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100+ Best Conventionally Feminine Names

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Across all civilizations, there are numerous inspiring feminine baby names.

From ancient female warriors to modern day baby names, feminine names have stood the test of time. Indeed feminine girl names and feminine boy names can be both charming and mysterious.

Enjoy this list of over 100 conventionally feminine names, and for more naming ideas for girls, check out these elegant girl names and these girl names with boy nicknames.

Conventionally Feminine Girls' Names From Around The World

See below for some of our favorite feminine baby girl names from all over the globe.

1. Agatha (Greek origin), inspired by famous writer Agatha Christie. The name means "virtuous".

2. Alice (French origin), the baby girl name means "of noble kin". It is derived from Aalis.

3. Amelia (Latin origin), the name means "ambitious". Amelia is considered one of the classic feminine little girl names.

4. Barbara (Greek origin), the Greek word means "foreign visitor". Bernard Shaw's famous play 'Major Barbara' remains a classic.

5. Bridget (Irish-Gaelic origin), the English version of the baby girl name is Brigid, meaning "strength".

6. Carrie (American origin), a typical American name that pays tribute to the great nation due to its meaning: "free".

7. Edith (Old English origin), the baby girl name takes root from old English and means "rich".

8. Frances (Latin origin), the original Latin name is Franciscus, which means "a person from France". This is a very charming baby girl name.

9. Helen (Greek origin), fans of Greek mythology will be well acquainted with this baby girl name. ‘Helen of Troy’ is a classic legend. The baby girl name aptly means "beautiful".

10. Naomi (Hebrew origin), meaning "gentle". Naomi Shemer was a renowned songwriter and musician.

Male Names That Are Feminine

Feminine baby names do not need to be reserved for women. There are many fantastic popular feminine boy names as shown in our list below

11. Ariel (Hebrew origin), Ariel came twisting, flirting, and dancing. This is how Shakespeare described Ariel's entry in ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’. The Hebrew origin word means "lion of God".

12. Asa (Hebrew origin), this ancient Norse name can be seen in the Old Testament, Judah's third king was Asa. The meaning of the name is "the Goddess". This should be among the most popular feminine male names.

13. Asher (Old English origin), the old English name used to mean "a person who lives near an ash tree". In the Old Testament, Joseph has a half-brother by the same name. Academics believe that the name is derived from Ashley, a common female name.

14. Gaelen (Gaelic origin), the meaning of the traditional Gaelic name is "tranquil".

15. Jules (Latin origin), the popular science fiction writer Jules Verne needs no introduction. The name with its Latin meaning "hairy" was first associated with Julius Caesar.

16. Riley (Gaelic origin), in Gaelic, the word means "valiant". Football player Riley Ware, musician Riley Puckett, and basketball coach Riley Wallace are a few famous personalities.

17. Sakura (Japanese origin)this is a Japanese feminine name that is popular among boys too. It means "cherry blossoms".

18. Sasha (Slavic origin), in southern and Eastern Europe, this is an abbreviated form of Alexander and a typically male name. Sacha Baron Cohen and Sasha Roiz are celebrities who have this name. The meaning is "avenger".

19. Sorrel (German origin), the word takes root from the German name Suazaz which means "dry". It is also used to denote horses that are copper-red chestnuts.

20. Sterling (Old English origin), the old English word means "little star". Sterling Knight and Sterling Brown are two celebrities with the name.

Adorable smiling newborn baby girl lies in basket

Feminine Shakespearean Characters

The Bard gave many of his best female characters beautiful feminine names.

21. Beatrice (Latin origin), ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ would be nothing without Beatrice. The name made its way from the Latin Beatrix through French Béatrice to English. Meaning is "she who makes happy".

22. Bianca (Italian origin), meaning "white". Bianca is the protagonist in ‘The Taming Of The Shrew’ with many iconic actresses performing this role throughout history.

23. Desdemona (Greek origin), a Greek name meaning "misery". In the tragedy ‘Othello’, Desdemona elopes with the moor, only to get murdered by his own hands.

24. Hermia (Greek origin), this character appears in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Hermia takes her name from the Greek God of trade, Hermes, which means "messenger".

25. Lady Macbeth (Scottish origin), she commits suicide after compelling her husband 'Macbeth', a noble Scott, to kill King Duncan. The name means "son of light".

26. Miranda (Latin origin), she is the only female character that appears on stage in ‘The Tempest’. She is portrayed as a noble lady with no idea about the evils of the world. The name means "worthy of admiration".

27. Portia (Latin origin), inspired by the protagonist in ‘The Merchant of Venice’. This rich heiress of Belmont is intelligent and beautiful.

28. Rosalind (German origin), in the play ‘As You Like It’, she is the heroine who took the disguise of a shepherd. The meaning of the pretty name is "beautiful rose".

29. Viola (Italian origin), ‘Twelfth Night’ focuses on Viola, a passionate protagonist of the play. The name meaning is "violet".

30. Volumnia (Latin origin), she is the strong mother of Caius Martius Coriolanus in the play ‘Coriolanus’. Volumnia means "expert".

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Feminine Names Of Female Stateswomen

31. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin), Elizabeth Alexandra Mary is the official name of the longest-ruling monarch Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of 16 nations. The meaning of the Hebrew name is "my God is an oath".

32. Golda (English origin), the fourth prime minister of Israel is the only woman head of state the nation has ever had. David Ben-Gurion, many times referred to Golda Meir as the best 'man' in the cabinet. Golda means "gold".

38. Gro (Norse origin), the prime minister of Norway for three terms. Gro Harlem Brundtland had also served as the Director General of the World Health Organization from 1998. The name means "woman".

33. Indira (Sanskrit origin), the only woman prime minister India has had. The name means "splendid".

34. Margaret (Persian origin), Baroness Thatcher was born Margaret Hilda Thatcher and was the first and only woman head of state of the United Kingdom. It means "cluster of blossoms".

36. Maria (Roman origin), Maria de Lourdes Ruivo da Silva de Matos Pintasilgo served as the president of Portuguese for three months in 1979. The meaning of this name is "exalted one".

37. Milka (Hebrew origin), she was the only woman who held the post of prime minister in the erstwhile Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In Hebrew, Milka means "queen".

38. Sirima (Sirimavo) (Sinhalese origin), took office when she was sworn in as Sri Lanka's head of state in 1960 at the age of 44. In Sinhalese, Sirima means "poetry".

39. Soong (Cantonese origin), not many know China had a woman president. Rosamond Soong Ching-Ling served as the honorary president of China for 12 days from 16 May 1981 through 28 May 1981.

40. Vigdís (Norse origin), Vigdís Finnbogadóttir served as the president of Iceland from 1980 till 1996 for 16 years. In Icelandic, the word meaning is "war Goddess".

Pretty Baby Girl Names List

These pretty and popular girl names are feminine and could be the perfect fit for your little girl.

41. Aeva (Latin origin), the Germanic name means “life”. This name is popular in Latin as well as Hebrew, and the meaning is "truly beautiful".

42. Alexa (American origin), this is an American origin name meaning "defender of the people".

43. April (Roman origin), this ancient Latin word means "to open", and the original word is Aprilis, which means "to blossom".

44. Aurora (Latin origin), this is another pretty Latin feminine name. The "Roman Goddess of dawn" is called Aurora in Latin.

45. Autumn (Latin origin), in the United States, this is a very favored feminine name and is in the top hundred names for girls favored by parents. It is a Latin word meaning "fall".

46. Brielle (Hebrew origin), this is an old Hebrew female name derived from the word Geber. Its meaning is "God is my strength".

47. Brooklyn (Native American origin), the word originated from the American Indian word Breukelen. It was anglicized as Brooklyn, and means "pretty land".

48. Chloe (Greek origin), Chloe is a pretty epithet of the Greek Goddess Demeter. The word means "fertility".

49. Delilah (Greek origin), the meaning of the Greek word is "a person who was born on the island of Delos".

50. Eleanor (Greek and Latin origin), it is a combination of two words- one Greek and the other Latin. The Latin word is Ali, and it means “compassion”. The Greek word is Eleos, meaning "God is my light".

51. Elena (Greek origin), it is an abbreviated form of the Greek name Helene. This is a common feminine name in the languages of Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. The meaning is "shining light".

52. Gabriella (Hebrew origin), it is the feminine version of the Hebrew word. The meaning is "God is my strength".

53. Genesis (Greek origin), the Greek word means "birth or origin". The baby girl's name is also the first book of the Old Testament.

54. Gianna (Italian origin), this is an abbreviated form of the Italian name Giovanna. The meaning is "Lord is gracious". English equivalents are Joann and Joanna.

55. Isla (Scottish origin), there is an island off the west coast of Scotland called Islay. There are two rivers in Scotland by the same name. Isla takes root from the Scottish proper noun Islay and means "vibrant".

56. Ivy (Wales origin), it is a very popular little girl name in Wales and England. The meaning is "faithful".

57. Kaylee (English origin), this is an old English combination of two words. Lee, meaning "of the clearing", and Kay, meaning "pure". The word means "keeper of the keys".

58. Leah (Semitic origin), in the Akkadian tongue, the word means "wild cow".

59. Luna (Latin origin), the Latin name means "the moon", and is common in Italy.

60. Lydia (Greek origin), this is an ancient Greek baby girl name meaning "noble lady".

61. Mackenzie (Scottish origin), this is a unisex baby name and has origins in the Scottish surname. The meaning of the Gaelic MacCoinnich means "the son of the bright person".

62. Madelyn (Hebrew origin), the girl's name has roots in Magdalene. The meaning is "a person from Magdala".

63. Maya (Sanskrit origin), this feminine baby name has Sanskrit roots. The meaning of the word is "an illusion". Parents will surely love this name from our list.

64. Melanie (Normandy origin), Normans first introduced the Greek word into England through its French variation Melanie. The original Greek word means "dark".

65. Mia (Spanish origin), in Spanish and Italian, the word means "mine". The Slavic meaning is "darling or dear".

65. Natalie (French origin), there is a popular misconception that the name is Russian. The French word means "born on Christmas day".

66. Nora (Norman origin), sometimes, it is spelled Norah. This Anglo-Norman name has its origin in the Latin word "honor". Just perfect for your child.

67. Penelope (Greek origin), it is a Greek word that means "weaver". Some Onomatologists believe that the meaning of the name is "a faithful wife". This one will surely be a favorite among parents.

68.Sadie (English origin), the English origin name means "princess". Sarah was fondly called Sadie.

69. Serenity (English origin), this is a typical English name meaning "of a peaceful disposition".

70. Cataleya (Native American origin), most parents would love to call their girl with this name, which means "orchid". There is an orchid that grows in South America called Cattleya.

Feminine Girl Names of Female Athletes

Female athletes and sportspersons are always a symbol of strong femininity. Here is a list of our favorite names of renowned women athletes that parents will love. One of these names, whether common or uncommon, may be perfect for your little girl.

71. Barbel (Latin origin), the name has its root in Latin with meaning "foreign woman". The East German athlete Barbel Wockel won four Olympic gold medals in 1976 and 1980.

72. Fatima (Arabic origin), the name means "a woman nursing a baby". The British Javelin thrower Fatima Whitbread won the 1987 world championship in Rome. Parents will love to name their child Fatima.

73. Grete (Slavic origin), the name means "pearl". The Norwegian Marathon runner Grete Waitz is the first woman to finish the marathon in less than two and a half hours in 1979.

74. Hagar (Hebrew origin), the name means "flight". The Israeli boxer Hagar Finer became the WIBF champion in the bantamweight category.

75. Irena (Spanish origin), the Polish sprinter Irena Szewińska won seven medals from five Olympic Games. The name means "peace". Definitely a child name parents will love.

76: Jacqueline (Hebrew origin), the feminine form of Jacques in French. The original Hebrew word is Jacob, which means "supplanting". Jacqueline Joyner-Kersee is an American athlete who won six Olympic medals.

77. Paula (Greek origin), the British long distance runner won the London marathon three times and held the World Women's marathon record for 16 years. The meaning of the name is "beautiful".

78. Shirley (Old English origin), she was born as Shirley Barbara de la Hunty and won the maximum number of Olympic medals for Australia. The name is derived from the old English noun shire meaning "bright".

79. Veronica (Macedonia origin), the original name is the Macedonian word Phereníkē, meaning "victory". The Jamaican sprinter Veronica Campbell Brown has won eight Olympic medals.

80. Zhanna (Hebrew origin), the Ukrainian world champion represented her nation and Zhanna Pintusevich-Block reached the finals in the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games. The name appears in both French and Hebrew and means "God is gracious".

Feminine Names of Female Astronauts

These courageous women proved their merit through their fantastic achievements. See our favorite feminine names of female astronauts below.

81. Chiaki (Japanese origin), the Japanese word means "a thousand sparkles". Chiaki Mukai was the first Japanese woman in space. One of the Japanese feminine names you will love.

82. Claudie (Latin origin), the French name takes root from the Latin word Claude, which means "enclosure". The French doctor Claudie Haignere is the first French woman to travel to space.

83. Judith (Hebrew origin), it is the anglicized version of the Hebrew name Yehudit, which means "woman from Judea". The US astronaut traveled in the space shuttle challenger that exploded during its launch.

84. Linda (German origin), the name is derived from Lindo in German, meaning "cute". Linda Maxine Godwin was a NASA astronaut who did four flights into space.

85. Roberta (Old English origin), the old English name means "dazzling fame". The Canadian neurologist Roberta Bondar is the nation's first astronaut.

86. Sally (English origin), the unisex name has different meanings for girls and boys. For girls is means "noble woman" and for boys it means "peace". The Los Angeles-born physicist Sally Kristen Ride is the youngest US astronaut to go to space.

87. Shannon (Irish origin), the meaning of the name is "old river". The American biochemist Shannon Matilda Wells Lucid held the record for the longest stay in space at a time.

88. Svetlana (Slavic origin), this name is very popular among the Slavic Orthodox Christians of Eastern Europe. The name means "shining" in various languages of the region. Svetlana Yevgebyevna Savitskaya has flown twice into space.

89. Valentina (Latin origin), it is the feminine derivative of the Roman name Valentinus, meaning "strong". The Russian cosmonaut Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova was the first woman in space.

90. Yi (Chinese origin), the Mandarin origin name means "happy". The South Korean biotechnologist Yi So-Yeon is the first Korean national to reach space.

More Feminine Names

The following feminine girl names are beautiful choices for your little girl.

91. Abigail (Hebrew origin), the meaning of the Hebrew word is "father's joy". Abigail was the wife of King David.

92. Aria (Albanian origin), this is an Albanian word meaning "treasure".

93. Cassidy (Irish origin), it is an Anglicized version of the Irish surname O'caiside, meaning "curly".

94. Cameron (Gaelic origin), this is a name that is common among both genders. The meaning is "bent nose". This is a very popular feminine boy's name.

95. Emma (German origin), it is derived from the German name Emmeline and means "universal".

96. Mila (Slavic origin), many Slavic names end with these four letters. Mila means "dear". For example, Ludmila means “dear Lud”.

97. Paisley (Scottish origin), the meaning of the Scottish word is "a church". This is a perfect feminine name.

98. Rachel (Hebrew origin), the meaning of this popular name is "the pure one". It truly is the girliest name.

99. Skylar (American origin), the name means "scholar".

100. Sophia (Greek origin), the Greek word meaning "wisdom" can be spelled as Sofia too.

101. Zoey (Greek origin), this female name is a Greek word meaning "life".

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for feminine names, then why not take a look at something different like these soft names for girls or these magical Disney boy names.

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