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50+ Best Shadow Priest Names

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In the mystical world of fantasy, shadow priests are characters that cause suffering and pain to their long held enemies.

A shadow priest uses his or her ties to the void to be able to rouse powers of suffering and pain. This shadow priest is powerful, mystical and fierce and can kill enemies at the drop of a hat.

If you are an avid 'World Of Warcraft' player, it is natural for you to have come across a shadow priest in the game. It is even more fun when you get to use that character to fight your battles in the game. Without much doubt, it is obvious that you would want to select one superb name for your shadow priest. One name that instills fear in the heart of your enemies and causes them to tremble. To help you out with the same, here are the best shadow priest names and some general WOW priest names. You'll also find some undead priest names, dwarf priest names, holy priest names, troll priest names and the best shaman names. If you’d like, you could also have a quick look at monk names and mage names for more inspiration.

Best WOW Names For Priests

The name of a shadow priest should be dark, mystical and powerful. When people hear the name, they should tremble in fear. If you want to be successful in the fantasy world and truly enjoy the gaming experience, pick the best priest name and watch how people and demons fear your presence in the game alike. Here are the best shadow priest names, cool shadow names, cool priest names, fantasy monk names and night elf priest names. These unique fantasy priest names will set you apart from all others in the fantasy world of multiplayer games.

1. Ancient Hope

2. Caemith

3. Ceneda

4. Dar'lion

5. Dar'talor

6. Elrotheril

7. Elsen

8. Ilinth

9. Inzen

10. Kartus

11. Karvalin

12. Kealwea

13. Keenmourn

14. Keerine

15. Kraedor

16. Melerodan

17. Morrowspear

18. Nerinir

19. Palebirth

20. Phoenix Desire

21. Ralis

22. Runeheart

23. Saanis

24. Silent Mourn

25. Silverwish

26. Somberburn

27. Sparkcrown

28. Tynnas

29. Vythas

30. Wyllin

Young seminarians on the territory of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery

Shadow Priestess Names

Not all shadow priests in the fantasy world are male. Shadow priestesses are some of the most powerful beings in this world and come with numerous capable strengths and powers. They can cause immense pain and suffering to their enemies in the matter of seconds and instill fear in their hearts like no other. Looking for a female monk name that would suit the personality of your female shadow priest? Your search is finally over. Here are the best priest names, dark priest names and evil priest names for shadow priestesses.

31. Aldrae

32. Alera

33. Bronze Fluke

34. Ceelan

35. Cinder Blossom

36. Elathos

37. Elydine

38. Emanea

39. Erinel

40. Feyrise

41. Hanla

42. Highvein

43. Jodine

44. Kavie

45. Kerel

46. Lanaria

47. Lorarianna

48. Lynanice

49. Mirsilla

50. Narle

51. Natori

52. Rose Twist

53. Sparkseeker

54. Valdine

55. Velaleane

56. Velanrous

57. Zaera

58. Zanzara

59. Zaradana

60. Zedrae

Male Monk Names

Coming to the male monks in the fantasy world, whether rogue or not, you can pick one that is mystical and powerful. These names add a certain edge to the personality and help you establish a powerful standing in the game. If you are looking for good priest names, here is a list of the best male priest names for you to choose from. Also look for an option that would suit you well in case you are looking for an evil priest name or dwarf priest name.

61. Alsulastor

62. Asrian

63. Biald

64. Blacksong

65. Caeeron

66. Ca'themar

67. Crimsonthread

68. Hellis

69. Idolien

70. Ithmir

71. Jearrin

72. Kelethan

73. Kreesh

74. Magetrail

75. Meladen

76. Morning Sense

77. Osselarin

78. Paald

79. Padeyn

80. Qualranis

81. Solleron

82. Sombersworn

83. Sparklove

84. Strongstalker

85. Vaeral

86. Velvetshadow

87. Violetfury

88. Winath

89. Winron

90. Zaash

Shadow of a religious cross on the wall in Ronda, Spain.

Funny Shadow Priest Names

Another class of rogue shadow priests are the ones that are incredibly hilarious. The world of fantasy can be incredibly dark and mystical. If you wish to add a different touch to the game and make things just a tad bit lighter, consider choosing the hilarious route and picking a funny name for your shadow priest. This shadow priest will always remain fierce and powerful but giving them a funny name would change the vibe of your game and help you enjoy it a bit more. Whether it is a rogue shadow priest or a loyal one, these funny names for shadow priests will suit them all.

91. Angry Hexakard the Scales

92. Bennevine Longwalker

93. Bitter Kobaliburd the Lizard

94. Black Tyrannosaur the Serpent

95. Blood Van the Fury

96. Blue Grizzell the Snout

97. Bobin Nickham

98. Buckaroo Bukammons

99. Chaos Salamander the Hiss

100. Chavezpus Satanray

101. Chew Williams Ca Perrymoondancer

102. Croc The Furious

103. Dark Octozile the Burner

104. Dinosaur the Berserker

105. Dream Kobolk the Singer

106. Elder the Manic

107. Evely Vere Sprouts

108. Feral Ferguson Shine

109. Firebringer the Raving

110. Flame Gorgon the Snapper

111. Forneus the Serpent

112. Frankendiaz Fanny

113. Ghackorm the Black

114. Ghostfire the Bitter

115. Gonzaskelis Martinenic

116. Greenflore Smipower

117. Grizzell the Cattle Eater

118. Hernandedor The Edwarnator

119. Hexakard the Nightmare

120. Hunter Furney

121. Hussainstinky Henry

121. Ichor Daemon the Singer

123. Ichor Driz the Eyes

124. Ichor Whiptail the Reptile

125. Jamesbotty Reewalker

126. Klabar the Loathing

127. Light Rachikodild the Beast

128. Light Van the Howler

129. Light Zako the Burner

130. Lilry De Harcourt

131. Lord Harribacca Marwalker

132. Master David Ward Evil Hamilton

133. Master Hicks Lotus Magic Jordan

134. Master Wand Williams Benmar

135. Mistress Colemananon Franciselline

136. Mistress Doertie Jackham

137. Mistress Diazixie Gorwood

138. Morgankora Manny

139. Neonscales the Diabolical

140. Priestess Warixia Johnwood

141. Russebroom Byden

142. Scarlet Zar the Beast

143. Slith the Reign of Fire

144. Spaceday Walwalker

145. Tayley Furney

146. Thudle Bloodsucker

147. Wagnernazzo Gonzalenic

148. Yellow Avarice the Fury

149. Yellow Blueblood the Eyes

150. Yellow Ghad the Creeper

151. Vishvermir the Brimstone

152. Zar the Watcher

153. Zlith the Black

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