtic origin) meaning 'resembling a seal'.
  • Rosmerta (Celtic origin) meaning 'a goddess of fertility and abundance'.
  • Sadb (Celtic origin) meaning 'a sweet and good person'.
  • Samus (Celtic origin) meaning 'a person who supplants'.

Popular Celtic Girl Names

Celtic names or Galeic names as a first name are very popular among parents, the same will be the case for a Gaelic or Irish name.They love to name their angels like daughters with many popular and modern Celtic first names that have deep hidden meanings. Every parent wants their daughters to represent the meaning of their names well.

These Celtic baby girl names will help your girl build a strong and respectable demeanour. Here is a list of the most popular baby names for your sweet little girl.

  • Enid (Celtic origin) meaning 'spirit'.
  • Caitlin (Celtic origin) meaning 'something pure', is an Irish derivative form of the word Catherine.
  • Tara (Celtic origin) meaning 'distinction', is a short form of the word 'Teamhair'.
  • Ferelith (Celtic origin) meaning 'true sovereignty'.
  • Saoirsa (Celtic origin) meaning 'freedom'.
  • Andromeda (Celtic origin) meaning 'a one who is the leader of men'.
  • Orlagh (Celtic origin) meaning 'a golden princess'.
  • Ottilie (Celtic origin) meaning 'prosperous'.
  • Aggie (Celtic origin) meaning 'a strong queen'.
  • Erin (Celtic origin) meaning 'Matron goddess of Ireland'.
  • Shailey (Celtic origin) meaning 'a woman who is admirable'.
  • Shona (Celtic origin) meaning 'fem', is a female form of the word ‘John’.
  • Tahra (Celtic origin) meaning 'planet where we live, the Earth'.
  • Tarai (Celtic origin) meaning 'hill'.
  • Tege (Celtic origin) meaning 'a pretty little thing'.
  • Thames (Celtic origin) meaning 'a dark one', is also a river in England.
  • Terin (Celtic origin) meaning 'strong woman, a warrior', is a variant form of the word 'Eirn'.
  • Tiona (Celtic origin) meaning 'a fairy queen or a deity'. A beautiful baby name.
  • Tristan (Celtic origin) meaning 'noise or sorrowful'.
  • Zenevieva (Celtic origin) meaning 'a white wave'.
  • Tristana (Celtic origin) meaning 'the one who is sad or sorrowful'.
  • Torrin (Celtic origin) meaning 'the one who is from the craggy hills'.
  • Teranika (Celtic origin) meaning 'victory of the Earth'.
  • Shaunna (Celtic origin) meaning 'a god’s gift'.
  • Tenille (Celtic origin) meaning 'a one who brings light'.

Short Celtic Girl Names

Many parents prefer short and easy names to give to their girl child. There are many short Celtic girl names you can give to your beautiful little girl.

These short and beautiful Celtic names for a female give a deep and unique meaning to your daughter’s presence. Here is a list of the greatest Short Celtic girl names for you to look over and decide which one best suits your daughter.

Their meaning and origin are also provided so that you may read and comprehend the word's literal meaning as well as the form from which the name was derived. Take a look at the list and pick the perfect Celtic baby name for your princess.

  • Evelyn (Celtic origin) meaning 'life or light'.
  • Alys (Celtic origin) meaning 'a popular person', is a variant form of the word 'Alice'.
  • Birgit (Celtic origin) meaning 'a strong one', is a variant form of the word 'bergit'.
  • Cinnia (Celtic origin) meaning 'beauty and honor'.
  • Erie (Irish, Celtic origin) meaning 'the one from Ireland'.
  • Iona (Scottish, Gaelic, Celtic origin) meaning 'the one who loves nature'.
  • Keela (Celtic origin) meaning 'Slender', is a variant form of the word 'Cadhla'.
  • Keely (Celtic origin) meaning 'a town in Northern Ireland'.
  • Locryn (Celtic origin) meaning 'something unique'.
  • Mab (Celtic origin) meaning 'a joyful person'.
  • Mavie (Celtic origin) meaning 'a charming person'.
  • Marina (Celtic origin) meaning 'a confident girl'.
  • Nara (Celtic origin) meaning 'a happy and joyful soul'.
  • Nareen (Celtic origin) meaning 'a one to be honored and respected'.
  • Pandra (Celtic origin) meaning 'chief dragon'.
  • Zinerva (Celtic origin) meaning 'the one who loves magic, or a magically beautiful soul'.

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