134 Best Chocolate Lab Names

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Originally Published on Nov 12, 2020
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Chocolate labs have a beautiful brown coat, making them very appealing and unique compared to other labs.

This fabulous fur color of the chocolate lab has gained a lot of attention and popularity. This has made them the most in-demand dog breeds in recent years.

With such beautiful brown fur and dashing personality, and also they happen to be one of the most friendly breeds too, it is no surprise that everyone wants one chocolate lab dog at their homes, especially those looking for a dog! Chocolate labs are very loving and confident. There are several different types of them, which are yellow, black, and brown or chocolate labradors. And if you have brought these cute creatures to your place and are looking for some amazing names to name your cute furry friend, then you have come to the right place. We present a comprehensive list of some of the best chocolate dog names, which are unique, funny, creative, interesting, and very appealing.

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Chocolate Lab Dog Names For Boys

Portrait of cute adult Labrador dog waiting for food.

Male chocolate labs are known to have a friendly and loyal temperament, and this is what grabs everyone's attention. Here, we present to you the tempting list of some amazing male chocolate lab names.

1. Achilles (Greek origin) meaning "severe pain".

2. Ajax (Greek origin) meaning "of the Earth".

3. Apollo (Greek origin) meaning "destroyer". Appollo is the Greek God of the Sun.

4. Arlo (German origin) meaning "hill".

5. Barna (Hungarian origin) meaning "brown".

6. Braon (Bosnian origin) meaning "brown".

7. Brun (Danish origin) meaning "brown".

8. Castanho (Portuguese origin) meaning "brown".

9. Dexter (English origin) meaning "dyer of clothes". Dexter is a character from the animated series, 'Dexter's Laboratory'.

10. Gator (French origin) meaning "buyer of groceries".

11. Gizmo (American origin) meaning "gadget".

12. Goliath (Hebrew origin) meaning "passage; revolution".

13. Gus (English origin) meaning "great".

14. Hercules (Latin origin) meaning "glory of Hera".

15. Hulk (English origin) meaning "enormous". This name got popular due to the Marvel character 'Hulk'.

16. Kirby (English origin) meaning "from the village; Church farm".

17. Levi (Hebrew origin) meaning "joined in harmony".

18. Logan (Irish origin) meaning "descendent of the warrior".

19. Marrone (Corsican origin) meaning "brown".

20. Rocky (German origin) meaning "rest". The name relates to rocks, which are generally brownish in color.

21. Romeo (Italian origin) meaning "from Rome". This name is associated with the 'Romeo and Juliet' saga.

22. Sammy (Hebrew origin) meaning "God heard".

23. Sherlock (English origin) meaning "fair-haired".

24. Simba (African origin) meaning "lion".

25. Sully (English origin) meaning "south meadow". This name is associated with a large furry monster known from 'Monster Inc'.

26. Thor (Old Norse origin) meaning "thunder".

27. Toby (English origin) meaning "God is good."

28. Woody (American origin) meaning "from the lane in woods".

Chocolate Lab Dog Names For Girls

Newborn Labrador Retriever Baby and Mother

Want to find a paw-fect name for your adorable girl chocolate lab? Then you've come to the right place. We bring this fascinating list of some of the coolest and unique names for a female chocolate lab.

29. Amber (English origin) meaning "fossilized tree resin".

30. Arya (Persian origin) meaning "friend; faithful".

31. Athena (Greek origin) meaning "Goddess of wisdom and war".

32. Bella (Italian origin) meaning "beautiful; God is my oath". This name got famous due to American actress Bella Thorne.

33. Bonnie (English origin) meaning "pretty girl".

34. Clover (English origin) meaning "meadow flower".

35. Daisy (English origin) meaning "day's eye".

36. Dakota (American origin) meaning "the allies".

37. Diva (Italian origin) meaning "celebrated singer".

38. Dolly (American origin) meaning "cute child". This name became famous due to 'Dolly the sheep'.

39. Echo (Greek origin) meaning "sound that has been reflected".

40. Elysia (Latin origin) meaning "heaven; blissful".

41. Faith (English origin) meaning "complete trust; belief; faith". This name defines faithful chocolate labrador retrievers.

42. Fleur (French origin) meaning "flower".

43. Gigi (French origin) meaning "God is gracious".

44. Gracie (English origin) meaning "Grace of God". It can be one of the cutest names for a chocolate lab.

45. Hazel (Old English origin) meaning "brownish color".

46. Lady (English origin) meaning "female". For a lady lab, a lady-based name can be great.

47. Luna (Italian origin) meaning "moon". Luna Lovegood, a character from the well known 'Harry Potter' series, made this name popular.

48. Olympia (Greek origin) meaning "from Mount Olympus".

49. Roxy (Persian origin) meaning "dawn".

50. Ruby (English origin) meaning "red gemstone". One of the lovely labrador dog names for females.

51. Sadie (Hebrew origin) meaning "princess".

52. Savannah (American origin) meaning "open plain". This makes up for one of the good chocolate lab names.

53. Scarlet (English origin) meaning "red".

54. Stella (Latin origin) meaning "star".

55. Taylor (English origin) meaning "one who tailors".

56. Trixie (English origin) meaning "bringer of joy".

57. Valentine (Latin origin) meaning "strong; healthy". One of the beautiful lab puppy names.

58. Violet (English origin) meaning "purple; violet".

59. Willow (English origin) meaning "from the willow grove".

Unisex Funny Lab Dog Names

Looking for a dog's name that can put a smile on people's faces and make them giggle? Then this list is perfect for you. Here, take a look at this diverse list of some silly and funny labrador names for dogs that can lighten everyone's mood.

60. Bean (English origin) meaning "bean farmer". This fun name is associated with the funny and popular man "Mr Bean".

61. Bugs (Berber origin) meaning "love". This name became famous due to the Bugs Bunny cartoon character.

62. Bunny (American origin) meaning "little rabbit".

63. Chewbarka - This chocolate lab name is inspired by the name Chewbacca and given a funny twist.

64. Chuckles - This name means laughing itself.

65. Claws - For the cute claws of chocolate labrador dog breed.

66. Cracker -This name will give be a cracker with everyone.

67. Crumble -Where the chocolate lab is naughty and crumbles everything.

68. Doodles - One of the unique chocolate lab names.

69. Drooler - This name is quite cute and suits a chocolate labrador retriever.

70. Googly - Perfect for a cute little lab pup name.

71. Harry Paw-ter - This name is perfect for a harry potter fan who wants to name their male chocolate lab.

72. Jiggly - A name for an active chocolate lab.

73. JK Growling - A comic twist name of JK Rowling. One of the great names for labs.

74. Jon Bone Jovi - This name is perfect for a Bon Jovi rock band fan to give their chocolate lab pet this name.

75. Kitten - For a kitten lookalike chocolate brown color lab dog.

76. Mittens - One of the cute names for a labrador pup.

77. Purr -This name is given to those making a cute purring sound. A unique name for a chocolate labrador retriever.

78. Santa Paws - This name is inspired by Santa Claus, by giving a festive name a comic twist.

79. Sherlock Bones - One of the interesting names for labrador dogs.

80. Squiggle - This makes up for a cute labrador name.

81. Tickles - This name is perfect for those tickling chocolate labrador retrievers.

82. Whiskers - A name for those cute little whiskers on chocolate labs.

83. Ziggy (German origin) meaning "victorious protector".

Unisex Food-Inspired Chocolate Lab Names

As chocolate lab dog breeds are praised a lot for their rich brown chocolate-like coat, we often tend to get attracted more to the word "chocolate", and why wouldn't we? Chocolates are really delicious! So to go more into the food zone and be quirky with names, we present you with a list of some amazing food-inspired chocolate lab names. Take a look to find a great pick for your male or female chocolate lab names.

84. Brandy (American origin) meaning "brandy".

85. Burger - A perfect name for a lab dog who loves eating burgers.

86. Cake - One of the sweetest names for a labrador dog.

87. Cappuccino - This dog name is unique.

88. Cherie - This makes up for a good female chocolate lab names.

89. Chestnut - A nutty name for a chocolate dog breed.

90. Chocolade (Dutch origin) meaning "chocolate".

91. Choklad (Swedish origin) meaning "chocolate".

92. Chocolate (Portuguese origin) meaning "chocolate".

93. Chockolade (Danish origin) meaning "chocolate."

94. Cioccolata (Italian origin) meaning "chocolate".

95. Cocoa (American origin) meaning "powdered chocolate".

96. Coffee - This chocolate lab name is suitable for coffee-loving labs.

97. Czekolada (Polish origin) meaning "chocolate".

98. Fudge - This name is suitable for dessert-loving chocolate labs.

99. Jam - This makes up for cute and short names for chocolate labs.

100. Marshmallow - For a chocolate lab who loves marshmallows a little too much.

101. Mocha - It makes up for one of the good male lab names.

102. Schokolade (German origin) meaning "chocolate". A strong name for a chocolate lab.

103. Sugar - This name is one of the best and popular names used for many chocolate lab dog names.

104. Kiwi (English origin) meaning "cute and sweet".

105. Pepperoni -This makes up for a unique chocolate lab names.

106. Pizza - A chocolate lab who drools over pizza is suited for this lab name.

107. Pretzel - This makes up for a lovely chocolate lab names for females.

108. Taco - One of the unique male chocolate lab names.

109. Toasty - One of the unique female chocolate lab names.

110. Walnut - One of the popular chocolate names for dogs.

111. Whiskey - One of the cute names for chocolate labs.

Chocolate Lab Puppy Names Inspired By Famous Fictional Characters

Dogs are known to be a human's best friend. And the same is depicted in the fiction world which we feel associated with and this, in turn, makes them popular characters because of their love and affection. Here, we present to you the list of such famous dog fictional characters that can be used as chocolate lab puppy names.

112. Argos (M) - This name is associated with the faithful dog in 'Odyssey'.

113. Bailey (M) - This name got famous due to 'Dog's Purpose'.

114. Blue (M) - This dog name is linked with the fury dog from 'The Sound and the Fury'.

115. Buck (M) - This name got famous due to sled dog from 'Call of the Wild'.

116. Bullseye (M) - This name is made popular by Bill Sike's dog in 'Oliver Twist'.

117. Charkie (F) - A dog's name from 'Curious George'.

118. Cujo (M) - This unique dog name is from Stephen king's book.

119. Fang (M) - Popularly known to be the lumbering boarhound from the famous 'Harry Potter' fiction world.

120. Fluffy (F) - This dog's name became popular due to the famous first book of the 'Harry Potter' series, 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'.

121. Ghost (M) -This name is famously associated as Jon Snow's furry companion in 'Game of Thrones'.

122. Jip (M) -Became popular from 'David Copperfield'.

123. Lad (M) -This dog name is inspired by the novel 'Lad, A Dog'.

124. Laska (F) -This is Levin's hunting dog from 'Anna Karenina.

125. Marley (M) -This dog is famously known as the mischievous dog who made everyone laugh and cry in 'Marley and Me'.

126. Nana (F) - This is the Darling family's pet's name in 'Peter Pan'.

127. Perdita (F) - This dog's name became famous due to the mother dog from'101 Dalmatians'.

128. Pilot (M) - This dog name is famously known as Mr Rochester's dog in 'Jane Eyre'.

129. Ribsy (F) - This name is linked with a companion of 'Henry Huggins'.

130. Snowy (F) - This name is associated with Tintin's dog from the famous fiction world of 'The Adventures of Tintin'.

131. Tock (M) - This dog name was the name of the watchdog from the 'Phantom Tollbooth'.

132. Toto (M) - This name is popular from 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'.

133. Winn-Dixie (F) - Dog's name inspired by 'Winn-Dixie'.

134. Yeller (M) - A dog from 'Old Yeller'.

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