75 Best Names That Mean Thunder, Lightening Or Storm

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Why names that mean Thunder, Lightening, or Storm?

Who says, gone are the days of the gods? You can make your child live like a god on earth just by the name you choose for them. Choosing a name that means thunder, storm, or lightning is not only cool but also teaches your kids to live up to a certain level of expectation and responsibility. They learn to stand up for the weak and protect the feeble, just like the gods of thunder, lightning, and storm in their days. Of course, the names have to be trendy and smooth. This is why we have compiled 60 baby names that mean lightning, thunder, or storm for you. Planning to name your baby a name meaning thunder, lightning, or storm? You are covered. Here are some of the best boy and girl names that mean thunder.

Names Meaning Thunder

1. Adad (Assyrian- Babylonian origin) Name derived from Babylonian "God of Thunder" is a very common name that is used to pay homage to the Thunder Gods.

2. Boran (Turkish origin) name means a "thunder-storm".

3. Brontes (Greek origin) name means "thunder". In Greek Mythology, he was one of the Cyclopes.

4. Hadad (Semitic origin) Named after the "God of thunder and storm".

5. Leigong (Chinese origin) from Chinese mythology, the name is derived from the "God of thunder".

6. RA'D (Arabic origin) means "thunder" and this name has its roots in the holy Quran.

7. Raiden (Japanese origin) is a trendy, eye-catching name derived from the Japanese "God of thunder". Raiden, or the Thunder God is also a very famous name character in the 'Mortal Kombat' game series.

8. Raijin (Japanese origin) According to Japanese mythology, he is the "God of thunder and storm".

9. Taranis (Celtic origin) Identified with Jupiter, he is the Celtic "God of thunder".

10. Thor (Old Norse origin) is derived from "Norse God of thunder" from the old Norse mythology. The God of thunder wields a hammer and can strike thunder.

Girl Names Meaning Thunder

11. Indira (Hindu origin) means "God of thunderstorms".

12. Nariko (Japanese origin) means "thunder".

13. Sea'iqa (Arabic origin) means a "bolt of thunder".

14. Sorine (Danish origin) name meaning the "God of thunder".

15. Tama (Native American origin) name means "thunderbolt". Tama is also a world-renowned brand of drum manufacturer.

16. Thora (Old Norse origin) is the female version of Thor, the 'Norse God of thunder'. She is also called the "thunder Goddess and the God of rain".

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Thunder

17. Indra (Hindu origin) In Hindu Mythology, he was the 'king of the Gods' and also the "God of thunder'". The Thunder God Indra, also the God of rain, resides at Indraloka, i.e., the heavens.

18. Raamiah (Biblical origin) name meaning "thunder". Raamiah was an exiled prince who was also the Lord of Thunder.

19. Taima (Native American origin) is Often depicted as a "crash of Thunder", it also means those who were 'born during a thunderstorm'. Taima is a very popular Native American name.

20. Vajra (Hindu origin) means "thunderbolt". Hindu God Indra often hurls Vajra (thunderbolt) at his enemies. 

Boy Names Meaning Lightning

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21. Aratiri (Guarani origin) means "bolt of lightning".

22. Asteropaios (Greek origin) name means "lightning," was an important character in the Trojan War. He was a designated ally of Troy.

23. Barachiel (Hebrew origin) means "lightning of God" and was one of the archangels.

24. Bijuli (Nepali origin) means "electricity or lightning".

25. Chaqmoq (Uzbek origin) means a spark of "lightning".

26. Pailan (Armenian origin) means "lightning". The Armenian people generally worshipped nature which also includes the God of Thunder.

27. Rai (Japanese origin) name means "thunder or lightning" and is very common in Japanese naming culture. 

28. Vidyut (Hindu origin) means "lightning". Vidyut Jamwal is a famous Bollywood actor. 

29. Yashin (Uzbek origin) means "lightning". Lev Yashin was a world-famous Russian goalkeeper who is the only goalie to have won the prestigious Ballon d'Or.

Girl Names Meaning Lightning

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30. Ashni (Sanskrit origin) name means "lightning" and has its mentions in the Holy Vedas.

31. Astrape (Greek origin) name derived from Greek Mythology, where she was the "Goddess of lightning".

32. Brekhna (Pashto origin) means "lightning."

33. Fulgora (Roman origin) was the Roman "Goddess of lightning".

34. Kohara (Polynesian origin) name means "crash of lightning" according to Maori Mythology.

35. Rhiainfelt (Welsh origin) means "maiden of Lightning". The name has its roots in ancient Anglo-Saxon history. Few references to this name can also be found in Native American history.

36. Saudamini (Hindu origin) name means "lightning" and is a popular name in India.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Lightning

37. Kallik (Inuit origin) means "lightning". Kallik has been used in the 'Seekers' novel series. 

38. Llipya (Quechua origin) name means "lightning".

39. Maloney (Romani origin) means "lightning" and is quite a common name among the Nomadic people.

40. Simsek (Turkish origin) means a "lightning flash".

41. Thunder (English origin), as the name itself depicts "thunder" and "lightning". This name is quite popular in Native American English.

42. Wachira (Thai origin) name means "lightning bolt" in Thailand. 

Boy Names Meaning Storm

43. Aegaeon (Greek origin) means "storm". Aegaeon is the 'God of Storm' from the Aegean Sea in Greek mythology.

44. Arashi (Japanese origin) name means "tempest".

45. Bahoz (Kurdish origin) means a "storm" in Middle-East Eastern Eurasia. 

46. Maolanaithe (Irish origin) means "the devotee of the storm",

47. Ranto (Japanese origin) means "tempest or storm".

48. Sturm (German origin) means a "storm". The name has its reference in St. Sturm of Germany. 

49. Tikokura (Polynesian origin) means a "storm wave". Mythology reveals he was a powerful God who could create Storms when angered. 

50. Tufan (Arabic origin) name meaning a "storm," is a very popular Arabic name.

51. Vedrfolnir (Norse God origin) means a "pale storm". The Mythology refers to Vedrfolnir as the hawk who is on top of the Yggdrasil, the world tree.

52. Zrian (Kurdish origin) means "storm" among people of the Middle East.

Girl Names Meaning Storm

53. Aello (Greek origin) means a "whirlwind". Greek Mythology often refers to Aello as 'Storm-swift.' 

54. Ekaitza ( Basque origin) refers to "storm". Basque mythology says she could transform herself into storms whenever she wanted

55. Kapheira (Greek origin) means a "Stormy-breath". Greek mythology refers to Kapheira as a nymph who cared for the God of the Sea, Poseidon, when the latter was young.

56. Skye (English origin) means "sky".

57. Sunniva (Norwegian origin) means "sun gift".

58. Talia (Hebrew origin) means "rain from heaven".

59. Tempest (English origin) means "stormy".

60. Tsisana (Georgian origin) means "forget-me-nots".

61. Tuulikki (Finnish origin) means "little wind".

62. Varsha (Indian origin) means "rainy season".

63. Vetra (Latvian origin) means "gale or a tempest".

64. Zilan (Kurdish origin) means a "storm or storm wind".

65. Zephyrine (Greek origin) means "west wind".

66. Zerua (Basque origin) means "heaven".

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Storm

67. Capala (Hindi origin) means "swift like the lightning or wind".

68. Ciel (French origin) means "sky".

69. Fei (Chinese origin) means "to dance in the air".

70. Foudre (French origin) means "a flash of electricity during a thunderstorm.".

71. Kidlat (Tagalog origin) means "lightning".

72. Nasim (Arabic origin) means "breeze".

73. Storm (English origin) the name itself depicts "violent winds". The storm is a famous fictional character that appears in Marvel's Comics and 'X-Men' movies. Storm is often regarded as a common name.

74. Tufani (Swahili origin) means "a storm". The name also has its roots in the Arabic name Tufan.

75. Wintry (Native American origin) means "something which defines winter or storm wind". A great name.

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