Top 101 Bellissima Italian Girl Names For Your Baby Girl

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Many parents brainstorm to find an elegant and special for their baby girl.

If you are struggling to find a baby girl names for your little girl, then you can look at some of these delightful Italian names. Italian names are beautiful, elegant, and are rich in ancient heritage and culture, making them meaningful as well.

Italy is a wonderful and historically-important country, and so are its names. Italian girl names have a romantic and charming ring to them.

Whether you want to stick to your Italian roots or simply want something exotic and unique for your little princess, our list of Italian baby girl names can help you find the right fitting name for your child. Our list is a collection of stylish and enchanting Italian baby girl names.

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Most Popular Italian Baby Names For Girls

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There are many names in Italy which stand out from the rest and are extremely popular and special. We present a list of some very beautiful and most popular Italian baby girl names. While most of them originate from Italy itself, many come from different parts of the world and have become quite famous in Italy:

1.Adele (German origin) meaning "Noble, Kind." Adele is also a very famous English singer and songwriter.

2.Amara (Greek origin) meaning "Grace."

3.Angela  (Latin origin) meaning "Messenger of God" or "Angel." Angela Carter is a famous American novelist.

4.Antonella meaning "Daughter of Anthony."

5.Aria  meaning "Air". Aria in Italian also means a solo melody sung by one of the lead singers in an opera or choir.

6.Arianna (Greek origin) meaning "very holy." This name is associated with the famous American singer, Ariana Grande.

7.Armani   meaning "Son of Armano", "warrior" or "faith". This name is associated with the world-famous Italian luxury fashion house, Armani, founded by Giorgio Armani.

8.Aurora  (Latin Origin) meaning "Dawn."

9.Beatrice meaning "She who Brings Happiness."

10.Bella meaning "Beautiful."

11.Benedetta meaning "Blessed" Benedetta Porcaroli is a popular Italian Actress who played Chiara in the Netflix TV-series, Baby.

12.Bianca meaning "White."

13.Carlotta meaning "Free."

14.Chiara, meaning "Light, Clear." Chiara Ferragni is a popular Italian businesswoman, fashion designer, and influencer.

15.Daniella (Latin Origin) meaning "God is my Judge."

16.Elisa (Spanish Origin) meaning "Pledged to God."

17.Emilia (Latin Origin), meaning "To strive or Excel," Emilia is the Italian form of the name Emily. Emilia Clarke is also a famous English actress who played Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series, Game of Thrones.

18. Francesca meaning "Free One." The name can be linked to American actress, Francesca Capaldi.

19.Gabriella meaning "Messenger of God."

20.Gemma  (Latin Origin), meaning "Gem, Gemstone."

21.Gia meaning "God is Gracious." This Italian girl name is quite popular.

22.Giada, meaning "Jade" Giada De Laurentiis, is a famous Italian TV personality, chef, and writer.

23.Gianna meaning "God is Gracious."

24.Ginerva meaning "Fair One". Ginerva (Ginny) Weasley is the younger sister of Ron Weasley and wife of Harry Potter from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.

25.Gioia (Latin origin) meaning "Joy." One of the unique Italian girl names.

26.Ilaria meaning "Cheerful."

27.Irene (Greek origin), meaning "Peace." Irene Adler is a notable female characters from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. It could be a perfect name for your Italian girl.

28.Isabella meaning "God is My Oath."

29.Lia (Latin Origin) meaning "Lioness."

30.Liliana (Latin Origin) meaning "Lily."

31.Lucia (Spanish origin) meaning "Light". This popular name is linked with Lucia of Syracuse, also known as Saint Lucy, who was a Christian martyr who lost her life in the Diocletianic Prosecution in the early fourth century.

32.Luna meaning "Moon." One of the common girl names for your Italian girl.

33.Matilde (French Origin) meaning "Mighty in Battle."

34.Melissa (Greek origin) meaning "Bee" In Greek Mythology, Melissa was the name of a nymph who nursed infant Zeus by feeding him, honey.

35.Mia meaning "Mine" or "Darling."

36.Mirabella (Latin Origin) meaning "Wondrous Beauty." Famous Singer, Bryan Adams' daughter is named, Mirabella Bunny Adams.

37.Nicole (French Origin) meaning "Victory of the People."

38.Noemi (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Lovely, Pleasant."

39.Rebecca (Hebrew Origin) meaning "To Tie, Bind."

40.Sienna meaning "Orange-Red" This beautiful nameis derived from the Italian town of Siena in the Tuscany region.

41.Sofia, meaning "Wisdom," Sofia has remained the most common Italian girl name for the last five years. Sofia Coppola is a famous director and daughter of Francis Ford Coppola.

42.Valentina (Latin Origin) meaning "Strong, Powerful."

43.Viola  meaning "Violet." It is a popular baby girl name.

44. Vittoria meaning "Victory."

45.Viviana meaning Alive" It is the Spanish and Italian form of the name Vivian.

Unique Italian Girl Names

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There no shortage of Italian names when it comes to being elegant and unique. Here are some really unique and rare Italian girl names that will give such a lovely and aesthetic ring to your baby girls' names:

46.Adalgisa meaning "Noble Spear, Pledge."

47.Allegra meaning "Joyful, Lively" This name also refers to Allegra Versace, the heiress and director of the popular Italian fashion company, Versace.

48.Amaeda meaning "God Beloved."

49.Ambra meaning "Amber Colored."

50.Armina (Latin origin) meaning "Latin."

51.Beretta is the name of an Italian firearms manufacturer. It would make a unique baby name for your baby girl.

52.Beronia (Italian, Greek Origin), meaning "Bringer of Joy."

53.Cadenza meaning "Rythmic." One of the unique girl names in Italian.

54.Capria (French Origin), meaning "Windlass, Impulsive." A great name for your Italian girl.

55.Cinzia (Greek origin), meaning "Moon, From Kynthos".This unique Italian baby name is derived from the Greek name, Kynthia, one of the many names of the Greek Goddess Artemis.

56.Delfina, meaning "Woman From Delphi."

57.Domenica meaning "Belonging to God."

58.Electra (Greek origin) meaning "Amber" or "Shining, Bright."

59.Fiammetta meaning "Little Flame". A really cute name for your little red-headed angel.

60.Gaetana meaning "From the city of Gaeta."

61.Gianetta meaning "God is Gracious." One of the unique names for girls.

62.Idalia meaning "Behold the Sun."

63.Jacobella meaning "Supplanter" This Italian baby name is the feminine form of the name Jacob.

64.Ludovica meaning "Famous Warrior."

65.Miuccia meaning "of the Sea, Bitter" This unique name is linked with the influential fashion designer Miuccia Prada, the founder of the Italian fashion house, Prada.

66.Mabilia (Latin Origin) meaning "Lovable."

67.Nicia meaning "People's Victory."

68.Ombra meaning "Shadow, Shade."

69.Oria meaning "Golden."

70.Ornella meaning "Flowering Ash Tree."

71.Ottavia meaning "Eight".

72.Ravenna meaning "Raven" It is also a lovely Italian city. Raven is also one of the Teen Titans from the Marvel series, Teen Titan and can be one of the many unique Italian baby names for your Italian baby girl.

73.Sarita meaning "Princess."

74.Serafina (Latin Origin) meaning "Angel, Angelic" One of the few majestic girls names.

75.Vallea meaning "Valley."

Names Inspired By Famous Women From Italian History

Make your daughter's name even more meaningful and special by naming her after some of the most famous and revolutionary Italian women from History, from mathematicians and scientists to politicians and writers.

76.Artemisia (Greek origin), meaning "Gift fro Goddess Artemis" Artemisia Gentileschi, a legendary Italian painter of the seventeenth century.

77.Catherine (Greek origin) meaning "Pure."

78.Celia (Latin Origin), meaning "Heavens" Celia Grillo Borromeo was a famous Italian mathematician, who is famous for her discovery of the Clélie curve.

79.Dorotea (Spanish origin) meaning "God's Gift." The name is associated with the actress, Dorotea Mercuri.

80.Elena (Greek, Spanish Origins) meaning "Bright, Shining Light" This very popular Italian name can be referred to as Elena Cornaro Piscopia, an Italian mathematician, and also happens to be the first woman to ever receive a University degree.

81.Eleonora meaning "Shining Light." This name is linked to Eleonora Giulia Amalia Duse, one of the greatest actresses in the acting world.

82.Grazia meaning "Grace". Grazia Deledda was a famous Italian writer who won Nobel Prize in Literature in 1927, making her the first Italian woman to ever be awarded a Nobel Prize.

83.Leonilde (Greek origin) meaning "Lioness." Leonilde Iotti, a famous Italian politician, carried this name.

84.Lucrezia (Latin Origin) meaning "Profit, Wealth" This unique baby name can be linked with Lucrezia Borgia, who was an Italian noblewoman and also the daughter of Pope Alexander VI.

85.Maria (Latin Origin) meaning "Of the Sea" or "Bitter." Maria Montessori, a physician and educator, was named after this word.

86.Rita (Greek origin) meaning "Pearl" or "Daisy". Rita Levi was a well-acclaimed neurologist and scientist who also received a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1986, along with biochemist Stanley Cohen.

87.Tina (English origin) meaning "River." This name is associated with Tina Modotti, an activist and famous photographer.

88.Virginia (Latin Origin) meaning "Pure". This beautiful name is also associated with a famous Italian aristocrat of the nineteenth century, Virginia Oldoini, who also happens to be one of the first women to participate in politics actively.

Vintage Italian Names For Girls

While some of the commonly used names in Italy, such as Isabella and Mia, have been pretty popular for a very long time, there are certain names that you do not get to hear anymore but are still, all the same, beautiful and elegant, Take a look at these unique and sophisticated retro Italian names:

89.Amidala meaning "Beautiful Flower". This unique name is perfect for Star Wars fans as it can also be linked with Padme Amidala from Star Wars: Episode 1, played by Natalie Portman.

90.Belifore meaning "beautiful as a Flower."

91.Carmela (Latin Origin) meaning "Fruitful Orchard."

92.Donata meaning "Gift."

93.Elenore meaning "Light."

94.Esta meaning "From the East."

95.Flavia (Latin Origin) meaning "Golden, Blonde" How perfect this beautiful name would be for your blonde baby gIrl?

96.Filomena (Greek origin) meaning "friend of strength."

97.Ines meaning "Chaste."

98.Issota (meaning "Ice-Ruler". It is the Italian form of the Welsh name, Isolde.

99.Romana (Latin origin) meaning "From Rome."

100.Rosetta meaning "Little Rose."

101.Santina (Latin origin) meaning "Saint."

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