200 Best Sikh Names With Meanings

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Sikh names fall amongst the most pleasant sounding Indian names one will come across.

Most Sikh baby names are generally derived from the Guru Granth Sahib, the most sacred religious scripture of Sikhism. Many Punjabi baby names are also formed keeping in mind inspirational virtues like strength and valor or divine boons like baby names meaning "light of God" or "one who sings the praises of God".

Most Sikh names are unisex. Mostly male or female Sikh names are differentiated based on usage or popularity rather than any fixed naming convention.  Even though Singh is the most common last name, many other Sikh last names are also quite popular, like Kaur, Arora, Anand, Bajaj, etc. What matters the most is that your baby's first name should not only be meaningful and sonorous but should also complement his or her last name.

Naming your baby is an exciting but exhausting process at the same time. You want your baby's name to sound perfect and unique, as well as modern with a tough of holiness and grace. With the rising trend of wanting to be different and standing out in the crowd, everyone wants their kids to have a name worth remembering.

If you are a new parent, the first thing on your mind must be giving your child one of the best and unique baby names with a beautiful name meaning. Here is a great list of Sikh names for girls and boys, where you will most definitely find the baby names you are looking for.

If you are interested in learning more about different baby names and surnames, you can look at our other articles Indian Boy Names and Indian Girl Names.

Popular Sikh Baby Girl Names

Punjabi baby names for girls are as beautiful as their meanings. Here's a comprehensive list of some of the most popular Sikh girls name.

1. Aab meaning "now" or "the present time."

2. Aad meaning "the beginning of everything, including time."

3. Ajooni meaning "infinite."

4. Arheer meaning "as precious as a diamond."

5. Avneet, meaning "modest and kind-hearted." It is one of the most fashionable Punjabi girls' names.

6. Baisakhi meaning "a popular Sikh festival."

7. Bijul meaning "a flash of lightning."

8. Chainpreet meaning "one who is in love with the moon."

9. Chitleen meaning "one who is absorbed in the awareness of everything."

10. Chitra meaning "an exquisite piece of art."

11. Chitranjan meaning "inner joy."

12. Chuni meaning "a beloved scarf."

13. Dilpreet meaning "pleasing to the heart."

14. Disha meaning "direction" or "path."

15. Harsheeda meaning "one who spreads joy."

16. Haspira meaning "as bright as the evening star."

17. Harneet meaning "eternally beautiful."

18. Heydia meaning "a charming young woman."

19. Hiromin meaning "one who keeps the home warm."

20. Hurriya meaning "a liberated girl."

21. Hushaima meaning "a modest woman."

22. Ikantika meaning "born with a single focus."

23. Ishaana meaning "beholder of glory and wealth."

24. Jaafi meaning "a just woman."

25. Jaanasi meaning "someone who is heaven-sent."

26. Jaanisaa meaning "a merciful woman."

27. Jaganmohini meaning "Sikh name for Goddess Durga."

28. Jheel meaning "a calm and still lake."

29. Juleen meaning "bringer of wealth" and "leader of all things good."

30. Jumari meaning "one who wants to share their knowledge with the world."

31. Junakhi meaning "one who desires to discover the truths of the world."

32. Junal meaning "one who brings happiness."

33. Juneeta meaning "one who can brave through the complications of the world."

34. Rewa meaning "a headstrong person who can speed ahead through troubles."

35. Ruha meaning "one who is on the path to success."

36. Shirina meaning "a night full of calm and peace."

37. Simrat meaning "one who remembers after meditation."

38. Staleenjeet meaning "a successful girl."

39. Sukhdeep meaning "bringer of peace and light."

40. Sukhjot meaning "a peaceful light."

41. Tajpreet meaning "one who is always happy."

Sikh Baby Girl Names With A Holy And Virtuous Name Meaning

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Since most names are drawn from religious virtues, here's a handy list of Punjabi girl names that sound holy.

42. Aagya meaning "an obedient and polite daughter."

43. Aas meaning "the power of hope."

44. Adarshpreet meaning "love for divine ideals."

45. Agamjot meaning "light of God", is actually also one of the most popular boy names.

46. Agampreet meaning "one who loves God."

47. Akaal meaning "omnipotent and timeless."

48. Akaljeet, meaning "one who made God victorious."

49. Amarjot meaning "the immortal and divine light."

50. Amrit meaning "immortality" Amrit Maghera is a popular model.

51. Baani meaning "the words uttered by Guru."

52. Balvinder meaning "one who wins over with her strength."

53. Bhagvanjyot meaning "one who carries the light of God's grace."

54. Bishanpreet meaning "one who is God's beloved."

55. Bishan meaning "an immaculate godly person."

56. Charanjeet meaning "one who has won the service of Guru's feet."

57. Charanpal meaning "one who is protected by residing near God's feet."

58. Charanpreet meaning "born under Lord's feet."

59. Divjyot meaning "bringer of light from heaven."

60. Ekkam meaning "one who is united with God."

61. Gaganpreet meaning "woman with love as infinite as the sky."

62. Giani meaning "one having great divine knowledge."

63. Greetha meaning "a clever girl."

64. Gunkeerat meaning "one who sings the praises of the Guru."

65. Gurinder meaning "lord or Guru."

66. Gurkiran meaning "the ray of Guru's Light."

67. Gurkirat meaning "one who sings God's praises."

68. Gurleen meaning "one who loves the guru."

69. Gurmeet meaning "friend and companion of the Guru."

70. Gurvinder meaning "lord" or "Guru."

71. Gyanleen meaning "one who is bathed in the light of divine knowledge."

72. Gyanpreet meaning "one who has the divine knowledge of the heavens."

73. Haab meaning "one who is the bringer of love, affection, and friendship."

74. Ikampooj meaning "worshipper of God."

75. Janeen meaning "one who carries the love of God everywhere."

76. Janika meaning "a kind and compassionate person."

77. Sukhleen meaning "one who is bestowed with the light of God."

78. Sukhminder meaning "a temple" or "a place of prayer and worship."

79. Tavleen meaning "one who loves God."

80. Teijinderjeet meaning "a godly person who wins the God of greatness."

81. Tejinderpreet meaning "one who loves the mighty God."

Sikh Baby Girl Names With A Beautiful, Strong And Pure Name Meaning

A daughter is a symbol of purity and beauty. Here is a list of Sikh baby names for daughters with beautiful meanings.

82. Baleen meaning "a pretty and slender girl."

83. Bargitta meaning "very strong and powerful woman."

84. Dilreet meaning "one with the heart of a lion."

85. Ekam meaning "the strength of unity."

86. Husaina meaning "a beautiful girl."

87. Husnah meaning "one with impeccable and eternal beauty."

88. Janava meaning "a feminine essence."

89. Janilee meaning "a beautiful, lush green field."

90. Jauna meaning "one who is as gentle as a dove" or "born with the grace of God."

91. Junina meaning "one brimming with energy and charm of youth."

92. Kaashika meaning "one born with skin smooth as silk."

93. Kajali meaning "a beautiful woman with eyes lined with eyeliner."

94. Kajalla meaning "one who is as strong as iron."

95. Kanina meaning "a youthful woman."

96. Kathika meaning "one who brings strength and courage to everyone."

97. Katiya meaning "perfect and pure."

98. Katreesa meaning "an elegant woman with poise and grace."

99. Mayukhi meaning "a captivating person who is as beautiful as a peacock."

100. Nihaara meaning "the morning mist."

Popular Sikh Baby Boy Names

Here's a list of Punjabi names for boys that resonate with strength and power.

101. Achint meaning "one who has no worries."

102. Arshbir meaning "the vast expanse of the infinite sky."

103. Baaz meaning "a falcon or an eagle" or "to play a musical instrument."

104. Chehzaad meaning "a prince", one of the most unique Sikh boys names.

105. Chetanjeet meaning "one who conquers the consciousness" or "the spirit of life."

106. Chiragdeep meaning "a lighted lamp."

107. Chirjot meaning "an infinite light."

108. Eqbal meaning "destiny" or "glory."

109. Gulshandeep meaning "the lamp of a rose garden."

110. Gunkar meaning "one who has many merits", an underrated Sikh boys' name.

111. Ishit meaning "one who desires to rule." One of the powerful Sikh baby boy names.

112. Itbaar meaning "conviction" or "faith."

113. Jaideep meaning "the divine light of victory."

114. Kanwar meaning "a prince."

115. Laajbir meaning "one who is very respectful."

116. Lokej meaning "one who protects honor."

117. Mahtaab meaning "moonlight."

118. Mandeep meaning "an enlightened soul." This is one of the most common Sikh names.

119. Manjeet meaning "one who rules the mind."

120. Manraj meaning "one who rules over the hearts."

121. Navnoor meaning "light of happiness."

122. Navtej meaning "new light."

123. Nirmal meaning "pure and clean", one of the beautiful Sikh baby boy names.

124. Santokh meaning "peace and serenity."

125. Sarabjot meaning "powerful light."

126. Tanvir meaning "one who is enlightened", one of the most popular Sikh baby boy names

127. Taranjit meaning "one who gains victory over oppression."

128. Tejpal meaning "protector of the light."

129. Theeran meaning "an archer."

130. Tribhavan meaning "the ruler of the three worlds."

131. Vachan meaning "a vow" or "a promise."

132. Yadvir meaning "memorable or special."

133. Yuvraj meaning "prince", one of the royal Sikh baby boy names.

Sikh Baby Boy Names With A Holy Name Meaning

Looking for a religious Punjabi boys' name? Here's a great list of such Sikh names for boys.

134. Agamjot meaning "the divine God's light that reaches profoundly."

135. Akalbir meaning "God's immortal warrior."

136. Aneeldeep meaning "pure and holy light."

137. Bhagatveer meaning "one with fearless devotion and love of God."

138. Darshpreet meaning "one's love for Lord Krishna."

139. Devjot meaning "God's divine Light."

140. Ekam meaning "one who is united with God."

141. Ekjot meaning "God's divine light of unity."

142. Fojinder meaning "God's army troop in heaven."

143. Furman meaning "the supreme command of God."

144. Gianjot meaning "the divine light of knowledge."

145. Gurvaid meaning "one with divine knowledge."

146. Harbaksh meaning "one who is divinely gifted."

147. Harbir meaning "God's warrior champion."

148. Hardit meaning "one who is granted by God."

149. Hargun meaning "a godly person."

150. Ikroop meaning "divine unity."

151. Inderveer meaning "Valiant warrior of God."

152. Jap meaning "One who sings hymns in God's name."

153. Karam meaning "God's grace."

154. Mukunda meaning "the name of Lord Vishnu."

155. Naambir meaning "brave one who remembers God's name."

156. Ompal meaning "God."

157. Ompreet meaning "one who has supreme love of God."

158. Opinder meaning "love of God."

159. Opraaj meaning "God's own kingdom."

160. Palbinder meaning "moments spent on remembering God."

161. Paramjeet meaning "supremely victorious."

162. Paramjot meaning "divine light."

163. Sachdeep meaning "the divine light of truth."

164. Upinder meaning "the love of God."

165. Wichar meaning "the act of reflecting or musing on God."

Sikh Baby Boy Names A With Strong And Virtuous Name Meaning

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Here's a wonderful list of virtuous names for Sikh baby boys.

166. Balbir meaning "one who is a mighty and brave warrior."

167. Balnoor meaning "the light of strength."

168. Bhavneet meaning "one who represents the good of the world."

169. Birjot meaning "light of bravery."

170. Chetveer meaning "a brave person."

171. Daler meaning "a brave warrior" and "valiant."

172. Damanjeet meaning "one who triumphs over being suppressed."

173. Dhanmeet meaning "a charitable and friendly person."

174. Dharvanbir meaning "a triumphant hero."

175. Dilsher meaning "one with the heart of a lion."

176. Ekjeet meaning "winner" or "the triumphant one."

177. Fakeer meaning "a saintly man."

178. Fatehbir meaning "one who is a victorious and brave warrior champion."

179. Fatehjit meaning "a victorious conqueror."

180. Fazilnoor meaning "the divine light of the superior."

181. Guneet meaning "a meritorious and talented person."

182. Guntaj meaning "one who has many talents."

183. Ikbir meaning "one with a lot of courage."

184. Jagvir meaning "one who is the victor of the world."

185. Jaikaar meaning "a glorious and successful person."

186. Karanveer meaning "a brave and kind warrior."

187. Kuwarjeet meaning "a victorious prince."

188. Lajpal meaning "a guardian of honor."

189. Lakbir meaning "one who has the bravery of one hundred thousand warriors."

190. Lashkar meaning "army."

191. Manvir meaning "one with a brave heart."

192. Pavith meaning "love."

193. Qudrat meaning "power" or "might."

194. Raftaar meaning "speed."

195. Ranbir meaning "one who is triumphant in war" or "a valiant warrior."

196. Sabjeet meaning "one who is the champion of everything."

197. Udayvir meaning "one who rises bravely."

198. Upkar meaning "act of kindness" or "a favor."

199. Veerjot meaning "courageous and brave."

200. Wasimjit meaning "a graceful triumph."

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