Top 116 Super Soft Girl Names For Your Baby Girl

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Originally Published on Oct 14, 2020
Soft sounding girls names, whether long, short, modern or old, have always been popular among parents.

Soft girls' names have always been fashionable; long, short, modern, or old, these names never fail to please, inspire, and amaze!

Naming your baby girl is a huge responsibility, after all, it is something she will carry with her for life. And you want it to be nothing short of perfect.

Parents choose different kinds of girl's names for their baby and hope for different things for her life. Regardless of whether she grows to be an inspirational woman, a cool mom, or even a flamboyant personality (she may want to be a combination of them all!

), there is a certain element of softness that is innate in every girl. Every name for girls is feminine, beautiful, and musical, and each one is designed to please.

Looking through our list of soft-sounding girl names will help you find some pretty sounding girl names all wrapped and ready for when your baby is born. Share in the joy of name hunting, and make it more fun.

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Traditional Soft Names For Baby Girls

Traditional baby girl names share lots of meaning. They also sound very melodious. Several traditional names for a girl are soft and soothing, while many of them stand out by being unique. Follow us as we share a list of traditional girl's names.

1.Aalya: popular name meaning heavenly (similar to Alia and Aaliyah)

2.Abigail: (Hebrew origin) meaning delight of the father

3.Amanda: (Latin origin) means one who is deserving of love

4.Anabel: (Latin origin) meaning adorable or lovable

5.Aurelia: (from Latin name Aurelius) meaning golden one

6.Calista: (Greek origin, similar to Callista or Callistee) meaning very beautiful

7.Charlotte: (French origin) meaning a free spirit

8.Dorothy: (Greek origin) means the gift of God

9.Eularia: (Greek origin) meaning one who is well-spoken

10.Emerlinda: (German origin) means soft, flexible, or tender; it also means the universe

11.Gulnar: (Arabic origin) the flower of a pomegranate plant

12.Haleema: (Arabic origin) meaning a generous and gentle person, one who is born to share

13.Jenessa: (Norwegian/Scottish origin) means God is great and gracious

14.Julienne: (French/ Latin origin) meaning youthful or child of love

15.Rayna: (Latin origin) meaning queen, also means song of the Lord

16.Regina: (Latin origin) means queen

17.Vivian: (Latin origin, variants Vivien or Vivienne) means alive

18.Vanessa: (Greek origin), pretty name meaning the queen of butterflies

Modern Soft Names For Baby Girls

Baby girls' names have evolved over the years, and there are several modern baby girl names that are fun, unique, and have a lovely soft side to them. Modern names also tend to have a more global appeal. This list combines several modern girl names that have varied origins.

19.Anaya: (Hebrew origin) means unparalleled or without a superior

20.Blossom: (English origin) means the blossoms of flowers, or fresh

21.Gigi: (French origin) girl working on a farm, or a trustworthy one

22.Geena: (similar to Gina) means a famous warrior

23.Heather: (English origin) after the plant of the same name

24.Iris: (Greek origin) meaning rainbow or colorful

25.Kaley: (English origin, similar to Kayla or Kaylee) means slender

26.Lana: (Greek/Slavic origin) means light, rock, or world

27.Laura: (Latin origin) means bay laurel, a symbol of fame and honor

28.May: (English origin) after the month

29.Melody: (English origin) means a tuneful song

30.Mimi: (Hebrew origin) meaning beautiful, or wished-for child

31.Molly: (English origin, derived from Mary) beloved or exalted one

32.Penny: (English origin) derived from Penelope, means weaver

33.Rhea: (Greek origin) means a meandering stream

34.Sabrina: (British Roman origin) derived from the River Severn

35.Sadie: (English origin) means a princess, nickname for Sarah

36.Willow: (English origin) meaning graceful and slender

Long Baby Girls Names With Soft Nicknames

Babies are born to please. With or without a name, you cannot help but delight in their company. Girls' names only add to their charm and beauty.

There are countless beautiful long girl names, many of which are soft, and some are strong and imposing. Their aura can change almost completely when the nickname is used.

Almost every nickname sounds cute, soft, and extremely lovable. We have put together a list of long names for girls, along with their corresponding nicknames. Which pretty name from this list do you like?

37.Addison: (Old English origin, nickname Addie) means son of Adam

38.Alessandra: (Greek origin, nickname Sandy) means the defender of men

39.Amanda: (Latin origin, nickname Mandy) meaning worthy of love

40.Amelia: (English origin, nickname Amy, Emma, Mel, Millie) means work

41.Bernadette: (French origin, nickname Bernie, Betty, Benny) means brave like a bear

42.Eleanor: (Hebrew origin, nickname Ellie or Nellie), meaning God is the light or shining light

43.Elizabeth: (Hebrew origin, nicknames Beth, Lizzie, Eli, Betty, Betsy) means God is my vow

44.Evangeline: (Latin origin, nickname Eva, Angie, Ev) means good news, gospel

45.Gabriella: (Latin origin, nickname Gaby, Bella, or Briella) means messenger of God

46.Genevieve: (French, Celtic origin, nickname Jenny/Genny, Viv, Vivi) means woman of the home

47.Isabella: (Hebrew origin, nickname Izzie or Ella) meaning promised to God

48.Jennifer: (Old English origin, nickname Jen, Jenny, Jenna) means sweet one

49.Josephine: (English and French origin, nickname Jo, Josie, Joey) meaning always growing

50.Margaret: (French, Latin origin, nickname Maggie, Meg, Marge) means a cluster of flower blossoms or pearls

51.Pamela: (English origin, nickname Pam, Pammy) means sweet, or like honey

52.Penelope: (German origin, nickname Poppy, Penny, or Nelly) means weaver

53.Rebecca: (Hebrew origin, nickname Becca, Becky, Reba) means tie firmly or servant of God

54.Suzanna: (Hebrew origin, nickname Sue, Suzie, Suze) means a lily

55.Veronica: (Latin origin, nickname Ver, Vero, Nic, Nicki) meaning Truth

56.Winnifred: (English origin, nickname Win, Winnie, Freddie) meaning holy, peace

Short Soft Names For Baby Girls

Soft sounding girl names can be perfect for your little one as they bring out a kind and gentle character.

Short names are sweet, easy to pronounce, soft-sounding, and oh-so-perfect for a baby girl. Many parents prefer short baby girl names to long ones for their ease, so we bring you a list of short names for girls that you will love.

57.Aida: (Latin, Arabic origin) means happy, distinguished, and helper

58.Aura: (Latin origin) means a glowing light; also a soft breeze

59.Ava: (Latin origin) means like a bird

60.Bella: (Latin origin) meaning sweet, beautiful, lovely

61.Bree: (Irish origin) meaning strength, exalted; also hill

62.Cora: (Greek origin) feminine name meaning maiden; also means heart

63.Dora: (Greek origin) a shortened version of Theodora or Dorothy, means God’s gift

64.Faye: (French origin) means fairly or little elf

65.Gia: (Italian origin) means God is eternally gracious.

66.Hope: (Middle English origin) means hope

67.Jade: (English origin) taken from the stone of the same name

68.June: (Latin origin) refers to the month

69.Kia: (African origin) means hills, earth, or the beginning of seasons

70.Kiera: (Irish origin) meaning the dark-haired girl

71.Leena: (Arabic origin) meaning little palm tree; also delicate

72.Lia: (Greek origin) also spelled Leah, meaning one bearing good news

73.Mia: (Scandinavian origin) means queen or Goddess of the ocean

74.Naya: (Arabic origin) meaning fresh, renewed, or new

75.Nour: (Arabic origin) like Nur, meaning light

76.Nova: (Latin origin) also meaning new or fresh

77.Pearl: (English origin) after the pearl, meaning precious

Gender-Neutral Names That Are Soft

The softness of names is not confined to girls alone. There are several soft boys' names and some names that are soft and can be used for both boys and girls equally. The names on this list are as unique, meaningful, and as pretty as any other names you will find.

78.Ahe: (Hawaiian origin) meaning a soft or gentle breeze

79.Amas: (Indian origin) means a hard worker who is also soft natured

80.Amor: (Spanish origin) meaning love

81.Aria: (Latin, Albanian origin) meaning melody, beauty, and even a lioness

82.Harper: (Scottish and English origin) meaning one who plays the harp

83.Jackie: (English origin) means supplanter or one protected by God

84.Jamie: (English origin) also means one is protected by God

85.Kasey: (Irish origin) means vigilant, watchful, and brave

86.Rae: (Hebrew origin) means a ewe; also means protector and advisor

Soft Girls Names From Around The World

Soft names for girls are aplenty, and they can be found all around the world. Every country, culture, and region has its own share of unique girls names, and several of them are feminine, pretty, and filled with meaning and love. Your search for soft girls' names ends here as you're sure to like these.

87.Adele: (from Germany) means kind and noble

88.Anana: (from Ghana) means soft or gentle

89.Clemence: (from France) means merciful and mild

90.Gaia: (from Greece) means mother earth

91.Herlinda: (from Spain) meaning soft and tender

92.Joanna: (from Greece) meaning graciousness of God

93.Layla: (from the Middle East) also Leila or Laila, meaning dark or daughter of the night.

94.Macy: (from France) meaning an old weapon

95.Mila: (from Slavic regions) means pleasant, dear, or gracious one; also a miracle

96.Nariko: (from Japan) means thunder

97.Priya: (from India) means beloved or dear

98.Rihanna: (from Celtic region) means great queen

99.Thea: (from Greece) meaning means goddess or godly

100.Viola: (from Italy) means violet

101.Zaara: (from Spain and the Middle East) means a blossoming flower or dawn

102.Zinnia: (from Germany, Italy) also Zeenia, meaning Zinn’s flower

103.Zoe: (from Greece) means life

Girls Names Derived From Flowers

Nothing describes delicateness and softness as flowers do. Flowers have always been a popular theme in feminine baby names, not just in English, but all cultures the world over.

While these names share a common element or theme, they are each distinct in their meaning and the sentiment they evoke. We share this list for all those parents looking for a soft, pretty girl's name.

104.Alyssa: Greek name from the alyssum flower

105.Daisy: from the flower, also cheerful and pretty

106.Heather: plant bringing life to the barren land

107.Iris: name of a flower, also a symbol of royalty and power

108.Ivy: creeper, also a symbol of faith and love

109.Jasmine: like Yasmine, a flower, means fragrant and pure

110.Lily: name of a flower, also meaning pure and passionate

111.Poppy: from the plant, also means flower

112.Rosabella: (Latin origin) means a beautiful rose

113.Rose: the flower, a symbol of love

114.Roselyn: from the word rose

115.Sage: the plant, also means wisdom

116.Violet: a pretty flower, also the color

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