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34 Best Nicknames For Hazel

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First, let's look at the origins of the name Hazel before we look at the nicknames.

The meaning of Hazel is the 'hazel tree', but the English term Hazel can also describe the greenish-brown hue that is frequently found in eyes. Hazel is a mysterious and whimsical name that is sure to draw heads with her cool vibes and chic fashion sense.

The original word is hæsel, which is derived from Old English before the seventh century and has its origins in the long Anglo-Saxon history. Scholars have further speculated that the name may potentially have an Old Norse origin as well. The name has undergone numerous changes over the years and is now generally recognized as the word hazel.

At the turn of the 20th century, the name was one of the top choices for females in the US. Around the ’60s, its use in that nation fell off, but after 1998, it started to rise once again. Since 2017, the name Hazel has been among the top 50 names given to baby girls in the US. Between 1900 and 1940, it was also occasionally applied to boys in the United States.

Unique And Creative Nicknames For Hazel

If you are looking for some creative names to display your imagination and humor, then you are at the right place. Here you will find some unique and creative nicknames:

  • Azel- a creative name for Hazel.
  • Baby Haze- a name that works for a small Hazel.
  • Baby Hazelle- a name that works for a little Hazel.
  • Baezel Hazel- a unique nickname for Hazel, that has a fun ring to it.
  • Hazel Elle- if you choose to use this unusual style, you can emphasize the letter L at the end.
  • Hazerella- a reworking of 'Cinderella', but a distinctive pick for your Hazel.
  • Hiez- a unique nickname that sounds a lot like the first few letters of Hazel.

Catchy Hazel's Nicknames

There list of Hazel nicknames are never-ending, but here you will find the most catchy nicknames. Have a look to find out the best names for loved ones.

  • Hazlett- a headland covered in numerous hazel trees.
  • Hope- a distinct and refined quality to it.
  • Leeza- reversing the name Hazel, and playing around with it, will give you a different version of this moniker.
  • Lila- a Sanskrit-influenced name with deeper philosophical significance.
  • Zay- a frequently-used boy's name.
  • Zelda- derived from mythology, this word signifies someone who is blessed.

Cool And Funny Nicknames For Hazel

Choose one from the options listed below to give your favorite Hazel a cool persona. Let's see what the list contains.

  • Bazil- a funny reinterpretation of the original word, basil.
  • Ellie- a small, adorable miniature for your Hazel.
  • Hassle- a clever method to make fun of someone named Hazel.
  • Haze- a more lengthy version of Haz.
  • Haze Head- those who might be a little dense.
  • Hazel Baezel- a fun name because of the rhyme.
  • Hazeline- a medicinal mix.
  • HazeX- this one makes you appear extremely cool to your peers.
  • Hazey- a cool alternative for Hazel.
  • Hazy Lazy- a Hazel who is lazy.
  • Hellie- a resident near a hill.
  • Helsa- a moniker that signifies dedication to God.
  • Lazzle- a word or surname meaning helpful.
  • Zazu- a loyal and funny character from the 'Lion King'.

Cute Nicknames For Hazel

The following list of cute nicknames can work for you if you don't want to stick with the traditional list of nicknames stated above.

  • Hazal- Put emphasis on the last portion of the name to pronounce it.
  • Hazelnut- a simple, yet endearing, way to add some cuteness to your christening.
  • Hazelstar- a celebrity of your family.
  • Haze Baze- it has a buzzing quality that adds to its allure.
  • Hazel Bazel- any rhyming words can be added to the original name to make it seem sweet.
  • Zazzle- is another interesting option for Hazel.
  • Zee Zee- your pals can use this moniker as a group.
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