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Looking for a name from fame for the love of your life can be taxing.

There are thousands of wonderful and talented people from the walks of fame with sparkling resumes who are outstanding pet parents. It is hard to choose one because you may love and be inspired by more than one celebrity.

New pet parents are often confused as to what to name their new pets. They want to choose a name that has a significant meaning, which reminds them of something happy or inspiring.

Happiness and joy are what dogs bring in their parent's lives, and their names should resonate with the purpose. Celebrities and dogs share two things in common, and that is entertainment and love. Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton both named their dogs after a movie character they loved.

To receive a pet's love and adoration is to be one step closer to peace and happiness, and just like your favorite celebrity brings joy into your life, so does your little furry baby. Here is a list of the best celebrity dog names you can choose from to name your dog.

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Male Celebrity Dog Names

Child strokes dog.

Here is a list of some famous dog names of male dogs owned by celebs for your little heartbeat.

1. Anton (German origin) meaning "priceless". He is an adorable Irish wolfhound belonging to Heidi Klum.

2. Augie (Latin origin) meaning"great, magnificent". Augie belongs to Ellen Degeneres and is amongst the most popular dog names.

3. Bambi (Italian origin) meaning "child". Name of Paris Hilton's furry child. A perfect name for your dog amongst famous names of dogs.

4. Blanco (Spanish origin) meaning "white" is the name of Brad Pitt's greyhound. A fitting celebrity dog name for a white dog.

5. Brutus (Latin origin) meaning "heavy" or "muscular", belongs to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. A fitting name for the dog of a muscle enthusiast.

6. Carlos (Spanish origin) meaning "free man", is the name of Matt Damon's chihuahua.

7. David (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved." A great name for your new puppy. It is also the name of one of Rob Lowe's pet dog.

8. Finn (Irish origin) meaning"white". It is one of the famous dogs' names belonging to Amanda Seyfried's Australian Shepherd.

9. Frankie (American origin) meaning "free" or "truthful"; the name of Miranda Kerr's Yorkshire Terrier.

10. Freddie (German origin) meaning"peaceful and powerful ruler", is the pet dog of Heidi Klum.

11. George  (Greek origin) meaning "earth" or "soil" is the dog of Jim Carrey.

12. Gustavo (Swedish origin) meaning"staff of the Geats", is one of the sassiest celebrities' dog namesbelonging to Lady Gaga's French Bulldog.

13. Henry (English origin) meaning"home-ruler", is the pet dog of Debra Messing.

14. Indo (Scottish origin) meaning "tribesmen of the Picts",is the dog name of Will Smith's Rottweiler.

15. Jack (English origin) meaning"God Is Gracious" or "supplanter" is the dog of Rob Lowe.

16. Joe (English origin) meaning"a gift of God" is the Yorkshire puppy of Karlie Kloss.

17. Koji (Japanese origin) meaning“abundance and two”, is one of Lady Gaga's pet dog's most unique celebrity dog names.

18. Louie (French origin) meaning "warrior" or "knight." Both Adele and George Clooney have pet dogs named Louie.

19. Lupo (Italian origin) meaning"wolf" is the celebrity dog name of Kate Middleton and Prince William's pet.

20. Monty (Germanic origin) meaning "mountain" is one of the celebrity dog names of Daisy Lowe's adorable Maltese.

21. Nash (English origin) meaning"dweller by the ash tree", is one of Pink's pet dogs' most unique celebrity dog names.

22. Norman (English origin) meaning"north man", is the name of both Jennifer Aniston and Kylie Jenner's pet dogs.

23. Oslo (Norwegian origin) meaning"the meadow beneath the ridge" is Bella Hadid's pet dog's name.

24. Petey (Greek origin) meaning"rock"; belongs to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's dog.

25. Sage (Latin origin) meaning"wise and knowing"; dog name of Victoria Beckham's pet. A great name for your new puppy.

26. Sammy (Hebrew origin) meaning"God heard" is Justin Bieber's pet dog's name.

27. Sharky (American origin) meaning"like a shark"; is Martha Stewart's pet dog. One of the sweetest dog pun names for the ones who are teething.

28. Sheriff (English origin) meaning"chief police officer"; one of Christina Ricci's pet dogs names.

29. Sid (French origin) meaning"wide meadow"; the name of Jessica Alba's pug.

30. Sidi (Arabic origin) meaning"saint" or "my master"; unique dog name of Orlando Bloom's pet pooch.

31. Thurman Murman (Norse origin) meaning "protection" is the unique dog name of Rachel Bilson, which is also the iconic movie character, Thurman Murman.

32. Tucker (English origin) meaning"walker", belongs to Charlize Theron. It is one of the most popular celebrity names for dogs.

33. Winston (English origin) meaning "joy stone", belongs to Gwen Stefani.

Female Celebrity Dog Names

English Cocker Spaniel dogs in a park

Here is a list of female celebrity dog names for your furry darling.

34. Asia (Greek origin) meaning "resurrection"; one of Lady Gaga's pet dog's quirky celebrity pet names.

35. Bella (French origin) meaning "beautiful"; belongs to Rob Lowe.

36. Bess (English origin) meaning "God Is My Oath"; belongs to Sienna Miller.

37. Billie (Germanic origin) meaning "resolute protector", belongs to Ryan Reynolds.

38. Bo (Swedish origin) meaning"to live"; belongs to Barack Obama.

39. Bridgette (Gaelic origin) meaning"exalted one"; belongs to Kris Jenner.

40. Daisy (English origin) meaning"day's eye"; belongs to Jessica Simpson.  It is also one of the movie dogs' names from 'John Wick'.

41. Darla (English origin) meaning "loved one"; Vanessa Hudgens' pet dog.

42. Esmeralda(Greek origin) meaning"emerald"; belongs to Anne Hathaway.

43. Francesca (Italian origin) meaning"free"; belongs to Martha Stewart.

44. Harley (English origin) meaning"hare's meadow"; Kate Upton's dog.

45. Isaboo (French origin) meaning "God is my oath"; belongs to Rachael Ray.

46. Lauren (Latin origin) meaning"the bay" or "laurel plant"; belongs to Oprah Winfrey.

47. Lola (German origin) meaning"sorrows"; belongs to Hilary Duff.

48. Martha Stewart ( Aramaic origin) meaning "lady of the house"; belongs to Jennifer Garner.

49. Milie (Latin origin) meaning"industrious"; belongs to George Clooney.

50. Mimi (French origin) meaning"sea of bitterness"; Tori Spelling's dog.

51. Mona (Arabic origin) meaning "desires" or "wishes"; belongs to Jennifer Love Hewitt.

52. Nancy (Hebrew origin) meaning"grace"; Jessica Alba's dog.

53. Olive (Latin origin) meaning "the peaceful one"; Victoria Beckham's dog.

54. Oprah (Hebrew origin) meaning "graceful deer." Both Eva Longoria and 50 Cent have dogs named Oprah.

55. Pearl (English origin) meaning"sea jewel"; Lea Michele's name.

56. Penny (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "coin"; Both Blake Lively and Chrissy Teigen have dogs named Penny.

57. Pepper (English origin) meaning"spice" or "capsicum"; belongs to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. A sweet name for a black and white dog.

58. Pippa (Greek origin) meaning "lover of horses"; John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's dog.

59. Pippy (Greek origin) meaning"horse lover"; a cuter version of the already adorable dog named Pippa. Amy Adams has a dog named Pippa.

60. Sadie (English origin) meaning "princess."Both Oprah Winfrey and Amy Adams own pets named Sadie. One of the most common names for a pet dog.

61. Sophie (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom"; belongs to Miley Cyrus.

62. Tina (English origin) meaning"follower of Christ"; belongs to Jessica Biel.

63. Tinkerbell (Fictional origin) meaning"fairy pixie." it is a cute and sweet name for a female dog named after the iconic character Tinkerbell from 'Peter Pan'. Paris Hilton has a dog named Tinkerbell.

64. Vida Blue (Latin origin) meaning " blue life"; Demi Moore's dog.

65. Winnie (Welsh origin) meaning "white and smooth", "soft" or, "happiness." It is one of the most appropriate dog names. Selena Gomez has a dog named Winnie.

66. Zelda (Yiddish origin) meaning"blessed", "happy" or, "dark battle." Although contradictory in meaning, it is a beautiful name for a dog if you are an old-school gamer. Zooey Deschanel has a dog named Zelda.

67. Zoe (Greek origin) meaning"life."A highly popular name in demand for four-legged babies. Both Fergie and Josh Duhamel have pets named Zoe.

Funny And Unique Celebrity Dog Names

Need funny and quirky celebrity dog names to name you little fur baby after? This is the perfect list curated just for you.

68. Atticus Finch (Latin origin) meaning "Athenian"; a unique name for a dog based on the main character from Harper Lee's novel 'To Kill a Mocking Bird'. Jake Gyllenhaal named his dog Atticus Finch.

69. Boo Radley (Greek origin) meaning "to cry aloud"; another important character from  'To Kill a Mocking Bird'. Jake Gyllenhaal has another dog by this name.

70. Cappuccino (French origin) meaning"whipped coffee"; belongs to Selma Blair.

71. Coleman Hawkins (Greek origin) meaning "beautiful." Eric Stonestreet named his dog Coleman Hawkins inspired by the American saxophonist.

72. Dot (English origin) meaning "minute spot"; belongs to Zooey Deschanel.

73. Einstein (German origin) meaning"stone worker"; belongs to George Clooney, named after the famous German theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein.

74. Emu (Australian origin) meaning"bird"; belongs to Miley Cyrus.

75. Fig (Latin origin) meaning"fruit";belongs to Victoria Beckham.

76. Flossie (English origin) meaning"prosperous"; belongs to Drew Barrymore.

77. Foxy (American origin) meaning"attractive";belongs to Matthew McConaughey.

78. Gabbana (Italian origin) meaning"a creative man";belongs to Khloe Kardashian.

79. Ghenghis Khan (Chinese origin) meaning "universal ruler"; belongs to Martha Stewart.

80. Ice (Germanic origin) meaning"solid water"; belongs to Jason Derulo.

81. Jim Carrey (English origin) meaning "supplant"; belongs to Hailey Baldwin.

82. Jinxy (English origin) meaning"a spell", belongs to Eva Longoria.

83. Kelpie (Scottish origin) meaning"aquatic spirit", belongs to Harrison Ford.

84. Kola (Afrikaans origin) meaning"huts"; Kellan Lutz's dog.

85. Lord Chesterfield (Anglo-Saxon origin) "overcoat "; belongs to Jennifer Aniston.

86. Matzoball (English origin) meaning"bread ball";Adam Sandler's dog.

87. Meatball (American origin) meaning "ball of meat"; belongs to Adam Sandler.

88. Meatloaf (American origin) meaning "a loaf of meat"; Both Fergie and Josh Duhamel have dogs named Meatloaf.

89. Mew (English origin) meaning "a cat's call"; Kendall Jenner's dog.

90. Mighty (English origin) meaning "one with strength"; Orlando Bloom's dog.

91. Mocha (Yemen origin) meaning"fine coffee"; Hugh Jackman's dog.

92. Mr Famous (Anglo-French origin) meaning "well-known". Aubrey Hepburn's dog.

93. Noodles (German origin) meaning "dumpling"; Kelly Osbourne's dog.

94. Pistol (French origin) meaning "hand-gun"; belongs to Johnny Depp.

95. Puddy (English origin) meaningunknown soldier"; belongs to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

96. Sake (Japanese origin) meaning"rice wine";Kim Kardashian's dog.

97. Sushi (Japanese origin) meaning"sour rice"; belongs to Kim Kardashian.

98. Taco (Mexican origin) meaning "snack"; Harrison Ford's dog.

99. Vincent the Dog (Latin origin) meaning "conquering"; Wiz Khalifa's dog.

100. Zhakie (Arabic origin) meaning "pure"; Will Smith's dog. Looking for a name from fame for the love of your life,  that furry heartbeat at your feet can be taxing.

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