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115 Best Tooth Fairy Names for Your Children To Write To

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Kids love to believe that the tooth fairy collects their teeth and crushes them to make fairy dust and distributes it amongst all the fairies so they can spread their magic. Kids might like to write to the tooth fairy in the hope of a response. Parents usually write letters from these fairies to their children, and while doing so, there are times when the kids ask for the fairy name.

This is because the personalized letters from the tooth fairy require a name at the end. Names like Ariel, Fawn, Tianna, Peter are a few names that top the fairy name list, but it might get confusing for a parent to choose one name. So here is a tooth fairy names list for your children to write to.

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Male Fairy Names

Though 'fairy' is a gender-neutral term, if you're looking for a masculine tooth fairy name, the list below can be used for your little child's first tooth fairy.

1. Alberich (German origin) means 'ruler of supernatural beings (elves)'.

2. Alston (British origin) means 'elf stone' or 'noble stone'.

3. Alvin (Swedish origin) means 'noble friend'.

4. Ambrose (Greek origin) means 'immortal'.

5. Brucie (Scottish origin) means 'forest fairy'.

6. Cein (Gaelic origin) means 'immortal'.

7. Dain (French origin) means 'agile' and 'nimble'.

8. Donald (English/Scottish origin) means 'world ruler'.

9. Drake (English origin) means 'dragon'.

10. Elvin (Irish, Old English origin) means 'leader of Elves'.

11. Fayette (French origin) means 'little fairy'.

12. Hai (Vietnamese origin) means 'fairy shoe'.

13. Holly (English origin) means 'the clearing by the hollow'.

14. Jade (Spanish origin) means 'precious stone'.

15. Oren (Hebrew origin) means 'ash' or 'pine'.

16. Peter (Greek origin) means 'stone' or 'rock'. This loved name is associated with Peter Pan.

17. Saffron (English origin) is a fairy from the book series 'rainbow magic book'.

18. Suelita (Spanish origin) means 'little lily'.

19. Terence (Latin origin) means 'smooth'.

20. Zephyr (Greek origin) means 'God of west wind'.

Fairy Names For Girls

Handmade felt tooth fairy pillow for kids

These female tooth fairy names will be perfect for your child to write to.

21. Acacia (Greek origin) means 'thorny tree'; this symbolizes immortality and resurrection.

22. Alalia (Phoenician origin) means 'above'.

23. Alesha (Sanskrit origin) means 'protected by God'.

24. Alina (Greek origin) means 'light' or 'truth'.

25. Alura (English origin) means 'God-like adviser'.

26. Almur (Basque origin) means 'mother of the Earth'.

27. Ambrosine (Greek origin) means 'immortal'.

28. Anya (Russian origin) means 'graceful'.

29. Aretha (Greek origin) means 'nymph' or 'excellence'.

30. Azuka (African origin) means'past glory'.

31. Blossom (unknown origin) Your kid will love the idea of receiving a letter from the tooth fairy inspired by the 'Powerpuff Girls' cutie.

32. Breena (Irish origin) means 'fairy palace'.

33. Clairette (French origin) means 'bright' and 'famous'.

34. Cleantha (Greek origin) means 'famous flower'.

35. Diana (Greek/ Latin origin) means 'divine'; associated with famous princess Diana.

36. Donella (Italian origin) means 'lady'.

37. Elga (Slavic origin) means 'sacred'.

38. Elgiva (Slavic origin) means 'a holy and sacred human being'.

39. Ella (Greek/Norman origin) means 'fairy maiden' or 'Goddess".

40. Elva (Irish origin) means 'white' or 'bright'.

41. Elvena (English origin) means 'elf' or 'magical friend'.

42. Emerenta (English/ Greek origin) means 'to glisten'.

43. Erlina (English origin) means 'noblewoman' or 'princess'

44. Fawn (English origin) means 'young deer'.

45. Faye (Middle English origin) means 'fairy'; is a literal and great name for your child's tooth fairy that she will surely love.

46. Faylinn (Irish origin) means 'graceful woman'.

47. Gaea/Gaia (Greek origin) means 'Earth'.

48. Gelsey (English origin) means 'jasmine'.

49. Gemma (Italian origin) means 'precious stone'; associated with Rainbow Magic book series.

50. Ilona (Hungarian origin)  is the traditional fairy name associated with the Queen of the Fairies in Magyar folklore.

51. Jasmine (Persian origin) means 'gift from God'.

52. Laila (Arabic, Hebrew origin) means 'night'.

53. Lilly (English origin) means 'purity' or 'innocence'.

54. Liriope (Latin origin) is associated with the name of the mother of Narcissus.

55. Luella (Latin origin) means 'make amends'

56. Lunette (French origin) means 'little moon'.

57. Marigold (British origin) means 'golden flower'.

58. Maurelle (French origin) means 'dark elfin'.

59. Myrrh (Greek origin) means 'ancient spice'.

60. Naida (Arabic origin) means 'water nymph'.

61. Nata (Polish origin) means 'hope'.

62. Nerida (Greek origin) means 'sea nymph'.

63. Niamh (Irish, Gaelic origin) means 'bright'. Associated with the Irish Sea God's daughter.

64. Nissa (Scandinavian origin) means 'elf' or 'fairy'.

65. Nixie - means 'water sprite'. This is similar to the name 'pixie' and is also associated with the tooth fairy or fairies in general.

66. Nolana (Gaelic origin) means 'fair'.

67. Olette (Latin origin) means 'small winged one'.

68. Oona (Scottish/Latin origin) means 'one' or 'universal'.

69. Orla (Irish origin) means 'golden princess'.

70. Parisa By (Persian origin) means 'fairy-like'.

71. Pixie (Celtic origin) means 'small elf' or 'fairy'.

72. Raisa (Arabic origin) means 'rose' or 'leader'.

73. Raisie (Hebrew origin) means 'Diminutive Of Raisa'

74. Rosa (Latin origin) means 'rose flower'.

75. Rose (Latin origin) means 'flower'.

76. Rosetta (Italian origin) means 'little rose'.

77. Roxanne (Persian origin) means 'dawn'.

78. Sebille (English origin) means 'a fairy'.

79. Sen (Japanese origin) means 'lotus' or 'forest elf'.

80. Siofra (Irish/Gaelic origin) means 'elf'.

81. Suzanne (French/Hebrew origin) means 'graceful lily'.

82. Tabitha (Aramaic origin) means 'graceful'.

83. Tana (Greek origin) means 'fire or star Goddess'.

84. Tatiana (Russian origin) means 'fairy queen'.

85. Tertia (Latin origin) means 'third'.

86. Tiana (Russian origin) means 'fairy queen'.

87. Tien (Vietnamese origin) means 'fairy'.

88. Tinkerbell (English origin) means a fairy who mends kettles and pots.

89. Una (Irish origin) means 'truth', 'beauty' or 'unity'.

90. Viola (Latin origin) means 'violet'.

Gender-Neutral Good Tooth Fairy Names

Cute curly little girl in flower crown and fairy costume with wings and magic wand

As fairy is a non-binary term, find a few gender-neutral tooth fairy names' ideas that you will love your child to write to.

91. Alva (Swedish origin) means 'elf'.

92. Ariel (Hebrew origin) means 'lion of God'.

93. Bliss (British origin) means 'perfect joy'

94. Cameo (Greek origin) means 'shadow portrait'.

95. Carling (Gaelic origin) means 'little champion'.

96. Dillon (Irish origin) means 'loyal'.

97. Fossette (Old French origin) means 'small cavity'.

98. Nidaw (Omaha Native American origin) meaning 'fairy'.

99. Puck (English origin) meaning 'mischievous'.

100. Rhoslyn - meaning 'moor pool'.

101. Shea (Irish origin) meaning 'fortunate'.

102. Tunder (Hungarian origin) meaning 'fairy'.

103. Talulah (Irish/ Native American origin) meaning 'lady of abundance'.

Nice Fairy Name For A Tooth Fairy

A fairy name inspired by real names can be a great option. Here are a few good names that make up for a fairy name that your kid will love.

104. Aerwyna (F) - meaning 'friend of the sea'.

105. Alfreda (F) - meaning 'elf strength'.

106. Alvaro (M) (Spanish origin) meaning 'guardian'.

107. Aubrey (M/F) (French origin) meaning 'leader of elves'.

108. Avery (M) (Old English origin) meaning 'elf'.

109. Caspian (M) - meaning 'of the sea'.

110. Cleon (M) (Greek origin) meaning 'glory'.

111. Coralina (F) (Greek origin) meaning 'from the coral of the sea'.

112. Gandalf (M) - Meaning 'wand elf'.

113. Gary (M) - Meaning 'spearman'; the fairy who looks after 'Tinkerbell'.

114. Melisande (F) - Meaning 'labor strength'.

115. Miranda (F) (Latin origin) meaning 'worthy of admiration'.

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