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Finding the right dog name is an important task as you and your dog have a lifetime of companionship and love ahead of you.

It does not matter if the dog is a Spanish breed or if you are Spanish, a Spanish dog name can be a great fit for any dog! Our list gives you plenty of ideas for Spanish inspired puppy names.

Did you know that the word in Spanish for 'dog' is 'perro'? Here we have gathered together more than 100 Spanish names for dogs that will be perfect for your canine companion. You may also take a look at our lists of French dog Names and German dog names.

Spanish Dog Names Based On Appearance Or Temperament

A name based on their distinctive features or nature is a sweet yet fun choice to make. Here are a few Spanish dog names ideas for you.

1. Alma: This means “soul" or “heart”. It can be used for a dog with a gentle hearted soul.

2. Blanco/a: It means “a white do”. One of the great name ideas.

3. Dulce: Literally meaning “sweet”, this name is a unisex name that can be used for girl dogs and boy dogs.

4. Feliz: The meaning of this name is “happy” and can be used for both genders.

5. Lobo: This is the great name for Huskies. It means “a wolf”.

6. Mullido/a: This literally means “fluffy”. One of the cutest Spanish dog names.

7. Zorro: The meaning of this name is “fox”.

Classic And Common Spanish Dog Names

From movie characters to literary figures to iconic landmarks, you can choose from the best Spanish dog names.

8. Amigo: One of the most common Spanish words, it means “friend”. Truly one of the best Spanish dog names.

9. Carnation: It is the national flower of the country of Spain.

10. Cuto: This is the name of a famous character from Spanish comic books. It can be used for girls and boys.

11. Bruto: This was the name of one of the favorite dogs of Isabella, the Queen of Castille.

12. Dulcinea: This was the name of Don Quixote’s famous love interest. This is suitable for any dog breed.

13. Gasparilla: This was the name of an infamous Spanish pirate.

14. Rioja: This is typically a girl dog name. It is the name of a common Spanish wine served in the country.

15. Sancho: This name has also been derived from the name of the main character in the famous Spanish novel 'Don Quixote'.

16. Sangria: This is the name of the famous drink from Spain. We think that any dog breed suits this name.

17. Zipi/Zape: These are the names of two of the most iconic Spanish comic book characters.

Spanish perro water dog in a forest

Spanish Dog Names Inspired By Spanish Food

If you are a foodie and love Spanish cuisine, here are some suggestions inspired by food that will be perfect for your dogs.

18. Bravas: This name is short for the dish Patatas Bravas, which means "fried potatoes".

19. Catalane: This is the shorter version of the dish Crema Catalana. You can choose this name for any dog breed.

20. Chorizo: This name has been derived from a dish that contains spicy cured sausage.

21. Corona: This is the name of a famous Spanish beer.

22. Empanada: This name is derived from a sweet Spanish filled pastry.

23. Enchillada: This name shares its roots with a Spanish dish that has a corn tortilla that is rolled around the filling and is completely covered by a sauce that is savory in nature.

24. Fabada: This is a short Spanish dog name that is derived from Fabada Asturiana. This is the famous bean stew of Spain. A perfect name for your pet.

25. Gaz/Pacho: This is the short form of Gazpacho, the name of a cold vegetable soup.

26. Tortilla: This is a type of thin flat bread that is majorly made from wheat or corn.

27. Tostada: This is one of the most traditional components of a Spanish breakfast.

Names Inspired By Cities

If you are looking for a really unique name, Spanish cities offer a great choice. Let us discuss a few of them.

28. Acapulco: One of the top resort towns on the Spanish Pacific coast.

29. Avila: This Spanish countryside county is famous for its medieval buildings and rolling countryside.

30. Barcy: This is the shortened version of the name Barcelona.

31. Cancun: This is the name of a famous Mexican (Spanish speaking) city located on the Yucatan peninsula and bordering the Caribbean Sea.

32. Cordoba: This place lies in the south of Spain.

33. Coro: This is the name of a UNESCO world heritage site located in Venezuela.

34. Duquesa: This is one of the major marinas of Costa de Sol in Spain.

35. GeeGee: This is the shorter and cuter version of the name Gijon.

36. Govi: A shorter version of the historic Segovia city.

37. Ibiza: This is a popular island famous for its tourism.

38. Leon: This city lies in the northwestern part of Spain. It is one of the best Spanish boy dog names,

39. Madrid: The capital city of Spain.

40. Murcia: This south-eastern Spanish city is famous for its universities.

41. Vigo: This coastal city sits on the mouth of Vigo estuary

42. Panama: This Spanish speaking country is located on the isthmus that links South and Central America.

43. Ronda: A beautiful Spanish name which is also shared by a mountaintop Spanish city. We think it is one of the best Spanish girl dog names.

Funny brown spanish water dog

Popular Spanish Male Dog Names

Let us take a look at some of the most popular boy dog names that are manly and fun to choose from.

44. Alejandro: This one is a good name for a watchdog as it literally means “defending men”.

45. Antonio: This is the perfect name for your puppy if he is a ‘good boy’. It means “worthy of praise”.

46. Armand: It means "soldier". One of the best Spanish boy names suitable for dogs.

47. Benicio: The literal meaning of this name is “blessed”. It is pronounced as ben-ee-see-o.

48. Cecho: Meaning “long haired”, this is a great Spanish name choice for Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso and Afghan hounds.

49. Chico: This one is for the lovable small dogs and puppies. It means a “small boy”.

50. Cortez: As implied by the name, the meaning of this word is “courteous and polite”. It is the perfect choice for your well behaved canine pooches.

51. Fernando: The literal meaning of this name means “ a journey or an adventure”.

52. Galeno: This name means “the small intelligent one”. It is the right choice for you if you have a super smart dog.

53. Gitano

54. Gonzalo: This is a popular name for help dogs. The meaning of this name is “saved from the combat”.

55. Guillermo: The meaning of this name is “resolute protector”.

56. Julio: This name can be chosen depending upon the appearance of the dog. It defines as “soft haired”.

57. Marco: This is another popular name for a guard dog. It means “war like”.

58. Nelo: This Spanish term is the diminutive form of the name ‘Daniel’. When translated, it means “God is my only judge” in Hebrew.

59. Nicolas: This Spanish name means “victorious”.

60. Xiomara: This is a good name for a guard dog as the literal meaning of this is “ready for battle”.

Spanish Girl Names For Dogs

If you are looking for some inspiration regarding the choice of name for your female pooch, you have come to the right place. A few of the most popular Spanish names for pets are listed below.

61. Alejandra: This is the female version of the male name Alejander. Simply put, it means "the protector of mankind".

62. Anita: Spanish dog name meaning “grace”.

63. Beatriz: This term means "voyager".

64. Bebe: The literal meaning of this name is “baby”. This name is good for people who consider a puppy or a dog a huge responsibility, just like our little babies.

65. Bonita: Spanish dog name meaning “beautiful”.

66. Carina: Spanish term for “dear little one”.

67. Charo: Spanish term used to refer to “a flower” or “a rose”.

68. Chiquita: This is a nickname used for little girls.

69. Eldora: This term translates into “gift of the sun” or "blonde" in Spanish.

70. Fernanda: An apt name for all the curious pups, it means “adventurous”.

71. Graciela: Spanish dog name meaning “graceful beauty”.

72. Hada: Spanish translation is “a noble spirit”.

73. Jacinta: This beautiful name traces its origins to a precious stone and means “beautiful” in English.

74. Lareina: This is the perfect name for the regal and diva dogs because the term itself means “the Queen”.

75. Margarita: This term refers to "a pearl".

76. Marina: This term means “of the sea”. It is a good choice of name for female pooches who love the water.

77. Marta: Translating into “the lady”, it is the apt naming choice for pet female dogs that are polite and well composed.

78. Melia: This name itself translates into “work”. It is the right choice of name for a hard working dog.

79. Xiomara: This name translates “ready for battle’. It makes for a good name for a guard dog.

80. Zerlina: Spanish dog name meaning “beautiful dawn”.

81. Zita: When translated, it comes to “little hope”.

Cool Spanish Dog Names

Some cool Spanish dog names are listed here.

82. Andale: Inspired by the famous 'Speedy Gonzales’ cartoon character.

83. Arco Iris: Spanish term for a “rainbow”.

84. Batachica: This name refers to the female superhero, Bat Girl.

85. Blanco: This is a good fit for a white haired dog as the name itself means “white”.

86. BreyBrey: This name came into focus after the fame of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Brey.

87. Descarado: Spanish for “sassy”.

88. Diez: Spanish for the number 10.

89. Duende: It connotes “a strong feeling”.

90. Friolero: Spanish term for "a person who is sensitive to cold".

91. Grande: Translating into "big", it is the right choice for large dog breeds.

92. Iberian: This name refers to the people who live on the southern and eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula in Spain.

93. Loco: when translated in Spanish, it means “crazy”.

94. Montadito: This word refers to a "small sandwich".

95. Pardo: In Spanish, this term refers to “being unsure”.

96. Pequeno: This is the right pick for a small dog or puppy as it means “little”.

97. Pitufina: This name has been derived from the kids cartoon movie ‘The Smurfs’.

98. Rojo: Spanish term for “red”.

99. San Miguel: This popular dog name is shared by one of the top commercial beers of Spain.

100. Turas: meaning “adventure”.

101. Uno: meaning “the one”.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Spanish dog names, then why not take a look at something different like Chinese dog names or Italian cat names.

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