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100 Best Celestial Names Related To Stars, Space, And Astronomy

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Parents want their children to stand out and so, they often want to go for out-of-this-world names.

After venturing into space, we have named many of the heavenly bodies in the known universe. These names are taken from Greek Gods or ancient scientists, and even popular myths.

Hence, most celestial baby names have mystical meanings to them. Celestial bodies are objects present in the sky or space like planets, stars, other galaxies, etc. So, you might want to choose perfect star names for girls or Greek god names for boys. We have curated a list of 100 such marvelous names along with their meanings and origins to make your search easier. Choose your favorite baby name like Altair or Alpha or go for Gemini or Lupus, which are names of star groups. We also list names of constellations which are quite popular for baby names.

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Celestial Girl Names

A little girl wearing an astronaut costume

A celestial name for your baby girl can make her feel like she's part of something greater than herself. Choose from some classic, stylish names that will be a perfect match for your little princess:

1.Alpha (Greek Origin) meaning 'the firstborn'. This is also the name of our closest star system, Alpha Centauri.

2.Ariel (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'lion of God'. This is a fairly famous name in Disney Movie and books after The Little Mermaid.

3.Artemis (Greek Origin) meaning 'goddess of the moon'. This name is associated with Artemis Fowl, a novel written by Eoin Colfer.

4.Atria (Persian Origin) meaning 'brightness' and is also a star from the Triangulum Australe constellation.

5.Aurora (Latin Origin) meaning 'dawn' is a Latin name usually associated with the Disney Movie princess for The Sleeping Beauty.

6.Bianca (Italian Origin) meaning 'white'. It is also the name of the moon of Uranus.

7.Callisto (Greek Origin) meaning 'most beautiful' is also the name of Jupiter's moon.

8.Capella (Roman Origin) meaning 'eleventh brightest star'.

9.Celeste (Latin Origin) meaning  'heavenly'. The word is used in different variations like Celestina, Celestine, and Celestial.

10.Cordelia (Latin, Celtic Origin) meaning 'daughter of the sea'. This is also the name of the moon of Uranus.

11.Cressida (Greek Origin) meaning “gold”. According to Greek mythology, Cressida was the lover of the Trojan prince.

12.Cygni (Scandinavian Origin) meaning 'swan'. It is the star from the constellation Cygnus.

13.Danica (Slavic Origin) meaning 'morning star'.

14.Diana (Roman Origin) refers to 'the Roman goddess of the moon'.

15.Estela (Spanish Origin) means 'star', and is used in different variations like Esté or Estrella.

16.Julia (Latin Origin) meaning 'Youthful'. Julia Roberts is named after this word.

17.Juliet (Latin Origin) meaning youthful' is a variation of Julia. This is the name of one of Uranus’ moons and is famously known for the Shakespearean play named Romeo & Juliet.

18.Juno  (Latin Origin) meaning 'queen of heavens'. The Roman goddess of marriage and love as well.

19.Kamaria (Swahili, Persian Origin) meaning 'moonlight, moon'.

20.Leda (Greek Origin) mythology meaning 'great beauty and the mother of Helen of Troy'.

21.Libra (Greek Origin) meaning 'scales, balance'. It is also commonly associated with one of the 12 zodiac signs.

22.Luna (Latin Origin) meaning 'moon'.

23.Miranda (Latin Origin) meaning 'marvelous'. The name of a moon of Uranus.

24.Nova (Latin Origin) meaning 'new'. The name is often used to describe the bright star.

25.Ophelia (Greek Origin) meaning 'help'. The name of one of the moons of Uranus.

26.Pandora (Greek Origin) meaning “all gifted'. Commonly associated with the Pandora's box from Greek mythology.

27.Portia (Latin Origin) meaning 'doorway', is also the name of Uranus’ moon.

28.Rory (Latin Origin) meaning 'dawn', is also a variation for the name 'Aurora'.

29.Roxana (Persian Origin) meaning 'dawn' or 'little star' and has different variations like Roxanne or Roxane.

30.Shaula (Arabic Origin) meaning 'raised tail'. This name also refers to a star in Scorpio.

31.Stella (Latin Origin) meaning 'star'.

32.Thalassa (Greek Origin) meaning 'spirit of the sea'. According to Greek mythology, Thalassa is sometimes considered the mother of Aphrodite.

33.Venus (Roman Origin) meaning the 'Roman goddess of love' and is also the second planet from the sun in our Solar system.

34.Vega (Arabic Origin) meaning 'swooping eagle'. This name is associated with a star name in the Lyra constellation.

35.Zaniah (Arabic Origin) meaning 'corner'. It is also a star in the Virgo constellation.

Celestial Boy Names

You can choose from some beautiful and heavenly names for your baby boy. Gods from Roman mythology to mighty heroes, select the perfect  name for your baby boy:

36.Aten (Egyptian Origin) name means 'disc of the day'.

37.Atlas (Greek Origin) meaning 'Support, Prop'. Atlas is the name of the Titan God who held the sky.

38.Aquila (Latin Origin) meaning 'eagle' is a name of the star.

39.Badar (Arabic Origin) meaning 'full moon'.

40.Castor (Greek Origin) meaning 'beaver. One of the twins from the constellation of Gemini.

41.Ciro (Italian Origin) meaning 'sun', It is a variation of the name Cyrus.

42.Columba (Latin Origin) meaning 'dove'.

43.Comet (Word name) meaning 'long-haired star'.

44.Cyrus (Persian Origin) meaning 'sun'.

45.Eros (Greek Origin) meaning 'love'. The name refers to the Greek God of Love and is also known as an asteroid.

46.Elio (Italian, Spanish Origin) meaning 'Greek god of the sun'.

47.Freyr (Norse Origin) meaning 'god of weather'.

48.Hercules (Latin Origin) meaning 'glorious gift'. According to Greek mythology, the name Herakles was taken by the mighty warrior.

49.Holmes (English Origin) meaning "from the island in the river" This name is associated with a periodic comet.

50.Jovian (Slavic Origin) meaning 'Jove-like'. This is the term derived from the planet Jupiter.

51.Jupiter (Roman Origin) name of the 'Roman god of thunder'. It is also commonly known as the fifth planet from the Sun.

52.Mars (Roman Origin) meaning the 'Roman god of war' and is commonly known as the fourth planet from the sun.

53.Mercurius (Biblical Origin) meaning 'an orator'. The name is a variation for planet Mercury.

54.Oberon (German Origin) meaning 'noble bear'. Oberon is one of Uranus' moons.

55.Orpheus (Greek Origin) refers to ' an asteroid and a space telescope'. Orpheus is a famous character from Greek mythology.

56.Pegasus (Greek Origin) meaning 'winged horse'. This name is associated with a mythical creature from mythology.

57.Perseus (Greek origin) meaning 'the Greek hero'. The name comes from the son of Zeus and a character that beheaded antagonistic characters like Gorgon and Medusa.

58.Ravi (Sanskrit Origin) meaning 'sun'.

59.Rigel (Arabic Origin) meaning 'giant superstar'.

60.Sabik (Arabic Origin) meaning 'one who comes in first'. It is also a star in Ophiuchus.

61.Samson (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'sun'.

62.Saturn (Roman Origin) name of the 'Roman god of agriculture' in Roman mythology and is commonly known as the sixth planet from the sun.

63.Sirius (Greek, Latin Origin) meaning 'burning or 'brightest star' and is associated with the character named Sirius Black in the 'Harry Potter' movies.

64.Sol (Spanish Origin) meaning 'sun'. This name has Hebrew roots as well, meaning 'peace'.

Gender Neutral Celestial Names

3d illustration of a tiny rocket flying

Unisex names are a great choice for a baby name in today's age. Here are some unisex space names:

65.Addison (Old English Origin) meaning 'child of Adam'.

66.Angel (Greek Origin) meaning 'god's messenger'.

67.Avery (Old English Origin) meaning 'Ruler of elves'.

68.Ceres (Greek Origin) meaning 'goddess of the corn' is also used as a name for baby boys. Cerys, a similar name, is a character in the game, Witcher 3.

69.Dylan (Wales Origin) meaning 'son or daughter of the sea'. Bob Dylan is a famous Nobel Prize-winning songwriter and singer.

70.Eden (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'paradise'.

71.Hoku (Hawaiian Origin) name means 'star'.

72.Jaden (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'whom God has judged, heard'.

73.Meridian (American Origin) meaning 'highest point'. It is also considered as an imaginary north-south line.

74.Micah (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'who is like god'.

75.Phoebe (Greek Origin) meaning 'one of Saturn’s moons'. According to Greek mythology, Phoebe was one of the Greek titans.

76.Vesper (Latin Origin) meaning 'evening star'.

Constellation Names For Your Baby

A list of names derived from constellations makes some really good baby names. Here are some 'starry' names for your baby:

77.Andromeda (Greek Origin) mythology meaning  'a woman turned into a constellation'. This is now considered as the name of an entire solar system.

78.Ara (Greek Origin) meaning 'the altar'.

79.Auriga (Latin Origin) meaning ' charioteer' is one of the modern 88 constellations.

80.Cassiopeia (Latin Origin) meaning 'the queen.'

81.Cepheus (Greek Origin) meaning 'the king' represents the King Cepheus of Aethiopia (Egypt).

82.Cygnus (Latin, Greek Origin) meaning 'the swan'.

83.Dorado (Dutch Origin) meaning 'dolphin fish'. This name was given to the constellation created by the Dutch explorers.

84.Draco (Greek and Latin origin) meaning 'Dragon' is also the name of a constellation. Associated with the character Draco Malfoy in the 'Harry Potter' movies.

85.Eldorado (Spanish Origin) meaning 'the golden man'. It is also considered as a mythical place from South America.

86.Gemini(Latin Origin) meaning 'the twins'. This name is not just a constellation of brightest stars but also associated with the 12 zodiac signs.

87.Hydrus (Latin Origin) meaning 'the male water snake'.

88.Isaac (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'laughing'. This name was taken by Sir Isaac Newton who discovered gravity.

89.Leo (Latin Origin) meaning 'lion'. The name of a constellation and is used in one of the 12 zodiac signs.

90.Lupus (Latin Origin) name means 'wolf'. It is the name of the constellation.

91.Lyra (Greek Origin) meaning 'a harp-like instrument'. According to Greek mythology, it is also a name associated with the lyre-shaped constellation within Orpheus.

92.Mensa (Latin, Sikh Origin) name means 'table mountain, wish'.

93.Nicolaus (Greek Origin) meaning 'people's victory' follows the name of the famous astrologer who discovered the earth rotates around the sun.

94.Orion (Greek Origin) meaning 'mythological hunter'. It is also associated with the 'Orion belt or Orion constellation' as one of the most recognizable constellations.

95.Phoenix (Greek Origin) meaning 'dark red', is usually associated with the mythical creature - a firebird who symbolizes rebirth.

96.Sagitta (Latin Origin) meaning 'arrow'. This name is not the same as Sagittarius which means an archer.

97.Taurus (Latin Origin) meaning 'bull-like' is also a constellation and is usually associated with one of the zodiacs.

98.Ursa (Latin Origin) meaning 'little bear'. It is also the name of two major constellations: Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.

99.Virgo (Latin Origin) meaning 'virgin' is a Unisex name taken by both boy and girl. It is also a constellation with a zodiac sign by its name.  

100.Zodiac (Latin, Greek Origin) meaning 'cycle or circle of little animals'. The name means set of a constellation as well as sun signs.

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