160 Best Pomeranian Names For Your Cute Puppy

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Pomeranian dog is a breed of Spitz-type dogs.

These small dogs are classed as toy breeds because of their sizes. But they are definitely not small on personality.

These small but feisty dogs will take their time trusting you. But once they do, they can be your best friends who'll play with you with as much energy and later cuddle with you with as much affection. To make these dogs even cuter, a group of Pomeranians (three or more) is called a tuft and two Pomeranians, or a duo of Pomeranian pups, are called a puff. Here's a list of some of the Pomeranian names you can pick for your tiny beast.

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Pomeranian Female Names

Naming your Pomeranian puppy names that are just perfect is very important. So here's a list of some of the best Pomeranian girl names for you.

1. Adele (German origin), meaning "noble natured".

2. Amy (Latin origin) meaning "beloved".

3. Angel (Greek origin) means "messenger of God". Female pomeranian names like this are perfect for the little angel.

4. Annie (English origin) meaning "gracious or merciful".

5. Aspen (English origin) meaning "poplar tree".

6. Aurora (Latin origin) meaning "dawn". Aurora is a Disney princess.

7. Avery (French origin) meaning "one who rules with the wisdom of the elves".

8. Bella (Italian origin), meaning "beautiful". Bella Swan is one of the protagonists from the 'Twilight' movie and book series.

9. Candy (American origin) meaning "bright or sweet".  One of the sweet Pomeranian dog names.

10. Charlie (English origin) meaning "freeman". Charlie Chaplin was one of the greatest comedy actors of all time.

11. Charlotte (French origin) means "free man". Charlotte Casiraghi is the Princess of Monaco by birth and eleventh in line to the throne.

12. Christina (Greek origin) meaning "follower of Christ". Christina Yang was a major character in 'Grey's Anatomy'.

13. Daisy (Old English origin) meaning "day's eye". It refers to a flower. Daisy Ridley is an English actress who acted in 'Star Wars'.

14. Doll (English slang) meaning "sweetheart".

15. Dolly (Greek origin) meaning "gift of God". The first genetically cloned animal was a sheep named Dolly.

16. Duchess, is the title given to a wife of a Duke or someone who holds the same rank as a Duke.

17. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my oath". Elizabeth the first defeated the Spanish Armada.

18. Elsa (German origin) meaning "pledged to God". Elsa is a Disney Princess from the movie 'Frozen'.

19. Fluffy, refers to something that is something covered by fluff.

20. Helen (Greek origin) meaning "light".

21. Ivy (English origin) meaning "crawler".

22. Jenny (English origin) meaning "fair one". This Pomeranian name can be a perfect dog name for a snow-white Pomeranian, which is considered the rarest Pomeranian.

23. Kate (English origin) meaning "pure".

24. Lady (English origin) meaning "female head of household".

25. Lila (Arabic origin) meaning "night".

26. Lilly (English origin) meaning "flower". Lily Potter was the mother of Harry Potter.

27. Lizzie (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my oath".

28. Lola (Spanish origin) meaning "sorrows". Lola Bunny is a famous character of Looney Tunes.

29. Lucky (American origin) meaning "fortunate". Female Pomeranian names such as these are perfect names for a Pomeranian who has brought luck into your life.

30. Lucy (Latin origin) meaning "light". 'Lucy' is a famous Hollywood movie that starred Scarlett Johansson as the main character. A nice female dog name.

31. Meghan (Welsh origin) means "pearl".

32. Mila (Slavic origin) meaning "gracious or dear".

33. Minnie (English origin) meaning "of the sea". Minnie Mouse is a famous Disney character.

34. Pam (English origin) meaning "all honey". You should most definitely name your Pomeranian dog pretty female Pomeranian names like this which can be perfect for your brown Pomeranian puppy.

35. Pearl (Latin origin) refers to the pearl gem. A nice female name for a dog.

36. Penny (English origin) meaning "with a web over her face". Penny was a major character in the American sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory'.

37. Pinky (Indian origin) meaning "of good health".

38. Poppy (Old English origin) meaning "poppy flower".

39. Puff, it's what a duo of Pomeranians are called and a group of three or more is called 'tuft'.

40. Rosie (Latin origin) meaning "rose". Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is an English model and actress. A great female dog name too.

41. Roxy (Persian origin) means "bright and dawn".

42. Ruby, refers to the gem. Girl Pomeranian names as these are perfect names for Pomeranians who are as precious as gems.

43. Tammy (Aramaic origin) meaning "twin".

44. Victoria (Latin origin) meaning "winner". Victoria Beckham, a renowned fashion designer, is the wife of famous English soccer player David Beckham.

Pomeranian Male Names‍

Pomeranian dog with bouquet of lilacs

If you're looking for the best gender-appropriate Pomeranian puppy names for your little pal, here we have the list of male Pomeranian names for your help.

45. Aadam (Arabic origin) meaning "father of mankind".

46. Aaron (Hebrew origin) meaning "mountain of strength". Aaron Finch is an Australian cricketer.

47. Alfie (Old English origin), meaning "wise counselor".

48. Alvin (Old English origin) meaning "noble friend". 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' is a famous animated movie series.

49. Ash (Hebrew origin) meaning "happy". Ash Ketchum is the protagonist in the popular anime 'Pokemon'.

50. Bear refers to the animal bear. One of the dog names for a great dog.

51. Beau (French origin) meaning "handsome". Male Pomeranian names like these are perfect Pomeranian names for your handsome devil.

52. Billy (German origin) meaning "resolute protector". Billy Joel is a famous American singer.  

53. Buttons (English origin) meaning "lump". This male Pomeranian dog name can be one of the good Pomeranian names for your bud who's just cute as a button.

54. Chandler (English origin) meaning "candle maker". Chandler Bing from the famous American sitcom 'Friends'.

55. Damian (Greek origin) meaning "powerful man of the people".

56. Darcy (French origin) meaning "from Arcy". One of the wonderful dog names for a male dog.

57. Diesel refers to a petroleum fuel that is used in many vehicles.

58. Duke, refers toa man holding the highest hereditary title.

59. Duster refers to a cloth for dusting furniture.

60. Eddie (English origin) meaning "wealthy guardian". Eddie Van Halen was a famous American musician and guitarist.

61. George (Greek origin) meaning "farmer".  One of the sophisticated Pomeranian dog names.

62. Harry (German origin) meaning "power or ruler".

63. Hunter,refers to someone who hunts. One of the strong dog names.

64. Jack (English origin) meaning "supplanter".

65. Joey (Hebrew origin) meaning "god increases". Joey Tribbiani was a major character in the American sitcom 'Friends'.

66. Johnnie (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious".

67. Jordan (Hebrew origin) meaning "one who depends".

68. Kevin (Irish origin) meaning "of noble birth". Kevin Pietersen was a famous English cricketer.

69. King, meaning "a male ruler of an independent place".

70. Lad (Middle English origin) meaning "man".

71. Lyle (English origin) meaning "island".

72. Max (Latin origin) means "greatest".

73. Mikah (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like God?".

74. Murray (Celtic origin) meaning "protector of the sea".

75. Philip (Greek origin) meaning "lover of horses".

76. Prince, a title given to the son of a king or queen.

77. Romeo (Italian origin) meaning "from Rome". 'Romeo and Juliet' is a famous play by William Shakespeare. One of the Pomeranian names for a little charmer.

78. Ron (English origin) meaning "advisor".

79. Ross (German origin) meaning "skid or horse". Ross Geller was a major character in 'Friends'.

80. Sammy (Hebrew origin) meaning "name of God"

81. Shooter refers to someone who shoots.

82. Steven (Greek origin) meaning "crown".

83. Timmy (Greek origin) meaning "honoring God".

84. Tommy (Aramaic origin) meaning "twin".

85. Tucker (Old English origin) meaning "to torment".

86. Winston (Old English origin) meaning "French town".

Pomeranian Names Inspired By Size

You can name your Pomeranian puppies names that suit them according to their sizes, colors, or personalities. Below we have the list of names for Pomeranian puppy inspired by their sizes.

87. Bitty refers to someone who is small.

88. Elf refers to a type of a humanoid supernatural being of German folklore.

89. Frodo refers to Frodo Baggins of 'Lord of the Rings'.

90. Hobbit refers to dwarfed human-like creatures.

91. Morsel refers to a small remaining piece.

92. Munchkin refers to a child or short person.  One of the cute Pomeranian dog names.

93. Nugget refers to a small lump of precious metals.

94. Pebbles means "small stones". Among the sweet Pomeranian names.

95. PeeWee, meaning "a small child". This is one of the funny Pomeranian dog names.

96. Pequeña (Spanish origin) meaning "short female".

97. Pequeño (Spanish origin) meaning "small male".

98. Petit means "petty". One of the elegant Pomeranian names.

99. Pip (Greek origin) meaning "horse lover". Pip was the protagonist in 'The Great Expectations'.

100. Pom, a sweet clipped form of Pomeranian.

101. Shorty means someone who is 'small'.

102. Spud (American origin) meaning "potato".

103. Squirl, refers to a pomeranian who is always trying to catch its tail.

104. Teddy (English origin) meaning "divine gift".

105. Thumbelina refers to the animated film of a thumb-sized girl of the same name.

106. Yoshi (Japanese origin) meaning "good luck".

Cute Pomeranian Dogs Names

Portraits Pomeranian\u200b cute\u200b dog\u200b \u200bsit on wood table

Pomeranian dog is one of the fluffiest of all the breeds. So, cute Pomeranian names for your fluffy and cute Pomeranian puppy seems appropriate. Here's the list of all the cute Pomeranian names for your buddy.

107. Barbie refers to 'Barbie Doll'.

108. Bean refers to a type of edible seed.

109. Beast, refers to a large and dangerous four-legged animal.

110. Bumblebee refers to the 'Transformers' who are yellow-colored robots.

111. Cheeky, meaning "showing a lack of politeness in an amusing way".

112. Chewie, refers to a dog that likes chewing. Chewie was a Wookiee warrior of 'Star Wars'.

113. Cotton refers to soft white fibers around the cottonseed.

114. Courage refers to someone who is brave.

115. Dandelion, is a kind of flower. This is one of the beautiful names for Pomeranian dogs.

116. Diva someone who behaves as if they're a very important or special person. Among the cute yet characterful Pomeranian names.

117. Dragon refers to the mythical lizard-like monsters with wings.

118. Elephant refers to a giant mammal.

119. Finn (Irish origin)meaning "white".

120. Gem, refers to a precious or semi-precious stone.

121. Giant, means "humanlike creatures of superhuman size".

122. Haggis is a famous Scottish delicacy.

123. Hershey refers to a popular brand of chocolate

124. Jupiter is the largest and the fifth planet of our solar system.

125. Katniss, (American origin) means "a type of plant".

126. Kiwi refers to a bird, endemic in New Zealand.

127. Mars (Greek origin) refers to the Roman God.

128. Marshmallow is a sweet confectionery.

129. Milo (Latin origin) meaning "soldier or merciful".

130. Mochi is a Japanese confection.

131. Moony refers to someone who is dreamy.

132. Nacho is a Mexican dish.

133. Obi-Wan is a major character in 'Star Wars'.

134. Ogre refers to a man-eating giant from folklore.

135. Opal is a type of gemstone.

136. Paris is a city and the capital of France.

137. Peanut is a kind of nut.

138. Peanut Butter refers to a food paste of Peanut and butter.

139. Pencil refers to an instrument for drawing or writing.

140. Petunia refers to a flower from a nightshade.

141. Pickle refers to a kind of relish.

142. Pluto is a Roman God as well as a dwarf planet of the solar system.

143. Pompom refers to a decorative ball of fiber material.

144. Puddle refers to a small pool of liquid.

145. Pumpkin refers to a vegetable.

146. Rio is a famous city in Brazil.

147. Rudy (German origin) means"glory-wolf".

148. Scrappy refers to a feisty spirit.

149. Shortcake is a kind of cake.

150. Snickerdoodle is a famous cookie.

151. Snowflake refers to a small crystal of snow.

152. Spock was a major character of 'Star Trek'.

153. Strawberry is a famous fruit.

154. Taco is a Mexican dish. One of the unique Pomeranian dog names.

155. Tiny refers to something that is very small.

156. Tofu is bean curd. One of the cute food dog names.

157. Velvet refers to a type of woven fabric.

158. Xena, (Greek origin), means "stranger".

159. Yoda refers to 'Master Yoda' from 'Star Wars'.

160. Zelda (Yiddish origin) meaning "blessed or happy".

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