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100+ Best Military Nicknames

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Military personnel often refer to each other not by their proper names but by the nicknames they are assigned during their tenure in the force.

Some of them are meant to poke fun, but others may be assigned as a mark of respect or something positive. It all depends on how they are perceived by their peers.

In this post, we’ve compiled more than 100 of the best military related nicknames along with their meanings. From soldier nicknames, to cool army nicknames, to inspiring military unit nicknames, we’ve covered them all here. So, read on for a quality military branch nicknames education, soldier!

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Funny Army Nicknames

Let’s take a look at some funny soldier pet names along with their meanings.

Little boy meeting his military father at home.

1. Albatross - Typically given to someone who tends to be a bad luck charm within a squadron.

2. Albert - A nickname for soldiers with piercings.

3. Alphabet - Mostly given to soldiers when they can’t pronounce another’s name properly.

4. Angry - If you know of a guy who gets offended at the slightest thing, this may be ideal for him.

5. Arctic - A soldier who is cold in terms of his behavior with others usually gets this name.

6. Badger - This nickname is given to one who constantly keeps asking for things.

7. Bambi - Sensitive guys in the army and navy tend to get this name.

8. Barbie - This is apt for those who like to wear fancy clothes (when they’re not on duty, of course) and keep their hair all gelled up.

9. Barracuda - Army and navy guys with long noses are given this nickname.

10. BDU - BDU stands for Big Dumb Unit. If you know someone a bit slow at understanding how things work, this is the nickname they may get called in the army.

11. Batman - A favorite nickname to call people in the air force who have been known to fly their aircraft at night without wearing the right goggles.

12. Beaker - A popular nickname to call someone who tends to talk too much.

13. Biscuit - Know of a guy who crumbles quickly in the face of a tough situation? If so, this is the right nickname for him.

14. Big Red - Redheads of above average size in the military are given this nickname.

15. Booger - Not the most wanted nickname as it’s generally given to the ones who keep firing those nasty snot rockets.

16. Bunny - A surprisingly cute animal military nickname.

17. Caboose - A name that may be used to tease soldiers who are a bit slow to move.

18. Candle - Standing for 'Can’t Do Learning', Candle is typically used for someone who finds it hard to learn new stuff.

19. Casper - Ghosts are terrifying, but Casper isn’t one of them. Get it?

20. Caterpillar - For those sporting awkward mustaches.

21. Chappie - When one gets too preachy in the U.S. Army, this is what his mates refer to him as.

22. Chimbo - A nickname given to guys embracing their feminine side.

23. Coma - A funny name for people who bore you a little with their conversational skills.

24.  Cilla - For Liverpudlians in the army, after the legendary Cilla Black.

25. Corny - For people who laugh at their own jokes.

26. COOTS - Stands for 'Constantly Overemphasizing Own Tactical Significance'. A nickname for those who never think twice before thinking the world of themselves.

27. CRAT - Stands for 'Can’t Remember A Thing'; a name for forgetful soldiers.

28. Curly - For those who like to keep tense situations light with their sense of humor.

29. Chaos - A nickname derived from the iconic General Jim Mattis.

30. Digger - Ideal nickname for someone who’s always got a hidden agenda.

31. Emu - An army special name for failed pilots based on the bird that never takes flight.

32. Elvis - For those who like sporting a '50s look.

33. Fighting Bob - Former US Navy Admiral Robley Dunglison Evans' nickname.

34. Fighting Quaker - Former US Army General Smedley Butler's nickname.

35. Funny Accent Guy - Given to those who like to talk funnily, all the time.

36. Furball - Something for the guys who’ve got too much hair!

37. Flash - Commonly given to those with Gordon as their last names, a reference to one of the most famous superheroes in the world from the DC universe.

38. Foggy - For those who have a hard time understanding things.

39. Giggles - A fairly common nickname that the constantly laughing soldiers tend to get called.

40. Ghost - Typically used for those who are there one moment and gone the next.

41. Gramps - When young soldiers like to act as if they’ve seen and been through it all, this is the nickname they get.

42. Harry - For a soldier with who acts like royalty, due to the link to Prince Harry who was in the army.

43. Hefty - Used for a hefty military man.

44. Hurricane - Given to the ones who are always seemingly caught up in messy situations.

45. Hyde - A reference to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

44. IRIS - Stands for 'I Require Intense Supervision'. A nickname common for those who can be a liability when left to make their own choices.

45. Keebler - The perfect nickname for those on the shorter side.

46. Kwazi - For those who are always complaining and grumbling about something or the other.

47. Leaky - For those with the last name of Fawcett, which rhymes with faucet.

48. Leatherman - A nickname given to the soldiers who are always trying to please their superiors.

49. LOTR - That’s what the military men call someone who’s a big fan of 'The Lord Of The Rings'.

50. Liza - For those drama queens; a reference to actress and singer Liza Minnelli.

51. Lunchbox - The nickname that the constantly hungry soldiers can expect to be given.

52. Marshmallow - For those with bulging tummies.

53. Marx - This is apt for soldiers whose first names happen to be Carl or Karl.

54. Mini - The name for smaller guys or the ones with the last name Cooper.

55. Monk - Former US Intelligence Officer Benjamin Dickson's nickname.

56. Mogul - Given to the soldiers who are in the forces only for the benefits.

57. Mumbles - For those who mutter and mumble a lot.

58. NAG - Stands for 'Not A Guy', commonly used to refer to the ladies in the army.

59. Nitro - A nickname that perfectly describes soldiers who are a little gassy.

60. Not So - For the ones who are “not so” bright.

61. Nugget - Used to describe someone who’s a McDonald’s or KFC fan.

62. Paco - An apt nickname for someone with a taste for nachos, tacos, and quesadillas.

63. Pagan - The name used for pacifists who somehow ended up in the armed forces.

64. Pathfinder - A sarcastic nickname that pokes fun at a soldier’s inability to read maps.

65. Pid - A hilarious nickname for a guy whose first name is either Stuart or Stewart, which translates into stu/stew-pid.

66.  Poco- Based on the nickname of legendary US Navy Officer William W. Smith.

67. Snake - For the sneaky ones who always seem to get out of trouble while their comrades take the blame.

68. Snowden - A nickname for those who, like Edward Snowden, love to share those best-kept secrets without a care in the world.

69. Space Cadet - For the soldiers who are always caught up in their own little worlds.

70. Sweeney - The nickname that’s apt for the soldiers with really bad haircuts.

71. Teflon - A common nickname for those who always seem to deflect blame to others.

72. Thrombo - A funny nickname for those who are a bit slow to understand what’s expected of them and act accordingly.

73. Tiny - Former US Submarine Commander Frank C. Lynch Jr.'s nickname.

74. Tubby - Former Australian Army General Arthur Allen's nickname.

75. Walter - Refers to Walter White, the lead character from the TV show ‘Breaking Bad.’ Often used for those with White as their last names.

76. X - A symbolic yet funny name for those whose last names are Cross.

Cool Military Nicknames

Now that we’ve covered the funniest military unit nicknames, it’s time to look at the coolest ones. These cool military names are often given based on the positive attributes of soldiers.

Soldier in military uniform saluting over white background.

77. Angel - An army nickname that’s ideal for those who are always on their best behavior.

78. Animal - For the animals on the battlefield.

79. Apollo - Given to either those who are excellent boxers.

80. Bad Hand - The nickname of Ranald S. McKenzie, former U.S Army General.

81. Bones - A nickname for the guys who have broken several bones during their tenures.

82. Boss - For those who can take care of business when it matters most.

83. Brains - Used for the most intelligent people.

84. Delmonte - A nickname for people who are always ready to volunteer.

85. Grey Fox - Former U.S Army General George Crook's nickname.

86. Gunner - For those who are skilled with their weapons.

87. Hotdog - Given to those whose skills in the forces are simply unparalleled.

88. Horseman - For those who can get stuff done on the battlefield.

89. Monster - Former US Army General Jacob H. Smith's nickname.

90. Maverick - For the rebellious sort who’s always questioning their superiors.

91. Merlin - A nickname for the soldiers who can influence their bosses.

92. Midas - Some guys have that special touch that allows them to make the best out of the worst scenarios. This nickname is for them!

93. Mustang - Used in the same vein as Maverick.

94. OG - For the ones who are as tough as the 'Original Gangsters' that this nickname stands for.

95. Pitbull - A nickname that’s commonly used to describe the most loyal soldiers.

96. Prince John - Former confederate General John. B. Magruder's nickname.

97. Rajah - A cool way to refer to the guys in the forces with their roots in the Indian subcontinent as Rajah means King in India.

98. Scorpion - A name that indicates a soldier’s ability to sting the opposition without getting stung himself.

99. Twiggy - For the soldiers who are more lean than muscular.

100. Vader - For cool guys in the military who are slightly feared by all around them.

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