120 Cool Fish Names That Are Seriously Fin-tastic

Supriya Jain
Jun 15, 2023 By Supriya Jain
Originally Published on Apr 14, 2023
Edited by Shadiya Ahammad
Fact-checked by Nishtha Dixit
Angelfish in tank fish with blurred background.

We all want to have some sort of home aquarium or small pond or water body that can help us unwind after a day of work. 

Fishes are the third most common pets in the United States with families. Naming your fish can be cute and also help you have a connection with them.

We got you cool fish names which are for male and female fishes as well as gender-neutral ones.

Here you can enjoy cool pet fish names as well as cool names for fish in your favorite aquarium. When you start looking for cool names for a fish, you will realize that there are specific names that are meant for males or females, and then there are some cool names that are gender-neutral.

It is relaxing to look at fishes going about doing their own thing and calling out their cool fish names to add some spice and personality to your connection to them.

Cool Betta Fish Pet Names

These are cool Siamese fighting fishes commonly known as betta. They are popular pet fishes due to their vibrant color, low maintenance, and diverse morphology. Here are some cool male betta fish names, along with cool betta fish names for females that you and your family will certainly enjoy. 

  • Bears- Thisis the perfect name for a larger and older betta that have a hunchback, low-flowing fins, and mean temper.
  • Finn- ThisOld Norse origin name is the reason most people buy the betta as pets.
  • Scout- ThisEnglish origin name means 'one who gathers information discreetly' and is the perfect name for your Bettes.
  • Tank- This name is a great pun, as the name for a betta is in a tank and is built like one too.
  • Chester- ThisEnglish origin name is a neutral and cool fish name for a male betta.
  • Elsa- The Scandinavian origin name is a popular character from the ‘Frozen’ series, a good name for a blue, white purple-colored fish.
  • Queen- Thisis the most appropriate name for a female betta as they are known to be confident and stately.
  • Zelda- This Yiddish origin name means blessed and sounds like a cool fish name too. 
  • Arthit- This unique Thai origin name means 'a man of the Sun' in Thai, an appropriate name for a strong, wise betta.
  • Buppha (Thai Origin) means a flower blossom and suits any colored betta pet fish.
  • Nearidei (Thai Origin) means white-colored flower and is a sweet name for a white or purple betta.
  • Palakat (Thai Origin) means ‘biting fish’ and is the most appropriate name for a pet betta fish.
  • Chong (Chinese Origin) is a popular name for children or pets.
  • Don-Don (Japanese Origin) is a simple and cute name for your betta fish in a tank.
  • Sushi (Japanese Origin) means a colorful delicacy and is a great name for your fish.
  • Yuan (Chinese Origin) is the Chinese currency and could be an ideal name for this fish variety as they are expensive.
  • Corfu (Greek Origin) is a beautiful island in the Aegean sea and can be an apt name for a sky-blue betta.
  • Pandora (Greek Origin), meaning ‘all-gifted’, is the legendary box of mysteries and a name that suits the colorful betta fish.
  • Zeus (Greek Origin) is the perfect name for a confident ruler of the aquarium.
  • Artemis (Greek Origin) is the Goddess of Hunt, Wild Animals, and the Moon. Perfect name for a warrior female betta.
Passer Angelfish in fish tank.

Famous Fish Names

A pet named after a cool fictional character, such as Captain Jack Sparrow or Bonny and Clyde, could add a lot of personality and chutzpah to your aquarium. Naming your fish Cleo, who was Geppetto's goldfish in the Disney movie ‘Pinocchio’, is a good memory. Here are some cool fish names for your family to get ideas from - 

  • Mr. Limpet is a man-turned-fish, played by Don Knotts in ‘The Incredible Mr. Limpet’.
  • Swimmy is the protagonist in the children's book of the same name and a witty name for your pet. 
  • Flounder (English Origin)is Ariel, the Mermaid's close fish friend from the movie ‘Little Mermaid’ and is a whacky fish name too. 
  • Wanda (Polish Origin) is the luckless fish from the movie ’A Fish Called Wanda’ and is also a cool name. 
  • Rainbow Fish is the fish who gives away all her rainbow scales in the children's book ‘The Rainbow Fish’.
  • Otto (German Origin) is a goldfish that grows to tremendous size in Dr. Seuss book 'A Fish Out Of Water’.
  • Mrs. Puff was Sponge Bob's hapless driving teacher and sounds like a weird cute name for a fish. 
  • Nemo (Greek Origin) is a little clownfish from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ and probably the most popular name too. 
  • Dory (Greek Origin)is a little blue fish played by Ellen DeGeneres in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Finding Dory’.
  • Cleo (Greek Origin) is Geppetto's goldfish in the Disney movie ‘Pinocchio’ and a short and sweet name for your fish. 
  • Bruce (Scottish or English Origin) is a friendly shark character from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’.
  • Jaws is the terrifying shark from the movie ‘Jaws’, which could also be a funny pet fish name. 
  • Don Lino is the not-so-friendly shark from the movie ‘Shark Tales’.
  • Larry (Italian or English Origin)is a shark from the movie ‘Shark Tales’.
  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, or Blue Fish is from the Dr. Seuss book of the same name, and you can name all your pets in the fish tank the same way.
  • Poseidon (Greek Origin) is Ariel's father the King in the movie ‘The Little Mermaid’. 
  • Sponge Bob is a cartoon character and an ideal name for your yellow-colored fish who may look like a ‘bob’. 
  • Flipper is everyone's favorite dolphin, which is technically a mammal.
  • Sebastian (Greek or Latin Origin) is a crab, from the movie 'Little Mermaid'.

Cool Fish Species Names

Many of the marine species have very different and not that-obvious cool fish names such as 'Bonnie and Clyde' or 'Moby Dick', which can be used as your pet’s name too.  Here is a list of cool and funny fish species name ideas for your family’s pet fishes. 

  • Clown could be the best way to describe and name a colorful fish.
  • Bloater is the name for a salmon species of fish that bloats in appearance when brought to the surface. 
  • Slimehead is a sarcastic and whacky name for your fish. 
  • Oyster could be a way to name your fish after other animals, why not your pet’s name too?
  • Butter could be a name for your fish for their soft, buttery slippery skin. 
  • Butterfly could be for their vibrant colors and pattern, an apt name for your fish too.
  • Pirate is for a fish who is a ‘cool customer’ and explorer.
  • Spotcheck is the obvious choice for a funny pet fish name.
  • Stargazer is the perfect name for fishes with their eyes on the top of their head.
  • Cookiecutter is an actual name of a small shark species that attack larger animals, gouges a plug of flesh out of its side, and flee. The wound looks like a cookie-cutter punch. 
  • Slippery is a name for all slippery fishes, which sounds true and funny. 
  • Triggerfish is also known as Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa (Rhinecanthus rectangulus), and is known for its pig-like snout. 
  • Pearly Eye could be the name of your fish for the pearl kind of eyes they have. 
  • Fringehead is just a name to symbolize the fact that they may have some fringe growing on their head. 
  • Lumps is the name of your fish that looks like a lump of fat, then maybe it could be called that too!
  • Dumb Gulper is a variety of sharks found in the waters around Australia and New Zealand, which are rare and endangered.
  • Bombay Duck is also known as Bombil, no one knows how it was named a duck, but sure sounds different. 
  • Wunderpus is the name of an Octopus discovered in the '80s and fully described in 2006, it can change its appearance to mimic other species and could be a funny name too. 
  • Dragon could be the name of your fish, as we have species of dragonfish, and naming your pet after a mythical creature could be the coolest ever. 

Cool Boy Fish Names

Naming your pet fish as per their gender could be a good idea as it is not common knowledge. Zig and Zag, Tic and Tac, Splish, and Splash are some of the most interesting names that you can try.

It also becomes part of their personality and gender traits. Here are some cool Mr. Fish names for a pet fish that your entire family will enjoy.

  • Rowdy is the perfect name for the dashing boys, as they are known to be a bit more aggressive in some marine species. 
  • Slick means, ‘a smart, handsome young man’ and is a good name for your slick pet. 
  • Strong is a great reminder for you and your pet to always stay strong. 
  • Hulk is a good play on your sweet tiny size but big-personality fish pet. 
  • Long John Silver is a pirate in the classic story ‘Treasure Island’ and a cool name too. 
  • Neptune (Roman Origin)is the Roman god of the sea and an uber-cool name for your fish. 
  • Aquaman is the King of Atlantis and, by extension, of the seas and the ideal name for the leader of your aquarium.
  • Goldie is a classic name for your pet goldfish.
  • Speed could be a cool name for your fish as they wander at top speed.
  • Bait is a funny fish name and an ironic one too.
  • Cici is pronounced SeaSea, it names the ocean twice!
  • Alejandro’s (Spanish Origin)meaning is to defend mankind, sure a cool-sounding name. 
  • Sierra (Spanish Origin)is a nice name for a little mean-looking fish that means ‘saw-toothed’.
  • Stew is a perfect name for a fish that you do not want to eat on a Friday.  
  • Nugget is a great name for a goldfish and an obvious one too. 
  • Taco (Mexican Origin)could be a total power move or the Mexican dish you decide what you are naming your pet for. 
  • Atlantis (Greek Origin)is a mythical city swallowed by the sea and an ideal name for the largest fish in your collection.
  • Magikarp is the name of a classic Pokémon that later evolves into a dragon, and maybe naming your fish the same could make it into a dragon too. 
  • Bubbles is a cute name for a cute fish.
  • Delta is fertile land where a river meets the ocean and could be a nice name for your pet.

Cool Exotic Fish Names

We often want to have exotic pets in our home which are ethically sourced as they add a unique feature to our space due to their color and personality. They are also a great source of pride and discussion among our friends.

Common names such as Bob, Dory, and Fins will not do justice to these fascinating creatures. Here are some cool exotic fish names for your exotic fishes.

  • Ace (Latin Origin)could be Like the card from a deck and your number one pet of yours too.  
  • Aldo (German Origin)is a fashion brand and sounds good as a pet fish name too.
  • Azure is the blue color of the sky and sea and is a cool-sounding name for your pet fish.
  • Brizo (Greek Origin) means' ‘Greek goddess of sailors’ and is a cute name for your pet. 
  • Beau (French Origin)is a very trendy name for a fish who looks and feels like a rich, fashionable young man or a dandy.
  • Bahari (Swahili Origin) sounds like a fish from an exotic part of the African coast.
  • Electra is a great name for flashy fish.
  • Kai (Hawaiian Origin)is the best name for your exotic fish from Hawaiian, which also means ‘ocean’.
  • Selkie (Irish Origin) is a different-sounding name for your fish.
  • Veiltail is one of the most common types of fishtails and has a different-sounding name. 
  • Tidal Wave as the name says is all for a special fish in your collection.
  • Romeo (Italian Origin) is from the famous Shakespearean Classical Love Story ‘Romeo And Juliet’. 
  • Xena (Greek Origin) is an ideal name for fierce-looking fish like the warrior princess.
  • Luna (Italian Spanish Origin)is another name for the moon, perfect for a white-silver-colored fish.
  • Penelope (Spanish Origin) is the name of your favorite fish after the pretty Spanish actress.
  • Tanani is a fish named after the Tanana River in Alaska, and could be a great addition to your home pond. 
  • Terra (Latin Origin) is a name for a female fish that means Earth in Latin.
  • Bahi (Arabic Origin) means all the colors which make a fish splendid, and a cute name for her too. 
  • Bodan (Mandarin Origin) is an exotic-looking and sounding fish, which means ‘Wise learned one’.
  • Chandi (Indian Origin) means ‘Silver in Hindi’ and is an excellent choice for a fish name. 
  • Ezume (Japanese Origin) means pure water or pond in Japanese, Ezume could be the name of a pure species of fish.
  • Tuki means a ‘Traveller in Wolof’ could be a great name for an exotic fish. 

Cool Female Fish Names

There is a growing interest in getting to know our pets better, and when it comes to fish, we normally get one at home just because they are attractive or if they bring good luck and other reasons.

But now you want to know the gender of our pets, where they come from, how we can make them comfortable and all.

So here are some cool female fish names -

  • Angel (Greek or Latin Origin) is an ideal name for an angelfish in any color. 
  • Nessie (Scottish Origin)is a cool name for a large fish species in your aquarium.
  • Diva (Italian origin)could be the name for your female fish as if she is a ‘fashion diva’. 
  • Diana (Greek origin)is a name that many love, and it is also the name for the Roman Goddess of the moon.
  • Wilma (Germanic origin)is a sweet yet traditional name for a white-colored fish. 
  • Arya (Sanskrit origin) from GOT says, What do we say to the God of Death? Not today! So long as you keep up with your water changes, that is!
  • Salsa is a dance form that is fluid, like the fish swimming in water. 
  • Lara Croft is another female fighter and treasure expert, the perfect name for your fish. 
  • Princess Leia from The Star Wars reference has to come, right?
  • Fuschia is a perfect name for a pink-colored sassy female fish. 
  • Princess is a daughter of a queen or a king and the perfect name for a little fish. 
  • Qawaya (Arabic Origin), meaning ‘strong one’, is a cool fish name.
  • Risette (French Origin) meaning ‘pleasant little laugh’, could be the perfect name for a tiny fish. 
  • Tashina (American Origin), meaning ‘birthday’ is a great name for a fish that may be gifted to you on your birthday!
  • Cindy means ‘Light’ and also the famous supermodel after whom you live to name your stylish fish pet.
  • Pazima (Zulu Origin), meaning ‘lightning and thunder’ is an exotic fish name.
  • Zaida (Swahili Origin), meaning ‘the better one’, could be the name of your fish.
  • Zawadi (Swahili Origin), meaning ‘gift’ is the perfect name when you get her as a gift. 
  • Serena (Latin or Greek Origin) seems like the most amazing name for your fish, especially if you are a tennis fan.
  • Sicily (Italian Origin) is a famous island that could be a cool name for your fish too.

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