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170+ Best Tough And Cool Biker Names

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Are you looking for tough biker names for your video game character?

You’ve come to the right place. We provide you with an extensive list of more than 170 biker names to provide your video game biker character with.

Any video game enthusiast is aware of how important naming their video game character appropriately is. After all, the name you provide your protagonist biker with will well and truly set the mood for your gameplay. It will motivate you forward and keep you interested in steering your biker character to glory. So, what are some some tough boy names you can use for your video game biker? Let’s find out. This list includes loads of short, snappy and strong names for you to use!

For more name ideas, take a look at these tough boy names or these motorcycle club names.

Popular Biker Names

Find below a list of popular names to provide your video game biker character with. Hopefully you will find a name that you like!

   1. Aberr – Meaning “to go astray.”

   2. Abyss – Meaning “a deep chasm.”

   3. Aeon – Meaning “over a long period of time.”

   4. Aero – Meaning “aeronautical/aerodynamic.”

   5. Aeryn – Meaning “Ireland.”

   6. Agitator – Meaning “somebody who urges other people to protest or rebel.”

   7. Agony – Meaning “suffering that is extreme in nature.”

   8. Agrippa – Meaning “a respected leader.”

   9. Alien – Meaning “unfamiliar.”

   10. Alyx – Meaning “defender.”

  11. Amaretto – Meaning “almond flavored drink produced in Italy.”

   12. Ambush – Meaning “surprise attack by people waiting to spring into action.”

   13. Angon – Meaning “a kind of Javelin.”

   14. Bear – Meaning “to carry the weight of.” Why not fall into the bear trap of this name?

   15. Boulder – Meaning “a large rock.”

   16. Breaker – Meaning “heavy sea wave that breaks into foam on the shore.”

   17. Brick – Meaning “small block of fired or sun-dried clay.” This name is one of the most popular biker names.

  18. Brute – Meaning “a person who is savage like an animal.”

   19. Buffalo – Meaning “a heftily built wild ox.”

   20. Butch – Meaning “having qualities that are traditionally masculine.”

   21. Buzz – Meaning “an atmosphere of activity and excitement.” This name is undoubtedly a cool biker name.

   22. Capone – A famous criminal name that doubles as one of the best biker names.

   23. Chains – Meaning “a series of linked metal rings intended to secure something or for pulling weight.”

   24. Crow – Meaning “a glossy black bird with a shrill voice.”

   25. Cue Ball – Meaning “ball to be struck with a cue in a snooker.”

   26. Curio – Meaning “a rare object.”

   27. Cut – Meaning “to draw a wound onto something with a sharp object.”

   28. Cutlass – Meaning “a short sword with a curved blade, frequently used by sailors.”

   29. Cyclops – The name of the race of one-eyed giants in Homer’s 'The Odyssey'.

   30. Cyrus – Meaning “sun.”

   31. Daemon – Meaning “an entity between God and humans in Greek mythology.”

   32. Dagger – Meaning “short knife.”

   33. Damned – Meaning “condemned by God.”

   34. Daredevil – Meaning “a reckless person who likes dabbling in danger.”

   35. Dark Matter – Meaning “non-luminous material that exists in space.”

   36. Darko – Meaning “gift.”

   37. Daydream – Meaning “a series of positive thoughts that might distract.”

   38. Demented – Meaning “exhibiting irrational behavior.”

   39. Dementor – Meaning “evil creature.”

   40. Demise – Meaning “death.”

   41. Demolition – Meaning “defeat.”

   42. Derange – Meaning “to disturb.”

  43. Destroyer – Meaning “who destroys.”

   44. Detroit – A city in America.

   45. Deviant – Meaning “moving away from accepted standards.”

   46. Diablo – Meaning “devil.”

   47. Dice – Meaning “small cube thrown in a gambling game.”

   48. Die Hard – Meaning “not willing to change.”

   49. Dihya – Meaning “handsome.”

   50. Dismay – Meaning “distress.”

   51. Dissent – Meaning “to disagree.”

   52. Doc – A slang word for doctor.

   53. Eagle – Meaning “large bird of prey.”

   54. Earth Metal – Meaning “metal oxide classed as earth.”

   55. Ebony – Meaning “dark colored timber from the tropical tree.”

   56. Electron – Meaning “stable subatomic particle with a negative electrical charge.”

   57. Element – Meaning “an essential part of an abstract thing.”

   58. Eliminator – Meaning “person that eliminates.”

   59. Eon – Meaning “over an extremely long period.”

   60. Eowyn – Meaning “horse joy.”

   61. Excavator – Meaning “person who digs up an archaeological site.”

   62. Executioner – Meaning “person enforcing death sentence.”

   63. Exterminator – Meaning “somebody who exterminates.”

   64. Falchion – Meaning “broad curved sword.”

   65. Falcon – Meaning “bird of prey with pointed wings and notched beak.”

   66. Fanatic – Meaning “person filled with zeal.”

   67. Fang – Meaning “large sharp tooth.”

   68. Fate – Meaning “events occurring beyond the control of a person.”

   69. Feint – Meaning “a pretended blow.”

   70. Fender – Meaning “low frame that borders a fireplace.”

   71. Fester – Meaning “to suppurate.”

   72. Fiend – Meaning “demon.”

   73. Fire Lance – Meaning “gunpowder weapon.”

   74. Fire Bred – Meaning “born from the Holy Spirit.”

   75. Firebringer – Meaning “Prometheus from the Greek legends.”

   76. Firecracker – Meaning “a banger.”

   77. Fisheye – Meaning “a wide angle lens.”

Motorbike on the road driving fast.

Tough Biker Names

Don't fall into the bear trap of picking a biker name that isn't tough enough! In this section, we inform you about some biker road names that you can give to your biker character.

   78. Fist – One of the best biker names, it means “a palm with all the fingers enclosed.”

   79. Flack – Meaning “an agent for publicity.”

   80. Flying Claw – Meaning “a soft weapon used in Chinese martial arts.”

   81. Forger – Meaning “person who produces imitations or fraudulent copies.”

   82. Fox – One of the more fancy biker names meaning “a mammal belonging to the dog family.”

   83. Foxy – A favorite among cool biker names that means “like a fox.”

   84. Freak – Meaning “an unexpected event.”

   85. Frenzy – Meaning “a period of wild behavior.”

   86. Fright – Meaning “an experience of fear.”

   87. Furore – Meaning “an outbreak of excitement.”

   88. Fury – One of the biker names that means “wild anger.”

   89. Gargoyle – Meaning “a carved animal face.”

   90. Garter – Meaning “a band worn around the leg or arm to uphold a sock or stocking.”

   91. Gash – One of the biker names meaning “a deep and long wound.”

   92. Gatling – Meaning “a rapid-fire clustered barrel gun.”

   93. Gauntlet – Meaning “a glove with a loose and long wrist.”

   94. Gearhead – Meaning “a person interested in new gadgets.”

   95. Gears – One of the biker names meaning “equipment used for a particular purpose.”

   96. Geronimo – Meaning “used to express a sense of exhilaration.”

   97. Ghoul – Meaning “evil spirit.”

   98. Ginger – Meaning “fragrant and hot spice.”

   99. Gladius – One of our favorite biker names meaning “a sword which is short sized.”

   100. Glock – Meaning “a kind of firearm.”

   101. Gnaw – Why not use this biker name meaning “to nibble at”?

   102. Goblin – A biker name meaning “dwarf like creature.”

   103. Golem – A biker name meaning “clay figure magically brought to life.”

   104. Gorgon – A name meaning “Greek mythological being with magical powers.”

   105. Goshawk – A name meaning “a large and short winged bird resembling a hawk.”

   106. Grenade – This name means “a small bomb mechanically launched.”

   107. Griller – This name means “person who grills food.”

   108. Grip – This name means “to grasp firmly.”

   109. Grizzly – Meaning “large brown bear.” Why not lengthen this name to Grizzly Bear or Mama Bear? Choosing a name associated with a bear gives you a strong rugged biker persona.

   110. Grudge – We really like this nickname which means “resentment resulting from past injury.”

  111. Gunner – This name means “person operating with a gun.”

   112. Gunpowder – This nickname means “an explosive powdered mixture.”

   113. Gut – This nickname means “stomach.”

   114. Hammer – This name means “heavy metal tool.” Great if you love your bike.

   115. Handlebar – Meaning “bicycle steering bar.”

   116. Hannibal – This nickname means “Baal is gracious.”

   117. Harlem – The name of a New York City neighborhood.

   118. Harpoon – Meaning “barbed missile with a spear.”

   119. Hashtag – A good name that is among the funny biker names, meaning “word or phrase preceded by the hash sign.”

   120. Hatchet – Meaning “small axe with short handle.”

   121. Haunter – Meaning “person who haunts.” The perfect nickname for bike lovers to use.

   122. Hauteur – Meaning “of proud and haughty manner.”

   123. Hawk – A good name meaning “bird of prey with rounded wings and long tail.”

  124. Hawkeye – Meaning “Iowa resident.”

   125. Hazzard – Meaning “invented with cleverness.”

   126. Headknocker – Meaning “person in charge.”

   127. Helium – A good name meaning “an inert gas.”

   128. Hero – Meaning “somebody admired for their courage.”

   129. Herzogin – Meaning “Duchess.” This name is as good as it can get.

   130. High Roller – Meaning “person who spends money generously.”

   131. Hitter – Meaning “person who hits runs to score points in a game.”

   132. Hollow Man – Meaning “being morally empty.”

   133. Hornet – Meaning “red and yellow or red and black wasp.”

   134. Horror – Meaning “an intense feeling of disgust or fear.”

   135. Hostility – Meaning “opposition or unfriendliness.”

   136. Howitzer – Meaning “short gun for firing shells.”

   137. Hurricane – Meaning “tropical cyclone.” Bike lovers absolutely love this name.

   138. Hypernova – Meaning “exploder star with brighter energy than a supernova.”

   139. Illumine – Meaning “to brighten.”

   140. Illusion – Meaning “a deceptive impression.”

   141. Immortal – Meaning “never decaying or dying.”

   142. Indominus – Meaning “fierce King.”

   143. Inferno – Meaning "hellfire.”

   144. Infinity – Meaning “state of being infinite.”

   145. Ink – Meaning “fluid used for writing.”

   146. Insomnia – Meaning “sleeplessness.”

   147. Insurgent – Meaning “rebel or revolutionary.”

   148. Ion – Meaning “atom or molecule with net electric charge.”

   149. Ire – Meaning “fury.”

   150. Iron – Meaning “strong and hard magnetic grey metal.”

   151. Iron Heart – Meaning “unfeeling.”

   152. Ironclad – Meaning “protected with iron.”

   153. Ironcut- Meaning “cut from iron.”

   154. Ironside – Meaning “iron clad.”

   155. Jaguar – Meaning “heavily built cat.”

A beautiful biker girl holding helmet next superbike outside a building.

Biker Names For Motorcycle Lovers

Still haven’t found a great nickname for your biking video game character? Maybe you will now.

   156. Javelin – A biker name meaning “spear thrown as a weapon.”

   157. Jawbone – A biker nickname meaning “bone in the lower jaw.”

   158. Jesse James– An American outlaw who fought as a Confederate soldier.

   159. Joose – Meaning “flavored malt beverage.”

   160. Jubilee – Meaning “special anniversary event.”

   161. Kafka – A Czech novelist. A good name for a philosophical biker.

   162. Kahina – A good biker nickname meaning “seer.”

   163. Katana – Meaning “long Samurai sword” for those who love their bike.

   164. Katniss – Meaning “plant with edible tubers.” For all bike lovers who are fans of 'The Hunger Games'.

   165. Kelpie – A cool biker name meaning “Scottish folk water spirit.”

   166. Keno – One of the popular biker nicknames meaning “game of chance.”

   167. Kevlar – Meaning “high tensile strength synthetic fiber.”

   168. Khan – A loved biker name meaning “Emperor.”

   169. Kiddo – Meaning “kid.”

   170. Kiki – One of the amazing biker nicknames meaning “social gathering.”

Kidadl has plenty of name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions here for biker names, you must check out our article all about strong male names too, or for something different take a look at these snake names.

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