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120 Best Pug Names

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Pugs can single-handedly take over the world.

With that uber-cute face, ultra adorable eyes, and the sassiest personalities, it is next to impossible not to say yes to a pug face. The creases on their foreheads almost make them look like they are plotting for world domination.

It's only ironic that one of the most common full forms of the word "pug" happens to be "Pick Up Guru", which is ideal because, with the mind-controlling tricks up their sleeves and hypnotic eyes, they can entice their owners into giving them everything they want. Pugs, often deemed as useless lapdogs can actually be pretty smart if appropriately trained. But, most pug pup owners like to indulge them because of how adorable and loving they are. They instantly soften even the stoniest of hearts. Being crowned as the most spoiled dog breed, getting what they want is their way of life. If pugs could have their way, they would take over the world and reign supreme over all dog breeds.

If you are a new pug parent to a pocket pug (i.e., small pug) and are on the lookout for a list of names for pugs that are iconic, sassy, and always classy, look no further for this list of cute names for pugs is curated specially to serve that purpose.

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Male Pug Names

Pug dog howling

Here's a list of the coolest names for pugs who are nothing less than your precious baby boy pug.

1. Bandit (American origin) meaning "thief." It is a perfect name for a baby black pug.

2. Baxter (Scottish origin) meaning "baker."

3. Bear (German origin) meaning "the brown one." One of the cute black pug names.

4. Benny (Latin origin) meaning "child of good fortune" or "blessed"; a name in its truest sense because pugs are a blessing.

5. Bentley (English origin) meaning "from the meadow of bent or coarse grass."

6. Bruce (English origin) meaning "the willow lands."

7. Bruno (German origin) meaning "brown." One of the most popular boy pug names.

8. Brutus (Latin origin) meaning "muscular and heavy". It is a fitting name for any black pug.

9. Bubba (American origin) meaning "little brother." A funny-sounding name if you are adopting a pug friend for your kid.

10. Buddha (Sanskrit origin) meaning "enlightened."

11. Buddy (American origin) meaning "friend." A great name for adorable pugs who make adorable friends.

12. Buster (American origin) meaning "tough guy"; a funny contradictory name because despite pugs looking grumpy, they are actually the cutest.

13. Cooper (English origin) meaning "tub" or "wooden container."

14. Dexter (Latin origin) meaning "dye."

15. Diesel (German origin) meaning "fuel" or "oil." One of the toughest black pug names.

16. Doug (Gaelic origin), meaning "dark,", the best name to give a black pug. Name of a famous pug personality who goes by his screen name, Doug The Pug.

17. Duke (English origin) meaning "leader"; one of the best names for a pug who rules your life.

18. Elvis (American origin) meaning "all-wise." The best name for a pug inspired by Elvis Presley.

19. Finn (Old Norse origin) meaning  "white". An amazing name for an albino pug.

20. Frank (Germanic origin) meaning "a free man." The iconic talking pug from 'Men in Black'.

21. Freddie (German origin) meaning  "ruler" or "power."

22. George (Greek origin) meaning "earth."

23. Gizmo (American origin) meaning "hairy and small", the perfect pug puppy names for the fuzzy little ones.

24. Gus (English origin) meaning "great." It is a cute name for pugs with a "great" meaning!

25. Hank (American origin) meaning "home king." A great choice if you are looking for good pug names.

26. Henry (French origin) meaning "home-ruler." A pug is a home ruler, so why not Henry?

27. Hugo (Germanic origin) meaning "mind." A wholesome pug name.

28. Jack (English origin) meaning "God Is gracious."

29. Jake (Hebrew origin) meaning "supplanter."

30. Jax (American origin) meaning "son of Jack." A great choice for a pug name if you are a pet parent named Jack.

31. Jeb (American origin) meaning "blessing." It is one of the most common dog names.

32. Jeff (English origin) meaning "God" or "peace." One of the fitting male pug names because they bring peace into your life.

33. Leo  (Latin origin) meaning  "lion."

34. Loki (Norse origin) meaning "God of mischief" or "God of air"; amongst the funny pug names for mischievous pugs.

35. Lotus (Greek origin) meaning "the flower." The real name of Po, from 'Kung Fu Panda' making it an appropriate name for baby black pugs.

36. Louie (French origin) meaning "warrior" or "knight."

37. Max (Latin origin) meaning "the greatest." One of "the greatest" pug names ever.

38. Milo (English origin) meaning "soldier."

39. Moose (German origin) meaning "moss."

40. Murphy (Irish origin) meaning "sea warrior." One of the appropriate pug names for a pug puppy that loves the beach.

41. Oliver (French origin) meaning "olive tree." A cute, but manly name for your pug.

42. Ollie (English origin) meaning "elf army." Pugs look like cute little elves.

43. Oscar (Irish origin) meaning "champion warrior."

44. Otis (Greek origin) meaning "keen of hearing." An appropriate dog name.

45. Ozzy (English origin) meaning "divine protector."

46. Pablo (Spanish origin) meaning "small" or "humble." A great name for a pug dog.

47. Rocco (Italian origin) meaning "rest."

48. Rocky (English origin) meaning "filled with rocks." A tough name for your pug.

49. Roscoe (Norse origin) meaning "doe wood."

50. Rudy (American origin) meaning "famous wolf." A funny pug name for a cute pug.

51. Tank (Nigerian origin) meaning "God's friend."

52. Teddy (English origin) meaning "guardian of his property." A good choice amongst cute pug names.

53. Thor (Norse origin) meaning "hammer-wielding God."

54. Toby (English origin) meaning "Yahweh is good."

55. Tucker (German origin) meaning "to torment."

56. Walter (German origin) meaning "power" or, "brightness."

57. Winston (English origin) meaning "joy stone."

58. Wrigley (English origin) meaning "wood."

59. Yoda (Hebrew origin) meaning "one who knows." An iconic and classic character from 'Star Wars'. One of the best dog names for a pug.

Female Pug Names

Head massage to the pug

Female pugs have no different scientific names. But here's a list of the classiest names for female pugs who are the sassiest.

60. Abby (Hebrew origin) meaning "my father's joy." Amongst the perfect female names for pugs who are more drawn to their human dads.

61. Bailey (English origin) meaning "attendant." One of the best girl pug names.

62. Bella (Latin origin) meaning "beautiful." One of the prettiest female pug names.

63. Coco (American origin) meaning "chocolate bean." One of the best dog names for teacup black pugs.

64. Daisy (English origin) meaning "day's eye." A famous puppy name from the iconic movie, 'John Wick'.

65. Ella (Greek origin) meaning "goddess" or "beautiful."

66. Ellie (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my light"; one of the prettiest female dog names for a pug.

67. Emma (Germanic origin) meaning "whole" or "universal"; a perfect pug name for your pet who means the world to you.

68. Fiona (Gaelic origin) meaning "white".

69. Gracie (English origin) meaning "grace of God."

70. Izzy (American origin) meaning "God is my oath."

71. Lexi (Greek origin) meaning "defender of mankind."

72. Lily (Hebrew origin) meaning  "pure", "rebirth", and "passion."

73. Lola (German origin) meaning  "sorrows."

74. Lucy (English origin) meaning "light"; a perfect female pug name.

75. Lulu (English origin) meaning "famous warrior"; one of the cutest dog names with heavy meaning.

76. Luna (Latin origin) meaning "the moon." A wonderful name for a pale pug.

77. Maddie (Hebrew origin) meaning "young." A fitting name for a young baby pug.

78. Maggie (English origin) meaning "pearl."

79. Marley (English origin) meaning "from the boundary field"; the name of the famous singer, Bob Marley.

80. Mia (Italian origin) meaning "dear" or "darling." It is an adorable name for a darling pug.

81. Millie (Latin origin) meaning "gentle strength; the cutest dog name which is appropriate.

82. Minnie (English origin) meaning "of the sea."

83. Molly (Irish origin) meaning "star of the sea."

84. Olive (Latin origin) meaning "the peaceful one"; one of the sweetest black pug names.

85. Peaches (German origin) meaning "fruit"; a great choice amongst sweet girl pug names.

86. Pearl (English origin) meaning "jewel of the sea."

87. Peggy (Greek origin) meaning "pearl."

88. Penelope (German origin) meaning "weaver."

89. Penny (Greek origin) meaning "weaver"; a cute pet name if you name your pug Penelope.

90. Phoebe (Greek origin) meaning "bright."

91. Princess (English origin) meaning "royal daughter." A girl pug is nothing less than a princess. Hence, this is an appropriate name.

92. Rosie (Latin origin) meaning "rose."

93. Roxy (American origin) meaning "dawn."

94. Ruby (Latin origin) meaning "red."

95. Sadie (English origin) meaning "princess." A relevant name for your girl pug who is your princess.

96. Sophie (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom".

97. Stella (Latin origin) meaning "star." It is a perfect name for your little pug star.

98. Zoey  (Greek origin) meaning "life." Your little girl pug is your life, hence, why not give her this literal name.

Gender-Neutral Pug Names

Here's a list of the iconic gender-neutral pugs names you will love.

99. Bean (Gaelic origin) meaning "life." One of the cutest and most adorable pug names ever.

100. Beau (French origin) meaning "beautiful" or "handsome". A fitting gender-neutral name for pugs who are the masters of good looks.

101. Biscuit (English origin) meaning "twice-cooked"; a cute name for a pug with biscuit colored fur.

102. Boo (Greek origin) meaning "to cry aloud, roar or shout.".  Let's face it, pugs are adorable but noisy. Why not name them after an exclamatory word that's cute and appropriate too?

103. Bug (Berber origin) meaning "love." Rhymes with "pug", so why not?

104. Bugsy (American origin) meaning "gangster." If you can name your pug Bug, why not Bugsy? Pugs are little gangsters in the truest sense.

105. Charlie  (English origin) meaning "free man."

106. Cookie (English origin) meaning "sweet biscuit"; One of the sweetest pug names for your little pug in a very literal sense. It is also a popular choice for puppies.

107. Giggle (English origin) meaning "snigger" or "to laugh lightly." Pugs bring you joy, which incites giggles out of you, hence an appropriate name.

108. Ginger (English origin) meaning "reddish-orange color." A great choice amongst pug names for darker furred pugs.

109. Harley (English origin) meaning "hare's meadow." It is a fiesty name choice amongst pug names for a thug pug.

110. Hootie (English origin) meaning  "the third child of God."

111. Lucky (American origin) meaning "fortunate one."

112. Mugsy (Unknown origin) meaning  "legend."

113. Oreo (Unknown origin) meaning "sandwich biscuit", an appropriate name for a Brindle pug, which is the rarest pug breed.

114. Peanut (American origin) meaning "groundnut legume"; a term of endearment.

115. Pepper (American origin) meaning "hot spice."

116. Pugsley (Unknown origin), a cute pug name.

117. Riley  (Irish origin) meaning "valiant."

118. Sammy (Hebrew origin) meaning "God has heard."

119. Toothless (English origin) meaning "having no teeth." Name of the adorable dragon in 'How To Train Your Dragon' who almost resembles a black pug.

120. Willow (English origin) meaning "gracefully slender" or "lithe."

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