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100+ Best Cyborg Names And Robot Names

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Robots and cyborgs have long captured the attention of the sci-fi world.

While robots are fully automated beings, a cyborg is supposed to be someone with both an organic part and a biomechatronic part. The full name for a cyborg is 'cybernetic organism'.

A good cyborg name or robotic name could be funny or mysterious. Sometimes, these names may also mirror common human names. There are few humans who have mechanical or robotic sensors attached to their body or sensory parts, hence, they can be called a real cyborg. Here's a list of 100+ great names of robots and cyborgs.

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Male Cool Robot Names From Pop Culture

Here's a list of names associated with robots that one can use.

1. Ash (Old English origin) meaning "remains of fire". Ash is one of the awesome robot names derived from the antagonistic robot in 'Alien'.

2. AstroBoy is the name of the popular Japanese manga and anime featuring a robot superhero,

3. Baymax is the name of the friendly humanoid robot from the film 'Big Hero 6'.

4. Bender (English origin) meaning "instrument for bending". Bender Bending Rodriguez is one of the coolest robots to see in the TV show Futurama.

5. Bishop (Greek origin) meaning "overseer".

6. Box is the name of a robot from the 1976 sci-fi flick 'Logan's Run'.

7. C-3PO is the name of the beloved robot who has appeared in the 'Star Wars; franchise.

8. CHAPPiE (Scottish origin) meaning "to strike the hour". Chappie was a robot in the eponymously titled movie.

9. Colussus (Greek origin) meaning "large statue"; from the movie 'The Forbin Project'.

10. Garth (Old Norse origin) meaning "enclosed yard"; a robotic name associated with the science fiction movie 'Cyborg 2087'.

11. Gort from the movie 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'.

12. John (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious". This name is associated with this Soviet science fiction movie 'Planeta Bur'.

13. Kronos, a robotic machine from the film with the same title.

14. Kryton is the name of the human-like robot in the British sci-fi comedy show 'Red Dwarf'.

15. Marcus (Roman origin) refers to Mars, the God of war. Marcus Wright is an advanced robot from the movie 'Terminator Salvation'.

16. Marvin (Welsh origin) meaning "great lord". Inspired from Marvin, The Paranoid Robot from the sci-fi world of the book 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'.

17. Moguera (Japanese origin) meaning "mole". Associated with the mole-like robotic being in the Japanese movie 'The Mysterians', this is one of the funny robot names.

18. Omega considered as the 24th letter of the Greek alphabet. Associated with a robot in the science fiction movie 'First Spaceship on Venus'.

19. Optimus (Latin origin) meaning "one of the very best". This name is derived from the world of Transformers, with the leader of the Transformers being called Optimus Prime.

20. Ro-man, an evil robot who was the antagonist of the 1952 movie Robot Monster.

21. Robby (French origin) meaning "bright"; one of the good robot names associated with the movie character, Robby The Robot.

22. Sonny (English origin) is a nickname for son and was also the given name of the human-like android robot in the movie 'I, ROBOT'.

23. Talos (Greek origin) meaning "claw". Talos is also the name of the gigantic automaton in Greek mythology.

24. Torg (Old Slavi origin) meaning "square"; the name of a robot associated with the movie 'Santa Claus Conquers Martians'.

25. Ultron is a fictional AI supervillain from Marvel Comics who acquires a robotic body.

26. Wall-E is the name of the lovable and adorable robot from the 2008 animated movie of the same name. This is definitely one of the cute robot names.

Cool Female Robot Names From Pop Culture

A Character of RoboCop or Alex Murphy realistic model in robot movie.

Female robots are commonly called gynoids. Here are some cool gynoid names to use.

27. AMEE is a female military robot who turned antagonist in the 2000 sci-fi film 'Red Planet'.

28. Ava (Germanic origin) meaning "life". This name is associated with the female robot in the film 'Ex Machina'.

29. Cappy (English origin) means "captain" and was the lead female character's name in the movie 'Robots'.

30. Cherry (English origin) refers to the fruit; also, the name of the title robot in the sci-fi movie 'Cherry 2000'. This can be a great female robot name.

31. Dolores (Spanish origin) meaning "sorrow". Dolores is a robot from the TV show 'Westworld'.

32. Eve (English origin) meaning "one who lives". Eve is the name of a prototype nuclear robot in the movie' Eve of Destruction'.

33. Galaxina is a gynoid name that comes from the eponymous American sci-fi movie.

34. Ilia (Kurdish origin) meaning "glorious". This is the name of the gynoid double in the first 'Star Trek' movie.

35. Irona is the name of Richie Rich's housemaid robot.

36. Lydia (Greek origin) meaning "beautiful one". In the movie 'Robots', Lydia Copperbottom is a robotic character.

37. Maria (Latin origin) meaning "from the sea". This is the name of the female robot from the movie 'Metropolis'.

38. Piper (German origin) meaning "flute"; Piper Pinwheeler is a robotic female in the film 'Robots'.

39. Rosie (English origin) refers to the flower "rose"; from a robot in the TV show 'The Jetsons'.

40. S1MONE or Simone (French origin) meaning "God has listened"; a female robot from the 2002 movie of the same name.

41. Tima (Greek origin) means "to honor God" and was the name of the female android in the Japanese anime film 'Metropolis'.

42. Vanessa (Greek origin) meaning "butterfly". Vanessa Kensington was a fembot from in the 'Austin Power' film franchise. This is one of the more beautiful girl robot names.

Unisex Robot Names From Pop Culture

Many robots have unisex names. Here are some of them.

43. Arbeit (German origin) meaning work from the German movie 'Der Herr der Welt'.

44. Astor (English origin) meaning "hawk". This was the name of a female robot in the sci-fi movie 'Gangster World'.

45. Atom (Greek origin) meaning "uncuttable". Atom was a boxing robot from the 'Real Steel'.

46. BB-8 is a robot that appeared in the new 'Star Wars' trilogy.

47. Chani (Hebrew origin) meaning "God has favored me". This is the name of a giant robot from the British film "Devil Girl From Mars".

48. Elle (French origin), meaning "she", is the name of a male robot policeman from the American space opera film 'Starcrash'.

49. Jinx (Latin origin) meaning "spell"; a unisex robot name associated with the film 'SpaceCamp'.

50. Kampf (German origin) meaning life from the German movie 'Der Herr der Welt'.

51. R2-D2 is a fan-favorite robot who has appeared throughout the 'Star Wars' franchise.

52. Tobor is a name that is the anagram of the word robot and was associated with a friendly robot in "Tobor the Great".

Male Names For Cyborgs From Pop Culture

WALL-E robot toy character from WALL-E animated film disney Pixar

A cyborg is part human and part machine. Scroll down to see and use some great names for a cyborg.

53. Adam (Hebrew origin) meaning "ground"; from the cyborg Adam in 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'.

54. Austin (Latin origin) meaning "great'. "American Cyborg: Steel Warrior" has the cyborg lead named Austin.

55. Barry (Gaelic origin) meaning "fair-haired"; a cyborg from the show 'Archer'.

56. Batou is a cyborg fighter from the series' Ghost in the Shell'.

57. Briareos (Greek origin) meaning "strong"; from the cyborg Briareos in the manga 'Appleseed'.

58. Doc Ock is a villain from Marvel Comics with cybernetic appendages.

59. Genos (Greek origin) meaning "social group"; this can be one of the awesome cyborg names after a lead character in the Japanese manga 'One Punch Man'.

60. Gigan is a kaiju cyborg from the Japanese franchise 'Godzilla'. This an excellent choice for a cool cyborg name. This is also a great option for robotic names.

61. Grievous (French origin) meaning "difficult"; from General Grievous in the 'Star Wars' franchise.

62. Killian (Gaelic origin) meaning "little church"; an evil cyborg from the movie 'Spies in Disguise'.

63. Metallo (Italian origin) meaning "metal", from the cyborg villain in DC Comics.

64. Nuke is one of the more popular villainous cyborg characters in Marvel Comics.

65. Robotman is a cyborg superhero from DC Comics.

66. Rom is a cyborg character who appears in Marvel Comics. This can be a great cyborg name.

67. Victor (Latin origin) meaning "winner"; Victor Stone is the alter ego of one of the most popular cyborg superheroes - Cyborg. He is perhaps the most famous out of the comic book cyborgs.

Cool Cyborgs Names For Females From Pop Culture

Unlike robots, a female cyborg is called just a cyborg. If you want to use some cool female names for a cyborg, scroll down.

68. Alice (French origin) meaning "noble"; from the cyborg in 'Terminator: Revenge of the Fallen'.

69. Alita (German origin) meaning "of noble type". Alita is the protagonist of a famous Japanese manga.

70. Astronema is the name of a cyborg villainess from the show 'Power Rangers in Space'.

71. Bunnie is the name of a cyborg rabbit in the series 'Sonic the Hedgehog'.

72. Casella (Italian origin) meaning "house"; from Casella' Cash' Reese in the 'Cyborg' movie franchise.

73. Cassandra (Greek origin) meaning "one who shines"; one of the better cyborg names from the movie 'Android'.

74. Galatea (Greek origin) meaning "white and fair"; a name of a cyborg in the sci-fi film 'Bicentennial Man'.

75. Katie (English origin) means "pure" and is the name of cyborg Katie Cooper in the comic 'Cyborg Studies'.

76. Kimiko (Japanese origin) meaning "child without match"; Kimiko Ross is a cyborg from the webcomic 'Dresden Codak'.

77. Lucia (Latin origin) meaning "light"; Lucia von Bardas was one of the cyborgs in the Marvel miniseries' Secret War'.

78. Pearl (English origin) was the name of a female cyborg in the movie 'Cyborg'.

79. Pris (Latin origin) meaning "ancient"; a replicant or cyborg from 'Blade Runner'.

80. Rachael (Hebrew origin) meaning "ewe"; a female replicant in 'Blade Runner'.

81. Samantha (Hebrew origin) meaning "listener". Samantha Pringles was an evil cyborg in the cult classic film 'Deadly Friend'.

82. Shinya (Japanese origin) meaning "genuine"; from the cyborg Shinya Takeda in the anime 'Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop'.

Unisex Pop Culture-Inspired Cyborg Names

As a cyborg is part machine and part human, it only fits for them to have gender-neutral names.

83. Alex (Latin origin) meaning "protector"; inspired by the lead character's name in 'Robocop'.

84. Avery (English origin) meaning "elf king". Avery Bullock was a cyborg in the show 'American Dads!'.

85. Cameron (Gaelic origin) meaning "crooked nose"; a terminator in the Terminator TV series.

86. Deathstryke is derived from Lady Deathstryke, a female cyborg villain in Marvel Comics.

87. Dillon (Welsh origin) meaning "born from the ocean"; inspired by the cyborg Dillon in the TV show 'Power Ranger RPM'.

88. Jaime (Hebrew origin) meaning "supplanted"; from Jaime Sommers in the show 'Bionic Woman'.

89. Max (Latin origin) meaning "the greatest". Max Da Costa is a cyborg from the fil 'Elysium'.

90. Motoko (Japanese origin) meaning "resourceful child". Motoko Kusanagi is the cyborg protagonist in the Japanese anime 'Ghost in the Shell'.

91. Mukuro (Japanese origin) meaning "corpse"; from Mukuro, a demon cyborg, in the manga 'YuYu Hakusho'.

92. Pickles is a cyborg from the TV show 'Futurama'.

Awesome Names Of Real Robots

While a real cyborg has not been made, real robots have been around for some time.

93. Aibo (M/F) (Japanese origin) meaning "companion"; created by Sony, this is a robot dog.

94. Dante (M) (Latin origin) meaning "everlasting"; this was the name of a terrestrial explorer robot.

95. Elsie (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my oath", this was a tortoise robot made in the 1940s.

96. Genghis (M) (Mongolian origin) meaning "universal ruler"; this is also the name of a bug bot created at MIT.

97. Opportunity (M/F) is inspired by the name of another rover bot on Mars.

98. P2 (M/F) created by Honda was the first to self regulate and the first robot to walk with two legs.

99. QRIO (M) is a state of the art robot developed by Sony.

100. Robonaut from NASA is supposed to be working with humans in space in the near future.

101. Shakey (M/F) was the first automated machine to steer around objects.

102. Spirit (M/F) is the name of a robotic rover on Mars.

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