150+ Most Popular Shih Tzu Puppy Names

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Shih Tzus are a toy dog breed that came from Tibet.

Shih Tzu dogs are peace-loving affectionate kind of dogs. They don't guard or hunt or are not in any way scary.

The lifespan of a Shih Tzu dog is about 10 to 16 years. As they mature very quickly, Shih Tzu puppies reach their adult size and stop being a puppy when they're about 10 months old.

At about 7, a Shih Tzu dog borders on seniority. They're the kind of dogs who won't let you ignore them. So, here's the list of some perfect Shih Tzu names for your Shih Tzu dog.

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Male Shih Tzu Names

If you're looking for male Shih Tzu names for your new Shih Tzu, here's the list of some of the best boy Shih Tzu names for your puppy.

1. Alfie (Old English origin), means "wise counselor".

2. Barkley (English origin), means "birch valley, birch tree meadow".

3. Blue (English origin), it's the name of a color. It also colloquially means 'sad'.

4. Brody (Scottish origin), means "a Scottish castle". One of the great names for Shih Tzu puppies.

5. Buddy (English origin) means "friend". Buddy American was an American musician and pioneer of Rock and Roll.

6. Chance (English origin) means "food fortune". Chance is an American rapper.

7. Charlie (English origin) means "freeman". Charlie Chaplin was one of the greatest comedy actors of all time.

8. Chewie refers to a dog that likes chewing.

9. Cooper (English origin) means "barrel maker.

10. Ernie (German origin) means "Earnest or serious". Ernie Shaver is an American professional boxer. Shih Tzu dog's names like Ernie are elegant.

11. Fergus (Gaelic origin) means "the angry one". Fergus Hume was a famous English novelist.

12. Finn (Irish origin) means "white or fair". Finn Balor is a British professional wrestler who performs in WWE.

13. Frankie (American origin) means "free or truthful". Frankie Edgar, an American mixed martial artist.

14. Gizmo (American origin) means "a gadget". Among the cool Shih Tzu dogs names.

15. Hank (American origin) means "ruler of the home". Hank Williams was a famous American musician.

16. Henry (German origin) means "ruler". King Henry VIII was a great ruler. Shih Tzu boy names like these are beautiful.

17. Jack (English origin) means "God is gracious". Jack Ma is a Chinese business tycoon and the CEO of the Alibaba group.

18. Jax (American origin) means "son of Jack". Jax Taylor is an American model and actor.

19. Leo (Greek origin) means "lion". Leo Howard is an American actor and martial artist.

20. Louie (French origin) means "warrior or knight". One of the sweeter Shih Tzu names.

21. Marley (English origin) means "pleasant seaside meadow".

22. Max (Latin origin) means "greatest". Max Born was a famous German mathematician and physicist.

23. Mickey (American origin) means "like God". Mickey mouse is a famous Disney cartoon.

24. Milo (Latin origin) means "soldier or merciful. Milo is a famous beverage among children.

25. Murphy (Irish origin) means "sea warrior".

26. Odie (Old English origin) means "woodhill".

27. Patches (American origin) means "noble". Among the sweet Shih Tzu names.

28. Percy (French origin) means "one who pierces the valley". Percy Jackson movies are very famous among children.

29. Richmond (German origin) means "strong protector". Richmond is a city in Virginia and a town in England.

30. Roscoe (Norse origin) means "dogwood". Roscoe Arbuckle was an American silent film actor and director.

31. Rudy (German origin) means "glory-wolf". Rudy Gestede is a professional footballer.

32. Scrappy refers to a feisty spirit. One of the great Shih Tzu names for an energetic puppy.

33. Scully (Gaelic origin) means "defendant of the scholar". Scully is a famous character in the American sitcom 'Brooklyn 99'.

34. Spud (American origin) means "a potato". One of the better Shih Tzu names if your puppy is more lazy.

Female Shih Tzu Names

Cute puppy staring at the camera

Female Shih Tzu names should be just as cute as them. Here are some of the best and cutest girl Shih Tzu names for your new Shih Tzu.

35. Amelia (German origin) means "work". Amelia Kerr is a New Zealand International cricketer.

36. Chloe (Greek origin) means "fertility". Child Decker is the protagonist in the American TV series "Lucifer".

37. Daisy (Old English origin) means "day's eye". Daisy Edgar-Jones is an English actress.

38. Dakota (Native American origin) means "Allies". Dakota Johnson is a famous actress.

39. Dixie (English origin) means "ten". Dixie Carter is an American businesswoman. Shih Tzu girl names like Dixie are cute.

40. Emma (German origin) means "universal". Emma Watson is a famous British actress as well as an activist.

41. Gertrude (German origin) means "spear and strength". Gertrude Bell was an English traveler and writer.

42. Gidget (American origin) means "small girl". This is a cute dog name.

43. Gigi (French origin) means "earth-worker". Gigi Hadid is a famous American fashion model.  

44. Hannah (Hebrew origin) means "favor or grace". Hannah Montana was a famous American sitcom.

45. Hazel (Old English origin) means "the color hazel". Hazel Keech is the wife of famous Indian former cricket Yuvraj Singh.

46. Izzy (Biblical origin) means "God is my oath". Izzy was a famous character in the American TV series "Grey's Anatomy".

47. Jojo (African origin) means "Monday born". Jojo is a famous Bengali singer.

48. Josie (American origin) means "God increases". Josie is a major character in the TV series 'Legacies'.  

49. Kona (Hawaiian origin) means "lady". Among the graceful Shih Tzu names.

50. Lily (English origin) means "flower". Lily Potter was the mother of 'Harry Potter'.

51. Lola (Spanish origin) means "sorrows". Lola Kirke is an American actress.

52. Lucy (Latin origin) means "light". Lucy Boynton is a British-American actress.

53. Luna (Spanish origin) means "moon". Luna Lovegood is a famous 'Harry Potter' character.

54. Macy (French origin) means "weapon".

55. Madison (English origin) means "son of maud". Madison Montgomery was a major character in 'Grey's Anatomy'.

56. Maggie (English origin) means "pearl". Maggie Smith is a famous English actress.

57. Maisie (Greek origin) means "pearl". Maisie Williams is a British actress who played the role of Arya Starlet in HBO's 'Game of Thrones'.

58. Mia (Spanish origin) means "mine". Mia Thermopolis is the protagonist of the 'Princess Diaries' movie series.

59. Mittens refers to a type of glove. Female puppy names like Mittens are cool.

60. Nala (African origin) means "queen". Nala was the lioness heroine in Disney 'Lion King' series.

61. Olive (Latin origin) means "olive tree". This is a lovely Shih Tzu dog name.

62. Paisley (Scottish origin) means "church". Among the sweet Shih Tzu names.

63. Petunia (Latin origin) means "flower from nightshade family". Petunia Dursley was the aunt of 'Harry Potter'.

64. Phoebe (Greek origin) means "Radiant or shining one". Phoebe Buffay was one of the major characters in the American sitcom 'Friends'.

65. Piper (English origin) means "pipe or flute player". Piper Laurie is an American stage and screen actress.

66. Poppy (Old English origin) means "poppy". Poppy Harlow is an American journalist for CNN and Forbes.

67. Rosie (Latin origin) means "rose". Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is an English model and actress.

68. Sally (Hebrew origin) means "princess". Sally Field, an American actress and director.

69. Sophie (Greek origin) means "wisdom". Sophie Turner is a famous English actress.

Cute Shih Tzu Names

Shih Tzu dogs are some of the cutest dogs and they definitely deserve some of the cute names. Here you have the list of all the cute names for your Shih Tzus.

70. Abracadabra, a word that magicians use while doing a trick.

71. Baroness, is someone who's the wife of a Baron.

72. Bouncer, someone who ejects or prevents troublemakers from entering a pub or a club.

73. Chew, refers to gnawing or repeated biting of something. One of the dog names for a feisty Shih Tzu.

74. Chief, someone who's a leader or ruler.

75. Crusher, someone or something that crushes other stuff.

76. Daffy, refers to someone who's mildly eccentric.

77. Dasher, refers to someone who's stylish or flamboyant. Names for a Shih Tzu puppy like dasher seems lovely.

78. Devil, refers to a demon from mythology. This could be among the ironic Shih Tzu dog names.

79. Diva, someone who behaves as if they're a very important or special person.

80. Doofus, refers to someone who's not smart.

81. Doolittle, pun wordplay on the name of Dr Dolittle, a famous fictional character who could speak to animals.

82. Duchess, refers to the wife of a Duke or someone who holds the same rank as a Duke.

83. Felix (Latin origin) means "happy or lucky". One of the sweet Shih Tzu puppy dog names.

84. Friendo, pun wordplay on 'friend'.

85. Funky, someone who's an unconventional modern and stylish person.

86. Giant, mythical out fictional human of superhuman size.

87. Goofy, refers to someone mildly silly or ludicrous in a fun way. Goofy is a famous Disney character.

88. Imp, a small and mischievous little devil or spirit. This can be a lovely example of Shih Tzu chihuahua mix names.

89. Jitterbug, someone who's a nervous kind of a person.

90. Kooky, refers to someone who's a bit eccentric.

91. Nutty, refers to a little craziness. One of the name ideas for a crazy little Shih Tzu puppy.

92. Oddball, refers to a strange and out of place person.

93. Pepsi, refers to a brand of soft drink.

94. Porkchop, refers to a type of food. One of the food-inspired puppy name ideas.

95. Princess, refers to the daughter of a king or queen.

96. Queenie, pun wordplay on 'Queen', a lady or a woman ruler.

97. Rambo, refers to the protagonist of the famous movie series 'Rambo'.

98. Riff-Raff, name means "a group of undesired people".

99. Sandy (Greek origin), means "man's defender'.

100. Sephora (Hebrew origin) means "bird". Sephora is a famous cosmetic brand.

101. Shaggy (American origin) means "messy-haired". Shaggy is one of the most important characters in popular children's cartoon 'Scooby-Doo'.

102. Snappy, refers to someone who's inclined to speak sharply or snappily.

103. Sparky, something that sparks.

104. Speedy, something of a high speed.

105. Starlet, refers to a young person with aspirations to become a star.

106. Tiny, name means "very small".

107. Wacky, name means "funny in a slightly odd way".

108. Wheaties, name refers to a brand of breakfast cereal.

109. Woofgang, the barking sound of a dog is called 'woof'. Woofgang refers to a group of doggos.

Color-Based Shih Tzu Dog Names

Puppy staring at the camera

There are black, grey, golden, silver, brown, and white Shih Tzu puppies and dogs, and finding names for Shih Tzu dogs according to their colors can be easy. So, here's the best of the Shih Tzu puppies names according to their colors.

110. Amber (Arabic origin) name means "fossilized tree resin".

111. Angel (Latin origin) means "messenger".

112. Ariel (Hebrew origin) name means "lion of God".

113. Ash (Hebrew origin) means "happy". Ash Ketchum is the protagonist in the popular anime 'Pokemon'.

114. Bear, refers to the animal bear.

115. Blizzard, means "a severe snowstorm".

116. Blondie, name refers to someone with fair or golden hair.

117. Brownie, refers to a type of sweet confectionery.

118. Burgundy, name refers to the color.

119. Buttercup, refers to a kind of flower.

120. Cadbury, refers to a worldwide famous brand of chocolate.

121. Caramel, caramel is a brownish orange-colored sweet confection.

122. Chai, name means "tea".

123. Charlie Brown . 'Charlie Brown' is a famous song by the band Coldplay.

124. Cloudy, means "full of clouds".

125. Cocoa, means "a powder made from roasted cacao seeds".

126. Hershey, is a brand of chocolate.

127. Honey, refers to a sweet liquid food substance made by honey bees.

128.  Licorice, refers to a confectionery.

129.  Marshmallow, refers to the confectionery. This Shih Tzu puppy name like this is perfect for your white-colored puppy.

130. Misty, means "full of mist".

131. Mocha, refers to a variant of chocolate flavored coffee latte.

132. Mouse, refers to the animal.

133. Pepper, refers to the spice.

134. Red, refers to the color.

135. Rojo, (Spanish origin), means"red".

136. Rose, refers to a flower.

137. Ruby, refers to the gem.

138. Russet, refers to the Russet color.

139. Scarlet, refers to the color, Scarlet.

140. Shadow, refers to the dark shade of something made from coming between light and a surface.

141. Shady, means "full of shade".

142. Shiny, means"something that shines".

143. Sienna, refers to the color, Sienna.

144. Silver, refers to the color, 'silver'.

145. Smoky, means "something that is filled with smoke".

146. Snickers, refers to a brand of chocolate.

147. Spirit, as the name suggests, means"the soul".

148. Sterling, refers to the Sterling color.

149. Stormy, refers to a snowstorm.

150. Sunny, refers to a sunny day.

151. Valentine, refers to St. Valentine or Valentine's Day.

152. Wolfy, refers to a wolf.

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