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100 Best Western Dog Names

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Dogs are a bundle of love and no wonder, dog parents try to choose the best names for their dogs.

Having this bundle of joy can be very therapeutic and fun at the same time. They can be your friends when you need them the most!

If you're a pet lover and you have brought a brand new puppy to your house, then you have made one of the best decisions in your life. Why? Because puppies or dogs always help you when you need them to and will also be your playing buddy when you are bored. Isn't it cool? And to add it, they don't ever leave your side and pour all their love into you! So naming dogs becomes so important as dogs literally become your new family member. So to name these balls of sunshine, we have provided you with a list of some of the coolest and most trendy dog names for you to have the best choice in dog names.

If you want more ideas on dog names, you can read our other articles on Country Dog Names and Nature Dog Names.

Western Dog Names For Boys

Small beagle puppy sleeping in a hammock.

Are you a fan of countryside dogs and their cool attitude? We have provided you with a list of some of the classic and the coolest old western dog names to choose from.

1. Austin (English origin) meaning "great". This can be one of the great names for dogs and could be considered as one of the ideal pet names with a lot of sass.

2. Bailey (English origin) meaning "steward". It is considered to be among the #1 dog names for boys.

3. Bowen (Welsh origin) meaning "son of Owen". Associated with well known American Olympic swimmer Bowen Stassforth.

4. Cash (Latin origin) meaning "hollow". It is one of the classic country dog names. This is one of the pet names that often stay on top of badass pet names lists.

5. Charlie (English origin) meaning "free man". Made famous by American singer and songwriter Charlie Puth.

6. Clint (English origin) meaning "hilltop town". From American actor Clint Walker.

7. Cooper (English origin) meaning "barrel maker". If you are looking for cute country dog names, this can be one of them.

8. Dale (German origin) meaning "valley". This name is linked with South African cricketer Dale Stein. This can be one of the inspiring country dog names.

9. Denver (French origin) meaning "green valley". One of the brilliant country dog names you could go for.

10. Dustin (English origin) meaning "Thor's stone". American actor Dustin Hoffman has this name.

11. Flint (English origin) meaning "born near an outcrop of flint". This dog name is inspired by the famous movie 'Flint'.

12. Jack (English origin) meaning "God is gracious".

13. Lucky (English origin) meaning "fortunate". Lucky happens to be one of the most common dog names for a country dog.

14. Marshall (French origin) meaning "horse keeper". Associated with Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan.

15. Max (Latin origin) meaning "greatest". This can be one of the greatest names for dogs.

16. Murphy (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of the sea; warrior". It makes up for acute country dog names for boys.

17. Oliver (Old Norse origin) meaning "kind one".

18. Ryder (English origin) meaning "knight; mounted warrior". This name gives a cool country-western vibe for a dog.

19. Toby (English origin) meaning "God is good".

20. Tucker (English origin) meaning "softener of cloth".

21. Wayne (English origin) meaning "wagon maker". English football player Wayne Rooney made this name popular.

22. Willie (German origin) meaning "with a gilded helmet; resolution protector". This name is made popular by American country music singer and actor Willie Nelson.

Western Country Names For A Girl Dog

Western girl dogs have a tinge of warmth, cuteness, charm, and a bit sassy. They are fun to be with and have a countryside vibe too. We provide you with the list of country western female dog names.

23. Abby (English origin) meaning "joy of the father". This makes up for a cute female dog name.

24. Addie (German origin) meaning "noble; kind".

25. Angel (Greek origin) meaning "messenger of God".

26. Annie (English origin) meaning "grace". This makes up for popular ranch dog names for girls.

27. Aries (Latin origin) meaning "the ram". This is one of the rare dog names inspired by a constellation.

28. Becky (English origin) meaning "snare".

29. Bella (Italian origin) meaning "beautiful; God is my oath". Made popular by the character Bella Swan from the 'Twilight' saga.

30. Bonnie (Scottish origin) meaning "beautiful; cheerful". This name is made popular by Bonnie Bennet's character from the famous TV series 'The Vampire Diaries'.

31. Casey (Irish origin) meaning "vigilant in war".

32. Chloe (Greek origin) meaning "blooming". Fitness inspiration Chloe Ting is associated with this name.

33. Coco (French origin) and is derived from cocoa. This name is one of the common pet names used for a female dog.

34. Daisy (English origin) meaning "day's eye".

35. Dolly (English origin) meaning "gift of God". This name became popular due to American country music singer Dolly Parton.

36. Ginger (English origin) meaning "reddish-orange color; spice".

37. Honey (American origin) meaning "sweet as honey". It makes up for one of the sweet country girl names for dogs.

38. Lily (English origin) meaning "lily flower".

39. Maggie (English origin) meaning "pearl". This name accounts for one of the popular hound dog names.

39. Molly (English origin) meaning "sea of bitterness".

40. Reba (Hebrew origin) meaning "fourth born". This name is made famous by American country music singer, actress, and producer Reba Mcentire.

41. Rosie (English origin) meaning "rose".

42. Sage (Latin origin) meaning "wise". Considered among the common outdoor names for dogs, especially females.

43. Sasha (Greek origin) meaning "helper of mankind; defender".

44. Sophie (French origin) meaning "wisdom".

45. Sugar (American origin) meaning "sweet". One of the cute dog names.

Unisex Funny Western Names For Dogs

Humor is a great quality to look for in any person, and if that becomes naming your dog with some hilarious yet cute names, then well, it does attract a lot of attention. So here is the list of some of the funny country-western names for dogs which are unusual and can add a smile to people's face.

46. Apple Jack (English origin), meaning "apple cider brandy".

47. Ambassador Moneybags (English origin) meaning "wealthy". A hilarious dog name who seem wealthy.

48. Boothill Bevins - A hilarious and strong dog name. Boothill comes from the name of a Western cemetery. Bevins, derived from Ernest Bevin, known for his West Country accent.

49. Crazy Pete (English origin). This name is suited for a crazy dog.

50. Crabclaw (English origin) meaning "claw; plaw". If you are seeking unique dog names, this could be one.

51. Fanny Annie (French origin) meaning "free one". This name describes a clever side to a dog and is funny too.

52. Flapjack (English origin) meaning "oat bar".

53. Hobo (English origin) meaning "tramp". An ironic dog name.

54. Horseface (English origin) meaning "long homely face". Suited for dogs with a long face resembling a horse.

55. Huckleberry (American origin) meaning "sweet berry". One of the cute pet names for your little puppy.

56. Jello (English origin) meaning "jelly".

57. Jigglypuff - Inspired by pokemon for all the pokemon fanatics.

58. Jumper (English origin) meaning "jump". A country dog names suited for those who jump a lot.

59. Pappy (English origin) meaning "loving; nice".

60. Shooter (Old Norse origin) meaning "shoemaker; cobbler". One of the unique and unusual names for dogs.

61. T- Rex (Latin origin) meaning "king". A dinosaur name for your huge new dog.

Southern Dog Names

Southerners are known for their close family ties and how attached they are as a family. And dogs for them are just more than pets; they are companions! For this reason, dog names are regarded with utmost affection in Sothern households. Here is the list of some beautiful southern cowboy dog names.

62. Bear (M) (Old French origin) meaning "strong; bear-like". This name is considered to be one of the cute outdoorsy dog names.

63. Beau (M) (French origin) meaning "handsome".

64. Billy (M) (German origin) meaning "resolute protector". This name is made famous by countryside musician Billy Joel.

65. Buddy (M) (English origin) meaning "friend". It makes up for a perfect name for your faithful companion. And it is considered to be one of the #1 dog names for boys.

66. Buster (M) (American origin) meaning "tough guy".

67. Clementine (F) (English origin) meaning "gentle; merciful".

68. Cole (F) (English origin) meaning "victory of the people". This name is made famous by American actor Cole Sprouse.

69. Dixie (F) (French origin) meaning "tenth".

70. Duke (M) (English origin) meaning "tile of nobility". One of the traditional southern dog names.

71. Foxy (F) (American origin) meaning "love; sweetness".

72. Gracie (F) (English origin) meaning "grace of God". A cute and stylish name for your female new dog.

73. Gus (M) (English origin) meaning "great".

74. Hank (M) (German origin) meaning "estate ruler".

75. Jessie (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "wealthy". This dog names inspired by singer and songwriter Jessie J.

76. Jojo (M) (American origin) meaning "Monday born".

77. Kitty (F) (English origin) meaning "pure".

78. Lacy (F) (English origin) meaning "lacy; cheerful". This name is considered for female farm dog names.

79. Lulu (F) (English origin) meaning "famous warrior". One of the classic southern name for your dog.

80. Marley (M) (English origin) meaning "pleasant meadow".

81. Mason (M) (English origin) meaning "stoneworker; bricklayer".

82. Pepper (M) (American origin) meaning "hot spice". This name is perfect for salt and pepper speckled dog.

83. Sassy (F) (English origin) meaning "bold and spirited". This name is perfect for that sassy attitude of your young girl pup.

84. Shelby (F) (English origin) meaning "from the town in the hollow".

85. Weston (M) (English origin) meaning "from the west town".

Unisex Feisty Western Names For Dogs

Cute corgi dog on pet bed in yellow background.

Looking for a sassy name for your feisty dog? Then this is the perfect list for you. We present a great list of some of the most feisty dog names to match that tough attitude.

86. Blaze (English origin) meaning "a flame". A perfect feisty name for a male dog.

87. Brick (English origin) meaning "good guy".

88. Brutus (Latin origin) meaning "heavy; muscular".

89. Chase (English origin) meaning "hunter".

90. Cyclone (Greek origin) meaning "moving in circles".

91. Dash (English origin) meaning "from the ash".

92. Diesel (German origin) and is derived from Dietrich. This name is perfect for your big, strong dog.

93. Dominic (Latin origin) meaning "of the Lord".

94. Harley (English origin) meaning "from the hare's wood". One of the cute country girl dog names.

95. Inferno (Italian origin) meaning "big fire". This is one of the dog names inspired by a popular thriller hardcore movie "Inferno".

96. Rambo (English origin) meaning "rebellious; reckless". This name is a perfect tough name for your aggressive yet protective dog.

97. Rebel (English origin) meaning "the fiery one".

98. Rocky (English origin) meaning "hard as a rock". This makes up for a perfect name for that rocky attitude of your dog.

99. Rufus (Latin origin) meaning "red-head".

100. Scar (English origin) meaning ". This tough-sounding dog name is very uncommon yet fiery.

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