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100+ Best Italian Nicknames For Loved Ones

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Italians love food, family, wine, and music.

The Italian language is considered to be one of the most romantic languages in the world. This language of love has endearments for all emotions, from childish to cute.

It is quite common to call the people you love by a nickname rather than their actual name. Parents most often call their kids cute things and these nicknames can range from a beautiful term of endearment to downright funny! If you don't have a cute nickname for your loved ones yet, you can choose from our extensive list below. Remember, imagination has no boundaries. Nicknames can be based on inside jokes, which will be very personal to the people involved. Nicknames are also often food names and names of animals. Did you know that the country of Italy even has a nickname? It is known as Bel Paese, meaning "beautiful country".

There are certain suffices in Italian that can be attached to a word to make it sound like an endearment. The ino/a is the most common suffix used but there are many more. There are etto/a for loving, otto/a for argumentative and anduccio/a for a slightly mocking tone.

No matter what, you should always choose Italian terms of endearment for people that are respectful and fitting. You do not want a nickname to be insulting or negative. After all, a nickname shows love for a person, it should be a term of endearment.

Italian nicknames are a romantic and melodious alternative to the regular pet names that we use for our loved ones.  So let us dive in and get some cute terms of endearment for your loved ones. You can also check out our lists of Italian boy names and Italian girl names for more Italian naming ideas.

Cute Pet Names For Kids

Italians love spending time with family. The Italian word for 'son' is 'figlio', but they have many different pet names for both sons and daughters which are listed below. Some of the common nicknames for kids refer to small versions of common animals. You can use these in place of your child’s name and watch how their eyes sparkle on hearing their special name.

1. Cucciola/Cucciolo – This pet name means "puppy".

2. Bimbo/a - Term of endearment which means "kiddo". This one is truly a classic.

3. Caro/a - This word means "dear".

4. Tesoro - This pet name means "treasure".

5. Gioia - This Italian pet name means "joy".

6. Bambolotta - This means "a little doll". This is indeed a lovely pet name to call your cute little daughter.

7. Cocca di Mamma - Mommy’s girl (Cocca di Papa means Daddy’s boy).

8. Stellina - This means "little star" in Italian.

9. Topolina/Topolino - This means "little mouse" and is a perfect name for your little mouse!

10. Signorino/Signorina - Means "a young man and young lady". Usually used for kids who are aged 10 or under. However, kids don't really grow up in their parents' eyes, so you can choose this pet name even for older kids.

Cute Nicknames For Little Boys

Newborn baby playing with stars

There are some very cute Italian pet names that Italians use in their language for a cute looking boy. Parents can choose these cute pet names for their little boy. Let us take a look at some popular names that Italians call their sons.

11. Ciccio (Chiccho) - This pet name is used for a chubby baby boy.

12. Chiccino (Kikkino) - This pet name is used for an old-time best friend, but can be used for your son as well.

13. Chicco (Kikko) - This pet name is used for an old-time friend. A great choice for your little best friend.

14. Ciccino - This pet name is used for a very close friend.

15. Patato - This pet name is used for a chubby baby boy.

16. Angioletto - This is the Italian word for “little angel”.

17. Scricciolo (Scriccholo) - This pet name is used for a very tiny boy.

18. Amico - This name is Italian for "a mate", as your little boy is after all your best mate.

19. Pupo - This name is Italian for "baby".

20. Sposino - Italian for “little groom”.

21. Piccolo - This name is Italian for “little”.

22. Belissimo - Italian word used for “beauty”.

23. Carissimo - Italian for “dearest”.

24. Stella - Italian for "star".

25. Zuccherino (Tzukkerino) - Italian for "sugar".

Funny Nicknames For Boys

Many of us look for funny pet names rather than cute names for our loved ones. Let us take a look at some of the silliest names available in Italian for boys. Little boys will be laughing all day at these cute and funny names.

26. Mommo - Used endearingly for a boy lacking a little bit of common sense.

27. Mastrolindo - Used for a bald guy.

28. Pippa - Used for a boy who does not like doing any work.

29. Dumbo - Used for a boy with big ears.

30. Tarzan - This popular Italian pet name is used for a guy who has long hair.

31. Rospo - Italian for “big frog”.

32. Pinocchio (Pinokkio) - Used for a guy who lies a lot.

33. Puzzone - Meaning "stinker".

34. Galletto - Used for an overly friendly boy.

35. Cicognone (Chikonone) - Used for a person who talks a lot.

36. Schiappa (Skiappa) - It is an Italian word colloquially meaning "donkey”.

37. Zio - Italian for “dude”.

38. Chiappone (Kiappone) - References the word "big".

39. Castoro - Used for a boy with big teeth.

40. Scimmione (Shimmione) - Italian word for a "monkey". Perfect for your little monkey.

Unisex Pet Names For Both Boys And Girls

There are some unique pet names in the Italian language that can be used for both boys and girls. They make a person feel special by letting them know that you love and care for them. It makes them feel grateful that you have taken the time and effort to come up with a new name for them. Invest some time and choose the pet name that best describes your loved one and reflects their characteristics.

41. Anima Mia - Italian for "my soul". And truth be told, your kids are your soul.

42. Amore Mio - One of the most commonly used terms of endearment. It means "my love".

43. Cerbiatto - Italian for "fawn".

44. Cuoro Mio - Italian for "my heart".

45. Pasticcino - Another Italian term that means "sweet pastry".

46. Tesoruccio - Italian word used for “little treasure trove".

47. Tenerezza - This name means "tenderness".

48. Vita Mia - The term means "my life".

Cute Italian Nicknames For Girls

Newborn baby girl lying in a basket

There is an array of pet names in the Italian language that can be used for your little girl. We have listed some of the best Italian terms of endearment for girls here. Which will you pick for your precious daughter?

49. Amorina - Italian word meaning “little lovely”.

50. Principessa (Princhipessa) - The Italian word for "princess".

51. Reginetta - Italian word for "little queen".

52. Fiore - This name means "flower".

53. Micia (Micha) - This is the Italian word for "kitty".

54. Pulce (Pulche) - A commonly used Italian nickname for a tiny little girl.

55. Coccinella (Kocchinella) - The Italian word for "ladybird".

56. Farfallina - Italian word used for “little butterfly”.

57. Tigrotta - Commonly used Italian term for "little tiger".

58. Caramellina - Italian nickname meaning "little candy".

59. Cuoricino - This is an Italian phrase for “little heart”.

60. Ciliegina (Chiliegina) - Italian phrase for “little cherry".

61. Piccola - The Italian term for "tiny". This name is great for a tiny little girl.

62. Piccolina - Italian endearment term meaning "very tiny".

63. Bambina - A very commonly used Italian term meaning "child".

Funny Nicknames For Girls

It is well known that kids love being goofy. If you love to give your kids (or your kids love to give you) funny nicknames, this list will give you some great ideas. Here we list some of the funniest Italian nicknames and terms of endearment that can be endowed on little girls., sure to keep everyone giggling through the day.

64. Marmottina - This is an Italian word meaning “little groundhog’.

65. Cipolletta - This is an Italian endearment term meaning "little onion".

66. Tarturaga - A funny Italian nickname for a slow little girl.

67. Polpetta - Italian term used for a chubby baby girl.

68. Scimmietta (Shimmietta) - Commonly used Italian term meaning “little monkey”.

69. Panocchia (Panokkia) - Italian term meaning "corncob".

70. Crostatina – This is a popular Italian term for “little pie”.

71. Batuffolina - A popular Italian term used for a tender and kind girl.

72. Pappagallina - the Italian term meaning "little parrot".

73. Polpa - Italian term used for a clumsy girl.

Cute Italian Nicknames For Tween And Teen Boys

This is a list of some of the cutest nicknames you can bestow on tweens and teens. They do not sound as cheesy as some of the terms of endearment for younger kids to ensure that you do not inadvertently embarrass your tween or teen son. These terms of endearment are a great way to show him how much he means to you.

74. Orsacchiatto (Orsakkiotto) - Popular Italian term meaning "teddy bear".

75. Pimpi - Short Italian term meaning "Prince".

76. Bambino - The Italian term meaning "boy".

77. Orsetto - Italian for "little bear".

78. Cucciolo (Kuccholo) - The Italian word for "puppy".

79. Orsacchiottino (Orsakkiottino) - Italian phrase for "very little bear".

80. Biscottino (Biskottino) - Meaning "little biscuit".

81. Cioccolatino (Chokkolatino) - Italian phrase for "cutie".

82. Piccolino Mio (Pikkolino Mio) - Italian phrase meaning "my little baby”.

83. Trottolino - This name means "my sweet boy".

84. Cuore (Kuore) - This is an Italian word for "heart".

85. Scimmia - This word means monkey.

86. Fiorellino - Italian word that means "little flower".

Popular Italian Terms Of Endearment Used For People In A Family

Italians use nicknames to express their love for all the members of the family. These cute names are a great way to show the whole family, from Aunts and Uncles, to parents and even cousins, just how much you care. Some popular nicknames in Italian for family members are listed as follows.

87. Cuginetta/Cuginetto - These are Italian terms of endearment for cousins who are under the age of 10.

88. Mammina/Madre/Mamma - These are Italian terms of endearment meaning "mother".

89. Marito/Moglie - Italian for "husband" and "wife". These are more refined and accurate terms for couples who have been living together for a long time and know each other better than anyone.

90. Nonnina/Nonnino - Used lovingly for grandparents, both maternal and fraternal.

91. Papi/Papino/Padre - Italian terms for "father".

92. Tata/Tatina - Older women are affectionately called by this popular Italian nickname by little children.

93. Zietta/Zietto - An Italian endearment term for "uncle" and "aunt".

Pet Names In Italian For Your Littles Loves

There are some hugely sappy words that Italians have for those they love. After all, romantic relationships are the perfect place to use them. These names are usually used by Italians to show partners how much they love them but we think many of them make cute loving nicknamkes for kids too.

94. Anima Gemella - This term is used for a soulmate and your kids are for sure your little soulmates.

95. Dolce Meta - Loosely translates into "sweet half", your kids are the sweetest halves that complete you.

96. Essero Affetuso - Italian phrase for "my affectionate", perfect your little kids.

97. Innamorata/Innamorato - This word refers to someone who you love.

98. Mio Amato/Amata - Italian word for "my beloved".

99. Ragazza/Ragazzo - Refers to someone you love in Italian.

100. Ti Amo - Meaning “I love you” in Italian. This name is perfect for the love of your life.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Italian nicknames then why not take a look at something different like French pet names or Italian cat names.

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