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100+ Best Chinese Dog Names

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Dogs are considered the most loyal friend of a man.

One of the earliest animals to have been domesticated, dogs have been with humans since time immemorial. Faithfulness and loyalty are the two most typical traits that go with a dog.

Numerous types of dog breeds are found on earth. And each of them deserves the very best of names. Chinese names are unique, funny, as well as classy. So Chinese names can be perfect for your doggo. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best Chinese names for dogs. Go through the list and choose an excellent name for your little dog. We are sure he's/she's going to love it.

If you are interested in reading about more dog names, then give these articles a read too Korean Dog Names and Japanese Dog Names.

Best Male Chinese Dog Names

If you are looking for Chinese boy dog names for your dog, then why not opt for the best names that are present? Enlisted below are some of the best Chinese male dog names which you can give to your pet.

1. Changing meaning "forever bright".

2. Chaoxiang means "to expect a fortune".

3. Chen Gong meaning "great success".

4. Chen means "great". Chen Xiao is a Chinese model, as well as an actor.

5. Cheung meaning "good luck". Cheung Chi Doy is a former professional soccer player who represented his nation at an international level. He was also the first-ever Asian soccer player to play in Europe.

6. Dao means "a knife or a sword".

7. Dingxiang meaning "stability and fortune".

8. Fu Han meaning "a broad-minded person".

9. Heng meaning "eternal". Heng Swee Keat is a Singaporean politician who is currently the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of the nation.

10. Huan meaning "happiness".

11. Hui meaning "splendor". Hui is a South Korean singer and songwriter.

12. Ji means "lucky".

13. Junjie means "handsome and outstanding". This can be a good name for Chinese breeds of dog.

14. Lei meaning "the thunder". Lei Jun is a famous Chinese entrepreneur and business tycoon who co-founded Xiaomi.

15. Liang meaning "good and excellent". Liang Chen is a former Chinese tennis player.

16. Ling meaning "compassion or understanding". Long Xiao Su is a Chinese actor.

17. Lok meaning "happiness".

18. Long meaning " a fearful dragon".

19. Longwei means "greatness of a dragon". This can be one such perfect name for any Chinese dog breed.

20. Ming-Hua meaning "brilliant or elite".

21. Ping meaning "stable".

22. Quan meaning "a freshwater spring". Quan Yi Fong is a Singaporian comedian and actress.

23. Quon meaning "bright".

24. Weisheng means "greatness is born".

25. Weizhe meaning "a great sage".

26. Xin meaning "new". Xin Xhui, aka Lady Dai or Marquise of Dai, was the wife of Li Cang, Chancellor of Changsha Kingdom of Ancient China.

27. Yongrui means "someone who is forever lucky".

Best Female Chinese Dog Names

Female Chinese dogs are cute and cool, and they too deserve the very best of Chinese girl dog names. Here are some of the finest Chinese female dog names.

28. Ai meaning "loving".

29. Chun Hua means "a spring flower".

30. Chynna meaning "a fine porcelain".

31. Dong Mei meaning "a winter plum".

32. Fang meaning "fragrant". Fang Fang is a famous and award-winning Chin writer.

33. Hua means "a flower". Hua Mulan was a famous Chinese military officer. Her life's story is vividly depicted in the Disney Princess movie 'Mulan'.

34. Jia means "beautiful". Jia Qing is a famous TV actress and singer.

35. Jun meaning "someone who is truthful and obedient".

36. Lee means "a plum". These kinds of Chinese names for dogs are perfect for all Chinese dog breeds.

37. Lian meaning "something that is dainty and delicate".

38. Lin meaning "a beautiful jade". Lin Yun is a Chinese actress.

39. Luliv means "a dewy jasmine".

40. Mei meaning "a beautiful flower or something that is gorgeous". Mei Lin is a Chinese-American chef, as well as a TV personality.

41. Meiying meaning "a beautiful flower".

42. Mingmei means "bright and beautiful".

43. Nuan meaning "affectionate".

44. Saying means "a star''.

45. Shu means "warm-hearted". This Chinese name is the coolest dog name.

46. Xiaolian means "a little lotus". These kinds of Chinese names for dogs are great for any Chinese dog breeds.

47. Xue meaning "snow".

48. Yue means "the moon". Princess Yue is a fictional character in the famous cartoon series "Avatar - The Last Airbender".

49. Yuming meaning "a jade brightness".

50. Zhen means "chaste".

51. Zhenzhen means "precious".

52. Zi means "something that is beautiful".

Cool Chinese Dog Names

Chinese names for pets vary according to many reasons.

Dogs are fun-loving creatures, and it would be immensely great if a funny given name can be one of the cool names for your dog. Here right below are some of the coolest Chinese dog names that you can give your pet.

53. Ah Lam (F) meaning "peace".

54. (F) meaning "loving and caring".

55. An (M/F) meaning "pace or peaceful".

56. Chong (M) meaning "powerful". This Chinese name is one of the coolest dog names.

57. Chung (M) meaning "wise one".

58. Gan (M) meaning "bold or brave".

59. Han (M) meaning "a brave dog". Han Jian was a famous Chinese badminton player.

60. Hao (M) meaning "smart or clever dogs". Hao Haidong is a former Chinese international soccer player.

61. Hong Li (M) meaning "a dog with great strength".

62. Huiling (F) meaning "wise jade tinkling".

63. Huiqing (F) meaning "someone who is kind and affectionate".

64. Huizhong (F) meaning "who is wise and loyal".

65. Jiao (F) meaning "charming". Jiao Junyan is a popular Chinese actress.

66. Jie-Rui (M) meaning "quick-minded".

67. Kai (M) meaning "victorious".

68. Ken-Zhi (M) meaning "earnest".

69. Kuai (M) meaning "quick-minded, fast, or clever".

70. Minzhe (M) meaning "sensitive and wise". Minzhe is a good name for Chinese lap dogs.

71. Qiao (F) meaning "skillful". Qiao Xin is a famous Chinese actress.

72. Quiang (M) meaning "strong".

73. Shilin (M) meaning "intellectual or smart".

74. Shu (F) meaning "kind and gentle". This Chinese name is one of the coolest.

75. Xueyou (M) meaning "studious and friendly".

76. Ying (F) meaning "clever". Ying Er is a famous Chinese actress.

77. Yingzie (M) meaning "brave and heroic".

Fancy Chinese Names For Dogs

Classy and fancy are two words that revolve around dogs. Fancy Chinese dog names for your pet sound cool and add a subtle class to it.

78. Bai means "a thing that is pure". Bai Lu is a Chinese actress.

79. meaning "something that is big".

80. Fáñg meaning "beautiful". Chinese pet name like this is one of the best Asian dog names.

81. Gengi meaning "golden".

82. Jin "gold" is the meaning of this name. Jin Han is a Chinese actor and singer.

83. Jun meaning "handsome".

84. Lan meaning "elegant". Lan Yingying is a famous Chinese actress. Lan is one of the common Chinese names.

85. Mei meaning "pretty".

86. Na meaning "graceful".

87. Wei meaning "tall and robust".

88. Xun meaning "fast". Xun Kuang was a Chinese philosopher and writer.

Elegant And Perfect Chinese Dog Names

Life is exceptionally dull without a pinch of elegance in anything. To stir and spice things up a notch, here are some of the most elegant Chinese names that you can call your puppy.

89. Gang (M) meaning "strength".

90. Jian (M) meaning "healthy". Jian is one of the common Chinese names.

91. Ming-tun (M) meaning "intelligent or heavy".

92. Shan (M) meaning "a mountain".

93. Xiaobo (M) meaning "a little wrestler". This Chinese name is perfect for a Chinese small dog.

Unique And Rare Chinese Dog Names

Chinese pet names can be a very good choice for your pet.

Unique and rarity are two words that are often looked out for regarding (dog) names. Choose some Chinese names from below for your dogs to make it precious.

94. Cai (M) meaning "colorful". Cai Xukun is a famous multi-talented artist. He is a singer, songwriter, dancer, rapper as well as an actor.

95. Chang (M/F) meaning "sunlight". Chang was a character in Herge's famous comic 'Tintin'. Chang was a good friend of Tinting and appeared in 2 stories, 'The Adventures of Blue Lotus' and 'Tintin in Tibet'.

96. Dai (F) meaning "dark". Dai Meng is a Chinese Idol singer.

97. Huang (M) meaning "yellow". Huang Bo is a Chinese actor and singer.

98. Jíñ (M) meaning "golden yellow". This name can be perfect as Chinese dog names for Shih Tzu.

99. Líáng (M) meaning "bright".

100. Manchu (M) meaning "pure".

101. Quing (M) meaning "dark blue".

102. Shun (M) meaning "smooth". This dog's name is perfect for a Shar-Pei dog name.

103. Tao (F) meaning "a peach".

104. Xúe (F) meaning "hail".

105. Yang (F) meaning "the sun". Yang Zishan is a Chinese actress.

Beautiful And Attractive Chinese Dog Names

Dogs are attractive animals, and they equally deserve some attractive names. Enlisted below are some of the most beautiful and attractive Chinese names for your dog.

106. Bao meaning "jewel or something very precious". Bao Bei'er is a Chinese actor.

107. Boba meaning "a sweet Taiwanese tea". Boba Tea is very famous among the millennials.

108. Chén means "the morning".

109. Chun means "the season of spring". Chun Woo-Hee is a South Korean actor.

110. Di Di meaning "a little brother".

111. meaning "a lotus".

112. Hai meaning "the sea". Hai is a good Shar-Pei dog name.

113. meaning "a river".

114. Húa means "a blossom".

115. Jíá meaning "a family".

116. Jiaozi meaning "a dumpling".

117. Li Ming meaning "a beautiful light".

118. Lín meaning "a gem". Lin is one of the common Chinese names.

119. Líng meaning "a soul or a bell".

120. Mei Mei meaning "a little sister".

121. Qiu meaning "the season of autumn". Qiu Xiaolong is a famous poet, novelist, and academic critic.

122. Xià meaning "the summer season".

123. Xiáng meaning "good luck".

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