150+ Fun Dog Names For The Silliest Puppies

Georgia Stone
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Originally Published on Dec 08, 2020
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The name you choose should reflect the funny side of your dog.

A dog's name usually tends to represent the dog’s personality. So, if you have a happy-go-lucky, fun loving dog these names will suit him or her perfectly!

From punny names such as Indiana Bones, Sherlock Bones, Mary Puppins, Chuck Norris and Jimmy Chew to funny names like Pee Wee and dog names that are also human names like Bob and Bill, this list has all the name ideas you need!

If you are looking for pun names for dogs, funny names for male dogs, cute dog names or funny names for female dogs, we have you covered. Check out our list below for fun female dog names, unique dog names, goofy dogs' names, funny dog names, unique puppy names and cute animal names.

You'll be spoilt for choice!

If you are interested in more dog names check out these funny food names for dogs and these brilliant names for black dogs.

Funny Dog Names For Females

Here is a list of funny dog names for female dogs that will make you chuckle.

1. Aaliyah: It means “to ascend”. Among the funny girl names for dogs.

2. Abra: This is a lovely name for a dog. The name comes from the Hebrew word meaning “girl born on a Tuesday”.

3. Adelene: Among the funny dog names for a girl. It means “God is just”.

4. AJ: This is one of the most favored short names. It is also a brilliant unisex name for a lovely dog.

5. Aphrodite: Named after the Greek Goddess of love. An ideal name for a dog who is very loving.

6. Babe: This is one of the most endearing names in the English language. A brilliant name for a brilliant dog.

7. Babushka: For the dogs that are caring and loving. This name also works if you have a Russian connection. The name means “grandmother”.

8. Baby: This one is for those small dogs you can snuggle into and carry around. Who doesn’t love to call their dog their baby? This is also a very common name among pets.

9. Bambi: An ideal name for a small, yet big hearted, dog with bug eyes. A perfect name for a Chihuahua.

10. Beast: For the angry dog. A good fit for a short tempered dog or for a large dog like a St Bernard, Great Dane or Bulldog. This name reminds us of the Bulldog in the children’s cartoon ‘Tom And Jerry’.

11. Blu: A modern interpretation of the name Blue. Blu is for those mischievous little dogs who can get away with any prank. You just cannot get mad at a dog called Blu.

12. Brunhilda: For the little warrior princess in your house. A perfect fit for the feisty dog that keeps you guessing. The name has its origin in Norse mythology and Brunhilda means “armed for battle”.

13. Bug: When you hear the name Bug you can almost picture a small little hairy dog scampering around. A wonderful name for a dog.

14. Chi Chi: A very funny dog name. Dogs with a sense of humor would be ideal for this name.

15. Chica: If you have a Spanish affiliation and have a small dog then consider this name for your baby girl pup. Chica in Spanish means “small”.

16. Foxy: The name says it all. This is for the dogs who can carry themselves well and are most likely to steal your thunder when you step out with her.

17. Fuzzball: A brilliant funny name for a Shih Tzu. They are small and when they run it looks like a ball rolling towards you. Their hair is also fuzzy and keeps falling over their eyes.

18. Huntress: One of the best girl dog names for a Doberman or an Alsatian.

19. Munchkin: An amazingly funny name for a cute, small dog. The name itself is an endearing word for a much loved small dog.

20. Myrtle: One of the most fun names for girl dogs, inspired by a 'Harry Potter' character.

21. Nessie: One of the funny pet names, perfect for a puppy.

22. Olga: Olga comes from the Scandinavian name Helga and it means “holy” or “blessed”.

23. Pee-Wee: If you are a football fan with a habit of taking your dog to practice why not name her after the kids’ football leagues. Among the funny names for a girl dog, this might just be the weirdest dog name on our list (but we still love it)!

24. Pinky: A objectively funny name for a female dog. If you name girl dog Pinky, a Pinky promise now means something entirely different.

25. Princess: Among the funny girl dog names for your little Princess

26. Sheba: One of the funny names for pets.

27. Snowflake: Among the funny names for a pet you love.

28. Tinkerbell: For the funny and helpful dog. This name is taken from the fairyin the children’s tale 'Peter Pan'. A beautiful name for your girl dog.

29. Twinkle: This is an American name predominantly and it refers to the twinkling of the stars. This is reflective of the nature of the dog you have.

30. Xena: Among the fun pet names.

Maltese breed dog sitting on the blanket

Funny Male Dog Names

Having seen the list of female dogs' names, it is now time to check their male counterparts. Get ready for this list of funny dog names for male dogs. If you are looking for pun dog names, punny dog names, funny dog names for males, or dog pun names for various dog breeds, we have you covered.

31. Adonis: One of the most unique pet names.

32. Afro: An ideal name for the athletic dogs. A name that goes very well for dogs like a Dalmatian.

33. Baloo: One of the cute dog names for a big dog.

34. Banjo: Another one of the funny dog names.

35. Barkley: A stately name for big dog breeds.

36. Beaker: A lovely name for a dog. Especially if you have a dog which a prominent nose like a Malamute or a Husky.

37. Bender: A tough name for a tough dog. Would fit perfectly on a Bulldog or a Boxer. Would be funny also if given to a dog who like to play ball.

38. Bimmer: A name that is funny and surges with energy. Any dog with this name would be fun to hang out with.

39. Bingo: Among the most funny names for dogs. This name will suit a big as well as a small dog. This is a name that cannot go wrong.

40. Boi: An urban usage for “boy”. Another dog name that can be given to a dog no matter what its size is.

41. Bones: Perfect for a thin and trim dog. One of the funny dogs names.

42. Boss: A name that needs no introduction. Will be a great fit for a big dog. Will be a funny name for  small dog breeds like a Pug or a Chihuahua.

43. Byte: This one is for the tech geeks out there. A funny word play on the word ‘bite’. You can call the mother dog “megabyte” too.

44. Chief: A quintessentially strong dog name. A perfect name for a dog who thinks he makes all the decisions in the house.

45. Chubby: Dogs might not understand sarcasm, but we surely will. A funny name for a thin dog or an ideal name for a chubby dog.

46. Churchill: For a wizened dog who is more mature beyond his ears. Named after the British former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. You can even shorten the name to 'Chill' if you want.

47. Clumsy: If you have yourselves a pup with butter fingers then why not name him Clumsy?

48. Deputy: One of the best boy dog name ideas for your new dog.

49. Dickens: Another hilarious name for your boy dog.

50. Dino: Short for dinosaur. A popular dog name for your new dog.

51. Dude: When you call your dog Dude, you automatically become “bros”. That is the rule. A really funny name, this is the coolest dog name.

52. Einstein: If you believe that your dog is super intelligent, how do you announce that to the world? Simple, name your dog after probably the most intelligent man to have ever lived!

53. Emo: A lovely name for your boy dog.

54. Freud: A funny name for a puppy. If you are having trouble understanding your dog then this is an ideal name.

55. Goliath: This would be an amusing for a small dog. When people hear Goliath they would expect a huge dog, so imagine their surprise when your little dog waddles in.

56. Gordo: A popular dog name you need to know about.

57. Hero: Now, this is an impressive name for a dog. Has all the attributes of an amazingly cool name. It would also be funny if your dog is a little timid.

58. Killer: A popular dog name for a guard dog.

59. Ninja: One for those sneaky little dogs. If your dog has a habit of sneaking up on you silently name him Ninja.

60. Pope: Among the most popular dog names that you need to know about.

Unique Dog Names

We have compiled a list of dog names that are unique for your little pup. Why not choose an uncommon and original name for your beloved dog that suits his personality.

61. Amir: This dog name means “Prince”.

62. Beau: Your handsome pet will love this name. Beau means “handsome” in French.

63. Briggs: Another unique name for your dog. The meaning of this name is “bridges”.

64. Chase: One of the unique names for your beloved puppy. This name means “hunter”.

65. Cyrus: The meaning of this dog name is “Lord”.

66. Draco: This name in Latin means “dragon”. A funny and unique name for your cute puppy.

67. Duke: In Latin this name means “leader”.

68. Enzo: This dog name means “home ruler”.

69. Ezra: This unique and uncommon dog name means “helper”.

70. Finnegan: This dog name refers to “someone who is fair”.

71. Fox: One of the funny and unique dog names. It refers to the animal “fox”.

72. Gideon: A dog name for your might warrior. The meaning of this name is a “a powerful warrior”.

73. Giovani: A beautiful name for your pet dog. This name means “God is gracious”.

74. Hank: This dog name means “ home ruler”.

75. Ike: This unique dog name means “laughter”.

76. Jasper: This dog name refers to “treasurer”.

77. Jonah: This dog name in Hebrew means “dove”.

78. Knox: An unusual and unique name for your pet dog. It means “a hill with a round top”.

79. Luca: The meaning of this dog name is “one who brings light”.

80. Mateo: One of the unique dog names that you will surely love as it has a beautiful meaning as well. This name means “God’s gift”.

81. Milan: This dog name refers to “coming together”.

82. Nikko: Another unique name for your pet dog. It means “victory”.

83. Olaf: A lovely and funny name for your pet dog, perfect for fans of Disney's 'Frozen'.

84. Otis: The meaning of this dog name is “wealth”.

85. Pace: This dog name means “Passover”.

86. Qi: This short and unique name for a dog means “the enlightened one”.

87. Rex: A beautiful name for your dog and it means “King”.

88. Saul: The meaning of this dog name is “prayed for”.

89. Taj: Another beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. This name refers to a “crown”.

90. Tyson: If you have a naughty and mischievous pet then this name is perfect. The meaning of this dog name is “high spirited”.

Dog Names Inspired By Nature

Do you love spending time outdoors with your dog? Then we have the perfect names for your dog which are inspired by nature. These names are funny, cool and well suited for your fun loving dog.

91. Aqua: The name refers to “water”.

92. Azzura: This dog name means “blue sky”.

93. Brier: One of the fun male dog names. This name means “nature” in French.

94. Daileass: This beautiful and fun name for a dog means “from the waterfalls”.

95. Fielding: It means “someone who lives in the field”.

96. Gaia: A funny female dog name with a touch of nature, it means “earth”. It is among the unique dog names.

97. Ivy: This dog name is inspired from the “ivy plant”. Indeed, one of the funny names for a dog.

98. Onyx: A precious and fun name for your dog. It is a very precious stone from nature.

99. Ridge: This dog name refers to a “mountain spine”.

100. Sol: If your dog loves fun activities in the outdoor then we have the perfect name for your cute pet. This name means “sun”.

Chihuahua dog running in the field

Funny Gender Neutral Names Of Dogs Inspired By Food

Dogs names have long been associated with eating and food. These food inspired dog names, might just be the perfect fit!

101. Bacon: A lovely name for a dog. Just like the food, it will be around every morning.

102. Biscuit: A beautiful gender neutral name for a dog. Biscuit eating some biscuits would be a sight to behold.

103. Blueberry: A wild name for a wild dog. This is a rare name for a dog. It will be a unique name for your pet.

104. Brownie: An ideal name for a brown dog.

105. Bubblegum: A perfect name for a dog that gels very well with the kids. It will be an instant favorite of the children.

106. Burger: One for the fast food enthusiasts. Everybody likes a good burger.

107. Candy: A dog name you cannot go wrong with. It will be extremely hard to find a person who does not like candy. This is also a very common name.

108. Chantilly: Perfect for dogs with white fur that look a little like chantilly cream.

109. Coconut: A funny name for a crazy male dog. It is a funny girl dog name as well for sure.

110. Cupcake: A name as lovely as the dessert itself. You cannot go wrong with this name if you have a small dog.

111. Fudge: Just like the dessert, this will bring a smile to your face every time you call out the name.

112. Gumdrop: Another lovely name for a dog. These names are gender neutral and can suit a male or a female dog.

113. Jawa: One for the coffee lovers in the house. You need your Jawa every morning just like you will need your puppy named Jawa every morning.

114. Mushroom: A lovely name for a puppy that is soft and squishy like a little mushroom.

115. Marshmallow: Imagine a small white puppy bounding around your house. Now picture a marshmallow. Need we say more?

116. Meatball: This is one of most common names for dogs in America. The name rolls off your tongue and paints a picture of a plump puppy which makes everyone in the family happy.

117. Oreo: A brilliant name for a dog. Especially if you have a brown puppy with specks of white. You know, the puppy is going to be a hit at parties.

118. Peanut Butter: Peanut Butter or PB as it is lovingly called, is ubiquitous with happiness. There is nobody who doesn’t feel joy at seeing peanut butter.

119. Pickle: This is another lovely dogs' name. Pickles are synonymous with brightening up a meal just like your puppy will brighten up your day.

120. Puddin: This is short for Pudding.

121. Snickers: Everyone adores those little bars of chocolate. An ideal name for a small dark brown dog.

122. Sushi: This is a perfect name if you love those rolls of rice and fish. All in all, this is a solid name for a dog.

123. Toffee: An absolutely delightful name for a dog. Guaranteed to be a very popular name with the kids.

124. Tofu: An amazing and funny name for a fluffy dog.

125. Waffle: Everyone likes waffles. Just like everyone likes dogs named Waffle. This is the ultimate truth.

Dog Names Inspired By Movies, TV And Books

Dogs make anything better. That is why they have rightly enjoyed very important supporting roles in movies, TV, books and other works of art. Below is a list of dogs' names inspired by movies, TV and books.

126. Aang: Named after the protagonist in ‘Avatar’. If you think your dog has superpowers why not name him after a superhero?

127. Ace: This unique dog name means “the best”. The best dog deserves a name like this. The name is inspired by Jim Carrey’s character in the popular movie, ‘Ace Ventura’.

128. Azula: Another name inspired by ‘Avatar’. An ideal name for a feisty dog who usually has her way in the household.

129. Barney: After Barney Stinson of ‘How I Met Your Mother' fame, this is easily one of the most popular names.

130. Benji: A lovely name for a dog. This name is inspired by a film of the same name.

131. Bilbo: This is for those who have a profound love for the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’. Name your dog after the brilliant character Bilbo Baggins.

132. Bolt: Another lovely name for a dog. The animated motion picture with the same name is the inspiration behind this.

133. Bond: Well, talking of names that you cannot go wrong with, we give you the secret agent of the MI6. A name that is legendary and will continue to impress everyone.

134. Butch: If ever there was a name for a dog more suited to a bulldog it is this. This name is inspired by the movie ‘Butch Cassidy’.

135. Caesar: After the Roman conqueror, who has inspired innumerable works of art.

136. Dilbert: Named after the cartoon dog.

137. ET: If you think your dog is out of this world then why not name it appropriately? This Oscar worthy movie name is the ideal choice.

138. Hansel: Named after the character in the children’s book ‘Hansel And Gretel’.

139. Harry: Which kid doesn’t love 'Harry Potter'? If you have a dog that you would like to associate with those epic books then name him Harry.

140. Hobbit: A hilarious name for a large dog. Hobbits according the books are diminutive creatures. It would be a funny name for a large dog.

141. Hodor: Named after the famous character from the popular TV series ‘Game Of Thrones’.

142. Hooch: After the movie ‘Turner And Hooch’, this name was extremely popular in the 2000s.

143. Marley: After the title character in the movie ‘Marley And Me’ which was adapted from a novel.

144. Max: A powerful name for a dog. Max was also the loyal dog portrayed in the ‘Grinch’ movies.

145. OJ: Another very popular name from the '90s.

146. Pikachu: A name which resonates with kids the world over. A very funny name for a dog.

147. Samantha: Another lovely name for a dog. You can also shorten the name to Sam. The name also pays tribute to the dog in the movie ‘I Am Legend’.

148. Scooby: The list is not complete without a mention of the legendary dog from the children’s cartoon ‘Scooby Doo’.

149. Slinky: Another name that has remained popular through the ages. Slinky was one of the toys in the ‘Toy Story’ movie series.

150. Snoopy: This name is inspired by a character in the comic strip ‘Peanuts’.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for fun dog names, why not take a look at something different like these black and white dog names, French dog names or these cute Christmas dog names?

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