Space Jokes That Are Out Of This World

Natalie Rayworth
Dec 12, 2023 By Natalie Rayworth
Originally Published on Jun 16, 2020
Playing in space

Jokes are some of the best ways to keep children entertained and see a smile on their faces. And what is better than funny space jokes?

Here's a list of 50 of our favourite jokes about space covering planet jokes, star jokes and alien jokes that you can share with your children for some hilarious family-friendly entertainment!

1) Q. What do Aliens drink when it's chilly outside?

A. Gravi-TEA

2) Q. Why did Mickey Mouse go to space?

A. To look for Pluto.

3) Q. How do parent aliens get their children to sleep?

A. They rocket.

4) Q. What songs do the planets listen to?

A. Neptunes.

5) Q. Why did the cow visit outer space?

A. To see the moooon.

6) Q. What do Martians use to support their teacups?

A. Flying saucers.

7) Q. What did the alien wear to the birthday party?

A. A spacesuit.

8) Q. Where do aliens go to study?

A. Universe-ity.

9) Q. What type of chocolate does an astronaut eat?

A. A Mars bar.

10) Q. What's an astronaut's favourite key on the keyboard?

A. The space bar.

11) Q. Why did the sun go to school?

A. To get brighter.

12) Q. What do planets like to read?

A. Comet books.

13) Q. How do you know when the moon has had enough to eat?

A. When it's full.

14) Q. Why don't astronauts like the space bar?

A. There's no atmosphere.

15) Q. What did Mars say to Saturn?

A. Give me a ring sometime.

16) Q. Where do astronauts keep their food?

A. In a launch box.

17) Q. What's loud, crunchy and goes to space?

A. A rocket chip!

18) Q. How does the moon hold up its trousers?

A. With an asteroid belt.

19) Q. What do aliens use to measure things?

A. A meteor stick.

20) Q. How do aliens pay for coffee?

A. With star bucks.

21) Q. What did the humans think of the alien birthday party?

A. It was out of this world.

22) Q. What did one astronaut say to the other?

A. Give me some space.

23) Q. What is an aliens favourite social media?

A. Space book!

24) Q. What do you call a planet that tastes like citrus?

A. Le-moon.

25) Q. Why didn't the astronaut know what he had for dinner?

A. It was an unidentified frying object.

26) Q. Why did the astronaut have difficulty focusing?

A. He was too spacey.

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27) Q. How do you throw a party on space?

A. You planet!

28) Q. What did the moon say to the sun?

A. You look a little hot.

29) Q. What chewing gum do planets eat?

A. Orbit.

30) Q. What snack do aliens love?

A. Martianmallows.

31) Q. What are aliens favourite cartoons?

A. The Lunar tunes.

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32) Q. What do grandad's teeth and stars have in common?

A. They come out at night.

33) Q. What happened when the rocket lost its job?

A. It got fired.

34) Q. What did one alien painter say to the other?

A. Take me to your ladder.

35) Q. Why does everyone like the planet Saturn?

A. It has a nice ring to it.

36) Q. What did the astronaut look for when he landed on the moon?

A. A parking meteor.

37) Q. Why didn't the sun go to college?

A. It already had a million degrees.

38) Q. How do you know when the moon has lost its money?

A. When it's down to its last quarter.

39) Q. What did the astronaut say when he bumped into the moon?

A. I Apollo-gise.

40) Q. What do you call something from outer space that is really really slow?

A. Snailiens.

41) Q. What happens when astronauts are naughty?

A. They get grounded.

42) Q. What comes from outer space and does magic tricks?

A. A flying sorcerer.

43) Q. Why didn't the alien eat the clown?

A. It tasted too funny.

44) Q. What should you do when you see a spaceman?

A. Park in it!

45) Q. What is another name for a cashew on a spaceship?

A. An astro-nut.

46) Q. Why isn't the astronaut hungry?

A. They just had a big launch.

47) Q. Why do astronauts not keep their jobs for very long?

A. Because as soon as they start, they get fired.

48) Q. Why haven't aliens visited our solar system yet?

A. The reviews only had one star.

49) Q. What did the aliens say when the moon was grumpy?

A. It's just a phase.

50) Q. How does a spaceman get a haircut?

A. Eclipse it.

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