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Originally Published on Nov 18, 2020
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The best way to shape the personality of your pup is to name it accordingly.  

From a little pup that looks and plays like a child to a grown-up dog that looks the part, the names in this article are chosen wisely to fit a dog of any age or size. You'll never fall short of options to name your pup!

This list of the best badass names for dogs will show you the coolest names for your new pup. Good luck!

For more dog naming ideas and inspiration, take a look at these badass, tough and strong dog names or these anime dog names.

The Coolest Male Dog Names

Looking for badass names for a dog? This list is full of cool and bold dog name for your new furry friend that you are sure to love.

1 . Aldo, is an Italian name meaning a "small sword."

2 . Ares, is derived from the name of a powerful Greek God.

3 . Axl, means "Father of peace," the name is completely badass thanks to its connection with Axl Rose.

4 . Bandit, means "a thief."

5 . Barrett, is a German name meaning "strong like a bear."

6 . Bash, is taken from the English word meaning "to hit extremely hard."

7 . Fang, is the word to describe a long-pointed, sharp tooth.

8 . Fireball, is named after a type of whisky.

9 . Gator, is derived from the word "alligator."

10 . General, is a term used for leaders in the military.

11 . Heller, is a person who causes chaos could be called a Heller.

12 . Helmer, means "the wrath of a warrior."

13 . Hund, is derived from the German word for "a dog".

14 . Jäger, is taken from the German word meaning "hunter."

15 . Kevlar, is derived from a tough material that is used in making bullet proof vests.

16 . Kong, is derived from the famous movie monster 'King Kong'.

17 . Kurgan, is a negative immortal character in the movie 'Highlander'.

Gender Neutral Badass Dog Names

A badass looking black and white husky walking on the snow

Whilst some girl dog names are completely feminine and male puppy names are often very bold, the names in this section balance both the worlds. Whether you have a German Shepherd, a Labrador or any other breed, these cool names for dogs will do the job for you.

18 . Arya, is inspired by the character in 'Game Of Thrones'.

19 . Butch, is from Butch Cassidy, who was a train and bank robber.

20 . Capone, Al Capone was also known as "Scarface."

21 . Clyde, is the number one dog name, it is taken from 'Bonnie & Clyde'.

22 . Colombo, 'Colombo' is an American TV series all about crime.

23 . Dillinger, is derived from the name of bank robber John Dillinger.

24 . Evin, is an English name meaning "strong lady fighter."

25 . Gambino, the famous Gambino crime family carried out organized crime in New York

26 . Gauge, represents the size of a gun barrel's inner diameter.

27 . Genghis, is derived from the name of the warrior and ruler Genghis Khan.

28 . Gotti, John Gotti was an American gangster.

29 . Harley, is derived from the name of the famous Harley Davidson bike brand.

Female Badass Dog Names

Whilst some girl dog names are completely feminine, the names for female dogs in this section break the mould: they are totally badass. Why not browse these female dog names that are cool and totally in style?

30 . Aerona, is a Welsh name that indirectly means "slaughter and carnage."

31 . Aife, is the name of a warrior princess in Celtic lore.

32 . Alesta, is a Gaelic name that means "defender of man."

33 . Arma, isa Romanian name meaning "a weapon."

34 . Artemis, is from the name of the cool Greek Goddess of hunting.

35 . Astrid, is a Norwegian name meaning "Godly strength."

36 . Athena, is from the name of the Greek war Goddess.

37 . Banshee, is derived from Irish legends, where it indicates an Irish spirit who wails constantly.

38 . Elda, is an English name, meaning "old and wise protector."

39 . Elexis, means "defender or protector of mankind."

40 . Elma, is derived from its Italian counterpart, Elmo, which means "a helmet."

41 . Enyo, is a name derived from the GreeK Goddess of War.

42 . Erma, is derived from the German word that means "strength."

43 . Evanna, is female form of Evan, meaning "a young and valorous fighter."

44 . Fera, is derived from the Portuguese word meaning “a beast.”

45 . Fina, is one of the best Italian female dog names, it means "serpent."

46 . Gabi, is derived from the word Gabriela meaning "warrior of God."

47 . Gesine, is a German word meaning "the spear of strength."

48 . Ginti, is aLithuanian word meaning "to defend."

49 . Hera, is derived from Greek mythology, meaning "the head Goddess".

50 . Hilda, is a Norse word meaning "battle."  

Outlaw Dog Names

Find badass names inspired by real people on this list.

The coolest dog names are the ones that take their inspiration from real life badass characters like the ones already mentioned in this list. We've collected some more of the coolest names for your badass dog here.

51 . Escobar, is derived from the name of the famous Colombian criminal Pablo Escobar.

52 . Hickok, is derived from the name of Wild Bill Hickok, who was a famous gunslinger

53 . Jesse James, is a well-known American outlaw, perhaps you could call your dog JJ?

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for badass dog names then why not take a look at these Japanese dog names, or for something different take a look at these unisex dog names.

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